Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on September 14, 1990 · Page 21
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Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1990
Page 21
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Last Call Stereo)!: Think Tank (N)!! Think Tank 5th Wheel (ki Stereo) Getting Together!] Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Drew Carey (In Stereo) (D, L)S Extra (N) in Stereo) E Urown- i/Ontn NewsS! Entertavv ment Tonight (In Stereo)!: Accents for the Home Frasier "Sliding : rasiers" (ki Stereo) Paid Program »S Up to the Minute [ki Stereo) Antiques Roadshow 'Cleveland, Ohio"!] ABC World News Now S Late Night (In Stereo) ffi Electronic Essentials CBS Up to the Minute (In Stereo) Tonight Show (In Stereo) £ Late Night On Stereo) S (OffAk) (Off Air) Paid Steve Harvey (D) Your Health Paid Program Spin City (D,L)ffi Electronic Essentials Worship Crossing Over How Cant Uve?S Crossing Over Cable TV viewing Highlights on cable channels for today include the following: 7 p.m. — American Justice. The case of a woman kept as a sex slave. A&E. FBI Files. The FBI assists Washington, D.C. police. DISC. 8 p.m. — Biography. "Phil Spector." A&E. "Flashdance." Starring Jennifer Beals. A welder dances by night. AMC. * * "A Simple Wish." Fantasy starring Martin short, Mara Wilson. The first fairy godfather tries to test his wings when a little girl wishes for her struggling actor-father to get his dream part. DISN. ** "Picture Perfect." Romantic-comedy starring Jennifer Aniston. To secure a promotion from her boss, a savvy ad exec pretends to be engaged to a stranger. FAM. * * Mavericks, Miracles & Medicine. A four-part series on medical pioneers. Special. HIST. "The Negotiator." Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey. A Chicago police negotiator takes hostages after he's framed for murder. WTBS. * * 9:30 p.m. — "American Graffiti." Drama starring Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss. George Lucus' look a California teens in 1962. AMC. * * * * Peanuts Garfield THef?£ 5 A GREAT BlGr WONPeRFUL VvORLP OUT I HOPE IT POeSN'T COU-IPE WITH THIS ONE MASTHE SCHOOL |/NOT BUS COME 11 YET VET? I DION T DO MY HOMEWORK... THE TEACHER'S GONNA KILL ME.. 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