Independent from Long Beach, California on February 3, 1960 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, February 3, 1960
Page 10
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DESSES CALLS IT 'RING 1 Sleekest Line for Spring By NADEANK WALKER PARIS /!)·-- Clothes that not only fit but cling to the figure were shown by Jean Desses in the sleekest line of seamed on at the waist. Many the 1960 spring season. Busts, waists and hips are prominently visible, in dresses that mould the figure so closely they look 1 poured or painted on. The silhouette is sometimes p r i n c e s s , sometimes sheath. · * « * DESSES calls it the "ling 1 (ring around the bust, ring around the waist, ring around the hips, and sometimes ring around the hem). He drops skirls about an inch lower than other houses this season, to still keep them near knee-length. I Even Dosses' suit jackets are almost fitted, with a short basque of mushroom pleats or just a hip-gripping band slim straight skirts also are mushroom pleated, and there are wide box pleats on flaring princess skirts. Ivory white is Dosses' big daytime'Color. A new color, -histle blue (actually hazy greyed blue-green) is sprinkled strongly through the collec- .ion, which includes golden and pale yellow, bisque and .obacco (ones. * * FOR FORMAL occasions .he Greek designer goes in 'or harem drapes and harem lems, on both long and short d r e s - s e s . Cross-over drapes draw skirts up to the ankle in front on floor-length slinky sheaths. Desses never has gone in for the breathless plunge or lowdown curves in necklines and this is the only tb:.% that keeps his new collection ladylike. But there are some very bare backs. Desses frequently has been out of step with Paris trend' n past years, but enough 'itted waists and flared skirts lave been shown elsewhere .0 make this part of his line timely this season. He is all on his own with the tightly fitted sheath, which is the opposite from Dior and Cardin's ·eturn to something like the WEJHE Lono Beach, Call!., Wti,, Feb. J, 1JSO Likes What She Sees America in By PATRICIA McCORMICI NEW YORK ,(UP1)--Fo patriotic reasons, Korean bu inesswornan Mrs. Man Sill P, is hitting the books--9,00 miles from liome. Mrs. Pai, 36, is enrolled £ Philadelphia's Museum Co ego of Arts. She is studyin about the American fabric market. , She will return to her horn n Seoul, South Korea, thi summer to teach Korean man INDEPENDENT--Page B-3 --Perry Grlllilh Photo TO WED ' Late February wedding will u n i t e A l i c e A n n Simmonds, daughter of Mrs. Helen Simmonds of this city, and Robert A. L i n a r e s, also of Long Beach. Both young persons are graduates of Polytechnic High School and were a c t i v e in campus affairs; ho is enrolled nt Compton Junior College. They will reside hero after Las Vegas honeymoon. --Perry Grlllilh Pholo SETS DATE Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. McClay have announced that their d a u g h t e r , Sharon Julia, will marry Herbert E. Schamp Jr. May 7. He is son of Mr. and Mrs. H e r b e r t E. Schamp Sr. of Lincoln, Neb. Bride-elect is graduate of W i l s o n High School; her fiance, grad- u a t e of C r e t e High School in Nebraska, is stationed with Navy in Hawaii. BETROTHED Allie Joan Terry is engaged to David Blatt, her guardians, the Rev. and Mrs. John W. Mayes, announced to congregation of Paramount Brethren Church. F u t u r e bridegroom, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace B l a t t , Long B e a c h , is graduate of Brethren High S c h o o l where she is in her senior year. No date has been set for wedding. I Mrs. William Price Church Service Unites Couple Immediate family members gathered recently in First Church of Christ, Huntington Beach, to witness the double-ring marriage ceremony u n i t i n g Marilynn Joan Brandsma and William John Price. The bride chose as wedding a t t i r e , a blue k n i t suit with matching accessories and white orchid corsage. A reception followed in t h e H u n t i n g t o n B e a c h home of Mrs..Nelly Brandsma. · * «- ,;· T H E N E W L Y W E D S , now at home in Long Roach, plan a honeymoon t r i p later in the spring. The new Mrs. Price was graduated from ToiTiince High School and a t t e n d e d Long Beach State College. Her husband is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Price, 250 Claremont Ave., and is a graduate of Wilson High School and Long Beach State. Top Model Bemoans 'Unreality' By DOROTHY ROE Associated Press Women's Editor What is it like to be the world's highest-paid model? "You