The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 4, 1957 · Page 11
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1957
Page 11
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THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. FRIDAY MORNING. JANUARY 4, 1957 ad 11 NOV.PLAYIHG biaiM 1- jiMwi MM a n ii -salMllMilrtMtfr- " Milillf U4 M' LIMITED ENGAGEMENT Prices: Eves, and Sun. Showi-$.80. Mall erdtrt eramptiy 11.9. Sn ell--trtstri. tamtae w'om vim itiKt e, monty errier t The Arena, Phlla. 39. Pa. Tickets en talt at Giaioli. Tne Arena $2.50, $3.25. J3. 75. Cam.n. n. j. t. shows Sandsv 1 :30 Set. Mat$.-$l.80. 5 3 " e-e- r ...... eet Sam.) 8 30 52.50. $3.25. Ml, Sat. Matt. 230 P.M. SHE1I1D T Ifasmf i lit m'-ti, I J:. n agfal aT'Tt-altifrft t TTlii-al OLD YORK RD. ICE SKATING YORK RD ELKINS PARK, PA. tOpp. Yorfctown Theatr adjoining Wall Pork's parking lot ) WON., WED.. FRI. AFTERNOONS 3:30 TO 5:30 P. M. ALL ADMISSIONS 50c SKATE RENTAL SOe IVtS.i lues. Thurs., 7:30 Is 10 P.M. Sat. to 10 30 P. M. Evaa. $1.2S lax incl. Thurs. ond Sat. Evaa. enly, ne par sen under 16. VISIT OUR SKATE SHOP Sales Rentals and Sharpening J New enjoy David Crane in your Sunday Inquirer, tee! Starts this Sunday In Roto-eomics. DOOR OPEN 10:35 A.M. jr:: tmm TV--, CHIiTSiiT ST. AT KTH LOCUST .CTggggi CVj .PauZta IIjbSIS PSSii J latMht ITaSi art "Without attempting to judge the moral values of the film, this reviewer believes that the intent of the author and the director was artistic, not pornographic!" so r.iucH FOR WHATITS NOT! NOWFOR WHAT IT IS! "The cast performs dor. Elia Kazan's direction is superb!" " 'Baby Doll' is played out in tremendous fashion! Eli Wallach is absolutely masterful, Karl Maiden is splendid, Carroll Baker has become a star overnight! - "A most unusual picture! Kazan has boldly taken a subject that possesses real, strong meat, and has handled "It has great holding power and is superbly acted!" "A striking achievement! Carroll Baker becomes unmistakably-the important new actress of the year!" "Raw and powerfull! Kazan has a way of building to peaks of emotional violence that almost knock the movie-goer's breath away! The acting is magnificent!" -r. au m '"Baby Doll' is a pretty explosive hunk of celluloid. The individual portrayals are, without exception, remarkable." - . "'Baby Doll' is electric, arresting, (offbeat and as packed with emotion as you would expect of the Kazan-Williams tearri, Carroll Baker is something special as the 19-year-old child bride. . . ." -tvc wium "Every performance is striking.'1 -wow u. - ataaai i . . ' Np- a. T - -' -i -hi- --j i-i-ii ST . y aJ V"V Host of Hollywood Anti-Red Agent Story Sought for Doris Day HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 3. DORIS DAY and Marty Meicner sat aDsoiuteijr entranced by the dramatic story of Army Sgt. David Griner and his wife, Maria, on