Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 9, 1929 · Page 2
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1929
Page 2
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AI/TOONA 'MtRROR^SATttfettXY. KoVftMBfeft Religious News of Interedl to Church Goer ''• i< > & '. '. . 1. . t .. -f-1-..t-. SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSONJEVIEW Difference Between An International Political Program and ft Popular Purpose— MacDonald's Visit. H.V WII/MAM T. KI,MS. ".Some Sorlnl Tonchlnjr* "' * Mn l»Hilc: World 1'rncn Through Mutual Umlnr- 28; John 4:20, 21. P EACE HAS of Intn "jniuln." the first pages of the ne\vspiipBr«; even crowding out tlie war "ewf from China, RiisRlH, Afghnnlslnn und olse- whera. For tho llrst time in history a. largo and possibly dctnrmlmillve botly of public opinion, nn both Hides [if tho Atlantic, Is contemplating a. warlcHfl world as n. rpiillziib)'- possl- blllty. It nvBn micros u« 1C tho fun- dumcntal psychology 'if pi'M'" opinion on the subject mny bn iindi!rgoln« it chunge. This Is embodies new*, big IH.-WH. Vor it. one oC the ROB In it Ilia oiiuncli OF GOD First. Church of God, Sixth avenue and Fourteenth street, O. M. Kray- blll, pastor. Sunday school ot fl.30 o.. m. Preaching ftt 10.48 p. m. Sub- JRGt, "Sheltered by the Blood," third of H series of sermons an the general subjoct, "From Egypt to Canaan." Christian Endeavor Preaching at 7.30 at fl.30 p. m. ^ j>. m. Subject, When the Inundations are Destroyed What can the Righteous Do?" Prayer service, Wednesday at 7.45 p. m. Choir practice, Friday at 7.45 p. m. Fourth Street Church of God, Fourth ' FREStlVTKBTAN Flrnt Presbyterian, Fnurtecnth ave- nua and Twelfth street, Rev. J. Vf. Fronds, D. D., pastor—Services at It nml 7.30 by the paotor. Morning subject, "The Hundredth Sheep." Evening subject, "The World's Greatest Tragedy." Sunday school at 9.48,. all departments. Prnyer service Wednesday evening at 7.80 In charge ot the pastor. Second Presbyterian, Rev. E. Lansing Bennett, M. A., pastor—Preaching ni. 10.45 and at 7.30 by the pastor; morning subject, "The Sentimental;" junior subject, "The Book Without struct and Twenty-first avenue, Wesley Wordm" evening subject, "Superlative N Wright, pastor—Morning worship Souls of Sncrod Scripture—The ~ ' ... promptest Man;" Sunday school and Men's Bible class at 8.30; Christian Endeavor at U.4G; Pancthnla Missionary society Tuesday at 7.46 j prayer meeting Wednesday at 7.45; church council Wednesday at 8.48. Third Presbyterian; Fifth avenue, Second street; Rev. W. L. McClure D, D, pastor—Preaching at 11 n. m. by Dr. Homer Tope and at 7.30 p. m. by pastor. Morning subject, The Battle of Law Enforcement. Evening subject, Our Charge to Keep; Sunday school 9.45 a. m., all departments. Other meetings—C. E. fl.45. Mid-week service Wednesday 7.30; School of missions Thursday 7.10. Broad Avenue Presbyterian; Rev. A. F. Hnltman, iiL. D. pastor—Preaching at 11 a. m. fcy the paatof and at nl 10.30 B. m. Evening worship at 7.30 p. m.. Sunday school at 9,30 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 6.30 p, m. Midweek prayer meeting Wednesday eve- ; nlng'-al 7.30. Lakemnnt Church of God, C. S. Nonnmakar, pastor—Preaching at 10.30 it nd 7.30 by the pastor. Sunday school, 0.30; C. E3. at fl.30. Bevlva) services will begin Sunday nl 7.30 and continue each evening during the weolt ut 7.SO p. m. INTKIINAT1ONAJ. miU.E STUDENTS International Bible 1 Students Association—"God's Kingdom Is Here," is the of the radio Bible talk over WFBG from 7 to 7.30 p. m., to bn given by Clarence B. Bnaly of Brooklyn, N. Y. At 7.45 p. m. there will be a din- course at the 1. B. S. A. hall, 1433 Eleventh avenue. From 10 to 11 a. m- Hie WH!';)> Tower radio network of WORLD PEACE THROUGH MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING" 7.00 p. p. m., m. MVB. A. F. Hcltman, 8.00 Dr. C. H. Ycrkcs. Evening subject, 7.00 o'clock, "From Jerusalem jiges. Prophets without number, throughout tho centuries, Imvc proclaimed this duy, and died without ML'Blng )l« sunrlsK. H really him coins to puss that reasonable. Informed and practical men are contemplating Iho actual outlawry of -wur among civilized niitlonn. A peace mind IB being created to nuppl/int tho old war mind. Down Into tho thinking of tho average man and woman has penetrated this sublime and sensible coni-Kpllnn of a time when nations shall war no morn, Where (JriiHft Hunts draw. Not nil who «.ro shoiiUn/r "Peacol Peace!" have thought thu subject through. Somii Hiiporllclftlly suppose thut a fnshlon for peace mny be created liy popular favor, Ilha ttic fiinhlon of bobbed hulr or short skirts. Anything sr> ciiBlly votud In will bo quite ua easily vutud out. What the world wants If) permanent pence, und not a temporary truce. Therefore wo hnvu to (jut back to the ideas of tho old Book which has un Interesting habit of proving llsulf to bo wiser than thn newest philosophers. Tho Bible Ideal of. peace in pillared on tho two principles of righteousness and good will. When tho army of heaven—"tho heavenly host," the Bilbao!!)