Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1930 · Page 3
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1930
Page 3
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-I- IWWBW ^> [ VMfflft wicisBtRiy i^incy jinva v let I* _ k ttf go^eltrSmeJit allttoMf cludlttg' the rafllft coTrtmlsilbn. — la. they havt taHen fddd ears to «n " " ^' 6nly to sean the •»t,«ie industry, but tb ob'tt!fv»ig\6y6 o» years M%«arby period, the Ih- .SdVift'g into what Is psrhaps itnteHotf 1 **. the trade y»ar, cast td 6ofi dtistry tli« dt ulJ In e*ai the flttt. quartet 6* 4he year is *aTf, the sltorid quartet ahd the summer month* of 11H* -third are bad, arid the fait Knd winter up to the year-end ar* ttsffe , Laat year, emitting: on a big fourth Quarter, a large trtnabfef of seta -were manufactured. The 1 depression , jtre- vehted their sale. These * distress gtbriks have now all bectn moved and' > the x rnanufacturers agalfr can turn to saja of new ^products, / 'The million sets sold, since ' the first of the year from these distress stocks were moved at extremely low prices. The day of those prices seems to have, passed, but, the standard sets to be made the remainder of this year wltL be lower than they were Iri '1929. running from $160' tb 1200 for 1 the- most popular 'models. This has been made possible by stabilization of the industry and the elimination of some of ' the weaker manufacturers. . The new sets are likely to show no striking changes. The new models ''•will have a new and /velvety depth of tone and there will be much attention paid to the furniture appeal of, -the instruments, Manufacturers are watching with interest the trials of the new double-screen grid, a pentode with live" elements as ' against four for the 'ordinary screen grid. It is claimed for thld new product that it will make possible equally good reception with feweX tube! per set, and Will fill some of the, deficiencies Which many of the ^manufacturers charge against the single screen grid. This/ new product has been produced before, but will how get its baptism of fire under the '- manipulation of the manufacturers' en• gineers. '• ' There are now 12,826,000 receiving ' 'sets in use, in this country. The manu r /. facturers 'count not only oh a large •' number of new customers, but',on a volume of replacements that will yield them splendid returns- in the next six •'months. '..-.'• . ' , \ According to the radio commission, the American pepole are'wall pleased with present-day broadcasting and reception. When the radio broadcaster's popularity grows,, his fan mail grows with it, but when listeners are pleased .with reception the fan mail of the radio commission dwindles—and at present H is very small: To them the fan/i ''write only when they blame, not praise. The ; significance of this is more evident when it is borne in .Vmind that 60,000,000 people lis.ten in 'every day, and It is estimated 7,000,, 000 people are listening all-the time. As to the long distance view of the radio industry, the glasses are focused firmly on television, which the manufacturers believe to be the natural concomitant of radio. IS GIVEN DAMAGES. HARRISBURG, June 4.—Property compensation amounting to $2,200 was i awarded by the public service conjr- 'mission yesterday to Emil Bichrlberger i |{br damages done to his property in '•'; 'the elimination of a grade crossing over the tracks of the Pittsburgh, Chartlers & Youghloghony railroad,in "Robinson township, Allegheny county. IF YOUR Car Is equpiped with a PurOlator it should ^e changed pVery 8,000 miles. We'have a PurOlator cartridge in stock for \every. car^ American Garage 800-806 Green Ave. Dial ZMISI1 Save 65c Victrola Records 'Your choice of all the popular numbers 10«^ each ALTOONA RADIO & ELEC. CO. 1318 12th Avc. Dial 9318 Screens and Weather Strips EDGAR SAMS 8«t1 Beale Ave. Phone 895? Awningf, Window Shades and Linoleum Dreai Up Your Home This Sunfmer WM, W. BABCOCK Home Furnlnhlnc* 1313 Twelfth Avenue Kn»y Credit Tormi , HIIOUS KOK JflNTIHK FAMILV Price* Make 3 1'alri Po«nlble VUit Our Bargain Basement 1417 Eleventh Ave., Altoona Send Your Washing ; an Laundry be Cost U Small PHONU 7871 NOW KEADY! The 1930 WILSON Line WALL PAPERS Tour Paperhanger or Decorator will (how these modern papers at your request. H. 1. WiUon 10'tl Chestnut Ave. Lafterty Funeral Home ZSOU BUOAU AVENUE Pbon« QUALITY FURNITURK CO. M7 8tb Ave. MACHINERY TOOL'TRADE MARKED BY INACTIVITY NEW YORK,, June 4.