Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 38
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 38

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 38
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Orange County to Build 9 More Courtrooms Oranpe Counly will spend $1.5 million to provide spare for nine more courtrooms at the almost- new West Orange County Judicial District six-court building in the Westminster Civic Center. County Administrative Officer R. E. Thomas told county supervisors that the 15 courts would be needed by 1980, according to growth projections. Thomas said the Westminster court headquarters probably will need 18 courtrooms by 1985, but he said he did not recommend this size for the west county district because it is "too big." Ex- perience has shown, he said, that a 15-court district is the maximum size for efficiency. The West Orange Coun- ty Judicial District serves Fountain Valley, Sunset Beach. Westminster. Garden Grove. Stanton. l.os Aiamilos, Seal Beach and Huntington B e a c h , a n d has a population of 406.000 persons -- expected to increase to 750.000 bv 1980. To iceommodate the new courts, A multistory addition will be 'needed. Supervisors assigned the design to architects Rose and Fears of Anaheim. The plan is to outfit six more courts to double the INDEPENDENT (AM) Reagan Elevates Scoville lo Superior Court Bench From Our Stale Bureau SACRAMENTO -- Municipal Court Judge Marman G. Scoville of Westminster has been elevated to the Orange County Superior Court by Gov. Ronald Reagan, the governor's office has announced. Scoville, a 46-year-old Republican, was first appointed to the bench in May. of 1967. He has been serving in the West Orange County Judicial District. He is a former president OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING NOTICE: INVITING BIDS j FOR y U K N l S I I I i W AND DK: UVBRING SIXTY-TWO (62) . 1.ICUT DUTY TRUCKS AND TRUCK CHASSIS TO THE CITY OK L.ONC; BRACK, CAJL- ! JPORN1A. '· NOTll'K IS 1IKRKBY GIVEN : th;il. si'alr-rl bids w i l l be received »t ; the nffir-r of l l i f i City Manafffir, in i [Mom :«:'. nf Hie Uily Hall nf Hit. · City nf 1*011? Reach, California, tln- 1 l i l '2:00' o'clock P.M.. on March 2l). | S l!'l'. 1 al which t i m e and place saiili f imls will be publicly opened ant! J null'Uild : . HRi-lniTd for furnishinK and dcliver- :· infr sixly-lwo lB2 llfht duly trucks j n n r i t r u n k cha.«HJs to the City of ;J.onp Beach, California, in accoril- i ani.ft witl "Specifications No. ]![ 4116 for Furnishing and Delivering \ .Light Duty Trucks and Truck I Chassis to thft City ot Inrng Beach. California," on file in the office of of the Orange County Bar Association and of the Westminster Chamber of Commerce. Road Projects Get $88,000 The California Highway Commission has allocated $88,000 for three improvement projects on Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles Counly and one on Route 105 in Inglewood. The projects on Pacific Const Highway include modifying traffic signals and lighting in Redondo Beach and H e r m o s a Beach, and widening west of Malihu. The Route 105 project calls for installation of automatic gate protection at the Manchester crossing in wood. the City Engineer ot said City, lo «v which specifications reference is :*j hereby made lor further purtlcu- ·'3 lars. t'i Topics of said .I'ppc.ificHttons may ';':* IIP obtained at said off ire of t h e :# City Engineer, Room 50^ of the |j Chy Hall of the City of Lous ^ .Roach. California. \i Bids w i l l be received for th* six- iir, t y two |(i-i new trucks and truck ';'% ciias.-is as follows: £ Jtp.m A. Furnishing- and deliver- 'fi uifr seven ( 1 1 '-.-uiii pickup s'! i rucks w i t h a short whet'lbasi 1 ·:· which shall be painted in at- Ji rnrdaiice w i t h Article -i.UG of ; *5 t h e specifications. *·; Hem B. Furnishing ami liHivnr- · f i v e (5) I.J-IOH OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING Delivery of the sixty-two (62) new trucks and truck chaysis shall be made to the Automotive Division. 