—swept down over tho Butliluhem bills on the first ChrlslmiiH ova, and smote thu Incredulous oars of tho wondering shepherds with a now song, it wus "Pcnco on earth among mon of Kuuit will." Even tho moHt modern nml sophisticated- political analyst cannot improve on that. There imiHt bu good will before thorn can bo pcitco. Jf there docn not exist basic und Intelligent and purpoHoful good will among peoples, all peace pacts will become but scraps oC paper. As n matter of mere political expediency, there is no possibility of real or lasting pence unless them bo hourly good will among tho peoples. Tho Rrnss roots of pence strllto down Into tho • ilio<trtn of. the common men and thirty Htiitlons, consisting of excellent to j cl . ustt i e m." 8.00 China and Her musk;, »« well as clean, concise and jiroblcmB. Sunday school 9.30 u.. m. most Interesting explanation that make j un | or c. E. at 4 p. m. Intermediates tlin JJlble Iho best and mrmt fascinating - - - — - book In tho world can he heard over KFBQ, St. Joseph, Mo., and KQV, Pittsburgh, Pa. A. M. E. ZIOtf Bethel A. M, B., Sixteenth street and Seventeenth avenue, Rev, J. Julian nt 0.90 p. m. Young People at 6,30 p. m. Midweek service Wednesday 7.30 p. m,—"Famous Short Prayers Recorded In the Scripture." Boy Scouts, Thursday 7.35 p. tn. Wurd Avenue Presbyterian, and Coleridge avenues, Rev. Ward R. L. Jenkins, pastor—Preaching at 11 a. m. Hallett, pastor—Preaching at 11 and and ut 8 p. m., by the pastor. Morning 7.30; mld-wcek Bible study conference subject, "Reward lor Christian Scrv- Wednesday; Sunday school at 9.30, Ice.'' Rod Cross ' service. Evening Mrs. E. M. Hancock, assistant super- subject, "The Soul's Anchor." Sunday - school, 1 p. m.; D. H. W. Keith, su- p«rlntcndcnt. 0.30 p. m. A. C. E. league; Mr. Homer Boyd, president; subject, "Uprooting the Causes of Wa*."—Acts 17=24-31. Monday, 8.30, annual church conference and trustee intendent. 11HMTJIHKN IN GHKI8T Brethren in Christ Mission, Rev. Herman O. Miller, pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 7.30 by Kev.' D. U. Eyster. Sunday school at 10. Revival services election. Wednesday, 8 p. m., class 1 cric ,h 'evening at 7.30, Brethren in mid prayer meeting. .Friday, 8.30, boys' concert. GOBI-EL CKNTKK Tho Gospel Center, T. Ford Barker, pastor—Preaching ut 11 by the pastor. Subject, "Tho Holy Spirit's Place in thn Christian's Life.' Special speak* ars Jit 7.30. Subject, "Our Young Peo- plo'a Internals." Algler Geary and. Herman Bonton will bring messages Christ Mission, CIS Fourth avenue. By JAMES C, MACK. Jtellglnu* Director. Pittsburgh, Pa., Y. M. C. A. ISA, *i2-4t Itifl-lOl 19!2S.»Hj Acts 11 »M- 28; Kph. 4:4.6) 13-10; John 4:20,tl. World peace has been tho one subject challenging every man and evety nation. Of course It challenges people in many ways; it Is received in many attitudes. Many still laugh at it, ridicule It, and some hate It. World peace seems a simple thing, a reasonable thing, apd to many It is a fond dream. Many see it through agony, tears, heartache, devastation ot life and morale, national bankruptcy, demorali- sation among world. the nations of the Complex—We forget many ramifications, we forget Its many enemies, we forget It touches life In many places, we forget it touches the pocket-books of many. The Shearer case should prove that. If Mr. Shearer could, as he was charged, Influence a great conference against limited armament, is It a commentary on those who wero on the Inside and could not Influence the conference for world peace? Enemies of peace: Ignorance, Hate, Suspicion, Greed, Selfishness, Lawlessness, Race hatred, Distrust, Competition, Militarism, National superiority, Misunderstanding, politics. Hindrances of Peace. Universal peace depends In a sense on local peace. Peace—where is It? No land seems to have it. Look at Russia, China, Italy, Germany,..Spain, Avabia, Palestine, India, Egypt, South America, Mexico. There is a political war in town, city state, and nation. The church is having difficulty In Ha- own ranks. Business has little or rlo peace, that is surg: The most sacred place is where we take oath at the marriage altar, but look at the divorce courts! . ; . World peace—how will we attain It? Who. will bring It about? Will statecraft bring it with its political strategy, treaties, world court, League of Natlbns, international law, peace pacts? The history of political strategy is marked all th« way with blood. We pray for peace and pay for arnv amerits. The pipe of peace may be only a smoke screen. Will disarmament do it? We atlll have the airplane* and £a«. W))) science do it? Robert Mlllikan, th6 great physicist, says, "The World war was milltrism's last stand against the advance of science." Yet science brought the modern battleship, the submarine, the airplane, poison -gas, dirigibles, etc. What will do it? Christianity? Vou say It failed. Bernard Shaw says "Christianity has never been tried." The prophet Isaiah says, "It will come and swords shall be beaten into plowshares. It shall come and God will rule in the great city of Jerusalem, and truth shall flow into all the earth until truth covers the earth as the water covers the sea." Then we shall change battleships to friendships and parade In garments of peace, • carrying a .palm instead of a gun. Every man will treat every other maft as a brother and we shall share with others instead of taking everything from others, Cooperation shall take th«. place of competition I Jesus intimates in John 4 that the walls of, social life will fall when the political' barriers are broken down, when the religious prejudices and Intolerances shall. get its . death blow. Then we learn from Paul that ignorance shall be -swallowed up In truth, rape hatred shall -die at the altaiC of universal brotherhood. (Acts 17:22-. 28) . Haw will It come? When vrtll it'come?. Somu say at once, that war must never lift its head again, or better ita heads, for they are 'many. (I named them as enemies of world peace). As long as greed, graft, selfishness are alive, the dove of peace will fear to light though tired with its long flight looking for peaceable ground. Some say it will only come when Jesus comes again to establish His kingdom and answer our prayer: . . . "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, ' • On earth as it is in Heaven." ; 8*leni Reformed, East Grant ,and East street—Home Mission Services in chargg of-W. **. 