Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 7, 1968 · Page 22
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 22

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1968
Page 22
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PAGE 24 CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Chew. 5 Literaiy works. 9 Dominion. 13 Elsewhere: Lat, 14 Element. 15 Calumet, 16 Assam's jwigabor. 17 Nullifies. 29 Publisher'. · concern. .21'.-- space, 22 Lvinchrccm. 23 Wield. 24 Spectacles. 26 Cheap and showy: Slang, 30 Where Accra is, 31 Airfoil. 32 Time: Fr. 34 Own: Scot. 35 Moted quickly, 38 Cents: Ahbr. 39 Elks: Initials. *1 Suburb of Paris. 42 Reddish brown : or yellow pigment. 44-- same old song: 2 words; 46 Coincide. 47 llth. cen. dale: Rom. 48 Small insect, 50 Seashore. 52 Whole co'slume. 56 Shofsrs. 58 Vivid shade of blue. 59 Unaltered: 2 words. 60 Party. 61 Hostile one. 62 Relative of a turnstile. 63 Expeditious. 64 Colleen. DOWN 1 Merriment. 2 Palm tree. 3 Sbeol. 4 Sudden violent wind. 5 Fresh air: Slang. 6 60 Across and others. 7 Direction. 8 Pilfer: Slang. 9 In -- (none, theless): 2 words 10 Extensive. 11 Mimic. 12 Affirmation. 13 As well as. 18 Campus scrimmage. 20 Electees. 24 Vessels. 25 City in No. Vietnam. 27 Black. 28 Mazo de la __ Canadian author. 29 Chilean export. 30 Chatter: Colloq. 31 Desire. 33 Direction. 36 Get along ·well: 3 words. 37 Jingle. 40 As a whole: 2 words. 43 City on the Po, 45 Lillian , actress. 46 Classifieds. 49 Place within. 50 Mexican dwelling. 51 Pass up. 53 Cricket runs. 54 Flees: Slang. 55 Isle on the Ouse. 55. Kind of paper. 57 Washington agency. Polish Alliance Installation Set Anthony Kwiatek will be installed president of file Polish Alliance St. Anthony Lodge Sunday at 5:30 p.m. at the Desert Inn. Other officers.are'Mrs. FranR Witkawski, vice president; Mrs. Antoinette Banas, treasurer; Mrs. Diha Kwiatek, recording secretary, and Witkawski, financial secretary. Members of the board of directors r are Edward Banas, Stanley Galasiewski, and Izydor Pawlawski.-Stephen Witskawski is marshal and flag bearers are John Kaszyeki and Michael Witkawski. Honored guests will be Mayor .and Mrs. James N. Corbett Jr. and the Rev. Stanley Powers of the Newman Center. YESTERDAY'S ANSWER Serving »:30tolOP.Ml ' Mesquite Broiled^ CABRILLA Appetiier*^ 7 r Salad *| /t Potato 4 [HIDDEN VALLEYj INN Sabino Canyon Rd. DINNER DANCIK6 TO THE MUSIC OF THE LOUIS WELKTRIO Enjoyable dining in a Charming Cay 90's atmosphere Fwr Separate 1AMQUET ROOMS 5ZIWOOD 5532 E. Speedway Par Reservations Call. 298-3301 SOMHHIHb II) SLU1HIHN lUtr DM HORIH IflllRlh... Caruso's (R120M S OlDtST AND fINfSl IIStlAI, RtSTiPUN! 434 N 4lh AVE MA 2 - 9 6 5 7 Bullfights Beckon UA Societies The card at the Negates, Son., bull ring virtually assures the success of "Fraternity and Sor- ity Day" at the plaza this coming Sunday. Impresario Mike de la Fuente has signed two matadors who fight in the reckless style made popular by "El Cordobes," which has proved a favorite with the Nogales fans in recent years. The corrida begins at 4 p.m. Each matador will fight and kill two bulls from the Esequiel Gutierrez herd. Heading the card is Adolfo