Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1964 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1964
Page 13
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Announce Engagements Suggett- . . . , Brower Mr. and Mrs. John Sag- jet t announce the engagement of their daughter. Sally, to Frank Brower, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brower. The bride-elect Is a graduate of Banning High School and Long Beach City College. BTD. Her fiance was graduated from Jordan High School and attended LBCC- Th« wedding will take place May 2. Revo- Byrd The engagement of Pamela Kay Revo to Gerald Du- Wayne Byrd was announced at a recent family dinner party. Parents of the couple are C Edgar Revo, the Ute Mrs. Revo and Mrs. Lillian E. White. Miss Revo graduated from) Wilson High School. The bridegroom-elect was graduated from Polytechnic High School and is now a student at Lcng Beach State College. wire he is affiliated with Alpha Kappa Psi and the Accounting Society. No wedding date has been set. Wastey- Welmer The engagement of Milli- Vaa High School graduates Diane Wasley and David Weimer was announced to her Delta Zeta Sorority sisters at Long Beach State College by tb; traditional offering of a box of chocolates. Parents of the couple are Messrs, and Mmes. Stephen G. Wasley and Lowell F. Weimer. The bridegroom-to-be is now a student at LBCC Jane. 1965, has been chosen for the wedding. Sheline- '. AllherV din High School graduate «··"· »··*· "I* "«- '*· *· "** INDEPENDENT--ftjt B-5 and attends LBCC. June 20 will be the wedding day for Diane Sheline. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D.' Sheline of South Gate. and Ivan Althcr Jr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan D. Aliher of Long Beach. . . The bride-elect wfll graduate in June from South Gate High School. She is a Candystriper at Rancho Los Amigos. Her fiance ts a JOT- Lough- .V.^'* Gunderson " " | Mr. and Mrs. J o h n A. Lough announce the engagement of their daaghter, LaVonne Lough, to Gordon Gunderson. soa of Mr. and Mrs. Helmer Gunderson. The bride-to-be is a Jordan High School graduate. Her fiance was graduated from Polytechnic H i g h School. The weddinj will be ta event of June-· Family Unit Important According to Professor Accelerated social change has confused the modern family and made it doubt its own necessity and need to s-arrive. ' But a University of South- em California professor of social work says there is no substitute for the family unit. because it atone pro- videi the surroundings of love and the opportunity for individual identification. Dr. John G. Miner declared in a recent address: 'Despite reliance on gov- s we are threatened by every change that the demands of the external world require in it"We need look only at our own kindship group to find evidence of change that has *** " occurring. We be- ««« increasingly more specialized. substituting other social institutions to carry out our previous responsi- baities for educating our children, gi.lng them recrea- mlk . m * ^ e ! r cooking their A man-made institution. without which society would collapse. the family must be redesigned from generation to generation to meet man's reeds and PJ"P°«s. the USC professor declared. * " * " ·rrs STRUCTURE and operation dare not remain static lest its children be poorly prepared for the world which will be theirs as adults." Dr. Milntr said. "Americans tend to re- pard the family as a sacred institution to be defended even above church and nation unless those institutions serve to preserve the family," he said. "Our personal and private loyalty is generally to family first, Feeling as strongly as w-e do about our intimate group, A n increasing number of Americans are disregarding the pennanency of their par- family group by se- frora m a r r i a g e pnners and joining up agl - m ^j, others _ This gives us a new pattern of Mr ial marriages, but in no WJ y disillusions us in the y e a of marriage and family, j or most divorced persons jo remarry. \v e have become much more outer-directed than in the past, with all family members doing more things away from home than ever before, and doing these things independently of one another. As a group, we are more geographically mobile and home is truly where you find it and no longer anchored for very Jong." Let's Explore Your Mind I. Women prefer: Cavemen-- Gentlemen-Gentlemen, to live with .*«£ By SYLVAXUS AND EVELYN DUVALL woman likes to be understood. She appreciates a man's good manners. She re- and love. Many a woman spends to tenderness--all the enjoys seeing pictures of a marks of a gentleman rather caveman dragging a woman thin the caveman type of off by her hair, or brandish- fellow, ing a huge club over her head. But when it comes to choosing a man for a husband, it is the thoughtful. 