8. at 11 a. m. Mrs. W. B. Reifanyder will speak. Sunday ichobl at 6,48. Sunday evining at, 7.80. Union AMnlittafc Day service in Third United Brethren church. Examination In leadership training course on Wednesday'at f. Coftatatory fttotlflg, Sunday morning after bhureh 1 . • Week of service beginning Nov. 18, Visiting preachers each evening. , Christ Reformed, Rev, CharleS I). Roelcel, pastor—Preaching at li a, jn. and at 7.3i/ p. m'. by the pastori ,'Morn* ing subject, ."Parents and the New Psychology, the last sermon 1 in the series on i "Personality Conflicts." Evening subject, "If Jesus Were a Modernist." Sunday, school at 9.46, A discussion' class for adults. Studies in religion, Wednesday at 7,45. Grace Refromsd, Eighth avenue and Twenty-third street, Ralph J. Harrity. piaator—Preaching at 11 a. • m. and at 7i30 p. m. by ' the "pastor. Morning- subject, "PossiblUtles 'Mr Continued Peace. 1 ' Evening subject, "The Chwch and the School," fifth in series ."The Church and - the World." Sunday schooV at 9.45. Junior Christie* Endeavor at 2.30. Senior Christian Endeavor at 6,30, Prayer, meeting on Wednesday at 7.30. Teacher Training, Wednesday at 7.15. Father and Son banquet, Thursday evening. Dr. O. D. Robb, principal of. the High school, speaker, • Oholr practice, Friday eve- nlng. , . Trinity Reformed, corner Seventh avenud and. Eighth'street, Rev. James ettcftcft d* *<t» Church' of the fiiethtttt, Sixth ' , avenue and Fifth' street, Walter S. Loitg, jkMtor. PMicMng At 10.45 a. rt. and at 7,30 p.-m. fay. the pastor. Morn- Ing subject, "YitiAeA ttnto iUA," nlng subject, "The Highest Service of th« Soul) in This Present Life." Sim- day school at 9.30^ J, N. Madd.ocka, superintendent. Christian workers' meeting, at 6.48. Consecration meeting Tuesday at ,7,45. 1 Bible study in BOOK of Revelation Wednesday at 7.48. Twenty-eighth /Street Church of the Brethren, Sixth arid Twenty- eighth street, Benjamin F. Waltz, pas tor—Preaching at 10,'30 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m. by the pastor. Morning subject, "Let it Man Examine Hlriii self," in the evening at 6,30 the seml- antiuiLl Feet Washing, Love Peafet and Communion service .will be observed/ Sunday school at 9.30 a, m,, J, Q. Replogle, superintendent.' Course in Christian, Eewatlon on evening ait 7.4B. : CHRISTIAN .AND AttlANOB The Christian and Missionary REV, HATCH Will GO TO wmm Altoona Minifltet Invited to Attend Exercfge* of Collage of Preachers of Washing* ton Cathedral. Alliance gospel tabernacle, cornet Sixteenth avenue And Eleventh street, S3. H. Patterson, fcttBtor— Preaching -at 10.30 a. m. and' at 7,30 p. m., by the paaton Morning 1 subject, "Secrets for Fruit Bearing v OhrUrtiaA»." Evening subset, "The Seven Churches In Alia" of "The Book of Revelation." Sunday school, 8.30 a. m. Wednesday, 7.30'p. tn,, 1 prayer and praise meeting. Friday, 9,48 p. m.( YQun£ People's meet-, Ing. The subject for the morning ' service Is intended to lead • the Chris- Mi. Runkle, D. D., pastor—Bible school tian on to a more useful and fruitful at 9.4B, Prof.> Ceylon Romig, general nf e in the churoh and home. The eve- superintendent. Morning worship and sermon by the pastor. Thome "A Mes- i sage to the Chuvch. of Today from the Prophet'Jeremiah." Evening -worship and sermon by the pastor. The third sermon of' the series "TJre World's Greatest Things." Theme of this sermon "The World's Greatest Thing." EPISCOPAL St. Luke's Episcopal, Eighth avenue and Thirteenth street, The Rev. R. Allen Hatch, rector—Holy Communion at 8 a. m. Chuvch school and Adult Bible class at 9.80 a. m. Morning, service and sermon a t 10,45 a. m. Evening service and sermon at 7.30. p. m. '_ St. Barnabas Episcopal, Father C. S. Sedgwlck, pastor—Preaching at 11 by the pastor. No evening, service. Sunday school at 10. \ Cordial Welcome Awaits You At These Churches Viral Lutheran, corner Twellth avenue und Fourteenth street, Marlon anil I'euiw. Real work for jiuuce must go duup Into thoso abiding sourcuH. Pnacu talk has becomo iilmost a cult among many preachers; who talk pucts and treaties and courts und conferences, with nn exhilarating sense o( having entored tho riinliH of stntesmnn- dhip. Most at tho sermonH of this sort that I have heard Iiava been nuperflclul und Ill-pcoporlionnd, a. manifest rehashing of recent editorials and bnolCN. Real Ktatosmanchlp on tho part of priiiielinrH and teach- era would bo to slreim und muintuin Iho true toundatlonn of pence, which uro spiritual. A mini is doing more for the pence CIUINO when ho intur- pretH thu aguluBK truth* . of nivlno teaching upon tho relation of man to in«», und of man to f!od, than when ho Is proclaiming easy generalizations concerning u warleau world. Several things mimt prcceilo pence; and of tliuao is It will ba u. surry duy for tho world when the line edge of tlm Chrlittlan passion for justice and truth and mercy becomoH dulled. Tho Blblu explicitly warnd uisalnst, any conception of peuca which Condones Iniquity. Brotherhood also conieH uhend of peace, and hrlngM It to puns. Without tllU l)t-'iH't-(!