the "You're on Your Own" TV show and the minute it was over Marty was on the telephqne to buy it for Doris. The story of David and Maria Griner is sort of a feminine reverse twist on "I Was a Communist for the FBI" which Warners made i s into a movie. Maria was a registered C o m m u nist for 11 years and barred from entry into the U. S. A. and all the while she was an undercover operator for Uncle Sam. Even her ser- l geant husband rfirf tnn DORIS DAT UlUal V SB A T she was loyal to this country until the Pentagon gave permission to reveal it on the TV show. The first important deal" Benny Thau has "made since he took over the production reins of MGM is to sign Alfred Hitchcock to produce I rm ICE FOLLIES TONITE and All Performances PHONE RESERVATIONS KENNEDY'S TICKET OFFICE 1 1305 Sansom St, PE 5-4262 H fr Ti-TfflMBW m wiT"irHT",aM"a" LATE SHOW TONIGHT iJ-.ii - FMmim IT with withering can N.r. TiMf j N.r. Mutton it with great artistry!" M.r. fosr N.r. NfWJ N.r. wowo-mrGiuM '! ' ' - ' 1 j i , 1 v Jwps " fa ' j !TTi n iTT-fc 'i'-i i It ' f--Wnn.'.ii.I 1 i a . ? aiCMAMHaal and direct "The Wreck of the Mary Deare." When our most decorated war hero. Audie Murphy, was in Japan making "Joe Butterfly," he heard about a 13-year-old Japanese-American girl and of her eager ness to live in America. Thanks to Audie, the little girl is now here and has entered school. Her widowed mother is planning to come to this country as soon as she can make arrangements. BY LOUELLA O. PARSONS 0' V ALTERNATE years Anne and Charlie Lederer have a New Year's eve party at their Beverly Hills home. It's a handsomely illustrated lesson in how parties should be given. Along with many other people, we like it best of rU the big blowouts around the local calendar because, unlike most Hollywoodites, the Lederers have an odd notion that their party should be for friends not publicity . . . This occasion, too, is to celebrate some birthdays: Charlie's, when 5'ou arrive on the 31st; his aunt Marion Davies', after mid night, and an advance cake for their longtime friend, Betty Fur-ness, whose birthday falls on the third . . . The Lederer evening for 300 started at 10. Random notes through the eve ning: the once chilly David Selz nick and Dore Schary sharing a table with their spice and two other ccuples . . . Schary has lost a lotta weight, but seems in good spirits . . . On deck, too, Sol Siegel the man who ducks offers to head Loew's and tells us he'll continue to do so. Has his health and wants to keep it . . . Jayne Mansfield having the time of her life with Mickey Hargttay at their first Hollywood New Year's Eve fling popeyed watching movie stars and dancing the night through . . . Jayne and Mickey not only dance together, they go to church together . . . The Mansfield girl, by the way, should have uttered a little prayer of thanks in that home because