never could imagine, 1 says tall, languid, red-haired Suzy Parker, whose minimum fee was $150 an hour before she q u i t modeling for mar riage, motherhood and the movies. '"You begin to fee t h a t you're not real, at all You're 'the creature' who smokes all those cigarettes uses all t h a t lipstick, wears all those strange fashions, drives those cars, hypnotize; men with all that perfume, ies on that leopard rug w i t h a cake of soap. "YOU SEE your face star- ng at you from every magazine and sometimes, big as the side of a house, from billboards. You wonder if you're really a person, or only a symbol. So you have to fall in love to prove you're human." Potluck Thursday Unit 43, Ladies Auxiliary, Fleet Reserve Assn., will have a potluck social meeting Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in Veterans Memorial Bldg. Meeting Thursday Degree of Honor Lodge 108 will meet Thursday at 8 p. m. in Machinists Hall. Roma Hill will preside. Holy Meef Land Topic Using colored slides taken in the Holy Land to illustrate her t a l k , Laura C. Plcming will lecture on "In the Footsteps of the Master" Thursday at 7:30 p. m. in the Com-| m u n i t y Room Savings and Building, 3901 A t l a n t i c Avc. Mrs. Plcming is well-quali- Dian Swaney Pair to Wed Next Spring Mr. and Mrs. F. L. S\va- ncy are announcing engagement of their daughter, Dian, to Frederick Jorgensen. June vows are planned. Both young persons were g r a d u a t e d from Jordan High School and currently a t t e n d Long Beach State College. T h e prospective bridegroom also studied at W h i t tier College. He is Hie son of former Long Beach residents. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Jorgenscn, who are stationed in San J u a n , Puerto Rico, w i t h the U.S. Immigration Service. ufacturers what fabrics wi appeal to the American pub ic. "For a Korean woman t inter business is a very un usual thing," Mrs. Pai sail luring an interview. "It i iarticularly unusual when th woman has a husband am four children to care for. * * * s "FOR CENTURIES Koreai women have been expected ti stay at home and care fo their families. It is only sine the end of the Korean Wa that our women have gone t work to help Korea." Mrs. Pai said her husbam --a doctor--and a famil servant are caring for the chr drcn while she attends schoo in America. Since arriving in the Unitec States last October, Mrs. Pi has found much to admire ii American women. "What a wonderfully inde pendent s p i r i t America women have," she said. "Housewives here mak beautiful homes for their fam ilies, care for their children and still take part in educa tional, cultural, and some times even professional ac tivities outside the borne. "That way American worn en become much more inter esting as people than do mosi Oriental women." Mrs. Pai said, however ;hat South Korean women are Becoming more and more like their American counterparts Local Girl Sailing on Europe Tour Miss Bunny Cavalicre, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dominic N. Cavaliere, 2916 E. 1st St., will sail from New York Thursday aboard the SS Maasdam with a group of students from colleges all over the United States. The students will tour Europe and a t t e n d the University of Vienna. * * * * FOLLOWING the school term, Miss Cavaliere will visit several countries not included in the student tour before returning to complete studies at UCLA. She is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority and one of last year's presentees of the Social Service Auxiliary. Aiming g o i n g a w a y parties given in her honor was a brunch for close friends and family members in the home of her parents. Her parents' home also was setting for a bon voyage tea attended by her sorority sisters. ' of C o m m u n i t y | 0 L o a n Assn. The fied in the history of the Holy Land and will conduct a tour the of Peninsula the Spastic Hints fe Homemaker B» JANE CARVER^ MISS PEACH By McH HKIHUK. GOT IT FOR HIS SCHOOL GLBB CLUB ARTHUR WOU THE :£LLY SCHOOL GLEE OMB *BE$r LISTENERAWAKP? MI5S . CRYSTAL/ ISN'T THAT GKANP? EXPRESSION AND QUIET BREATHING. FORM OH JHS KIP/ Jusf Tell Plain Truth By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: How does a nother go about telling her 7- ·ear-old daughter about di- orce? Her father and I are icing divorced, but she thinks le is away on a long business t r i p . 