2§lfl Kasi \Villo\v Street. Long 1 BoEtch. California. Rash bidder must state in Iti.s bid t h a t dolivery of iti^ .-=ixlv-two (62i new trucks and truck cha^-sis will not he later t h a n t h e t i m e stated therein. Thu C i t v reserves the right to reject any bill in which the date nf dtjlivtti-y If laier than n i n e t y HUM days after me d«te of execution uf t h i : c o n t r a c t . I'aynif-n! fur the new trucks «nd w i l l be made in din- 'nt* of t h e City uf ll-arh. a f i e r t h e complete de- of t h e truirks and truck i.-han il acceptance ihureuf by the City A1ann»er. AM bills nnd hid bonds 5)1.111 he I upon formn to be secured trucks with a short, equipped with a tool box, which shall b» painted in accordance w i t h Article 5.U6 of t h e specifications. Item r. Furnishing nml rtfillver- ing 1 tltrer, c.l) ' -- t o n call and chassis with a lonij wheelba^e. equipped w i t h a modified service, body, which shrill he paint- i t h A r t i c l e amount of not le.^s t h n n ten per 1 . of sucJt bid. as ud deliver- i cab and \viiceibase. cent aiitee thai the bidder, if awardccl .- rimtraci. w i l l execute nml deliver to i h e C i t y Knuinoer. .^iidi contrnct w i t h i n ten UO) days a f t e r .»urli 1:011- tra'-L is tendered to him. together w i l i i n R-fiDd and s u f r i c i e n t cnrpo- rate sunny bond in favoi- of the Oily of I^oiiff lleacli. for an Hiuount nf not less t h a n t w e n t y - f i v u percent (;!n',vj of such contract price, for the f a i t h f u l performance of such id in accordance i".06 of the specific; It PHI E. Kurili.shiiiK 'h^ I^'lvi-'i?^ 'iml'^'wliSihS 1 ' Ce|ltifil! d dificks or bank drafts Hindis «'' 1 1 f lonp xi iieeib.ise.. a( . n(l[1! , ;lliy i llfr a i l , )ids W|| , bft ^:!'T"^iii;,^ TaiS^i^ i s'^.^'i^^'^r.ssK ZSMX fflir ^\'!^ ^"M'r'r,-^ t t l i e specifications. nw ,, n] o( i : n ninii:t is nmclu. and Item K. Kiiriiishin^ and deliver- in? Iwo (2) chassis w i t h a shun wheelbase. which slial 1 be under coated with non cotrosive primer and painted in accordance with Article 5.06 of the specifications. I t e m G- Furnishing and delivering- two (2) J,i-tnn cab nnd chassis with a long: wheelbnse, which shall b« painted in accordance with Article 5.U6 of t h e specifications. Jtp.m H. Furnishing nnd deliver- inff seven (7) n i-ton pickup trucks, one (1) of which shall h« under coated with non-corrosive primer and n i l of which shall be, painted in accordance with Article 5.06 of the specifications. ItRiri I. Furnishing anil delivering t w o (2) -?4-ton p i c k u p trucks, ipped with a hydraulic tall- with the next higher bid. will retained u n t i l a contract, heiwfen i h e ttucce.i-vfiil )idder and the C i t v ^ been executed. The City .Manager rpservcs t h e right at any singe of these proceedings, to reject all bids and to return all deposits accompanying said bids. Date: February 27. 1960- JOHN TJ. MANSELL. City Manager Pub. Feb. 27, 1969 (It) LET. · Legal Notice pqnipp pate lif pate lift, which shall be painted in arcorriftnre w i t h Article 6.06 of the specifications. Item J. Furnishing- and delivering one (I) ^i-ton pickup truck, wjuipped with an Auto Crane, which shall ha painted in HC- rordunce w i t h Article 5.06 of I he specification?. K. Furnishing and delivering two d 1 ) ;! t-lon cah and chassis, equipped w i i l r a servire body and h y d r a u l i c tailgate l i f t , which shall he painted in ;u cordancB w i t h Article 5.06 of the specifications. Hem 1. P^urnishinp and delivering 1 I href. (Ill ^ i - t o n cab and chassis, fiqtiipjieri with n modified service body, which shrill h* painted in arcnrdance w i t h Article 5.06 of the .specification.". Item M. Furnishing and delivering two I-') "'j-ton cab and r.hassi.", equipped with a tool hox, which shall be painted in accordance w i t h A r t i c l e 5.06 of (Jie