it was a Lederer rib that brought her to George Axelrod's attention and her subsequent click in "Rock Hunter." By HERB STEIN a UrpHE Jack Dempsey Story,' JL now getting ready to roll, is budgeted at $3,000,000. Dempsey ICoul?gC.ALLN?tf 10 T ART WENOEV ORCHESTRA BROAD ABUVE OLNEY 7100 Rnosfwrt 8ld. Prlneaton Aa. THK KAU.RIIIIM WITH THE COINTBY LIB ATMOSPHtKK DANCING EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY EVENINGS CLARENCE FUHRMAN PTC lit. "B" ar "88" treat Brida. St. "EL" Station. Frea Ein Fri. lean Bridia St. betwera 9 in 10 P. H., rataminf attar anea. .FREE PARKING 1000 CARS stai i ; i i i M THtATtt iaaaaVaaWJ THE FABULOUS I IB m mm V r 4 I TUr laVUA BMMW . ARB 116 CAST -Sen an in. UVi 1 J" STACK SHOW NO MOTH 1 Mat. Today 12:30 Eve. at 8:30 1 L"t I H ! 1 1 I f I II an.iT W.aajff-3 l irfiii"ii" IVrii- T" INGRID BERGMAN "BEST ACTRESS OF THE YEAR!" . . . NEW YORK FILM CRITICS CIRCLI i if 11 AfUM The PHI LA. PREMIERE bnnk m Lht : - 3 11 a Th Beautiful Technicolor Uovit Tertlon 2nd. Smash Week! i f " a UP Photo The face may look familiar, but the name is new to film-dom. This is British actress June Laverick, who bears a striking resemblance to Hollywood's Susan Hayward. She is shown in Italy, where she's filming "Souvenir D'ltalie." gets a $200,000 guarantee against 47 percent of the producer's profits. Pat O'Brien will play Tex Rickard in the picture. Letter from Chicago: "Dear M. C. I see where Hollywood is to film the life of Helen Morgan. Thought you might like to know Helen has not been forgotten in death. She is buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, just outside Chi cago. An Impressive cross, with 'Our Helen Morgan, marks her grave. The plot is careiuny attended throughout the year." Thought for the New Year Never face a day without measuring your 'joy against the tears of the world . . . Ernest Borgnine once (and not too many years ago!) drove a vegetable truck for $3 a week and all the vegetables he could eat. Kim Novak's flesh-colored tights for her hip-swingin' as a burles- queen in "The Jeanne Eagels story are the easiest on the eyes since the invention of eye drops . . Carmel Myers, once a silent screen star, now an agent, is try ing to wring a play out of "Be loved," about Judah Benjamin, the Jewish Confederate statesman. She wants Ty Power to play it. John Huston tucked a new box ing protege under his wing a 21- year-old native of Trinidad. The director, whose hobbies are boxing and hoss racing, says his boy has the makings of a champ . . . Santa Monica's Douglas plant counted up 1500 man hours lost in overlong coffee breaks. They were watching Bing Crosby toil in "Man on Fire," with the factory a background. By MIKE CONNOLLY MARRIAGE LICENSE , APPLICATIONS Mary Walten, 32, 4404 locust it., ond Donald Hovnes. 37, Pennsauken, N. J. Grace Miller, 23, Drexel Hill, and James Bartsch. 