«tubllahe(i good will among man, • nil lulls of thu uud of wur is in vain. A Man of Ciiiud Will. Recently 1 wit for two hours vls-u- vis with Ranmuy MacDonald, itt tin: luncheon given htm In Wtiuhlngtou by tbo Ovufuuiia Writi-rn. Ill» fact! ia Uiat of Iho typical nnrthnrn Sent — rugged, kuun und tlngi'd with Hti:rn- and meliinrhuly. When hit of thu whlc)> his licurt holds iloarcst, It hucnmux cliMir thut he beam on lilx «»ul tlio Clirlfilliiii CTUSH ot vlciLrl(umni>HH. His puHHlon ana! ht« purpoNu uro thu inimull of amelioration of thu lot of munlilnd. Like must Of lllH IIHrtOl'I/llcH ill Did British Labor party, liu got hlx public training UN n Hpviiiier for Clirlnl, in the churchflH und nn Iho Htreut corners. He WUH u tuilvutfimlut — un *VU,nguU»t-*-t»v.Coi 1 « o.vei- In-. \VULH "u. jmll- tlclan. HlH ClirlHliun roiw(<Hlonn tlrovi) to our young people and the McCauley JuBtU3 Kline, D. D., pastor—Services quartet -will bring messages ill' «ong. |U 10<48 nnd 7 , 30 w | th Bcr mons by tho .... „..„ „. ..„„ r . „,„ _, „.> ,,„.,„... Sununy Hchool at 0,46; B. W. Mobu», p llHtor . Morning subject, "Tho Mean- Sunday school, 8.4B a. m. Junior Chrls- supnrlntL-ndent. WudncBduy at 4.30, lng of Armistice Day—A Challenge j tian Endeavor at 6.30. Senior C. E,, at sarvlcu for boys and girls. At 7.SO, to American Youth." Evening sub-1 T. Wednesday evening prayer and MENVON1TR Mennonlte Memorial church, Eleventh avenue and Twenty-second street, L. H. Olusa, pastor—preaching at 11' a. m, and at 7.30 p. m,, by the pastor. prayer und Bible study. Sunday, Nov. 17, IN Harvest liomu services ta.t the Gospul Center. A. M. ti. XSOS Bell A. M. B, Zlon, George TDmmott London, pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 7.30 by the pastor; morning subject, "Two Men ut Church;" evening sub- luct "Christ In Revelations," a caption "I _ ' ^ i .. _ l I _ i H »Mt. *. ject, tho sixth study in the twenty- third psalm, "Thy Rod and Thy Staff." Sunday school at 0.30, W. V. Lehmann, general superintendent, "A class for ovary age." Senior Luther league, Sunday 8.30 p. m. In the lecture room. Intermediate Luther , league, Sunday. 0.30 p. m, in the Henry Balccr room. Ladles' Aid society Wednesday all day. Mid-week Bible study Wednesday, 7.45 of sermons; Sunday school at 1. The p_ m _ classes for religious Instruction evening topic will continue for tha o f children between 6 and 12 years o( next thirteen Sundays, Prayers for' — .-• healing will bu made at each evening Nurvlco. HKVKN SKNTKNCK SKIIMONS. To have what we want is rlchus: but to bu. able to do .without, is power.—MacDanald. Cod askn us to do only one thing at a time.—Anon. Because 11 man bus a shop to mind In llmo und place, smca llesh must live, Need spirit lack all life behind, All stray thoughts, fancies fugitive, All' love* except give? what trade can —Browning, , What we need is not the doilro to perform Ilia heroic duties under altogether exceptional circumstances, but tho Ntcadfuwt determination to perform tho rathur commonplace duties of every duy, day by day, an they arise.— Theodora Iloouevult. If ye iibldo in me, und my words ubldti In you, ask whatsoever yo will, and It shall he done unto you.—John 1B:7. TJliu love that fashions all in human ken Works In tho marvelous hearts of —Masofluld, ^simple men. Abova all nations Plato. Is humanity.— lire rually representative, und who neck to bind nutlonH S, humiin lion. Old diplomacy wu» him und lila fullowa Into Thus he camu tu Aiui'rica 11:11! Canada rttdlallng genuine gooil will, of thn Scriptural nu-t. Mo word-juggli'i' hu; no artful contriver; no uubtlu diplomatist. Becautiu I>!H Himplti bliu'urlty and dauntless KIHM! will weru manliest to all who looked, men und women on two continents liuvu nupportuil him, UH he hfts swept thu world furwurd to a new attoft to i-nulixo Uiu vhl liiiila ttlum of "Peuca oil earth mun (if goml will." Vutu.Ua ttt [jj-ocujiux- urt! anally mastered when the unlmiitlng id aueb an this. / Wanted: t>tutu<uu«u u( 1'euun. W» need Ka.m»a.y Mu.uUonul4 to awaken ua uti-uah to tlilv old tuali- ioned truth, which maltes the music of ChriatmuHtldu. Too long have the relations uf nations been left to sophisticated und suspicious profeu- Hlonals. Thesu old-style diplomat*, who know every one of the knots into •wbtch red tuj>u may be vied, and who are inuuttra of thu yume uf subtlety and secrecy and tfuuterranuunisin, must give way, oue of these days, to simpler and muj'u dlncere men, whu know their countrymen's hearts, who together by in knowing w!ili:h corner uf u culling card to turn down upon tha appropriate occasion; und expert in thu Una tula of bulunuing a tiuiniip ii»d H sitndwloh und n hit of pastry, »vhll« at the same llmo looking Houlfully into tho eyes of some highly-placed Hoclul tlguru. For cenUu'loH tho world lifts boon, cursed with these profi'UMlunul diplomats, who Huldoiu^rupresunt the real mind nr or clmructor of their nutlons. World peucu und world welfare doubtless would bi', pi-capered wera all ot the foreign iifllees of the great nations to hu cnlniilctuly stripped of age, Friday at 4.16. The following organ and choir numbers will bo rendered on Sunday. Organ prelude, Notturno. .. . ,F. Liszt Organ offertory, Intermezzo, G. Adams Organ poatlude, Pageant Triumphant, G. Nevln Choir, anthem, "My Country," J. O'Hara Choir, anthem, "Recessional," R. De -Koven Christ Second Lutheran, Seventh avenue near, Eleventh street, George N. Laufter, D. D,, pastor— Morning Horvlce at 11; sermon by tho pastor; subject, "Justification by Faith." Vespers at 7.30; sermon by the pastor; subset, "A Reign of Peace." (Armistice day sermon). Sunday school at 9.45; John. C, Calhoun, general superintendent. 0.30 p. m., Junior Luther league. 