Rojas of Venezuela. As demonstrated when he appeared in the Nogales plaza last month, he can bring the crowd to its feet with daring passes and colorful work with both cape and mu- leta. Vying with Rojas for the afi- cieonados' acclaim will be Mexican matador Ernesto San Roman. His sparkling performance in Nogales on Nov. 5 won him two ears. The fans carried him on their shoulders from the arena to his hotel. Both matadors have courage and a flare for showmanship. This will be Rojas' last appearance in the Nogales Plaza for sometime. Following Sunday's performance, he will fly to Spain, where he is under contract for several corridas. NOGALES BUS SERVICE leayr TUCSON for NOGALES 7:M.S .»:«,»I:TS A.M. * 1JM5, T:15, 3:31, 5:», f.3t, 1:15,10:30 P.M. leave NOGALES for TUCSON 7:M, »:1S, 1I:M, lltlS A.M. ft 1:15, 3:0», 4:», t:M, *:15,11:15 P.M. ' «rtyh«un* Ttrmlna! m-tni CHOICE TOP SIRLOIN FRIDAY FISH FRY AILYOU CAN EAT PR WE RIB 2 K '""« DAILY LUNCHEON QCC SPECIALS a 3 UP JOEY JEFFERY PERSON 4G PIANO ORGAN EDPACKHAM J.G.JOHNSON rtii'.' 1 3»s.wi«T j [/[/elcome lo GHOST ^ 1UN(H LODGE and Cockfail Reservations 624-926 1 t0 1 WEST MIRACLE MILE Use Your Volley Rank Credit Card COMPLETE BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCH 85*95* A large choice of sandwiches from 50 C served from 12:00-2:00 PARKING UNLIMITED ROBERT'S- ALL YOU CAN EAT: LUNCH DINNER J 11:30 to S115 4:0 ° to 5 3P.M. 1 8P.M. Monday thru Saturday CHItDKEN'S PUKES - MENUCHANGES DAILY 1282 W. PRINCE RD. Ph.»87-4I11 ·onquttUoomAvolobJe SUNDAY DINNER lulls 9170 X DRIVE ' INNS Eating with Us is De/icious" No. 1 -2530 N. 1st Ave ................ . .......... ..,,624- No. 2- 3027 E. Grant Rd....,..., ......... 325 Car Service This Ad - Have A . .JFrostop Hoot Beer r t With Each Food OrAm Presenting THE NEW Los Elegantes A Completely Hew Sound in LATIH AMERICAN Rhythms Musk and Vocals ^ Featuring Jimmy Vindiola, Frank Perez Roman Dclgado, PrankCatalano Playing for your listening and dancing pleasure 8:30 to 1:00 70* COCKTAIL HOUR 4 PM TO 7 PM ClJSt ANDY'S CRYSTAL PALACE 20MMRACLEMIE : T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Repeat Of Drama Tense scene in Henry Denker's "A Case of Libel," to be repeated by Arizona Civic Theater at 8:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the Santa Rita, shows Holland Williams (left), as the defense attorney, questioning Don Hinson, who portrays the role of a self-righteous columnist being sued. Tickets for the drama at $3 are available at the Council of the Arts, 2720 E. Broadway, or at the Santa Rita. BODY SHOP 2026 S.CRIYCROFT NOW SERVING YOUR FAVORITE COCKTAIL WITH THE NEWEST ALL GO GO GIRL REVUE AMATEUR NITE, THURSDAYS PLUS: EXOTIC DANCERS »" »· "" --w -~^r "^if "^^ "^^. ^i^y "T.T TJT T/tJ^^T^ ^^y» Home made Lasagne Dinner for 2 $C f 2 r Includes* ANTIPASTOwith 19 V 2 varieties of Delicacies · Glass of Vince's WINE HOMEMADE BREADST1CKS · SUCCULENT LASAGNE SPUMONl (Italian Ice Cream) · Coffee Mama Mia! Eccoto! COCKTAILS Galley Not. Bonfc ! Ct«dilCcidl*mtr Liprcs (i.gooied Fine ITALIAN 'FOOD' "HOME OF HOMEMADE ^4,8.66 E. SPEEDWAY Phone ictay uif e ^ FRIDAY SPECIAL Salmon Patties Egg Sauce Buttered Carrots RoU or Muffin Coffee or Tea Broiled Australian Lobster Tail $1.69J 1145 N. ALVERNON N. OF SPEEDWAY ' EA 5-5116 11:39102:00. 