Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 4
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 4
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·Jvt · ' ^·-P-INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM l^enc B««h, Calif., Suixfiv. July 16- It4l Surfboard Cult! New Way of Life ! ,, (Continued from Page A-l) ! ;-' ;otiyiously can't all be bums. Even those who detest the itfreed admit the troublemakers are in the minority. ; One high school principal from Los Angeles spends every summer, when he can afford it, surfing in Hawaii iwith his son. · ' "It's the cleanest, freest, most exhilarating sport I !know," says the principal. "It builds self reliance, ·stamina, and courage. The surfer is a true individualist." " . ¥ ¥ * * · TAKE A look at surfers in action: ' You'll see them every summer day now at their favorite surfing spots from the Mexican border's Tijuana slews (a corruption of slough) north to San Francisco's 'steamer lane, where they wear skindiver suits--and the \vaves break far out in blue water where the liners pass. ' Some have new sports cars laboring under board- loaded racks. But most surfwagons are ancient, expend- aljle and cheap. Old hearses are highly prized. So are war-surplus ambulances and old station wagons. You can sleep in them. ;The surfers themselves are usually huskier than average, fitter, tanner. Their hair is frequently bleached from the sun--or peroxided to make it look sunbleachcd. * * * t : , THOSE WHO make it a way of life don't care what Xhey wear. An old overcoat or raincoat is fine for the beach, because it's warm early in the morning. Chopped;off denim pants and sleeveless sweatshirts are worn right into the water. Down-to-the-knee shorts, for warmth, have become so popular they are manufactured and sold as "surfers." ; Their language tends to nicknames and jargonese. ·Dirty Tom will tell you all about the break at the Trestle. But you won't know what he's talking about, unless you "surf. It is just because they're different that the surfers are 'being looked down upon? ; "We've got some bad apples." says a surfers' spokes- .man, "they're the ones that gave all surfers a had name." Grissom's Space Flight Scheduled for Tuesday ; TALK TO Sgt. Jack Pease, juvenile officer at the Los ·Angeles County Malibu Sheriff's Station, and he'll tell )you about bad apples: "Any time we see crowds of surfers," he said, "we 'know there's going to be trouble. Trespassing, petty ·theft, truancy, underage drinking, vandalism. "At a local restaurant the waiters know if surfers 'come in, something's going to be stolen. The markets -.have a terrible time with these kids shoplifting. They ;steal empty bottles from around back of the market and .turn them in at the front for pennies. Then they steal |them again as soon as the clerk puts them out back again .--and turn them in again. '. "You see the same guys, day after day. They don't ·work. What can they do here, anyway? It's just a small '·town with a lot of beach. You want to know how they · get the money to stay on the beach? ', "They slesl. They break into cars and grab anything ·rif value. They deal other kids' surfboards and sell them. [They steal food from the markets. They'll do anything : but work." '. There are different kinds of surfers the sergeant never ·meets. Take Hobart (Hobie) Alter of Dana Point, and .'Judy Donlevy of Malibu, for instance: · Hobie, a husky, thirtyish chap who has won prizes in |Hawaiian surfing contests, probably works more hours · a week than Sgt. Pease. He owns California's biggest | surfboard manufacturing firm. · * * f * | HOBIE SPONSORS a surfing club and is fighting to !"shape up" the troublemakers. He thinks he has already | seen some improvement. i Judy Donlevy is 18, tall, lighe, tanned, with hair sun- ibleached the color of straw. Her father is actor Brian '.Donlevy. ' "I guess all the boys I go out with are surfers," said ;.ludy. "They're no different from people who drive sports · cars or play tennis. It's just that we like to surf. And ipeople with common interests go together. ' "It's just a few of them, really, that give the others 'a bad name. (Continued from Page A-I) astronauts, eased off on their intensive training Saturday and went on a "lov; residue" diet in preparation for t h e flight aboard a space capsule known as "Liberty Bell 7." * * * * GRISSOM is expected to have an easier time of it than did Alan Shepard, who spent so much of his 15-minute pioneer flight proving that man could do useful work in space that he had comparatively little time for "sightseeing" at the spectacular visions below him. An enlarged "picture window" has been installed in the side of "Liberty Bell 7" to give the astronaut a better view. "Freeedom 7," Shepard's capsule, contained only two small portholes. If the flight goes as expected, Grissom will feel a pull of nearly 10 times his own weight, then will spend about five minutes in weightlessness as his capsule arcs into the black chill of space. * * * * HE AGAIN will be subjected to "G-forces" on his way down, but parachutes should lower the two-ton capsule into the water at a safe speed northeast of Grand Bahama Island. Barring mishap with