33. 5531 N. 2d st. Lorraine Schoab, 19, 2309 S. Croskev at.. and John Collins, 21, 1947 S. Bonsall at. Margaret Kerr, 22, 1943 Stennton ove., and Michoel Tarontella, 25, 693 Stenton ove. Marilyn Senear, 27, 5402 Willows ove., and David Kiugman, 34, 2142 N. 57th st. Mary Bonner, 27, 1835 N. VanPeif St.. ond William Wallace. 30. 2542 N. 33d St. Xiomara Castro. 25, 729 Spruce St.. Manuel Mochin. 30. 3122 Wilt sr. Joon Schofield, 18, 2649 Agate sf., Daniel McFeeley, 22, 22V5 E. Albert st. Evelyn Scot, 29, 1614 N. 20th sr.. and and and Wiilie Solomon, 29, 2117 Sharswood sf. Mamie Garvin. 56. 3915 Haverford ave., and Joseph Cheatam, 73, 3915 Haverford ave. Gwendolyn Johnson, 16, 1009 S. Chad-wick St., ond Wendell Holmes, 13, 1627 Carpenter st. Margaret McAneny, 20, 528 S. 56fh f., and James Hogon, 22, 1226 S. 52d st. Joon Ellen Lorch, 22. 7722-D-Penrose ove., and Arnold Barco, 23, 6622 N. Gratz st. Ellamay Burkle. 18. 5247 Knox St., and Georgetollins, 23 , 6069 Wister sf. Alfredo Foster, 16, 1245 S. St. Bernord St., and William Macey, 21. 1338 S. May st. Constance Chadwick. 19, 4629 Oakland St.. ond William Quilty, 26, 3113 Belgrade st. Gloria A'nne Heinzelman, 19. 614 Kerper St., and Robert Brosious, 20, 175 W. Rose-mar st. Marline Wailes. 16. 2059 N. 13th St., and Clifford Miller, 18, 1817 N. Lambert St. Victoria Piperno, 36, 2113 Morris St., and Bernard Bronzint, 50, Magnolia, N. J. Eleanor Giblovirr, 23, 1069 Levick t., and Jerry Tartar, 23, 5 04 Gainor rd. Anita Dolores Kaminskv, 17. 1252 Kerper it., and Arnold Miller, 22, 1252 Kerper st. Rachel Hutchison, 36, 1210 W. Dauphin St., and Jamet Brooks, 22, 1210 W. Dauphin st. F6atur 10:45 p'M- ? i I SOth Cantury-Po preaeMe INGRID BERGMAN YUL BRYNNER HELEN HAYES 1 F 'Mr;- - COLOR by DC LUXE f f : TAMMor. KUOTrr A Huarr rajjx Avixen isit Chestnut DOORS OPEN 10-30 A. M. With MARGARET LEIGHTON CECIL PARKER KAY KENDALL GEORGE COLE C1 H i iXffi'M iB lANCASTfJI I I I I I mnt mrnwa sot t I I i i I Amusement Quide MUSIC ACADEMY Philadelphia Orcheirra. 2 00. ACADEMY Vienna Chair laya, 8.30. THEATERS ARENA lea Folliaa 195T, 8 30. FORREST "Cot On Hot Tin Roof," 8 30 SHUBERT "Tha Boy Friend." 8 20 WALNUT "A Clearing in the Woodt." 8:30. FILMS ARCADIA "The Tea Haute of the August Moon" 0 20 min i, II. 1:10. 3:25. 5:35. 7:60. 10. 12 mid. BOYD "Seven Wanders ef the World" (120 min.l. 8:jO. FOX "The Girl Con'r Help It" 196 min i. 11:15. 1:05, 2:55, 4:45, 6:35, 8:30, 10:25. GOLDMAN "Hollywood or But" 195 min i, 10, 11:45, 1:30, 3:20. 5:10, 6:55. 8:45, 10 30, 12:20 A. M. GREEN HILL "The Constant Husband" 190 mm , O-JU. H:JU, IO:oO. MASTBAUM "Written en the Wind" (99 mm. I. IU:S5, 12:45. 2:40, 4:30, 6:25, B:15 1010. MIDTOWN "Around the World in SO Day,' ij mm. . B JU. NEWS "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain' 183 mm.), 8:10. 11:05. 2, 4:55, all night. "Bod Men of Missouri" (75 min., 9:40, 12 30. 