Independent from Long Beach, California on May 22, 1957 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 19
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To Attend . , CDA Conclave A delegation from Court St. Ann No. 763, Catholic Daughters of America, will Journey to Sun Diego Thursday to attend the state conference of CDA May 24 through 26 at the El Cortez. Attending from this area will be Jessie McGuIre, grand regent; Josephine Bombardier, past state regent; Edith Clifton, diocesan chairman, and Marie Morgan, district deputy. Plush Horse . ^^b^^ , . . IUNCHEON · DINNER SUPPER · COCKTAILS ITOO so. Mcine COAIT HWY. IIDONDOIIACH UONTIEIJ-OM7 Ministers' Wives Share Annual Tea A tea, annual climax to activities of the Ministers Wives Ann. of Lone Beach, took place Tuesday In tho home of Mn. William Harrison Myers, 4217 Chestnut Ave, Honored guests were wives and widows of the retired ministers In Long Beach. Hostesses were Mmes. Robert Prentice, Nathaniel Klrkpat- rid;, Robert Hubbard, Howard Steward and Nelson Warner. Mrs. Ward McCabe was guest speaker. Others takjne part dur- Ine tho afternoon were Mrs Robert Hubbard and Mrs. Ira Heath, music, and Mrs. Grover Emmons, widow of the founder of the "Upper Room 1 ' who let devotlonals. Each guest wore a corsage of lilacs, sweetheart roses and lace, Clothes Look New Again When Beauty-Starched with Sta-Flo* flU-Flo b*uly ·taroh** *v«ry- thlnf In jour w.ih -- f i r * ! o l d « r , droopy clotb« · fr«tb, mw lookl Kio U ipKliJIy precooked for super* unaolhMn, dMpMt penetration Into fibrin, Never «ny ·corcbltif, ihlny · p o t i or m i l k y itrenki when you Iron. Iluy · bottl* ·t your frooeri today. *. s. tiAunr MM. co. DKATUI, (U. 846 10-39 The most p o p u l a r of si frocks--the halter top combln with shorts or skirt. Button* skirt has two big pockets bold contrast, NO. 8461 with PATT-O.RAM Included Is In sizes 10,12. 14,1 18, 20. Size 12, 32 bust, halte yard of 35-Inch; ',i yar c o n t r a s t ; skirt, 3!« yard shorts, l!i yards. Pocket co trast, »,4 yard. For this pattern, send 35c COINS, your name, addres latlcrn number and size want o Barbara Bell, % Long Beac independent, 367 W. Adams S Chicago 6, 111. makes summer a pleasure in cool, light, S. A.* Foundations! New summer figure beauty -- plus comfort Is yours now in. *Strouse Adler's wonderful, lightweight alUn-onel Light nylon power net and satin lastex with the control and adjustability of the famous Smoothie Controleur back. Perfectly designed bustline to give ihe high rounded feminine look with no shoulder strap strain. An ideal summer foundation. White only. 18.50 BuKumi' Foundation!, Third Floor Butfumi' Foundations, New Fashion Showcaw Miss Jtan Lyons, Stroust Adltr Stylist, will b» h«ra Thursday and Friday, May 23rd and 24th, to help you with your figure . and foundation problems. Coma in and la* har. ' . ' ' BJfumi' Stot. Hours: 9:30 A. M, to 5:30 P. M. Fridays: 12 Noon to 9 P. M. u nomemaker ·r JANE CARVE*. Raisin rhubarb pie topped with small daisy shaped pastry cut-outs Is a delightful springtime dessert. Use either fresh rhubarb or some of thu new packaged frozen rhubarb, The plump sweet mlslns are a beautiful contrast with the tart pink rhubarb. . . . , - , Thicken and sweeten the peach ei. accenting with grated lime or lemon rind and juice. Chill In baked pastry shell, then cover with this superb crunchy topping. Boll together 2 minutes ',4 cup each butter and brown sugar and lightly stir In !i cup chopped roasted almonds and 1 cup cornflakes, Golden canned cling peach halves, fresh pineapple spears sprinkled with chopped mint Icnves, avocado crescents andi whole unstemmed strawberries make a colorful fruit arrangement to serve with cottage cheese balls rolled In chopped walnuts. Dip the drained peaches and sliced avocado Into fresh lime or lemon Juice for extra flavor and to keep the delicate Cnlavo avocado from darkening. . ». ,,,, INDEPENDENT--Pag. B-3 A rosy garnish for a ham, roast pork or to garnish a