Independent from Long Beach, California on January 23, 1975 · Page 5
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 5

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 5
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A-6-INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) ·ith, cilll., Tliurt., Jin. 1), IMJ Zumwalt says U.S. ._ -- _ -j BAKERSFIELD (UPI) - Retired Adm. Elmo Zumwalt Jr. said Wednesday that the United States had negotiated away its naval superiority to the Soviet Union. "We have negotiated away our advantages of arms supremacy," he said. "No longer is Russia an inferior maritime power but superior in almost every way." Zumwalt, chief of naval operations prior to his retirement last July, spoke at the Kern County Business Outlook Conference. He said much Navy weaponry has been obsolete since 1969. "It's important that the United States maintain supremacy of the seas because we are dependent on imports for much of our basic security." he said. Zumwalt, who recently began teaching in the graduate s c h o o l of management at Vanderbilt University, also attacked critics of the defense . budget and said that in terms of real dollars the defense budget was lower than any year since 1950. Satellite to study earth :hed film i environment launc Russian arms ^pending 6 than U.S.' ' N E W Y O R K (AP) - · S e c r e t a r y of D e f e n s e ; James Schlesinger s a i d Wednesday night Russia ; was o u t s p e n d i n g the ' United States on military power by at least 20 per '. cent and warned this ulti- m a t e l y c o u l d f o r c e a ' dramatic U.S. spending · increase. Schlesinger also said a ' continuation of p r e s e n t · military spending trends '. could lead to an upsetting · of the worldwide military ; balance. In a prelude to an expected record U.S. military budget of about $93 billion, Schlesinger denied t h a t U.S. outlays were bloated. But he did acknowledge the d e f e n s e budget was inflated along with the rest of the U.S. economy. H O W E V E R , Schlesinger said in a speech prepared for the Economic 'Club of New York, the Department of Defense "has almost been cut in half since the Vietnam high." The Army and the Navy have been cut in half, Schlesinger said. Meanwhile, he said the Russians have increased their expenditures steadi- Iv. "Today, according to t h e l a t e s t C I A d o l l a r projections, w h i c h I believe to be understated if anything, the Soviet Union is outspending the United States on defense by 20 per cent," he said, adding that the gap would be 25 per cent if the cost of U.S. military pensions w e r e dropped out of the figures. "A continuation of the present trend implies the upsetting of the military equilibrium," Schlesinger said. "We would then have little opportunity to ponder the advantages of 'come home America;' it would be a fait accompli. " U n l e s s we are prepared to defend portions of the world lying outside of N o r t h America, we shall soon find ourselves w i t h nothing else but North America to defend. "Under those c i r c u m stances ... the portion of national effort going to defense w o u l d increase dramatically rather than diminish. " C o n s e q u e n t l y , I believe t h a t we have no satisfactory alternatives but continue to maintain the forces necessary to sustain a world-wide military balance." VANDENBERG A F B ( U P I ) -- An e a r t h resources satellite, hailed as the prototype of the most useful spacecraft .yet dev i s e d , w a s l a u n c h e d Wednesday to join a sister ship scanning every Pjr- lion of the globe with cameras and sensors. The 1,165-pound LAND- SAT 2, was lifted on a Delta rocket into a 570- mile high orbit to report on the w o r l d ' s environment and its resources f r o m a g r i c u l t u r e t o minerals and marine life. A N A S A s p o k e s m a n said the launch "looked fine, just fine." The spokesman s a i d preliminary calculations showed the satellite had an apogee or high point of 568 miles and a perigee of 561 miles. The inclination of the vehicle was 99 degrees, he said, adding, "It looks very good." LANDSAT 2 took off over the South Pacific, crossed Antarctica and began a course over the Indian Ocean, Egypt, the Mediterannean, e a s t e r n Europe and the Arctic before swinging down again over the Pacific. Its permanent trajectories will bring its instruments to bear on all parts of t h e w o r l d every 18 days. NASA Director James C. F l e t c h e r said the spaceships would provide new insight into man's ef- f o r t s to m a n a g e his limited resources. ' LANDSAT. 