0.30, Senior Luther league. Monday at 7.30, church council. Wednesday at 7,46, prayer service; subject, "World Wide Obligations." Thursday and Friday at 4.16, church school, Saturday at 0.30, kindergarten. Evangelical Lutheran Mission (mission synod), Rev. W. Bertram, in charge— Dlvlnu public worship ut 2 In thu Falrvlew Union chapel, located ut Twenty-fourth avenue and Ninth street. Sermon topic, "True Discipleship." Temple Lutheran, Sixth avenue and Twenty-second street, Rev. Fred R. Grcnlnger, pastor — Morning woruhlp at 10.46, Sermon by tho pastor, "New Wine and Old Wineskins." This will bo the fourth sermon in the series on "Tho Parables of Jesus." Evening worship at 7.30. Sermon by Rev. Hojner Tope, p. D, Dr, Tope will appear in our church in the interests of the Anti-Saloon lauguu of Pennsylvania, of which he Is tho supcr- Intiindent of our state. Sunday school ut U.30; B. M, Nalt>, superintendent. This school Is fully organized und present praf,esulunal nui manned uni'W by men from out of plvll llf«. For thn lust ctUdal to liu cupluruil by thu nuw anil benevolent rfpirlt of world peaen Will ba the foreign ofllceN, war ofllci'u and admiral- HUM of thu various nations. Not l'i-ui'u at thn Stutus Quu. This old world in full of wrongs, thut must be rlghtbtl. Boni» ntttlons are still iippi-t'Hbt-it unil exploited. Injustices, inurnaliuniil as wi'.l! us social, uru llugntut. Now nobody In his aenm->s wants u peace wiiii.-li will perpetuate tin-no by the inalnteiiunco of thu status quo mnnni; nation*. It peace is to be han Clausen for nil Junior Intermediate Catechism, Sunday at 2. Junior, Intermediate ' and Senior Luther leagues at 6.30. Mid-week prayer meeting, Wednesduy at 7.30, Subject, "The Christian una Commercialimi Evil." Senior Catechism, Friday at 7. Choir rehearsal, Friday ftt 8. The wuultly program uf organ music to bo played by Professor H. F. Fuber, Templa urgunlxl, on tlja new Fllchcr organ, will 'b.e us follows: Morning warship hour at 10.^3; prelude, "Morn- Ing Romance," Gillette; vtterlory, "Novelletto," Skyen; postlude, "Tra- vuita," Verdi. ISvunliitf worship hour with vesper music at 7.30; "Sunday Evening on Gllon," Stanley; "On the Schmlnke; "Twilight Nor- Ferrata; .offertory, "Chunt and Clirlwliun, it must pro vidu u way to rlcht wrauga uucl ybtubllsh juatli'e. So we must look to thu tilblu, ruthur than to the purlia- menturlunH und technlclsns, to shuw us thu wuy to p<;ivctt. Otherwise we shall ba crying "Pea.cnI Peace!" when thfra is no ptiace. So it i« leas by conferences and courts and agreements Unit world peucu in to be assured than by a return to the explicit teachings of Scripture und to thu kingship of Christ. The Prince of Peacu ls tha brlnger of real peace. When all men seek first thu Kingdom of God and His righteousness they will fliid themselves in pon»t-'»3lon of both inward spiritual peucu and outward political peace. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH, 5th Ave. and 21it St. 11.00 A. M.—"BUILDING OF THE WALLS" T.30 P. M.-"ANT1CHRIST—THE COMING WORLD RULER" Special Stnglug / Mount,' turne," »ans paroles," Porrata; postlude, "Im- pravl«atlon," F»lier. Fourth Lutheran, Rev. Raymond C. Shlndler, pastor. Preaching at 11 a. in, und ui. 7.30 p. m. by tha pastor. MUulouary thank offering meeting. Morning subject, "How Gun I Deepen Sense of Qod?" Children's story sermon, "f lie' Road of the Loving Heart." Evening- subjuct, "Missionary Thank Offering mutiilng. Sunday school at 9.45 B. m., classes for ull ages.. Junior Luther Jastfue ut 6 p. m. Senior Luther laaguu at 6.30 p. m. Mld-woalt servicu Waduosday at 7.30 p. in. St. James Lutheran, corntir Eighth avenue and fourteenth atre«t, J. F. i'legler, pastor. Morning subject, "Da» p. m. lie,' O. Bible study, at 7.30. Special singing .at tho evening service. First Mennonlte church, Fourth avenue and Twenty-fifth street,'Joseph M. Kiasley, pastor—Preaching at 11 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m., by Evangelist, N, B. Troyer of Cable, O. Sunday School, 10 a. m. 6,30, children's services.. 7.16, Young People's meeting. Evangelistic services.will begin on Sunday evening by Hvangellst Troyer and will continue a vary evening during the weclc. 7.30, uong and praise services. 8, sermon. ' Mennonlte Mill Run chapel, Joseph M. Nlssley, pastor—Preaching at 3 : by Evangelist N. E. Troyer, Cab Sunday school, 2.15 p. m. On account of the evangelistic services being held at the First Mennonlte church, Fourth avenue and Twenty-fifth street, there will be no Sunday evening or mid-week services held. TUB OHUJtCH OF THIS OPKN DOOR The Church of the Open Door, Sixth avenue and Twenty-fourth street, Emory G. Ritchey, pastor—Preaching at 10.45 and at 7.SO by the pastor; morning subject, "The Shepherd Boy Who Became King," a message for the young people; evening subject, "The Contrast of Adam and Christ, as Heads of the Old and New Creations;" Bible school at 8.30, George Hammel, superintendent; mid-week meeting for prayer and Bible study, Wednesday at 7.30; Friday at 7.30, the Personal Workers Mission band will hold a cottage prayer meeting and present the gospel or God's good news. Glelchnls von den Pfunden." Sunday school at 9,30, Edward Fasslo, assistant accountant. The school is in a position to move forward with tha winter program. Tho first service is at'10.40 In German while the second is at 7,30 In English, Tuesday evening at 7.30 thu Woman's Missionary society meets and Wednesday evening at 7.30 Woman's Aid meets. Catechat- ical classes meet Wednesday at 4 and Saturday at 9 o'clock. Grace Lutheran, corner Twelfth avenue and Eleventh street, Rev. Burleigh A. Peters, pastpr—Preaching at 11 and at 7.30 by Rev. Martin Foutz ot Susquehanna Theological seminary; morning subject, "Peace;", evening subject, "Facing Jesus;" Sunday school at 9.46. The two Missionary societies of the church will meet la a combined program on Monday evening, Nov. 11, at. 7,45; prayer service Wednesday evening at 7,45. The semiannual banquet of the Fellowship class will be held Friday evening, Nov. 15, at 6.30 at the Bhrlne club. Kev, Flegler will speak on. "Russia ot To. UNTIED BRETHREN First United Brethren church, Hev. B. F. Bungard, D, D., pastor~-preaching at 10.45 a. m. by the pastor and at 7.30 p. m. by Rev. Budd R. Smith. Morning subject, "Big Money," Matt. 28:12. Evening subject, "Answering tho Call." Sunday school, 9.30 a. m. ;' Mr. J. L. Tobln, superintendent. 