Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 26, 1973 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 26, 1973
Page 11
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DENNIS THE MENACE By Ketcham HELEN HELP US Frank Advice To Friend Resented By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEI vniHnwiH^ 'Iy«fi(Jltt8e PRETTY 60SVTWSY«,MAfl3AKET:WV wtt w TAKE awfis£ OF TumytonA fllllNllllinnilininilinnillllllHIIIIinilliniHIllllinilinilllHnilllinilllllliy Bi'lly ;Graham This Is My Answer We had an interdenom-! inational c o m m u n i o n service last Sunday, and one independent :group ; wouldn't participate. They said they believed in "closed communion". What are these people going to do when they get. to heaven, and find no'denomina- tional differences?- Will they get off in a corner and have communion by themselves? H.D. · ' · · ' . Let me give you a mini lesson in theology. In baptism, symbolically, we are merged in Christ; in Communion, Christ in us. In each of these ordinances, the subject should know the meaning of his act. Christ gave these (sometimes called sacraments) basically to the local church, not to associations or large interdenominational rallies. · Now, while the local minister, oj layman administering the ordinances, has not been appointed a special policeman, yel there is some responsibility to see that the Lord's Supper has a r-t 1 c 1 p a - n t s who ar regenerated, ;or ·· "twice-born leople! Democratically, an Siblically. . most leave sue examination up to the individ ual,. announcing only the term established; by Christ and th apostles; :· . ProBably, the exclusive grou you mention,' felt safer : sharing Communion only wit those .who officially had becom part of the local assembly..« Of course, in the unity heaven, those distinctions whic serve our human frailties her wjll not be needed. I sugge. that nowv however, you respec those who practice ."close communion", and find you unity rather in the love [or an service to Christ, as Ephesian 4 suggests. When that happen differences are ennobled' an consecrated. Ttie TIMES I* The Beit Buy For Your Advertising Dollars! iear Helen: I You said unwanted advice is s'welcome as an allergy on hay ride. How about people 'ho ask.for your advice, then old it against you? ; . , I introduced a widower friend ! mine to a woman I once ated: casually. When things jegan getting heavy, my friend sked my frank opinion on their hances of a good marriage. I was honest. Though I liked he lady, I pointed out her aults--or at least her "dif- ercnces" that would clash with iis personality. They- got married anyway, ind now they are both ex-" remely. cool. .According to the jroman, I'm supposed to hav? damaged her reputation and Imost wrecked 1 her romance," and of course 'the - man holds t against me for "talking aboul iis future wife." Guess they hao truth session that made me he villain. So here's my advice: when iomeone asks yours, stay mum -- Out in the Cool Dear OITC: If I took your advice. 1 vouldn't stay in business long But you're right: honesty leads o enmity when a friend only vants encouragement. Remind this couple you in troduced them in the first place -- which should iwin you a few Mints -- until: they begin; to alame you for that too. -- H. Dear Helen:' '- ' .'. . I a m . a vet going to ,'college on ^the GI bill, age 30, have a job : .that'will support a wife (especially, .if she . works, top and everything was set for my m a r r i a g e to Sheila, 20'...until I, fell in love with he mother. While .Sheila was away college, I got to coming ove to Maria's (her divorce mother) for dinner. She is young 37, and a . fascinatin woman. When Sheila cam home at Christmastime, realized what a mistake I' made. I want Maria for m wife, but how will I work ou as stepfather to my ex-fiance? Oh the plus side, Sheila i cooling off, but these two ar very close. Even if she stopped loving me, will sh accept me in the family? Father of the "Bride" ear FOTB: Why don't you ask her -- and Iso Maria? (Nowhere in your etter did you mention that the mother of the "bride" wanted ou for a husband.) -- H. 3ear;Helen: Society frowns on the older ·omari marrying a' younger man, while it admires the older male who catches a young hick: In our era of hormones, lastic surgery! etc.,,this seems idiculous". :.People should forget ge and seek mates who please lem. A Los Angeles psychiatrist made- i study of present-day n ' mating and 'indicated men might .'be happier with more-, mature women. They, make better wives, he 'said as hey -'age" later.: and mellow vith the years. An older woman can match her : 'male mentally, ocially arid, emotionally, while i young wife is apt to destroy an older husband. Look at the famous beauties of pur world; Liz. Jackie, ingrid, Elke, Sophia, Raqgel ·-- :hey're all considerably over 30 and some over:40. And women really don't develop much... intelligence untirage 30. '. ..-'.,-. " When I .get ready ·toi'ma'rt'y, ! won't let age stand in my way. So' if -you know any 40- Vear-OId 'unattached ' females, Helen, refer them to -- 30 and Just About Ready! : -i ·'.., P.S. .It'isn't a requisite, but if they have money, I won't hold it against them,. Dear/30: Sorry. ...I don't r u n , a lo n e 1 y,h. e a.r.t's concession. Besides,,a man who insists that undergo women/ lack ; beauty and -brains wouldn't appeal -,to my;over-30 frienil . 'A-.'H., .', · . Arkld Appointments , ·LITTLE ROCK': (AP)c --· SCvf e'ral; a p p o fcn t m e n t s were announced Friday 'by Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co; Chosen vice president was Jim 0. Wilhite of Shreveport; La. Named senior vice .presidents were Lindsey Hatchett of Little Rock and'B. E. Harrell, E. N. Henderson and John E. Taylor of Shreveport. B. L. Bratton of .Shreveport was elected vice president. - ' GOOD? 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