2 joined a another resource satellite which has been in orbit for 2 1-2 years and has radioed back more than 100,000 pictures. Its images have been u s e f u l in agriculture, range resources, environment, forestry, geology; l a n d u s e , m a r i n e resources, w e a t h e r and water resources. A total of 109 separate "investigations" are planned. One will see if data gathered, from a satellite and analyzed by computer « » « ' i m n K S - . t A iha iicaflll. V U 11 ll if ft v T V v»**- ««^»*-l ness and sccuracy of ; major crop forecasts. The launch was the first of 24,·'space shots scheduled for 1OT5, the busiest launch program for NASA since 1967. .' There will be only; one manned flight this year -. the July linkup of the last American Apollo and a Soviet Soyiaz craft. . : L a n d s a t had been scheduled to be launched Jan. 19, but the firing was delayed until'Wednesday b e c a u s e of e l e c t r o n i c problems in the Delta rocket. ... · ' . ' . . : United! A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled Wednesday that the movie "Hearts, and Minds," which deals* with .America's mvolvpinpnt in the Vietnam w a r , "may be shown in its entirety* including a brief segment a former aide to President. Lyndon B' Johnson had wanted deleted; '..,, J u d g e ' N o r m a n B. k Dowds denied a prelimi- , nary" injunction thatwoujd have forced the producers. to delete a 2%-minute seg- m e n t containing a statement by Walt W. Rostow, ty adviser and now a professor at the University of Texas. "Attorneys for Rostow argued that the segment was used without his con-; sent and thai it damage"", his reputation. But Dowds, who viewed "Hearts- and Minds' Tuesday, said that Rostow had failed to show he , would' suffer irreparable injury if the film were shown and that' Rostow probably would be unable, to prove that his privacy was invaded or .that the 'picture presented him in a war false light. , "^ nt The disputed segment shows Rostow angered when questioned a b o u t US. participation-'» th?h Vietnam war.' · *'-"' The movie was shown Jscs! 1 " is December/ but was withdrawn from dTs- tribution when,Rostow filed suit for a permanent restraining order. The producers refused to cut the Rostow^ statement and were supported by the American 'Civil Liberties Union, w,hich said deleting the segment would constitute an act of censorship. . ."... FREE ESTATE PLANNING SEMINAR The Downtown Branch of the Long Beach YMCA is offering an Estate Planning Seminar as a free community service. The seminar will be .held at the Bank of California (Conference Room, 4th Floor) 444 W. Ocean Blvd. on Tuesday, January 28th, 1975 at 7:30 P.M. Several local professionals experienced in. estate planning will lead a panel discussion on all aspects of Estate Planning. ' ' ; All participants will receive a free estate planning kit. While there is no charge, space is limited and reservations are required. Detach and mail for reservation or Telephone 435-0909 . L Phone _ Name Free Estate Planning Seminar Sponsored by Downtown YMCA too Long Beach Blvd. SAYE^iOO, '200, *30P SPiNET. CONSOLE, GRANDS PIANOS . Baldwin Console Everett Console Francis Bacon !'l" KimbalU'10" Grand s SettergrenS'l" Grand KimballS'S" Grand Steiiiway?'Grand CWckeringST Grand Winter Console Ivers' Pond Grand '1795 ·795 89S '1395 «)9S '1995 '4995 '4495 '795 '1595 PENNY OWSLEY 2188 LAKEWOOD BLVD. 597-3618 . ,- (Jral Norm of the Circle) Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. Frl. 10-9; Sat. Sun. 10-t CHORD, SPINET, THEATRE ORGANS Hammond CV Console ...-^ with Leslie ' Kimball Model 100 Spinet Wurlitzer 4200 Spinet ·'Hammond L100 Spinet Univox Auto. Rhythm only Wiirliter ModeUIOO , with Leslie cabinet and Auto. Rhythm only Hammond V322 Spinet Kimb'all Model 880 Lowrey Spinet only Ace-Tone Rhythm Chord only WS Kinsman "Princess" Spinet '395 '795 '495 ·995 ,'245 ·1195 '499 '1495 '395 Pentagon aiming to sell arms to Turks New York Times Service _ WASHINGTON -- The Defense Department has notified Congress that it : intends to sell Turkey $229 million in arms to modernize her tank forces. On Capitol H i l l , questions were immediately raised as to whether the administration w a s seeking to thwart a congres-' sional mandate cutting off - arms sales to Turkey on : Feb. 5. Such a m o t i