2. Is knowledge all the same? Yes No No. There are at least two kinds. One is the "how to do it" kind. We want to accora- considerate fellow who has the edge with most women. More than anything else, a plish some result, or "get somewhere." We study and learn only that which wfll help us to succeed. The . . other kind is that of the \t\/la \ nf\\A/ "pure scientist." He is not -J I VI r"r ^J It \J Yr · _» t_ · «» · jr · ** *** · · -^ * * trying to do anything. He just wants to understand what is happening and why. Actually what he discovers often has tremendous urac- cu oi oigma flaw* omuiujr, . . . \" made upof regional alum- consequences, but these nae chapters, will sponsor * re no » hl * ?"***? «° n a benefit luncheon and fashion shov Saturday at the Sportsmen's Lodge, Ventura Bh-d, and Cdwater Canyon. "Violets and VoguesTM wil! Sorority Style Show Is Saturday Southern California Coun cil of Sigma Kappa Sorority, * re no » cern - /?/,.« D/Utf fc* theme for the nooa event when Eiember» and guests . _ . . view fashions by such prom- ^y P(*fr}P CCF CfV ment California designers as 7 Ja*. Peggy Hunt and Rose Department of California, Marie Reid. Dorothy Shreve Blue Star Mothers of Amer is show coordinator with jca. WJQ bold its mid-winter Dorothy Gardner as com- conference Wednesday at rnentator. Mrs. Floyd Yates the Charter House, 1700 S. Of Long Beach is ticket Harbor Blvd., Anaheim. t* 1 * 1 TM 13 - Mrs. Gladys Groff, na- AMO.VG those planning to tional president from Water- attend from Long Beach are Joo, lowt, trill be honored Mmes. Yates, Hairy AwriH. pjest at the meeting, which ^^1 begin at 10 tjn. The speaker will be Mrs, John Dulard, Erfing Eriend- «on. Harry Keeler, EHiott Ann strong. Robert Alcorn, Charles Blakeslee, president Bruce Burdett, Josie Way- of Exceptional Children's laan, Harold Penhale, Darwin Kendall and Miss Ethtl- · Ine Turner. Proceeds win go to sorority philanthropies, foremost of which is the Hathaway Home for emotionally disturbed children. SAFEWAY Foundation. Her topic will be "A World of Their Own." She will show films | of the work at the foundation. Mrs/ J. E. Urquhart. de- I partmtnt president, w i l l ) officiate. · Co* one 40 ^B^r ^B^r ^^^ ^^ Loin End Chops AQc Center Rib Chops Eojlem Groin Fed Perfc Ib. *¥ M Eoil«rn Groin Fed Fcrk Ib Ground Beef MM, r--:--. _ .---- swBMBS"- s »" I Chunk Bologna Short Ribs Cut from tearr, nesfy U.S.D.A. ChoTc* tfeer IteF. Fine to fcra'ie. Boiling Beef IB. Safiwoy All M«ol Bolojna More ihon 100,000 POUNDS raw on »oTe et Sofewoy. U.S. Goes Beet. Fist* tneof a*. Excellent wSh readies. Dubuque Temt Salad Dressing Swiss Cheese Cottage Cheese lunch Meat Ib. 12-ci. con C t · Ib/ NuMada (SaveISc) jar Best Buy, Big Eya (Save lOe Ib.) fo. Lucerne NOTICE Only 13 More Days to Play 79 THE PRICE IS RIGHT] 1 And Win Up To 5 500 Cash! «··*. M«li«» ,o plnl cfn. 49e ctn. T. SaFt.,/ ,,i HA V f T,»r *T». fiit · k 7, ·· wB *«.» HA tit Green Giant Peas 17-or. can Green Giant Mexicorn 12-or. can Green Giant NibJets 12-or. can Melrecal 2S Vel Liquid Detergent Ajax Cleaner .TO I · · I A * Oeo?icrftft»t 23-et* T O i Liquid Ajax^z.99* bom, /^' Instant Coffee £K« 49* £*£* M 05 Folger's Coffee TM f ^ *\«~ 73' Paddle Ball Toy «.'£ -- 10* Cfioro!o»« or Rsipierry fi «- 5 1 67 U con. I Fresh Apple Puffs Tint Tult . Hte» *n Strvt ' Cake Rolls *£»/£o^,' .=* 29e Oafmeal Bread "iTMT" 3 'b/.J. 1 ' $1.00 Pwdeecc-- Fresh Peas 2 its. 29 Cream of Rice 'At 1 - 47c Macaroni ~ZSX* 4l£$l Pizza c'^K, V 3? 41 c Dinner»*r; § cS5r*5l"- 43c Calgorj Water Softener «T;'..75c 3%%,. 59c iifST 1 ^ 35c -- Grade AA Fresh Eggs Tops In tfaStf-- guoran?eed Hciror perfect Cream Of |K* Crop lactrn* targe Size '.t?49« targe Siie Ixfra large '^51* Extra targe 55 Tender, full pods Delicious creamed with new potatoes or carrots Golden Bananas Cherry Tomatoes Sulphate of Ammonia r £ S9' Hawaiian Magic Mulch l ~ 99* Spring Mulch *£ $ l.99 Nitro Fcrtiliicr iZi *!? * I -29 Foney South ATI er icon for Salads cr lunch Box o OQ C 2 12-or. J.Q C bjUs. T^ Azaleas Bud and Bloom 2-yr. old planls · In gallon cans eaJ Prices ·ffectrva Mon., Tuei., Wed., February 24,25,26,1964 Angrtct trcrpt Ar«T C«nrWt Mo Unuti-- V^ A» tou Won! rt Ssftwoy SAFEWAY AfplxaW* iaxti IUCH Oct«t I'ri ·» L:»"- Alibi*!* «« AtT«nl'c 4SS7 E. Spi~»f St. ]){ W. F.urlS S*. t i e E. l-.,i-» r :ji3 E. So** s*21)9 Sinti F« A.t. t O W K t t IOUI7A l i l t f C«af H~f. H A W A I I A N CAIDIMS C.n.. «( Nar.a'i IVJ. rAIAUOUNT IJI49 S. f«-t-.."t I'-J NOIWAK 1C01J t. IgittroM COUFTON 229 S. \V.n».lrcok f ALOS TtlOIS · H..»Wr., S Spur I US N. A tiNwooa KTJS S. Vtmxil T O I I A N C I WISTUIVSItl It.cli I'.V .1 S.;r A N A H E I M 1179 W. l^t.'« l i t S. l i - « » SANTA ANA uir s. M!-. J*. COSTA MESA iir E. i7t\s-. 6»t5tN StOTl G*'J» Gr,,. I .' Jnl t»( ·* H. T If t i 2 l C*M-n«« 1 2 7 1 1 K.rtir I'./. Wt.i-'«i'tf «t Vt'«*»

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