this shot, t h e F e d e r a l S p a c e Agency plans to send astronauts on at least two more "sub-orbital" flights--one in late August or early Septem- )er, the second in October-to get a four-man team of trained spacemen ready for flights into orbit next year. Several changes were made in "Liberty Bell 7"--named by the seven-man team of astronauts--that h a d b e e n planned even before Shepard rode the first capsule, "Freedom 7", to success. The changes include: A rate stabilization and control system, to give the astronaut a more p r e c i s e means of controlling Ihe po sition of the capsule during weightlessness. Sci e n t i s t s said the capsule's response 'will be similar to that of a , P-T Life of Cooley at Trial GRISSOM SUITED Astronaut Virgil I. Grissom is fitted out in space suit Saturday at Cape Canaveral, Fla. Adjusting suit is specialist Joe \V. Schmitt. Grissom has been chosen as the astronaut to make second subor- bital flight.--(AP Photo) suit and the microphones in-' side, as well as more protective foam plastic in his helmet. And a lightweight, radar woman who was driving the Women Driver Dies in Bus Collision INGLEWOOD (UP1) -- A collision between an automobile and an airport bus Saturday claimed the life of a car. Mrs. Fay eh Schulberg, 50, Los Angeles, died at Centl- nela Hospital here. · , By GEORGE C. FLOWERS Slall Writer i BAKERSFIELD--A biogra- hy of Donnell ( S p a d e ) Coolcy, published by The In- ependent, Press - Telegram, vill be introduced during Cooley's trial for the murder if hi c wife, Ella Mae. Defense Atty. P. Basil tam- nos said Saturday the six- iart story of Cooley's life vill be brought into the trial luring the defense presenta- ion. Lambros said psychiatrists vho examined Cooley for the defense used the I, P-T series as "the only authentic" biography of the defendant. The trial of Cooley resumes here Monday before Superior Judge William L Bradshaw and a jury of 10 men and two women. Distric Atty. Kit Nelson is expectec to introduce additional photo .raphs of the beaten body ol Mrs. Cooley, and a patholo gist to explain the effects o the beating. reflective life raft, in case th astronaut s h o u l d h a v e leave his capsule at sea. It weighs 45 per cent less than an earlier version. Swiss Want Missile B E R N , Switzerland /P- The Swiss government aske Parliament for a 300-million franc ($70 million) appropria lion Saturday to equip Switz erland's antiaircraft defense with the British-made Blood hound ground-to-air missile. Gift Your Home the Charm and Comfort of Glass Doors Louvered Windows ihe name for tftejinest. in ir//K/tfir.t and iluurs of \litling glass... or ca did ALL INSTALLED BY OUR OWN EXPERT MECHANICS For Free Estimate Call HE 7-7475 or HE 2-7943 Marine Glass Co. Slnct im SCOTT-V/OODARD-SCOTT SR. GLASS FOR AIL. PURPOSES COR. 14TH MAGNOLIA San Pedro, 130 W. 5th St. HE 7-7475 or HE 2-7943 TE 3-2481 Member at Luia Beach Builder'l Exchange BANKAMERICARD McMahan's Repeat a Sell Out GIGANTIC SPECIAL PURCHASE MAKES THIS OHCE-IH-A-LIFETIME VALUE POSSIBLE! modern high-speed aircraft." A hatch secured with ex plosive bolts to give the pilol another safety device "to insure easy and rapid escape in the event of an emergency." A re-arranging of instru ments on a panel above the astronaut, "for quicker and easier reference." Minor modifications in the astronaut's 20-pound space- Pakiscsn Flower RAWALPINDI, P a k i s t a n (UPI)--The Pakistan govern ment announced Saturday it was adopting thB jasmine as the state flower after rejecting the tiger lily and the narcissus. ...o O o o Q. It's a Captain's ParadiscS «0 o WORLD'S FIRST AND ONLY SHOPPING RESORT » OPENING* TO 8E ANNOUNCED LDING HEAVY GAUGE QTTFi O B CELL or OFFICE WITH KEY LOCKING SAFE and FILE COMPARTMENT PEN HOLDER ond STATIONERY FILE COMPARTMENT ALL FACILITIES WITHIN FINGERTIP REACH! SENSATIONAL... COMPACT HOME or OFFICE UNIT...NOW ONLYI EXTRA STURDY TABLE TOP OF DURABLE || FURNITURE SUU NO MONEY DOWN ONLY 5OX WEEKLY m HEAVY GAUGE STEEL SAFE AND STORAGE SPACE IOCKS SECURELY TO ASSURt PROTECTION OF TOUR VAIUABIES, RECORDS, DOCUMfNTS.OFFICl SUPPLIES TABLE TOP SURFACE 45" x 15' 30" HIGH SPACIOUS STORAGE COMPARTMENTS HEAVY GAUGE STEEL WELDED CONSTRUCTION FOR GREATER STRENGTH EXTRA PROJECTION OF EXTRA COST A COMPLETE SET OF LETTER SIZE ALPHABETIZED FILE FOLDERS PROTECT and STORE VALUABLES, RECORDS OFFICE SUPPLIES,HOBBY EQUIPMENT, BOOKS Easy Compact Storage Save prccwaJ space at home or in the office with this Deluxe quality, compact a nit. Streamlined yet fur.clkmal design. Heavy gauge F u r n i t u r e Steel construction throughout. An o n t i U n d i n g value at this price. Order yoon now while (he stocfc lasts. A COMPACT HOME OR OFFICE IN ONE STREAMLINED DELUXE UNIT! USE IT AS A DESK .. .TYPING TABLE ...SEWING T A B L E . . . DRAWING AND CRAFT.TABLE! 1895 E.Anaheim, E. Long Beach.:. HE 6-5211 317 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach. HE 2-5444 6414 E. Spring Si., The Plaza... .HA 9-5919 (6810 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower. TO 7-2745 909 Avalon, Wilmingfon ,;..;,.:. TE 4-4548 OPEN MONDAY FRIDAY NIGHTS 'TIL 9 P. M. cS'SV^r

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