specifications. Jlem N. Furnishing nnd delivering t w o i'2) vi-ton cab and chassis, equipped w i t h a standard transmU-uon. a small d u m p body find hoist, which shall he minted in accordance with Article fj.OB of the .specifications. I t e m O. Furnishing and rtrliver- " . three one of w i t h which shall be shmdarii speed transmission anil power brakes, which Mm!I bo pointed In acnnrdniice with Article 5.0i nf Ihc specifications. Item P. Funiishinp and doliver- in'R- thren C*) 1-ton cab and rh.iFsis w i l h a rab lo roar a x l e , dimension of S-l", equipped w i t h a slakft body and a h y d r a u l i c legate l i f t , which shall he painted in acronlance with Article 5.0fi of the spppifiratioii?. I t e m Q. Knrniphinp and flplivw- i n j r ' l h r e f t (,"» 1-ton cab and rhassis w i t h a rah to rear axle dimension of fid". ei|iiippe,d w i t h a xiandarrt l-?pnod iransniis- ?ion, a i '.jt-cubic-ynrd dutnp hody and hoist, which shall he paintftd in accordance, w i t h Article n.Ofl of the sjiecificalions. llein JR. Jh'uniishintf nnd dnliver- inp Lhrcft (3) l-tou cab and chassis with a rah to rear axle flimenslon nf S4". erttiippeci with an auxiliary grnorator and modified scrvicft hoify. one (1) of .-·hall be. equipped with a ninti stand, and all of which 38336 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE . T.O. No. 88-3343 On Tuesday. March 2fi, 19G9, «t 11:00 A.M.. TITLE INSURANCE A N D TRUST COMPANY, as d u l y appointed Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trim dated J u l y !J, 196*1. Executed By: DKLBERT LEE HENDERSON and BETTY .1. HENDERSON, husband and wife and recorded August 1 l!)(i,1, as Inntr. No. l!t.".l. in book T3167. page S27. of ori'idal Records in the office of tiie County Recorder of Los Angeles Counly. CalifoniiH. WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO Hir.HEST BIDDER FOR CASH (payable at t i m e of sale in l a w f u l money of the United State.-;} al the. entrance f thi: Los Angplp." Counly Court honsr, nl 501 West ^irst Street, Los An^ele*. California, all lit, t i t l e and interesf conveved to and now held by it under said" Deed of Trust in (he property s i t u a t e d , in .said County nnd State described as: Lot 1^3 of Tract \'o. :tfrlfi. in t h e c i t y of Long Boauh, c.ouidy of Txt? Anneles, slate of California, as pt:r map recorded in book ,157. pafffi? ^6 and 27 of Maps, in the office of the county recorder of said county. Said stile w i l l be made, but without f o v f i n a n t or warranty, express or implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances, to pay tlift remaining principal sum of the note pwurcd by paid Deed of Tnisl. tow i t : 517.On5.5S. w i t h intftrest from June 1. l!)5S. as in said nnte pd. advance?, if any. terms of said Deed of Trust, fe*-.*. te, provid- u n d e r I b and t'\pfiiPS' of ilie and of Ihc t r u s t s or^a sai'l Deed of Trust. , . Trtis 1 - b . The ho.neficiary under said Deed nf Trust, by reason of a breach or d e f a u l t in t h e ohli^ations sccui-fd Iboroby. horetofnre executed *nd delivered In t h e undersigned w fit ten Dfclarntioti of Default and Demand for Sale, and w r i t ten no tire of breach and of election t cause the undersiRned to poll said property to satisfy said obligations. a nd t horeaf t rr. on Novf-m her 2 1 . JfliJS. t h e undersigned raiiscd said liotirp of biTiich anrl of elfvtion to be rrroi-ded in brjnk MSfHO, page 8S2. of said Official R words. Date: February 24. 106*1 TITLK I X S U R A N f ^ E AND TKIiST C O M T A N V as said Trustee. By JOHN \V. P A T R I C K A u t h o n / . f d Signature Feb. 27. Mar. 6. U Jflfifl ( ^ t ) L.B.I. NOTICE OF SALE Notice is liPieby piv*»n pursuant to seel ion? "071 and :!07^ of t h e Civil Cod ft of l!i« Slate of CMofnrnia the undersigned. Victor Kulic. DB. . . A. A. Victor's C.aragp. will sell at ublic a u r l i n n . at Tin K. 4th Streot California, at Hi a.m he painted in accmdanci with Article ft.OG of the ^ppcifi- I l p m S n F n r n i ? h i n p nnd r l n t l v o r i n p K V n "'tho i n t h day of March, thre« (^) 1-ti'ii cab and rhitsMs | !