v e was d e n i e d by department officials, but it was appar- . ent that the administration's move had reopened the controversial issue. A g r o u p of senators and representatives have been attempting to block military assistance to Turkey since t h a t nation's invasion of Cyprus last July. THE D E F E N S E Dep a r t m e n t n o t i f i c a t i o n ···· came in a letter Jan. 15 to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee stating t h a t the United States ' planned to sell ?230 million worth of kits to modernize 885 M-48 tanks in the Turkish forces. A copy of the letter was placed in Wednesday's Congressional Record by Sen. John J. ; Sparkman, D - A i a . , committee chairman. The Pentagon also gave ' notice that it planned to ; sell Israel $46 million in * missiles and launchers, '':· presumably the new TOW antitank missile. '' The notifications were i provided u n d e r a new * amendment to military* nlA I n r r i c I a f t A n cnrincfir^n ' by Sen. Gaylord Nelson, 1 D-Wis., requiring the DC- t fensc Department ( ,o in- J form Congress in advance I of all f o r e i g n military ·" sales exceeding $25 million. Under t h e amend- "~mcnJ, Congress then has 20 days in which it can veto the proposed sale. In the case of the proposed sale to Turkey, the deadline for a congressional veto would fall on Feb. 4. Thai is the day before the congressional cutoff on arms sales to Turkey. o o S P I C I O N was immediately aroused among congressional advocates of a ban on military aid to Turkey, therefore, t h a t t h e administration w a s trying to arrange a large arms sale to the Turks just before the deadline. Sen. Thomas 0. Eagleton. D - M o . , s e n t a l e t t e r Wednesday to Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger seeking clarification of w h e t h e r t h e administration would proceed with delivery of the tank parts after Feb. 5 on the ground that the sale had been approved before the cutoff date. Policy-making Defense Department o f f i c i a l s insisted that the notification was of "a preliminary nature" and that there was no intention of providing the tank parts to Turkey if the embargo on arms shipments was not lifted after Feb. 5, either by the President or by Congress. These officials also said it was doubtful that a contract for the sale of the military equipment could be entered i n t o before Feb. 5. Schools to move SACRAMENTO (UPI) The California School for the Deaf and the California School for the Blind will be moved from their current sites in Berkeley lo a now site in Fremont in H'78, it was announced Wednesday. ARTESIA f--1WARD U HARRINGTON 6980 CHERRY AVE. F.HWY9I WARD HARRINGTON NOW IN LONG BEACH! PAINT · BUILDING MATERIALS GARDEN SUPPLIES · LUMBER * 634-7111* HARDWARE · NURSERY SUPPLIES PLUMBING ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Truckload Sale! ON ARMSTRONG FLOOR COVERINGS! SOLARIAN NO-WAX FLOOR TILE* 41,000 series, self-adhesive, 12"x12", assorted colors. REG. 1.29 EA. V 99V PLACE-N PRESS FLOOR TILE 52000 series, self adhesive, 12"x12", assorted colors. REG. 39. EA. 31 C « EXCELQN FLOOR TILE* 57,000series, non-adhesive, 12"x12", assorted colors. REG. 29= EA. i ft !UI PROPANE TANK 26.7 fl.'Oz; filtered 5 times. Fits'all:standard torches and appliances, ' REG. 1.99 1.17. DRAIN OPENER ''Plumber Saver', fast action liquid drain opener. REG. 1.39 isa ALSO SEE OUR SPECIAL ON LAWNSCAPE BY OZITE Artificial turf, can be used on deck, patio, or around the pool. REG. 6.99 SQ.YD. 5,59 SQ.YD. ·Not Available At Capistrano TYLO ENTRY LOCKSET With deadlatch. Available in keyed alike sets of 2 or 3. 2-3/8" backset. Polished brass finish. REG. 7.89 4.29 LUFKIN MEZERLOC TAPE 16ft. toggle locks blade in place. Easy read markings. REG. 7.95 3.99 WARD IT? HOME IMPROVEMENT NTER mastei charge · ..· GARtiEN GROVt · 7707,6«WN GlOVt JtYO Mill S3? 9571 tt 193 6523 OW MOM Iliri HI 9 II' 1 U1 I SUN 9 ll ( ·FULIERTON' ' 301 SO STATE COUEG! PklM 170-0050. On* MON Urn FM 9 ll J SAT i SUN 9 II ( . 'ORANGE' 324 WEST MTELU tall 5327506 OPEN MON l»ri FN 9 I) 9 SAT i SUN 9 II 6 ·CAPISTRANO' 3116? DOHENT PARK HO Phgil 4965766 OPEN MON Ihn SAT 1 [I 5 SUNDAT 9 II 5 l?75 MISTON Phil 5 5 6 1 MO OPEN MON IkwFRI 9 ll 9 SAT I SUN 9 II 6 13*1 6990 CHERRY IV! . Phot 631 J i l l OPEN MON Ikrt f n 9 It 9 S»I « S.IW 9 l» 6. . USE YOUR. BANKAMERICARD · MASTER CHARC^r^MH-W6HTSHlfSEflVEO ··· · · f t

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