Independent from Long Beach, California on May 22, 1957 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 18
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WE, THE (mm P«g« B-2-INDEPENDENT i"* ·--»· «·"»- *"*. «·· ». Age Is No Restriction to a Couple's Wedding Plans By ABIGAIL VAX BDREN ·Wl A 'SUNNING WE WILL GO . . . Happy trends in beach and resort wear were seen :·'-' celebration. Among costumes dazzling spectators when merchants within the Lakewood Center Asso-'.,,] was the swim suit and matching skirt and blouse set elation staged a fashion show on the Center Mall .;.' j at left Designed by DeWesse, the ensemble- Is done as an outstanding event of the'curent anniversary "' entirely In 24-carat gold. And youth had Its day, too, as evidenced In the center picture, with a Gate- Una suit for the little miss at left, Playmore Knits and a "Little Calypso" set Far right shows the "go Calypso" trend In adult sportswear with twin outfits by Emll of California.--(Staff Photos) City Functions Shown GVOs By JEAN B. MOORE From visiting the city Jail to troddlng the stage tha holds the Miss Universe entrants, CVO volunteers paid a lightning visit Tuesday morning to City Hall and Mu nlclpal Auditorium. While the tour was speedy, th group from the Community Volunteer Office learned salient facts from the men and women whose business life they were temporarily Invading. Mooney Capt William lined the city's and the CrW duties daring s dlsaste ou Hed bringing out that the city give* official warnings, furnishes pa lice protection, public healtti service, Identity and care of th dead, restores water system ·ad clears debris, while the Red Cross sends qualified persons to 'care for Immediate human needs, works on a voluntary evacuation plan, maintains counseling service and provides basic maintenance, medical an nursing care and occupational supplies. · · Taken on a tour of the Clt Hall by Officer William Meyer the croup visited the radt room, women's jail, engineers 1 office, crime laboratory and sa In on a partial session of th City Council. The volunteer!, comprised prl matily of provlslonals of the A s s i s t a n c e League, Junlo League and Rick Rackcn, nex heard Win Hanssen, manager o Municipal Auditorium, explain the facilities and rates of the large edifice. Hanuen brough' out that the auditorium Is slowly 'being remodeled, and tha maintenance of such an exten- alve building Is costly but necessary In order to accommodate the many conventions ant activities that take place there Anthony Feola, building cus- todlan, crammed statistics Into his' listener*' ears aa he took ttiem, about the building. The volunteers aaw the exhibit hall that hoaita a portable stag«, and the convention hall that has hold M many aa 12,000 persons at one time (when Harry James played there.) From the audl torlum's kitchen haa come dinners for aa many aa 2,200 persons 'at one time. The group learned that Munle- : Ownlnf Your Own · viltt 1» cheipcr thin 7011 ··"think, Petri'i pikes in ;· onlr J1.6J /or s nun's . mil wd 11.7) for s pliin dmi CALLED FOR AT · ' YOUH HOMB AND DE. · 'UVBRED.... Of courw. j ,,, 10% oH for Cnharrf st 12)0 Onnit... big v pttklni lot too. · · · . , - . ' Ipsl Auditorium Is one of three In the country with a stage tha serves, two halls. . An 18-ton hydraulic ·· curtain soundproof simultaneous activities In the convention and concert halls. Winding up the morning with accent on pleasure, tha CVOs expressed appreciation at the recreational advantages offered by the city. Color slides shown by Duane George, assistant dl rector of recreation, Indlcatec Beach favqra swimming pools, life saving classes, wide beachei, boating, fishing, rodeo school playground Instruction, sailing races, sport* carnivals, track meets, Softball, drama, urchery, recreation for senior citizens and picnicking. All that In addition to Camp HI-HI1I, mountain retreat for grade school youngsters; men's ports leagues, chess club, bowl ng on the green, shuffleboard. routh