4:3»tot,00, »m fe « tm. CENTRAL! Breakfast at JlnyHour RESTAURANT . 1107 K. Stone at Speedway · Ph. 623-88321 ' OPEN EVERYDAY^A^. -1:45 A.M. MOST CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED Since 1946 "Consistently GoodFood" W* Have A Choke of 3 2 Complete .Pojly Luncheon or Pinner Entf«e»«O'to S235* f WithchoIceof : SOUPorSAlADS:FRESHVEGETABtE COFFEE CHOICE of POTATO or TEA PORTKNSFORCHILDRW.HAI.FPRK:E OR NO CHARGE FOB EXTB A PLATE "You'd Be Glad You Came · Any Day, Anytime" J . A la Cart e Entrees, Sandwiches-Sola ds I FOUNTAIN SERVICE-NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES A SENSATION AT THE TlDELSIiDS DIXIE MOORE A real red hot momma-spicy stories-fun-Iaughs-and songs in flie Sophie Tucker style. You'll love her- she's terrific! LOS LATINOS for DANCING!! Continuous Entertainmenl 7 Kites o Week « p.m.-l a.m. · HO COVER · NO MINIMUM Dine Royally fit the beautiful (ircu!arTernice Room UVE MAINE LOBSTER OYSHK5-CLAMS STEAKS-PRIMERIB flaming BEEFenBROCHETTE ITALIAN SPECIALTY [llew Lunch Menu DtW Coffee Shop and Terrace 95' IDELANDS _ MOTOR INN 019 North Stono. 6a2394« BULL FIGHT! NOGALES BULL RING SUN. Mar. 10th. 4 P.M matadors: Adolfo Rojas and El Queretano TICKETS RESERVATIONS BROWN'S TRAVEL SERVICE 5315 E. Broadway PH.- 327-6524 CUUIVER'S TRAVELS 7SIN. Church PH.622-7726 FRAY'MARCOSHOTEt No 9 al*s fH.-2.1651 IMHl AMMOIO ...Ml BOB lEt Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. UBEE u }*?*, ^.H* ^"i* ' *'*·** Vi'arU niftai R ruiwil LIQUA s~\ . ; LADUFE x' ~\ GRANAII /^ , S \ V y * f t s at Jow 0 f 0 u*g Frintthi SURPRISE ANSWER am ' . THIS MAY ONE WITH INFORMATION ON A CASE. Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. X " (Answers tomorrow) Jumble.: SUAVE HONEY MARVEl PARODY Answer: How l^e matinee idol teas paid---' HANDSOMMY AW INVITATION tO GOOD tAtU«i 601 W MJRACU MUE GHOST ^ RANCH Restaurant OPEN EVERYDAY 3 MEAIS EL CHARRO Restaurant 140 W.Broadway Authentic Mexican food since 1927. In oldest part of city for atmosphere. 9 AM-2 AH · HA3-3152 7:30-9:15 LAST NIGHT! SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN A Starkly Realistic Film For Jdolts Only STARTS TOMORROW TITLE "CENSORED" Call 624-4981 for Title HIRT IN CONCERT APRIL 4,1968 8:00 P.M. UNIVERSITY AUDITORIUM Reserved Seat Tickets Available $3.50 and $2,50 · Student Union 106 (U of A} · AtWeticTkketOffiee(6th Cherry) · Or call 884-2121 Sponsored By Associated Slua«n!$ y Univ«fS]|yoflinzona Arizona ale Theatres Arizona ak thealrcs Arizona att Tficalrcs Arizona air Theatres Arizona, ( ELDORADO ^ ^ V 5909 E. BROADWAY^/ fQDffl 2 8 P.M. WINNER 5 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS!! WINNER 3 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS!! LAST 14 DAYS ^3a^ VANESSA WNCO LIONEL RESERVED SEATS 296-6241 N.CAMPBELL ol GRANT T / S E E IT TONIGHT! stranger to all ut mostly himself.,.. iV'-Bp^'' a l UWM'Ml^ " r ^'-" a h tl i-J. Jmg · -;/'· ALBERT CAMUS ( MIRACLI V OR1VE-IN-600 W.GltNN The Jungle is JUMPIN' with JOY! TONIGHT! 6:30^ CHILDREN 12 AND UNDER 50 Walt Disney ·rtie " xonesomeCfxtgar-J vlriiiu ak Tkfilmi .triim ak Tkalm .