cold meat platter Is this one made of pineapple chunks: Empty the contents of a No. I 1 can ol pine- apple chunks I n ' a bowl and stir In 2 tablespoons red cinnamon candles. Allow to stand s«v» era! hours and turn the pineapple occasionally, ; Instant minced onion Is wonderful to use In casscrolo cookery to give true onion flavor. Combine the moisture-free onion with whatever liquid Is called for. If no liquid Is used let the onion stand In a little water or wine 5 minutes before combining with remaining Ingredients. Peach pie Is so easy to make with canned cling peach slices. "Daddy I'm Tlcklid to Death ' 1 . . . lince I changed (a "'· Ptlri'i. Their dry clrsninj · is fir lupeiior, nd they take luch piini in prcuinjt my mill mil dteiies. Why don't you call PETRI'S it '/HEmlock 6-6291 ind h«ve : the driver pick up your · clolhti too?" tluifji inn ifi toft, idjt, tnd llrong. You' cboicf of fink, ytllou 1 , grttn, or uibiti, . Sl*ltt rollt of 4-Kill "Sit-Tha" (Reading time: 3 l /4 minutes) Woman-to-Woman Talk about Wisk Lever Brothers new liquid washday detergent by RUTH HODGESS, home-laundry consultant I KNOW how skeptical we women can be when wo see a new washday product that claims "the world" for its washing and whitening powers. We're very apt to say, "Look, we do wash almost every day of the year; we're experts when it comes to clean, white clothes. The product we're using right now has got to be pretty darn good or we wouldn't be spending money for it." I know your favorite laundry product /i good. But new liquid WISK is different from the laundry powder you're now using in many ways that arc important to you in getting washday re- tults you can always be proud of. Let me tell you about these differences. WISK is a liquid You'll notice this the minute you pick up your first container of WISK. WISK comes in a handy metal can, so easy to use, so easy to store. Only a liquid could be packaged this way. And because WISK is a liquid, you'll find it doesn't have to dissolve. It's already dissolved and goes to work right away In your washing machine. There are no annoying bits of powder to cake in the folds of your laundry or to stick to the inside of your machine. Oh, yes, because WISK is a liquid, there's no laundry-powder dust to snifl up and sneeze about And there's no box to get soggy and fall apart, spilling powder all over everything. WISK gtts all your wash ' really clean and really white Pve had thousands of women tell me that WISK makes a big difference when it comes to getting all their wash really clean and really white. You'll . notice the difference, too ... colors Brighter, whites whiter and everything really clean, And when I say everything, I mean the ha-xl jobs like stained dishtowels and grimy play clothes. Why not give WISK the real washday test on your own toughest laundry problems.. .jobs that powders just can't seem to get clean? Once you see what it can do, I BOW you'll love It, tool WISK removes the worst stains, and it's easy to provel Now here is something that will really surprise you. I know that it's not too often we get anything heavily marked with lipstick, but, as you know, lipstick is the dickens to get out of a napkin or towel or pillowcase or handkerchief. So make this test. It really proves how effective WISK is against the worst kind of stain. 1. Take a napkin and mark an "X" on it with lipstick. (Sounds awful, but don't worry,) 2. Wet the mark with water. 3. Pour a little WISK on it (right out of the can) and rub it in gently. 