clubs and marble tounuv ments. entaltu a -«r Star Dash ON STAGE--LlIMan Elba, the petite geisha girl In Tee house of the August Moon" at The Theatre lends an aura of authenticity to her role not only because she Is Japanese bu because all her diminutive kimonos are handmade. Kimono* for the stage are lined and have padding all aroum the bottom, says Lillian, experienced In the Japanese theater Dressing', for the stage Is a complicated procedure, but she retains ad the traditions for her role. First the bust Is bound: then comes a wraparound full-length skirt. Next comes i halter type collar which la stiff and padded to form the neck Bne. Then there- b the Inner and outer kimono with the top wrap coming from the left. . .1 · (Still with us?) " · « ' · · ' - . ; ' -· ' The obi. or tie. Is an ornate part pf the costume. The first sash act* aa a lining- for the outer sash. A wide stiff girdle Is placed In the folds of the sash In front The bock as a six-Inch clip with a saddle top where tha padding placed for the bow and holds It firmly In place. Kind of fatiguing jmt reading about It, Isn't ItT /, THEN HOW ABOUT THIS? Fifty years hence, we gal« may own one dreas as an all-purpose costume, eliminating the need for wearing under-apparel. Designer Adete Simpson has put together such a garment, made of a new elastlclzed fabric. "Tha fabric la body conforming," the designer concedes. "But I figured. 50 yeurs hence most women will have such good figures they can wear It--what with all the vitamins we eat and exercise we get" · . . . , . . , . _ · (WhodoesT!).. . ; ^. ,',. ' ;··' 't' .",;; ; " . y\ "..,*. SPEAKING OP THE STAGE, Virginia Bridges. June Hall, and Fem Robinson could Just barely make It out from their Ide balcony seata last night, but with the aid of binoculars and opera glasses they're raving today about "My Fair Lady." r r 6 'COURSE we realize Tayxuss Is one whopping state, but with th« wind and water Its been battling of late, we don't lame Jody and Homer Laughltn and 3-year-old Pammera one 'hit for coming to Long Beach for a week's vacation from Moris, Texas, Main reason was to visit the M. J. Laughlini out In North Long Beach--they said. k *IM/ v o -'· i y^r j. i Vlilitary'bocials Charted .' - r l · n " , - - L. 1 * ." , . ' t , . . · · - . · I : . , · · , , , - By VIRGINIA NEWTON · Offleen Wives Club of NAS, With much on their cal« nder about social and wel are events, Navy Wives Gub No. 123 staged a board f directors meeting Tues- ay at the home of Louise of 4336 Gardenia Plans were madu for more ard social*, and chairman Win !e Thompson reported that the ist card social at the Savannah avy Club house was a success rith several new members joln- g at that time. Mrs. William tudlman, welfare director, an- ounced a sewing bee for the ayette project, - Board of governors of the Long Bench Air Force Officers Wives Club will meet today at 1:30. Peter Jubln and Arthur Diener, accordlan duo, entertained recently at a social hour at the Navy Family Chapel with guest singer Florence Kosetar. Now home with for shore .duty la his family Lt. James Burke who left the USS Roe- noake for duties at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. Los Alamltoa, enjoyed luncheon and fashion show at the Balboa Bay dub last week with Myrtle Grayson as senior hostess. Leaving shortly for residence and duty In Japan are Capt and Mrs. D, J. Hegjand, who have been restdlnfi here for the past five years. , , ,., , Sorry to lose at good neigh' bom, Chief and Mrs. Jim Gleason and daughters and son; but they are quite excited about tha move as they left yesterday for their newly purchased home In Ana- helm--right In the middle of orange groves. Sad part of the happy story Is that "Doc" Jim leaves with the Marines for overseas duty on Okinawa soon. Also Navy Family Chapel lost their fine Sunday school super* ntendtnta of four yean itand- ng--replaced by Virginia, and Tommy Newton. Speaking of new home*-heard that Chief and Mrs. William Studlman and