3:25, 6:20. oil niahr. RANDOLPH "The Ten Commandments" (219 mm I. 2, R. STANLEY "Bundle ef Joy" (98 min.l. Ui30, 1:35. 3:40, 5:45, 7:50, 10. STANTON "The King and Few Oueens" 186 mm.), 1,11, 12:50, 2.45. 4.4a. 6:35, 8:3010:25. STUDIO "Mademoiselle Gobette" (78 min 1. II. 1 .35. 4:20, 7, 9:40. "Bullfight" (77 min. I. 12:30. 3. 5:40. 8:20, II. TRANS-LUX "Anastasia" (104 min.J. 10i45. DIVORCE SUITS BEGUN Mervine, lillion vs. Wolter P. Leonard. Harriett N. or as Harriett N. Sal-vatt vs. Melvin or as Melvin L. Salvatt. Junod, Robert H. vs. Florence E. Dalrymole. Bruce R. vs. Frances. Reiliy. Ro&emorie vs. James L. Longello. Francis D. vs. Beverly. Corwheel. Elsie B. vs. Richord. Hadem, Lillian A. by her guardian Lillian Bates vs. Robert E Smith. Beoe vs. Doncld S. Dell. Rita vs. Charles M. landis, Bernard vs. Mary Jane. Jordo, Aurelia or as lorda vs. Ernesto, lee. Leonard A. vs. Blanche E. Battle. Howard vs. Ella Mae. "SeeaethlPf Tsi'K Have Tt Ste!" , U y. Tina tbi-vSiivana Pampanini Studio . Mlct. ab. I6th "A Flawlass Cast "Bound to Delight a Long Time!" i. y m 9 LATE SHOW TONITE W w aTTalrsff ! II. I I IB. I 2B. B : IS. m a a a . ak. aa ako m mtm Wy I: SO. 19:00. 12:10 A M. '"Thlt picture has the veal spirit or the guidebooks 417 r i e rr A French Comedy of Errors j LANE LAST 5 DAYS Braia 4 67tk Aa. Eelalva Pkllaaalekla Sltswlnf THESE 3 THEATR ES r :- jtf-VNV B Tea . . ' , I. t 'V 11 i pa. ArF 1ST PHILADELPHIA SHOWING! 3 ALAWat SUB-HUMAN MONSTERS GO ON A RAMPAGE! DAUGHTER OF HORROR" & "MAN BEAST" rFMTFR 17th 6T MADIS8W 'REPRISAL'' Cr;or Plus: "SPIN A DARK WEB" LISTED ALPHABETICALLY a CTfl B Franklin k Cant, fraaa 1 P. M. IUn Cirard Adalts 25a te 2 P. . I Doris DAY Lsels J0UB0AN Barry SULUVAM "JULIE" A "EVERYTHING But the TRUTH' RFN1I 6ird Mat- 1:30- E' 7 r- u-tB,,WorMlbnr) Oarls 0AV Laals J0UR0A- J V L I C BROADWAY BSS ' -BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL" CxnemaScnp f Color - r i pi 28ib Mat. 1:15. Era. 7 P. M. CAIl"Br! Krt TAYLOR -THE POWER AND THE PRIZE" Plas: "THE THREE OUTLAWS" FAIRMOUMT'. 7 "TEA AND SYMPATHY" Color Plas: "HOT CARS" Earnlne Bat r c T ft u Ria. Sun Cant, traai 6 P. M. '' vn bel. Bird. ALL CEIMAK NEWS Ml 4-6261 ' A :Bll i,.t IU1 pia: Zirfcu aaran" If CUT Kens. A Mat. 130. In. 6M P. M. """"Curnb. DOUBLE THRILL SH0WI "CURUCU, Bat ! thm Amaxon" Plat: Jeh AGAR "MOLE PEOPLE" ranroaios C.nt. traai 1230 P. a. 2: Lane. Adalts 25c to 2 P. M. 5 Bla CROSBY Crete KELLY Frank SINATRA 2! "H I C H S O C I E T Y" Cl"r- ?.. a. aw h a nr A If ITV TWZ FinOOI"l"l 9UO 1 I t,AJLY I I m I I IRF&TY Br & Cant, tnita 1 P. M., i bit? fall I I n. . . Pie. o m mm I Dana ANDREWS lean FONTAINE ' 'BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT Plas: Jeh. AGAR "MOLE PEOPLE" K I? II II H aMRLER Amblor Cent, tram 7 P. M. JmOLtnp( ALLVSON . 'YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM IT' Z Plas: Glnaar I0GERS Mithaet RENNIE ?! "TEEN AG E- REBEL" AROMORE J M- V' fH; 1 p M ! Pike Dwl DAY . ! Laals JOURDAN J & L I E -jGROVE Cant. Irani 7 P. Jane ALLYSON Z 'YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM IT" 3 A "DESPERADOES Art in TOWN" HIVYAY ,nm town Saeneer TRACY Rokert WAGNER Claim TREVOR "THE MOUNTAIN"- Color 3 LANSOOVYNE Cent, tram 7 P. M. Jaoy H0LII0AY "THE SOLID COLD CADILLAC MAIS0R,7rct cnt- zl,'- Park Free Parkinf R.aart TAYLOR Ellrakrth MUllER "THE POWER AND THE PRIZE" Plas: "WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS' STANLEY, CAMDEN "GIANT" in Philadelphia 12 45, 2 45. 4 45. 6 45,' 8:45, 10:45. VIKING "Baby Doll" '1 14 mm ), I Iil5, 1:25, 3:30, 5.35. 7:40, 9:50. 11:55. WORLD "Papa, Mama, the Maid ord I." 194 . min i. 11.20. 1.05. 2.55. 4:40. 6:25. 8:15. 10:05. DEAN oa. JERRY MARTIN-LEWIS l4jvataTJaaajaW Hi gta liaf Tgrr I ANITA EKBERG S WILLIAM GOLDMAN For Information CALL MA 7-3335 MATINEE 2 P.M. EVENING 8 P.M. QolB.btUnifs aaeawenco CfieCea Ommafidmeitts TECHNICOLOR VISTAVlSIOI MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED I "BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR" Ji. y. Film Critic TONIGHT , AT 8:30 P.M. Michael Todd's 8oacs frTotef-AO Phea Rltttahoii 4-7I2I Mat In. : W.a. it 2 P.M. S2 00 Mat. Sat. t Saa at 2 JO P.M. J2.00 Matt. Tkn Than. 8:30 P.M. S2.50 FrU SaU Sa. at 8 30 P.M $2.73 Waal OreWst Pi mtty rWW A Glittering Holiday Gift!" ... Mildrtd Martin, Inquirer August Moon Should Shine ... Laurm Lm, Bull tin MOM pf-sents m OmuKwn anrj Mirorcnio 1 MARLON BRANDO GLENN FORD MACHIKO KYO TOE TEAHOUSE OF THE AaGusr moon . EDOIE ALBERT .U 0RS im KGMM sUlO i OPEN 10 10 A M. ' ARCADIA 1&TH & CHESTNUT more to aay about Franco than all in print. Nwrk Mat T je0! HiiiiiiHinitHiiHiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiN UIK mm iilarkc ; WORLD RI 5.1236 THE 1830 Market ! (MORE SUSPENSE THAN "DIABOLIOUE") ... . a it Saatae Oarini last 15 Minitas! "RIFIFI ... MEANS TROUBLE! Faatarn at 1:45. 7:35, 9:45 P. M. OPEN ALL NIGHT FAMILY 13t Gary COOPER r Markrt Phyllis THAXTEi "SPRINGFIELD RIFLE" Color Pin: Mona FIEEMAN "Thundmrbirda" FOR YOUR CONVENIEN LOGAN Brod Mat. 1J0. E. 7 P. Wyomine Baleen Er Ea. 65 invtna i..b iraaoa 'YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM IT' Ctnemascop) cotor MIRWAY Cat. fre 1J0 P. M. laals JOURDAN ''JULIE''' & "EVERYTHING But tha TRUTH" QRPHEUM Ctn. t Mat. 1:30. Era. 7 P. M nrn4yrafwUi Frw Pk. 5533 Creant Oerll DAY Barry SULLIVAN Laait JOURDAN "JULIE 1 WQIB Broad A Mat 130, Era. 7 P. M llorria Boris DAY Laals JOURDAN ''JULIE' A Gae. MONTGOMERY 'CANYON RIVER srnfiwiCK Gtn-nr- c,nt-tnm 6:45 .lHUtllnMt Fret Park ln Either WILLIAMS Geors. NADER Th UNGUARDED MOMENT' Color A Rlcharl WIDMARK "LAST WAGON" STRAND c"- 4:30 p- E Venantro Aadray HEPBURN g Henry FONDA Mtl FERRER Anita EKBERG h "WAR AND PEACE" 5:00-830 