6.30 p. m., -Intermediate and Senior C. 'B. Wednesday, 7.30 p. m., prayer meeting and Bible study. On account of the Monthly Bible Conference, the regular Tuesday night Bible study lesson will be given after the prayer service. Thursday, 7.30 p. m., Quarterly Conference, in charge of. Dr. ,W. S. Wilson, conference superintendent. Friday, 7.30 p. m., choir; rehearsal. Second Avenu4 Untied Brethren, Rev. B. G. Sawyer, pastor— Workers' prayer counsel, 9; Sunday school, 10, special Rally day program; morning worship, 11, by tha pastor. day." Bethany Lutheran church, subject, "The Fruits of the ,Spirlt.. Evening- worship, 7.30, by the pastor. Evening subject, "Have They Died In Vain?" Junior Endeavor meeting at 2. Senior and Intermediate Christian Endeavor meetings at 6.30, Wednesday evening , at 7.30 the regular midweek prayer. and praise service, Third United Brethren,, John T, Farnsworth, pastor— Preaching, at 11 a. m. by pastor and at 7,30 .p. qj, by,' Rev. Reifsnyder. Evening- meeting- an' Armistice service. Sunday school .at 9.4S a. m. On Monday 7.30 p. tn., the, Ministers Octet . will give, a musical. concert, to which all are invited. 'An' offering will be lifted. , "Come to the U. B. Church in the Wehnwqod," Rev. Earl .C. Bateman, pastor— Preaching at 10.45 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m., by the pastor. .Morning subject, "The Divine Commission of Believers." Evening subject, "The Christian's Crass." Sunday school, 9,30 a. m. . Junior C. B.,- 2,30 p. m. Y. P.: C. E., 6.30 p. m. Mid-week prayer. sorv>' lea Wednesday, 7,30 p. ,m. On Monday evening at 7.SO a special men's meeting will be held at the church. We desire all of our men present and all other men ot tha community are cordially invited. We will organize the Men's Brotherhood. The Ladies' Aid will hold a business -meeting Thursday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock, • . . . Schum Memorial United. Brethren, G. R. Alban, pastors-Sunday school at 9.80, W. A, McGlathery, superintendent. Morning- worship' at 10.46 a, m. Sermon by the pastor. Christian Endeavor at 6.30 p, m., Mrs. Lloyd Peterson, president. Evangelistic services at 7. SO p. m. Sermon by the pastor,' Subject, "The Greatest Sin in the Schum Memorial United Brethren Church." There will be Bvangellstlo services every evening during the Wuek with the exception of Saturday at 7,30 p. m. Garden Heights United Brethren, S. 8. Showers, pastor— Preaching at 10.45 a. ro. and at 7.30 p. m., by the pastor, Morning subject, "More Like the Master," Evening subject, "What I Do." Senior and Intermediate Y. P, s. C. avenue und gecond street, Harry L. Saul, pastor. Services at 11 a. m, and 7.30 p. in. with sermons by the pastor. Morning subject, "Tile Stewardship of Life." Junior sermon, "The Son of a Soldier." Slvenlng subject, "Thou Shalt Noi Commit Adultery." The sixth In u series of sermons on the Ten Commandments. ' Sunday school at 1MB a. m., pavld R. Perry, superintendent. A special program will be presented in tha worship service. Young People's Fellowship at 6.80, studying . the Apostle Nathaniel. Wednesday 7.30, service. Subject, "The Creation, Temptation and Fall'" Illustrated with slides. Thursday, Keystone class; Tabitha class. Friday, Father-Son banquet. St. Paul's Lutheran, Rev. John, L. Bu.rues, pastor—Preaching at tl and 7.30 by tho pastor. Morning subject, "The Christian Path;" children's sermon, "Mirrored Truth." Evening aubject. "The Man of Iron." Sunday suhuol, 9.45. Tuesday evening, chicken cafeteria by Women's Bible, class. Wednesday, 7.48, Bible study, theme, "Christian Worship." Altoona Monthly Bible Conference Conducted by H. C. Ifartrunft, Bible Teacher and KvanynUnt. l'utt«r»on. N. 3. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Twelfth Avi-uu« und Seventeenth Street Monday and Tuesday, November U and 12, 1929 at 9-00 uud 7.SH f. U. Monday ut 3.00 P. M ......... . ........... "A Pug«unt uf (li Monday ut 7.30 P. M ........................... "The buffering Mesaiah" Tuesday at 3.00 p. ii... .............. "The Miracle of Modern History" Tuesday at 7.30 P. Ji ............... "The Believer's Poult ion In Grace" December Bible Conference will bu conducted by Ur. A. C. Oaebekln, Author »aa »lv>» Tencbur, **>* >'»'* City m. Sunday school, 9:30 a. Neal, superintendent, Jr, Y. ut 6.30 p. m. ; W. J. . P. S. C. B. Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Church night service Wednesday evening at 7,30. gpeolal services will begin next Sunday evening, continuing for two weeks. There will be good singing. l-ENTKCOSTAfc The Pentecostal tabernacle, 217 Fifth avenue, Harold Snelgrove, pastor—Preaching at 10.30 and w.t 7.30 by the pastor; morning subject, "Hannah's Prayer;" evening subject, "What We Believe and Teach;" Sun* day school at 9.30; young people's meeting at 6.30; Tuesday, prayer service at 7.30; Thursday, preaching aery ics at 7.30. . METHODIST First Methodist, Rev. James Edgar Sklllingtbn, D. D., pastor. Preaching at 10.4S a. m. and at 7.30 p. m. by the pastor. Morning' subject, "Jesus, the Prince of Peace." , Evening subject, nlng sermon is one of a series on the first three chapters at the Book of Revelation and will deal with the "Seven Churches!' and the "Seven Stars," The pant, three sermons will be rehearsed in brtef at the opening of the discourse., o THE' APOSTOLIC CHURCH Tha Apostolic church, corner Fifth avenue and Thirteenth street—Sunday 'school, 9.30 a. m.; -worship and holy, communion a.t. 10,30 a. m. Men's meet- Ing in auditorium, 6.30 p. mi Women's meeting in'Sunday school room, .6.30 p. m. Evangelistic service, 7.30 p. m. Weekly meeting, Tuesday and Thursday, 7.30 p. m>- Out-of-town meetings, Sunday afternoon, 3, and Wednesday evening, 8, in the home of Elder David Parks, Birmingham, Wednesday 'evening, 8, in the home of Deacon Fran-' cis • Umbonner, Wllliamsburg. Rev. James Shepley, jr., pastor. BRETHREN First Brethren church, Maple avenue and Thirteenth street, A. D. Gnagey, pastor—Preaching 1 at 10,40 a. "m. by the pastor; subject, "The Vision Supreme." At 7 p. m., holy communion will be observed. The morning service will be in the nature of a,preparatory service and it is urged that the whole membership attend this special service. AlltiUD WJ, AAi«*V^i f •»" T»^»»i»»tJ , fi^tfjwt) J » «* ( Our Fight for Peace." Sunday school Sunday school at 9.30) J. C. Patton at 9.30 a. m. Junior church at 2.30 p, n. Epwortli league at 6.80 p. ,m. Eigthth Avenue Methodist, corner Eighth avenue and Thirteenth street. Rev. A. S. Williams, pastor. Morning worship at 10.45. . Preaching by tho pastor, subject, "A Discarded Way of Settling'National Differences. Evening -wovBhlp at 7.30. Princess Rahame Haidar will give her recital—Glimpses of Palestine. Princess Rahme will also speak in this church Monday and Tuesday evenings. Churoh school at 9.30. Epworth league at 6.30. Fifth Avenue. ^lethodlat, Thomas F, superintendent/ UNITED PBESB1TTKRIAJ* First United Presbyterian, Fourth street and Howard avenue, W. O. H. Garman, pastor—Preaching at 11 a, m. by Miss Tromans, returned missionary, and at 7:30 p. m. by Rev. Robert W. Wilson of Abyssinia, Africa, Thank offering service. Sunday school at 9,45. Y. PJC. U. and Juniors at 6.30. ..BAPTIST First Baptist, Twelfth avenue and Seventeenth street, Carey' S. Thomas, . _ . pastor. Preaching s,t 11 a. m. and^at minister—Biao, church school; j 7.30 p. 'in. by the pastor. Morningrsub- 10.45, "Paul's Marks of Service. 1 The Jeot, "A .Revival of .Continuing," Eve- minister; 6.30, Bpworth league, subject, "What Is Going on In World ,., Affairs," leaded Emory Houseman; 7.30, Rev, B. C. Keboch, director of education of Central Pennsylvania conference, will preach; 7,3d Monday, Fisherman's club; 7.80 Tuesday, Bible study,'; 7.30 Wednesday, mid-week prayer service. Broad 'Avenue Methodist, J. Perry Miller, /pastor—Preaching at 10.45 and 7.30 by the pastor. Morning subject, "National • Peace." Evening- subject, '•The Garden With the Sepulchre." Sunday -school, -9.30. Bible study and prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30. This is our best meeting of the week. Coma and join'••with us. ' Grace. Methodist, . Walnut avenue nlng subject, "The Problem of Choosing .a Life Work." •i-tow can we know what pur vocation augtit to be? If Gad has a plan for every man how can wo discover our plan of life?" Sunday school at 9,30 a. m. and 2.30 p. m. Young People's meetings at 6.30 p. tn. Prayer meeting at 7. Organ recital at 7.1B and song' service at 7.30 led by the pastor. Special musical numbers^ by the quartet and solo by Mr. Blair Prayer and praise meeting- on nesday evening at 7.45 conducted, by Rev. Russell O. Jones. , Calvary .Baptist, Fifth avenue and Twenty-first street, B. R. Homer, act. ing pastor.' Preaching at U a, m.'by G, R. Clabaugh, and at 7,80 p. nt.i'by ~ R, Horner. 'Morning eubjeci, i^rAMV'U- ^iw.Hv*<u\4««ii'i , *r »•*••»•»» »*T *•••»-». .' ' , — • •—• ~ '»* • >• T » and Fourth street, Elmer F. Ilgen- i "Building of , the , Walls." Evening fritz, mlhlster-7-8.45, Church school; subject,. "Antichrist — The Coining 11,. worship ana sermon. Tha-pastor "' " will- preach.. Theme, "A Wai'less World." 2.30, Junior league. 6.30, Epworth^'league. 7.80, worship and aormon. The- pastor will preach, Jaggard Memorial Methodist church. Pleasant Valley avenue, H, W. Glassco, pastor—Preaching at 11 a. m., by the pastor,' and at 7.90 p. m., |>y B. F," Shuer. Mwning subject, "Seeds of Peace," Evening subject, "How to Know God,'? Sunday school at 9.45. Sunday school board meeting at the close of the evening Worahlp service. Prayer meeting, Tuesday, 7.30. Nov. 17 is Anniversary -Day. Watch for announcements. services. to be present at all Fairvlew Methodist; George E. Johnson, pastor— : 9.30 a. m., Churoh school. 10.45 p. m,, Morning, worship, sermon, "Peace On Earth, Through Righteousness." 8.30 p.. m,,. Quest, in Christian Beliefs, 7.30 p. m., Evening worship, sermon; third in series "Keeping the Heart Clean,. Through Actions and Habits." Special music at all services. -LaUemont Methodist, H. W. Glassco pastor—Preaching at 11 a. m by B. F. Shue and at 7-3Q p. m. by the pastor. Morning subject, "How To Know God." Evening' subject, "Seeds of Peace." Sunday school at 10 a. m. Sunday is Cas'i Day in the Sunday school and worship services. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7.30 p. m. EVAXQMLICAL Emunuel Evangelical, Fifth avenue and Fifth street, Hermann W, Kaeb- nlck, D. D., pastor—At the morning service at 10.40, a special program will be rendered and Professor V, C. ZeneF ot Albright college, Reading, Pa., will be the special speaker. At the evening service, Professor Zener will again apeak and bvlng a message that will be of vital interest to all the congregation, Sunday school 'at 9.SO, Frank Glaichert, superintendent; 6.40, League of Christian Endeavor j Wednesday at 7.46, mid-week service; Thursday at 7.30, choir rehearsal. World Ruler." Sunday school at Young People's, meeting at 6.30 p. m. Prayer service Wednesday evening at 7.30. Memorial Baptist, .Rutsell G. Jones, pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 7.30 by the pastor; morning subject, "Reflecting Christ;" evening^ subject, "Not Much Time;" Sunday school at 9.45; Junior and Senior B, Y. P, V, at 6.30; Ladies' Aid meets op Wednesday; prayer service and study in "Second Survey" Friday evening at 7,30.. •Ml. Ziou Baptist, Rev. O, C. La«- slter, pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 8,30 by the pastor, Morning subject, "Walking With God," Text, Genesis 5:24, Sermon .and holy communion in tlie evening. Sunday school-at 9.30, B. Y. P, U, at 6,45, Prayer meetings, Thursdays, S. 'to 9,' ,',Tlw S.; *. P. U. services will be .under the auspices of *&$>*&&*&& •*&yfv* t ! Do Better Work Win $300 In Cash S. A, Hite & Sons "The Home of Better Work Since 19Q2" 2510 Seventh Avenue I , f Treasure Hunt Contest | <0^ group No. 2 ' the wpnftn; Mrs, • . Lyqy Bennett',, leader, ; ; •>. . South Altbona Baptist . Chapel, Russell G. Jones, pastor— i j reachijig at 7.80 by Blair K, Campbell; Sunday school at 2.30; Junior and Intermediate B. Y. P, U. at 8.80; preaching service Thursday evening at 7.4.5 and Bible class at 7. Nov. fl,-" partA. of •vVASHINf>i?ON, D. C., Leading clergymen from a the land, including Rev. Richard A. Hatch of Altoona, have been invited to participate on Thursday, Nov. 14., tn the dedication of the College o£ Preachers of Washington cathedral. Designed to stimulate the Christian ministry by providing post-ordination training in the art of preaching, tha College of Preachers is the .first in* atitutton of its nature to be eatab- lished In the United States and Its dedication is regarded as a significant step in present day religious endeavor. . Rt. Rev. Franlt Theodore Woods* bishop of Winchester, England, will have a prominent part in the exer- clsea as will Rt. .Rev. James H, Freeman, bishop of Washington, under whose direction this, unique institution, has come into being. Members of the house of bishops of th« Protestaht Episcopal Church .in America, who are .to meet at Washington cathedral on the day pz-evloils f6r """ election of a presiding bishop also': be in attendance. • Erection of the building to bo oc-t cupied by the College of Preacher* wad made possible through benefactions of the late Alexander Smith Cochran of Yonkers, N. Y,,; It is * collegiate gothic structure, situated on Mount. Saint Alban immediately east of the apse of Washington cathedral, and is a memorial to the donor's mother, the late Mrs. William F. Cochran. The benefactor gave 1400,000 for the building, its furnishings, its chapel and its landscaping; and bequeathed $1,000,000 as an. endow-- ment fund'for .the support of its-activities: 'Although its permanent home is yet to be' opened, the College of Preachers has been functioning for mora than five yeara. It has sponsored many important conferences which have been attended by members of the clergy and laity from virtually every state. These gatherings hava been devoted/ to many phases of th« Christian ministry and are believed to have been most effective. In' the future the College of Preachers ia expected, to operate even mora advantageously as a means of helping carry the Gospel message beyond tha. confines of parishes and congregations, to the millions in the country who ate out of touch with organized. Chrl$tiap- ity. Rt. Rev. Philip M. Rhirielarider, former bishop of. Pennsylvania, is tha warden and as a trustee of the cathedral, the Colic haa . been associated < -with of Preachers in its tentative work during the last five yeara in advance of its new .building ,and endowment. ..' \. . . SPIRITUALIST The First! . Spiritualist—Services • at the Red Men's hall, 820 Twelfth street, at 2.30 and 7.30 p, m, -The medium will bo Mrs.' ~Mary Hunter of Pittsburgh. Stie will Wold a circle at thr home of. Mrs. W- BJ. Emugherty, 23f Thirteenth avenue, .on. Monday at 2.! and ,7-30 p. m. A. M. E. ZtOX. A. M. ffi, 3|on, George Emmett London, pastor—Preaching at 6.30 by tha. pastor, suoject,--"Girded Loins, Lighted Lamps and Waiting Souls;" Sunday school at 10,30. . Last Sunday Evening The writer saw a very small crescent in the sky which looked about an eighth of ah inch -wide. Bach night ho looks with interest a.t. the increasing size of that spectacle. In a few 1 days H will be full and in its height of beauty and splendor. The thought comes .to. him that as one is born into this material form he grows and grows .in stature Just as that full moon. But size means nothing. He is either full of Love or Hate. Which are you? "Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?" (Jas. 3:11), We try to hold the Lov« of our customers without ever decreasing as the moon, always giving them quality and service unexcelled. JAMBS 8. FLECKS' SONS Phone 7487 Adv.. TOBIAS & LAUGHL1N Funeral Service 2039 Broad Ate. Phone 9810 HAS experience leadershif) resources^cmcl tfmmem PERFORMANCE V. 1 Priced at $178 complete with ten tubes and sold on payment terms easy to meet. Winter Music Store 141S Eleventh Av«nn« B_ fifHL\.l£,*

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