daughter Linda are enjoying a lovely new home In Westminster. M/Sgt and Mrs. Albert Sand- bom enjoyed a- dinner party at the home of their friends M/Sgt and Mrs. Harold Bragg of Riverside. . , . , It was a pretty birthday party the NCO Wives Club gave recently for Mrs. John Price, wife of Col. Price. A handkerchief shower was part of the evening events and hostesses were Mrs, "* Save, Protect the: ·Family Certificates · ; · . " . ' . : · · · · · . ByANOELOPATRI 1 Certificates have become highly Important papers and their possession, their care, their whereabouts when needed, are basic to comfortable and effective living for those to whom they belong. A marriage certificate la Irn portant not only to tha,twc eople concerned but also to one the other later on, and tc their children for the duratlo f their lives. One never know what crises are to arise In generation--a question of legit macy, of the right to Inherit, th right to be the person on lalms to be. Hold and preserv JCh a certificate from genera on to generation. Then there are the children's birth certificate*, their various vaccination, Immujil- lion papers. These can bo Uglily valuable to the children In days to come. , · They need their birth certlfl cates to establish their rights t ;tend school, to vote, to ente illltary service. They will need ion to obtain passports, to es- ibllsh their Identity and theli ghts under various clrcum lances of their lives. All such papers should be, must be, kep secure, place, known to sev ral members of the family so ley can be produced promptly ben needed. .' To falsify such a record to jn a temporary advantage Is grave error and certain to coat ore trouble and frustration In e end'than the truth might ve cost at the start Don't, r example, ever enter a child school by giving « false blrth- te so that he may start earlier an he otherwise would. The y comes when the stolen year 11 demand Its price and how e mistaken one will rue the y he was tempted to cheat /ItnttSt'Jtnafc i Aiplrln For CWIdrjR" ___ .ft JOSEPH ASflEII fQI Certificate are records which the Courti accept and hold to, 10 guard them In truth and safety, School records am worth prawning, too. They can be evidence! of food character, achievement in one field or another, and they come In handy often when a young perwm li secklnc help and advice In Ida career. . , . , A boy was asking fcr a schol arshlp, Hli school record wai good but not high enough to place him -In the top quadrille of hU clan so Ma chances were not ai good ai he might wlih, A teacher had written across hli ait report thla note; "This boy ihowx marked Interest In this ubject and I believe that he has great potentialities If given the time he needs to develop them." That line did It Suppose hli mother had not kept that re- portr Health, school, achievements, carefully recorded In a book kept or that purpose, will surely prove useful. Above all, hold amity recordi In safety. They re a trust · · · · · Did you know that rhythm ·111 help a slow child move aster? Or. Path's leaflet P-ll, Slowness," will be of great help to the mother who has a child rho Is slow In school, work or DEAR ABBY: What Is your dea of a big church wedding with all the trimmings for couple who are being married or the first time at the age of 31 and33f The ·"---· -- --~ bride (age 51) I Is a relative of f m i n e . I am c l o s e enough to her to tell her for her own good that this kind of a wedding Is not right because of h e r age. Please h u r r y your answer. Abby, as she plan: a June wedding with brides maids and the works. -- HER COUSIN. DEAR COUSIN! There li no reason why your cousin shouldn't have the biff church w e d d i n g - with bridesmaids (and the works) If that's what she wants. Make no suggestions, and quit bunln', cousin. . , . ' · · · · ' ·· '. DEAR'ABBY: I live In i ·oomlng house and eat only breakfast here because I work out There Is an old maid who also rooma here and she has been here so long shu acts like the owns the place. When the mailman comes she rushes out o meet him and takes It upon herself to sort all the mall so she can look it over real good. If anyone leave* a door unlocked, she barges right In with' out knocking. She has seniority rights because she was the first roomer here In 1332. but we are all getting pretty fed-up with her. Should we send a petition around to try to get her out?