1; i a v e n ' t the icart to tell icr he's not ,oming b a c k B e c a u s e she a d o r e s him. Ihe's a very understanding :hild but very ensitive. A READER DEAR READER: Tell her that you and her father have decided that you'd be much happier living apart. DEAR night I In explaining that he is not going to live with you any more use the word "divorce." It is better that she hear it from you than from the neighbors or the kids at school. DEAR ABBY: About si months ago my son (23) start cd having an affair (intimate with a divorcee, 31. I kep urging him to stop seeing he ABBY: The other before this affair got serious wont to a school dance. I was dancing with my boyfriend and every time '. swallowed I could hear myself go "GULP!" It was very oud and I was embarrassec to death. What would you suggest? "GIRL GULPER" DEAR "GIRL GULPER": F o r g e t it. The "gulp" seemed especially loud to you because it was YOUR "gulp." Your boyfriend was probably so busy listening Why Harold Bought Those Chocolates By ANGELO PATRI Committee. Children's League will honor patronesses and welcome new members at ii tea Thursday in the home party to the area in spring. Her slide lecture is in! of Mrs ' William great demand by women's;"" 0 ''' Palos Verdes. Hcbens- clubs and ministers of many denominations. During the year the mittce will sponsor H E A T FRANKFURTERS by allowing to stand in boil- ng waler for 5 or 6 minutes. Split hot dog buns and toast ightly. loasicd generously w i t h d r a i n e d. crushed pineapple, top w i t h t h i n slice of cheddar cheese. Place under broiler just long enough to melt cheese and bent pineapple. .Serve open- faced w i t h forks. THESE VERSATILE tasty cheese and bacon morsels are perfect as a before-dinner appetizer, as a salad and soup accompaniment, or for snacking any time. "And this nickel you save o put in the collection boi unday." "Yes'm." "You must always remem er to pay your dues to ti\ unday School. The mone; oes to help teach the heath n, you know." "Ycs'ni. And Mother, pleasi an I have an extra nicke or candy? I haven't had any andy this week, almost." "Now, now, you have your llowance. Two cents a week s all you ought to spend for andy. Y o u g e t s w e e t s nough. Run along now." * * + * HAROLD RAN along to the andy store and spent the ickel that had been earmark- d for the Sunday School Vhcn he was confronted by ic collection box he droppcc n a penny without a qualm f conscience. If he remem ercd the candy he had eaten t the expense of his little oreign brothers, he made no ign. One fateful afternoon Mr larjcs who ran the candj ore stopped Harold's mother s she passed and s a i d Would you please give Mar- Id his scarf. He dropped it ·hen he came in for his ckcl's worth of chocolates lis morning." "Thank you very much, Mr. arjcs. Harold was in for locolatcs this morning?" "Yes'm, as usual on Fri- nys. He likes them and I ust say they seem to agree i t h him. Healthy l i t t l e How. You can he proud of at. Mrs. Rollins. You can deed." Uut Mrs. Rollins was not cling proud. She was feel- g sick at heart for w i t h otherly i n s t i n c t she knc\\ at Harold had spent his Sunday School money foi candy t h a t morning and had been doing so for some time. Now what? "Harold, did you buy candy this morning?' 1 "Yes'm." "You spent your Sunday .School nickel?" "Yes'm." "I'm so shocked. When an allowance is made to a child he should be given a margin for personel spending. His saving should be limited to something he wants and can buy very soon if he saves. Hold t h e S u n d a y School money until starting time and then make certain, through the well - k n o w n channels, that it arrives. But make the allowance cover immediate personal needs, as a form of moral insurance. New Colors for the Eyes to HIS OWN "gulp" that he didn't even notice yours. He said he wouldn't marry her if she were the last worn an on earth. Now she is going to hav his baby. Neither of them seems disturbed about it. have never met this woman and don't care to. Public opinion means nothing to them and marriage is no e v e n considered for the baby's sake. We are not trash. We are respectable people in thif community. We don't know where this woman or her il lni;i(imnte child fit into our lives. All my son has to say on the subject is "I'll supporl the child, but marriage is out." And he continues to see this woman. What can we do about this mess? BEWILDERED D E A R BEWILDERED: This "mess" is the responsibility of your adult son. He doesn't appeur to be asking for any help irom you or advice from me. It is not your p r o b l e m , Mother. * * * * CONFIDENTIAL TO "SO VERY MUCH IN LOVE": Discuss this with your parents. Teenagers who w a n t to marry without the con? sent of their