—Advices received from districts throughout the country .during the past week indicate that machine-tool and machinery markets are still In the doldrums, American Machinist reports. Prices remain firm. • Inactivity in the industry is attributed partly to the three-day .holiday coming "in the last week, but'.principally to the continued depression In general trade. While a few districts - sale report an upturn In 'the-sales 'curve, ,this is considered only temporary, and little change In the situation is expected before fall. Deliveries are, immediate on stock tools, and' from'six to fourteen weeks .on special items. Philadelphia, reports ; an .improved volume of sales, •chiefly to industrial plants along the Atlantic seaboard, and an increase in inquiries. New York toOk the week-end holiday seriously and only k; few sales ,Were booked. ; ' "•• .'• >-•Chicago dealers regard the market' as unsatisfactory, with industrial demand low and inquiries declining.; Cincinnati looks for a gradual improvement, with several dealers, reporting good.- May sales. Cleveland's market also has a more encouraging aspect.' Current sales there N are mainly for miscellaneous items. ' . ,Qnly the second-hand : machinery market is active 'in New England. Milwaukee'dealers report a drop in inquiries and a .slowing of general demand, but indications are present thai the bottom of the' curve-: has beet passed. Buffalo looks for little Change until autumn,' although building ac- tivityin that •< area Is helping, to sell machines: , ft* LfcMt«t t, ofBn i»30,,>!T CSiWWHlatttf Pftt* JWJLVT xuftn.* dune s.^^-wew, Jtwrii police, liftcoverlng 6W |I,000,tJW At stoteft jtweh.M th* last f«w rff " and checklhg r bfl' & tetal df |iO,92*, worth of gims sfolen her* last See h0us« burglars and pfdWl*! _ ing replaced «y. 'a lilts, inierstat* business based oft hotel and PuufflaB car takings. The new criminal enterprise i* d«ft< nitely national in scope and is believed by the police to account for nearly Mrtu.OOO.OM ih actual losses By theft throughout thtf country. The latest big haul made by the New York police included mainly jewels stolen from Florida hotels and on a Michigan train, bound to Chi" c&go. These and other disclosures indicate that the thieves follow traveling jewels, through their seasonal migrations,/ around the race tracks, from T la Juarta to Belmont, or to the Florida beach resorts ,in the Winter, and Newport 'and other northern resorts in the summer. H has been known to the police that jewel thieves wefe acquiring a new expertness in "unharnessing" gems and dressing them again in a hew and deceptive guise, which may partially account for the lack of claimants for the jewels now held here. Police have been baffled by the participation' 6f persons' in 'various states in a single .theft and there are indications that tfnele Sam may be drawn into another enterprise in national policing. Representative La Ouardia of New -York, has introduced in congress a bill to make possible, federal action against this "fences"V which handle this. interstate loot, Heretofore, in the operations) of home talent pickpockets; burglars and sneak thieves, police problems 1 have been localized and it was possible for the police to attack Hhe fence, and the problem was that of a single, municipality. But in prosecution across state. boundaries it is found that witnesses may be taken from one jurisdiction to-another only on their own volition. The La OUardia- bill Would empower the state to compell testimony, regardless ot state'jurisdiction. • Evidence that more scientific systems of burglar alarm protection are driving' thieves to the highway appear In the ' records/of the American District Telegraph company for 1929, showing 'the number of attacks and entries in 10 Jeading American cities. In electrically-protected places there Were 601 alternated burglaries during ^?ito$mw&m*t m* MgteT fa tM '*# J^SSjS^ 1 * 4 to October smash, Ifc* taWnf* ftt wa* iett, the; lc*f«S Ml Af t 4iA£ Att4kf'#Ur UVMT vttl riifojrtrty attacked duirlAi tfi* ftfit aft of fn*>»af. , ''••'.^ •trift Cnl/laHan-cB of any Irtpdttant 6»i under\a Bttf«Jaf alaHUl Wai that Of the H«fSCh«de t6fe Itt CISClftflaH/* *a«d C. _..--,-Oil, president Of the" Affieticaft tM»- «et feMsgrapri eoftipany. "fhti, WW tie to Ih* fact that they had aft fltiquat«d sylrterti. They have sine* nstalled.a rnddWM.