\riiwu ik Tkitlrrs \mm ak Tlralrrs \ SHOW SCHEDULE «:! · , DRIVE-IN _ Sin in Ihe C ty" -- 7:07: "Talp? of Paris" - 8:34; "The Ring'' - 10:2°; "Carnival Storv" -- 11:48. ,, u , ,. , CACTUS DRIVE-IN , 'High, Wild and Free" _ 7:07; 11:10; "Rough Night In Jericho" -- 9:21. ,,_. ,. CATALINA "The Stranger" -- 7:15, 9:15. ,,r . ., CINE EL DORADO ' Camelot" -- 8. ,,_. FOX-BUENA ViSTA "The Graduate" -- 4:30, 8:30, 10:30. FOX-TUCSON to Dlnner " - '· THURSDAY. MARCH 7, 1968 SBAEEfS mnsic "The Female" -- 7:30, 9:15, ,,,, . ,. MIDWAY DRIVE-IN "Sol Madrid" -- 7:07, 10:57i "The Bis- Best Bundle of Them All" -- 9:02. MIRACLE DRIVE-IN PLAZA 7 ,, A /)? 5 " -4:27 -' Amateur -- 8:14; "La Tercera Palabra" -PRINCE DRIVE-IN ''Nanu the Killer Whale" -- 6:37, 12:06; "The Greatest Story Ever Told" -~ 8:30. RODEO DRIVE-IN /·i7J n 5 Loi i B ^P u ?d-- 7 ,:W; "Bonnie and »i» de iTTM :27; The Glrl and 'the General -- I I . £Q, ,,-r^ * ^ND- ST. DRIVE-IN 'The Anniversary" -- 7, 10:30;" A Guide for the Married Man" -- 8:50. OPEN 5:45--LAST DAY "TENGO 17 ANOS" COLOR--RO CIO DURCAJ. ON OUR STAGE 8 P.M. LORENZO PALMAS "AMATEUR HOUR" FUN--PRIZES--MUSIC 22nd si. a avmm 325-2223 EXCLUSIVE FIRST TUCSON SHOWHGH COLOR "HIGH WILD AND FREE" -- PLUS -(GEORGE DEAN i PEPRARD* MARTIN ROUGH MIGHT IN JERICHO TECHNICOLOR' A Universal Piclurs 4500 EASI SPEEDWAY ,326-0111 1ST. TUCSON SHOWING CON MAHAND BEST COP IN THE NARCOTICS SQUAD! PLUS-RAQUEL WELCH The biggest bundle of them air panavtslonlnd metrocoJor SHOWNATS-jePK.ONLY! GEORGE STEVENS Production THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD TECHNICOLOR «.,..,..», UNITED ARTISTS 3 FEATU8ES-S1.50 CARLO ADALL W COLOR 10 ACADEMY AWARD NOJMATUNS -- PLUS -- YULBRYNHERIOKCDUEl" -ALSO- RODSTEKER 'The Girl and the General" BENSON HIGHWAY 4 ADW.T FUTWtES-$UI CARLOAD "SININTHIOTY" ·-- PLUS -"TAUS OF PARIS" ANNC BAXTER "tARMALSTMY" "-AW-"THE RING" If your pizza is perfection, it's from SHAKEY'S PIZZA PARLOR yv puplic house ' _ O A 5 T T Q C O A S T 1060N.CKAYCROFT 106W.WACHMAN NATIONAIGENERALCORPORATION FflY WESTCMST THEATRES 251 SO.W1LMOTRD/298-188 WINNER ·7 ACADEMY / AWARD NOMINATIONS! »E5T«CTURE BEST ACTRESS BEST ACTOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY' BESTDHteCTOR nesr SCRHNMAY JOSEPH E LEV;NE«t:i-.:t» MIKE NICHOLS LAWRENCE TURMANW.^,. THEGRADUATE COLOR' M "IS«S»RCTU«C5 «««' ADULT ENTERTAINMENT STARRING ANNE BANCROFT DUSTIK HOFFMAN KATHARKERQSS oSTDRlVE-I . BELVEDERE/79S-1377' I 7" TOKKIHT-OPEK6:45 Bette Davis adds another portrait in evil! *iQieilin!«WO»PMw!J *^SP BETH DAVIS ANNiVERSARr ta. a«ri=s SHEILA HANCOCK · JACK HEDLEY HRISTIHN ROBERTS-JAMES COSSINS :LAINE TAYLOR ·iwa.nrJiiiwysAHosreR soKc;!iy try JIMMY SMIGSTER CO-FEATURE "IfiUIOEFflR ^X'i sisOTigVftntRHAnHAu »/j/R08ERT HORSE IlifJERSItW M mmw* 2rv ' _COLOR- -^** ·ton Q FOXtTeaTre 17 WEST CONGRESS · 623-9491 Continuous From 1 P.M. Free Parking After 5 HELD OVER 4TH BIG WEEK WINNER OF 1A ACADEMY 1U AWARD NOMINATIONS! Spencer i Sidney TRACY 'POITIER Katharine . HEPBURN guess who's coming to dinner and introducing Music by DcVOL Katharine HougHton

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