4. Put it in with the rest of your wash and see what happens. A word of caution: if you're washing a set of napkins, mark the lipstick-stained one with a bit of thread or you won't be able to tell it from its mates when you take it out of the machine. WISK gets out the stains laundry powders so often leave behind. WISK gets shirt collars and cuffs really clean I've always felt this is a woman's number-one washday chore. Collars and cuffs! And I'll put dirty-kneed children's play clothes right along with them. Of course, there's always the problem of men's work clothes, too. Well, treat them the same way you did tho lipstick stain, and you can say good-bye to these washday problems forever!They'll come out clean as new. WISK gets nylon white as new Nylon is one of the nicest materials ever Invented, but we all know nylon garments are liable to turn a dingy yellow long before they're worn out Once there was almost nothing you could do about it Now, WISK gets nylon white as new and so easily, too. Just follow these steps. Place garment in a basin. Pour V4 cup of WISK onto garment and work thoroughly into every part by hand squeezing. Let sit for 5 minutes. Place in machine or wash for at least 3 minutes in basin. Your nylon garment will be as white as the day you bought it! WISK gives clothes that "dried-in-sun$hine" fragrance A good many women have told me this is really wonderful. The best way to describe WISK's fragrance is in their own words .. ."light and pleasant"... "out-of-doorsy," And here's one comment that I like very much. A woman who was washing on a dark, damp winter's day said, "I had to dry my clothes inside, and WISK even made the musty basement smell like a delightful spring day." I can honestly say WISK makes your laundry smell "spring-clean" when you're doing it, when you're hanging it up, when you're Ironing it, and when you're folding it up to put away. What does WISK cost to use? Women are practical. They're budget- minded. So they ask, and understandably: "If WISK does everything so well, how much does it cost?" Well, we're practical: and budget-minded here at Lever Brothers, too. In spile of the fact that WISK docs so many jobs so much better than powders, it costs you just about the same as the product you are now using! With a little experimentation, you may find that WISK goes a bit further. Add WISK gradually until you get the ' proper suds level. I would suggest that as a starting point, you try Vi cup for a . top-loading automatic or wringer washer.., with front-loading machines, try» Vt cup. You'll soon find out just how much WISK you need to give you a , really clean, white wash. It's wise to remember that with lightly soiled clothes or light loads you may need less WISK than the amount you decide Is best for your regular wash. (By the way, watch that powder scum disappear from the Inside of your washer.) One thing for sure, WISK docs everything so well, the cost is negligible. WISK does every , household cleaning job I : This should be interesting to all of you. ' Lever Brothers invented WISK to do a- better job on your wash. Then letters' began to come in from women all over, the country. WISK does this, WISK does that. You should see my mail. Not only is WISK being used for family, wash, but WISK is being used for floors and walls, for windows, for scorched pots and pans and stoves, for refrigcr^ ator interiors, and enameled cabinets* for dishes and for silverware . . . and here's a man-sized use -- for whitewall tires. ·' ·· · We've tried 'cm all in our labora-J lories, and now you'll find directions on the can for many of these uses. It's easy ; to see that new liquid WISK is going to make your every cleaning and washing job easier. For these special jobs alone, you may find WISK will really save you money and time, for it costs less than most "special-duty" cleaners. Yes, WISK takes the place of so many items you've been buying for your household, I don't think you'll ever want lo be without it. WISK is really the world's first all-purpose detergent. -. ·'-.'· Soon you'll be telling your friend*] about W1SKI '.: Sincerely, RUTH HODGESS ,'·: i _, *^ AN INVITATION AND GUARANTEE FROMJ LEVER BROTHERS · W« InviM you lo try new blue liquid ': _ WISK. If you don'l iirt« ih.i It don · ' uu bcil job of «ny deteuenl you'tt , «nr utad, Lent Brothers will tin t ' you your money bickl WISK is |u»r- inlKil unconditionally. ·

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