&ns; -. "there' t» no doubt that-we -cali aift steadily against burglarty loss** y ,ihe us* of throughly up-to-dat* e«eeS, and We have no fear that in- reasing knowledge of electricity will nable the burglars to circumvent the ysteras. Continued satisfactory prog- ess Will depend uptni the cooperation f Insurance companies in insisting pon thoroughly adequate protection^ 'hiaMs done by some companies, But ot by alt. were It not for the almost perfect defense afforded by mod* rn burglar alarm systems, insurance ompanies Would be unable to carry lues of insurance at anything like heir; preseflt rates, Many of the arger casualty underwriters decline o write lar%£ lines of Insurance un- ess the- premises are protected by ittrglar alarm systems properly cer- ifled under the standards of underwriters' laboratories." OLD REtlCS FOUND. tXJNDON, June 4.r-Part of .the tusk a wild boar and traces Of pre-Norman burials have been found at Compon Church,. Surrey. ; In an executive Bui te«i to Pay" in a cigarette it's Taste KNOWING WHAT TO DO—and thing it—that's what carries a man up , o and a cigarette, too. . PUTTINlG FIRST THINGS FIRST—good twte, uniform quality, aroma, flavor — Chesterfield's popu< Urjty is built on knowing what smokers want »<>» •ad giving it unfailingly, TASTE—THAT'S THE ANSWER and that's what smokers get in Chesterfield in fullest measure—the flavor and aroma of mellow tobaccos, exactly blended and cross-blended, all to a single, satisfying end ., * "TASTE above everything". 6St6 We state It us ova honest belief that the tobtccos used in Chesterfield cigarettes tie of finer quality and hence of better taste than in any other cigarette at the price. (4QGBTT * MYGB3 TOBACCO CO. i — _ • i ^^^jffi^r ^B^^BW ^^^^1^^ ^^H^W i® 1930, Licggyr & My»5 To»»cco Co. t7'ort to QuaK Sti The Westfall Hat is favored ,by the gentleman whose good taste is reflected in his apparel . ; t , the fihest shape arid material is evidenced in a hat frortfWestfalTs. MERVILLE HOSIERY GIVES BEST SERVICE KLINE BR0S. ' White Dresses. For Girls' 7 to 14 Years $ 2.95 Dainty styles in white voile, short sleeves, trimmed with fles, smocking, fancy ribbons and lace, sizes 7 to 14 years. < many pretty printed frocks at this price. Girls White Flat Crepe Dresses TOE $405 JMk^M ,^-:>r^?9J,.., —Many smart little frocks of white flat crepe with short or 1 sleeves, V or round necks, some have collars, trimmed with ruffles* and smocking, all charming styles in sizes 7 to 14 year*. ,, Bm.—Secwid Cool! Gay! Charming Printed $ilks,~*2 -00 yd. > ' j f The $3.95 to $4.50 Grade* A Glorious Variety of Patterns Sports, Daytime and Evening Flower patterns . . . tiny blossoms ... old-fashioned nosegays ... and beauti large blooms. Modernistic prints, too, and very smart ones! Choice color combinations* . .... all different . . . and every one distinctive. , • J Printed Crepe $ 1.50>o $1.95 to $2.95 Grade Printed Chiffons 5 1.00 11.50 Grade Flate^ Crepe ;i " $1.95 to $2.50 Grade Boys' Wash Suits 'The famous "Peter Pan" make noted for their superior quality of washable fabrics ?o perfectly made in the newest models and beautiful new colors. Profit in these substantial savings while we have a wonderful ^variety to select from. Sizes from 3 to 8 years. Brat.-~TU*d Boys' White Shirts $ 1.00 "Model" white broadcloth coat style shirts with the collar attached. All sizes 10 to Boyi' White WaUU, 79c| Boy«' White Ti«i, 5(te White broadcloth blouse waists,) in all ages 6 to 12 years. I White silk four-in-hand ties, in a regular boya size tie. Porch Made Q| .woven duple* ing utripe scalloped and ..,.. ed. hemmed at top wita-ey«» lata ready to put up. Jn tan - • ' . - ' -f » ,/ 27 ineh«$loai .3 V. Window Awnings Hade of duplex kwniHf .atripa in t«n and green. ««B»» plete with stael frames. ra and fixtures (or putting up. 2 feet 6 indies... Turkish Towels~20c Unusually large towels for good heavy weave, as absorbent Usually 25c. Large EUth Towels, 33c Large ^2 by 44 inches woven witu a aeavy double loop that \vill (fo through weekly washings without losing its strength, soft and fluffy, colored borders. Usually 45c. ; this price. 18 by 36 inches. A as you could wish, fluffy and soft. Bath Towel*, 25c Size 20 by 40 inches. » good heavy towel ot the famous Cannon quality. Durable double thread weave, strong aelvege edges. Usually 35c. Bedspreads $1,22 Regular Colored *trip«k large »iw 8P by MB Rayon BeJspreadi,* $196 la ,, MM,

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