P. M. . , c vyishart j j-; JFr. " Allef D.kerak KERR "TEA AND SYMPATHY" Cnlor Plas: "EDGE OF HELL YflRVTflWM ElklnaPk. Cant, item 7 P.M. M'n,,'n"rrwpil Jane ALLVSON yOl CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM IT' ' CttwiaiScopei t Color R It A N K3TH 1 pp" "' 1:3J- e- 7 p- rtarhy Jane ALLYSON YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM IT' Pits: Rlehwf WIDMARK C'Srope -THE LAST WAGON" 930 Only Crlt5ItrijPA. carv cooper STATE D0RTHY McGUIRE "FRIENDLY PERSUASION" Color TERMINAL J9'? il?J-.-T7' ' Cont. tr. 11 AM EMy E. 35c Rnkart TAYLOR EHraMh MULIER "THE POWER AND THE PRIZE" J Plas: "DIAL M FOR MURDER" Color Z WEST CHESTER - 7 ' WARNER lm uvs0" Jean COLLINS Ann SHERIDAN Oalerei CRAY "THE OPPOSITE SEX" Color WIVCRI V Drexal Mat. 1J0. Eva. 7 P. N.! YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM IT' m Will Rat Ba Shasta Sat era y Matlnat J NOW PLAYING? Feature at: 1 1 :00 2:30 6:00 9 SO the 14 So. 15th 14 anal Market a Doors Open 10:30 a.m. Last Feature 10:25 p.m. TOM EVELL iRviir iiRijpncin jmiiic 1'itHn-airifcfcu Jt &Sm ' RJ Cinemascope SPECIAL. STUDENTS SHOW Qi C TOMORROW e 10:30 A.M.-ooors opin io a m. The ONLY show you will never Drcrevrn hf lmu 'homis poim SEATS Now on sale, CALL LOcust 4 3751 ROCK HUDSON ROBERT STACK Robert Keith Grant irjeYifcii Mwaiiai '.atf. w hi .'in atirfria i t1 LiJJR!JBJl J--J. I 0.?fi D M A I FIJ I . lllvIlM MVft.l . Ill 'rll nnwn r 11A Jl I J J' l H III 1 I "l Kill I K - I 2nd WEEK IMta DOORS OPEM I0 4S A. M. UJM ILMli 1 FRI. Feat. 10:55 A.M., 12:45 P.M. XlTil ; J v , 2.10, 4:30,6:25. 8:15,10:10 P.M. rtorv of a decent l?ve'-: e and f I : ' :, r' -c m - j.? .:. ev -iS Sn rv . - w (Jl Is f-2 : m ii" ' iaji, a. Eddie Fisher CO IlaWTIfkf Adolphe Menjou Tommy Noorian 1' -.jaj ooon opfn 10.45 A. M. Clark Eleanor tJk m$mmm, r """"" i DOORS OPEN V? v-; J. TV , , inn i ii , ' 4V) -aAyi PICTUE 'v J A x rf.t'n .-An t V It i N. fi maiajiaap. ,.f J(ltJlUJJ" ' 1 UiHi. Ill L ? ft -,-; fi , t V: o S ""Tt T 77 Tr a.CM( n C-l n t n ,;.5r: QnemaScoPIs COLOR llltas4 1 Friday Feature at NATIONALLY FAMOUS SUNSET BEACH Almone5on. N. J, Ju 3 MII S. off Eit 3. N.J. T. P, off Rr. 41 DANCE TONIGHT ft ISu. oscar oumontcbsa;;ctr .v ' as V A" 'Girl V i -mmwm XJi f i . era '-j vi - 'j -w r- Tart 94' see in your neighborhood theatre! RATES for sw PATRONS SaaritM litii tartli LAUREN BACALL DOROTHY MLOM Williams Harry Shannon H FrideY Fefure 1:30 A.M.. f :35 P.M.. 3.40 5 45 7:50 10 P.M. THEIR FIRST MOVIE ; TOGETHER I NEW SONGS I : 4tmrmmtW ''4 Debbie Reynolds 9 CPfAT i : GABLE POWELL UEEIJS .aiiiiMiii I 1 SHOW TODAY I- t I . . a. v. p"'n " n - IMtMt ttOfXS W)A SMNf "wu awa ywe. nr Ft tv by DeLuxt thra United ArttlU 1 i r": 1 e M H I I.2S A. M I IS I OS 4 Jl 4J ( 40 -10 30 1 1 SI P iiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiiiiiiin Li:

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