parents are the ones who need guidance the most. * * * * "WHAT'S Y O U R prob- em?" For a personal reply, write to Abby in care of this paper and enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Latest additions to thc. circle of exotic eye shadow are gold and silver. colors One cosmetic house Be Long Bride these two colors out together in one small, handy plastic pan. They suggest that you .vear either for evening or use either blended carefully over mauve, green, blue or jrown for a misty effect. Best plan is to experiment "irst so that you don't turn ip at a party looking like a Lanell Jackson Long, daugh- p u t s j t e r of Mrs. Robert Grccnbeck- er of this city and Barney Jackson of Tampa, Fla., will become the bride of Richard 1-1. Ter Haar Feb. 21. He is the son of the late Mrs. Florence Byrne and John H. Tcr, Haar, Long Beach. j The bride-elect is a gradu-i ale of Wilson High School; her fiance is a graduate of I allcrn 8369 _ 36-52 WITH THE NEW PATT-0-RAMA By BARBARA BELL This afternoon style is flal- .ering and versatile as well as ilimming. A yoked beauty us- ng two fabrics effectively. No. 8369 with our exclusive 'ATT-0-RAMA is in sizes 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52. Just 38 to 54. Size 38, 40 mst, 4 yds. 45-inch; % yd. contrast. To order, send 35 cents in :oins to: Barbara Bell, Long Beach Independent, 367 W. Adams St., Chicago 6, 111. For first-class mailing add 0 cents for each pattern, 'rint name, address with :one, style number and size. Send 35 cents for your :opy of the. Tall Winter ssue of our complete pattern nagazine Basic Fashion. OES Sets Meet All States Chapter 502, Or- ,cr of Eastern Star, meets at p. m. Thursday in Monte /ista Temple, 1120 E. Market t. led by Francos Keesling nd Ray L. Swanson. Leota/ Lonsdale will be chairman. bloodhound Try. the Po | vtc , chnic High s choo ,_ A f t .j colors singly and try the., r their marriage they will re- blended with other colors toj see which effect you prefer. 3 crform you rcxperiments by \ clear, strong light so that 'ou sec exactly how the eye shadow will look in light of 11 types. And remember, you may lave to cue your other makeup to these new, sparkling :olors. side here while he serves with the U. S. Army at Ft. Mac-j Arthur. Doctor's Personal Supervision Tu o p 6 Lbs. Each Week {NEW METHOD 9-2474 I k n n w what to say. I don't must Place f r a n k f u r t e r on wait to t h i n k it over. This is hot dog bun, spread ( | 10 worsl [ | l;ivc Pvor | t n o w n you to do." By and by when they wore both calmer they talked it over and Harold explained t h a t he might just as well have a nickel's worth of candy himself as send it to a heathen child who was not as much in need of it. Dessert and Cards Noel Daylight W h i t e Shrine will have a dessert card parly from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday in two| To \' 2 pound linely grated , . . /eta Tau Alpha Alumriaej f i l l " | -TM i sng f u n c t i o n s , injCalifornia cheddar cheese add lc '' 1 "" sls IIa "' 728 Hlm Avc - Ch.iptcr of Long Beach js'whirh all members will takc'2 tablespoons heavy cream, 2 sponsoring her program her;.| an active part. Volunteer timcjtcaspoons prepared mustard' Proceeds will go to the Houselis given at the Cerebral Palsyjand a few grains of cayenne.! asked. l-'und of the active chapter at Long Boiich St.ilp College. Pro-Nursery School, Longlilend well and roll in \' 2 to Roach. Mrmhors alsn ,iro r o - ' i n r h Kills. R o l l irf Army, Navy Union Army and Navy Union The public is invited. TickotsVniircd to visit and observe at Crumbled crisp bacon bits.(Auxiliary 130 will meet Fri- may be nhlainod from M r s . j t h e Spastic Children's Foun-lRefrigcrate. ready to'day at 7.30 p.m. in Veterans Ward (i. Jk'Witt, 250 E. Sanitation Training Center in Los,serve, insert toothpicks forJMcmorial Bldg. for business GOOD GRAVY! Another of your many accomplishments with Aunt Penny's White Sauce Gravy's no problem with Aunt Penny's. Here's a smooth, sure-to-please sauce with no mixing of flour and water, no extra pans to wash. Drain a l l but I or 2 tbsp. fat from pan in which meat or chicken has browned, leaving all brown bits in pan for color and flavor. Add 10^-oz. can A u n t Penny's While Sauce, % cup or more water or milk, salt and pepper to taste. Heat thoroughly. For gravy from roasts, add the rich meat juices to Aunt Penny's, removing all but a tbsp. or two of fat. A n t o n i o Dr., or at the door. I Angeles. ic.isy handling. discussion. I

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