-PESTERED. D E A R PESTEKEDl Do NOT send si petition around. Speak to the landlord, and let the decUlon bo his. Either this party should learn to rnpect play. To obtain a copy, send 10 cents In coin to him, P.O. Box 99, Station C, NewYorkW.N.Y.i the privacy of the other tea* , ants--or she should go. Otherwise YOU go. · · · · CONFIDENTIAL TO MOMl Thn "palm of learning applied to the seat of knowledgfl" will not get you to the BOTTOM of thing*. The right kind of · conversation could work wonders with your children. · · · · · - · ., DEAR ABBY: My boy friend gave me three books of trading stamp* and told me to add them to the ones I have collected and buy -whatever I wanted ' with them. Since then we have ' broken up and now he tells me lie wants his stamps back. : Should I give him his stamps back or should I tell him to get lost--AGNES. DEAR AONE8: Give Mm the stamp* back--and THEN tell him to get lost! . . · · · · ' . DEAR ABBY: Is this a prob. emT Whenever my boy friend and I go driving and he.stops 'or a red light, he kisses me.-KISSED. DEAR KISSKDt He's got his signals mixed . . . It'a the GREEN light that mean! "GO, Man 1 !". S U M M E R SCHOOL and CAMP · i t»»T»si«t r««r Us* Satrts Nil--SMtA Sltolll -- SMtn hi. -- S.IIMMII IIMM- rrtMn fir (·« Tn SuMltar S»n, Am * ·· IJ · SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MILITARr ACADEMY . 20U Cstrrr, Use !·**«, ClDt . . HlmlMk S-llli ' , * . . # - # Oae ef fair Irew* Sikeels ' la C«l«»rsle LAKEVOOD BLVD. IN LAKEWOOD CENTER ruhIM SIXFV Burr THur-* - MOM LOS ALTOS, PACIFIC COAST HVY. AT ANAHEIM ) "Hody'i Fntb Strawberry TarttArt WondtHiit" j Served all year 'round , DINING DOOM! · COFFK SHOPS · FOUNTAINS · COCKTAIL LOUNGES CAK SMVICC · SANQUrr HOCUS · PlfMr if Plrtlnf OTmK LOCATIONS · LOS ANGELES HOLLYWOOD · NORTH HOLLYWOOD SHERMAN OAKS NOW 7 F A V O R I T E F A M I L Y R E S T A U R A N T S OPEN DAILY i ' A M ECONOMIC STARCHING , frsailum easily! Mix* quickly, 1 peaHiaUs wartishUs nen\f. , . ' Iraataf is smoothsr, «ul«ri , swab*«7time. ' · CtittinUttti, fQ«» farther, -Spring ,and~ Cruise Wear C L E A R A N C E '':'-y..:.iW l to-sw%.:m i . DRESSES: Cottons, Prints, Afternoon, Cocktail COATS SUITS C COSTUMES ;^ HATS V 3 TO ¥2 OFF 4352 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach Store. Hours It to 5:38--Ft Way 10 to t ; 0A 4-6246 Park Free in Raw of Store ONLY THESE FOUR SALONS HAVE THE SPEED-UP PLAN ^ of Slenderizing 10$ ANGELES..... Phone VA 9995-TU 6872 · 643 So. Ottvt PASADENA Phone f t WM-808 E. Green LONCKMK PhoneVIH3SJ'936PintAve. . · NO. fUXUimm..Phone SI4#2S-n 3-7155 · 4653 LankenhSm Youll get a New Figure by the 4U.. of Juiyi Pat Walker's Speed-Up Man, which gives yon a new figure by July 4th, Is available only at the four salons · Kited here. · - . · · . . If you start the Plan now; you should definitely have a new figure by the promised date. Everything ' humanly and scientifically possible wfll be done to ' insure that this happens. Your figure wffl receive the most intensive, personalized attention it has ever' received. --- · · '··-»- . . - . , - · . i - . . . ..-.-.,.-,· Without starving, exercising or disrobing-yon wfll'"' lose weight and inches where yon need to lose- quickly and enjoyably. Visits are only $2 each..; Results are guaranteed. Call today for » complimen- ) 107 treatment and figure analysis at no obligation. - '...",·^.;-s- :;.,' : ;';.. '(^-'.-··;·''" » : " " PAT WAI KIR nationally known ffurt tonutlHnt ·LONB lUCHl PIMM HE f5II7 * Ml Pint A»i.« IBS AMUU · VAUir · MSWIIU * SAM FRMKISM .'til 10p.m. · OffitStt*niiy

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