%!, t h e followiiiK described prop- wit h H C'ih to reai' a x l e dimc.n- |i rtv. t o - w i t ' Sinn nf 80". on- of which s h a l l ! ' -:,7 Kurd S SUUF5 IP No. he entiippftd w i t h a standard -I- ('TI^^nnT^i). 'fiS Calif. Licen?e t'rhiiHmispion and under coated w i t h non-corrosive pri- nmr, all of which shall he painted in arcordance w i t h Article 5.06 of the specificalions. Tim City rwftiTOrt Hie I'iRln lo iwnrd scpnrate contntrt.1 in acnord- uncp. .with ihfl nominal load mtlnc rapacity of \? ton, -)i ion, or I Ion fff to award on* or mor* ronhwls '.mbrAclnp miy combination of th« thr«« ]ond rut In e CApacltles. . No. KXL37I. Sail! «aN' is for t h e purpose of s a t i s f y i n g lion of the undersigned for Repairs together w i t h costs nf advertising and expenses nf fain. Dated this 2fith day of February 1%9. VICTOR SUL1C A. A. VICTOK'S G A R A G E 745 K. 4th St.. Txnr Beach, Cal. Pub. Feb. 37, 1969 ( I t ) L.B.I. district's capacity. Three courtrooms would he loft unfinished u n t i l needed. Adtiitional parking is available on city-owned property in the Civic Center, supervisors were told PRESS.TELEGRAM t Lom BMeh, C*IH. Thurl.Vrb/27, hy Mayor Derek M c - t - i - Whinnpy of WestminstBrl''-' It is likely that the county ; '.· · will improve the parking, lois in exchange for use of the land. -- Bob Geivct. GOODpYEAR SERVICE ^STORES BUY NOW AND SAVE 3 DAYS ONLY... Thursday, Friday, Saturday DAY immwo Porta Color TV Personal color set weighs just 24 Ibs. Regularly $ 210 20 Sale priced now at 1 Famous GE PORTABLE TV at ^ REDUCED PRICE! $10069 · KaK«!fLracy-to-cle«nttbtMtwMii « ·· "·^·1 ^"^·' ^ ^* walnut grain finish · AH channel VHF and UHF reception · Illuminated channel iclectot and color and tone controls · M Bq. inch picture pecked into thii small «et 199 STAND INCLUDED PER WEEK OTHER GOODYEAR VALUES...REGULAR LOW PRICES BW PORTABLE The Adventurer I IT Diagonal Picture GE PORTABLE BW TV GE LARGE PICTURE PORTABLE TV lUSq.hLpfetim woodgriin finish · PriTiti earpbont jack kv pfnonl earphone included · AB chantMl VHF-UHF · Wood Rrain unisti on metal for rasy cleaning and lonji l i f « · All channel VHF anri UHF rccrplion w for picture nnd sound in · Easy to see and w« fronl controls mcliuied J u s t l 5 l b s . of viewing pleasure · All channel VHF and UHF reception · Front controls and front sound · Handsome and functional High-impact cabinet The Crowning Touch Model 36-6248 O'Keefe Merritt. The 36" Sculptura Gas Range with the New Super Wide Cooking Capacity! · New Super \X ; ide 25" G i a n t Opacity Master Oven · New Convenience Compartment for Handy Storage · New Removable Color- Blended Grates · Easy Lift-Off Oven Door · New Fasy-Lift-and-Clean Cook Top · Magna Flame Bar-B-Que Broiler · A l u m i n u m Built-in Griddle 214 $2.75 PER WEEK PLENTY OF FREE PARKING I CDCC rncc DELIVERY! GOODYf/\R SERVICE STORES THERE'S A GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD LONG BEACH TORRANCE SAN PEDRO LONG BEACH 444 E. A N A H E I M ST. HE MHU or SP 5-1881 Won. thru Frl. I-S:»-SM. 1 noon BELLFLOWER 17140 IfLLHOWER ILVD. SP 3-4473 or TO 7-2714 Mm. thru Frl. It-ill. M 2026 TORRANCE ILVD. FA 8.4-145 or SP 5-2985 Mon. thru Frl. !-S:)-S*l. Mil I 424 S. PACIFIC AVE. SP 5.6339 or TE 1-2301 Hon. Ihru Thuri. rio-l--Frl. 'Ill 1-Snl. 'Ml 1:111 LAKEWOOD 4711 C A N D L E W O O D 531-7570 Dlllv 'III t-Frl. 'Ill t--Sal. 'Ill «:J! ARTESIA 11702 P I O N E E R ILVD. l(S-*573 Mon. Ihru Frl. I:)»!:W--s«l. 'Ill t LOMITA 2475 P A C I F I C COAST HWY. P H O N E 775-795* or 534-0502 M«n. Ihru Frl. M-Sll. 'Ill I LOS ALTOS CENTER 2H? IELLFLOWER ILVD. 5*7-3681 Mon. Ihru Thur. 1:30-5:30-- Frl. 'Ill ?-Sat. 'Ill I NORWALK 14020 S. P I O N E E R ILVD. UN 3-8741 or SP 3-2714 Mon. Ihru Thur. ».*-Frl. 'Ill »-SM. 'HI .1

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