The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 23, 1978 · Page 21
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 21

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1978
Page 21
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Galveston County Official Records Saturday Morning, September 23,1978 Real Estate Ruth Hall, trustee, eii 1 . lo Janei Smilh Thonip>on. lot '1. block 25, Galveston. Oswald Tharp 10 Marvin Givens. lol 2fi. RR Armstrong subdivision. Bank o( ihe Cornmcimveallh lo William Leopold, lot«. Ttke Island No. 5. Columbus Hall Brown and wife lo GordonCridlandJr. and wife, lot 10. \V.N. Zinn resubdivision o( Denver re survey, block 17, Galveston. Mattie Baimbridge lo Edward Alfred and wife, lot 4. block 2. Lee Place, section Bucklm and wile, loi 20. Sea Isle, seclion '22 Thomas Jenkins and wife lo Ricahrd Hawn and wife, lo! 20. Sea Isle, section 22. Randall Allen and wife to William Glaw Sr. and wife, a tract of land in block 1. Jarboe addition Rick Talbol and wife to A.L. Jones 11 and wife, lot H. block 1. Sunmeadow seclion 2. Jerry \V. Zwiener and wile to Billy Westberry and wife, lots 19 and 20, block 38.CliftoribvlheSea. Shearn Moody Jr. lo Shearn Moody Holding Corp. various Iraclsof land all as described. George Stankovich and wife lo J.W. Trammel and wife, a trad of land in l&GNRR Company survey. Patricia Moser lo Howard Nelson and wile, a iracl of land in Alia Loma. Faye Hamlelt Tumey and husband to Ezube Kershaw and wife, lot 1, J.J. Kane Lagoon subdivision. John Cunningham and wile to Reuban E. Weatherford and wife, Ihe north 40 feel of lot 11 in northeast block of oullot 183. Gulf Coast Disposal Service. Inc. to Howard Philips, part of lot 18, Block 6. Jarboe addition. Paul Malone to Wilford Edward Schmidt Sr. and wife, property in Wmcrest subdivision as described. Sarah Bloberg to William G. Trimble and wife, lot 4 and west 10 fee! of lol 5, block 55. Kohfeldt Heights addition. Merrill Lynch relocation management Inc.. lo Ronald Bowser and wife, lot 3, block 2, Plantation estates. Richard Good and wife to Merrill Lynch Relocation Management Inc.. lot 3. block 2. Plantation Estales. U.S. Home Corp to Charles Forsberg and wife, lol 20, block 7. Countryside sec lion 1. Gladys Meynig lo Donald and Dawn Campbell. Iol7. block 1. CryslalBeach. Earl Coppenger and wife to Robert Karlovich and wife, lol 3, block 7. Sun- meadow, section!. Kevin Christopher Weyer and wiie to Harlan Smith, lot 30. block 12, Newport, sec lion 6. Norman Milligan and wiie to Charles B. Marino, lot 81, Spanish Grant No. 1. Harold Craig and wife to Thomas R. Hencey Jr., properly in Kohfeldt and Braun subdivision. John Chesshir Trustee and John Chesshir dba Chesshir Real Estate to Charles Simon and wife, part of lot 81, ThamanFirsl subdivision. Joe Blackshear and wife to Joan Williams Walker, lots 13.14 and east 13 1 - feelol lot 15, block 208, Denver resurvey. Elizabeth Murphy individually etc. to Paul Segura and wife, the north east 4 of lot 4, Stafford subdivision. Union Bank o! Houston to Thomas J. Lewis and wife, lot 42, Tiki Island, section 15 A. Ronald Bodine and wife to Fred Waters and wile, lots 8, 9 and 10, block 96, San Leon. Gaddis Witljen to Zeb Taylor Hollomon and wife, a tract of land in Wittjen subdivision?. Gaddis Wiltjen individually, etc. to Ronnie Huebner and wife, a tract of land inAllaLomaoutlots. Rose Marie Dumesnil Bourque and others to Reginald Simek, lots 156 and 157, Ocean Shore addition, section 4. John Kriticos and wife to John Dawsey, the south 40 feet of lot 1384 and north 40 feet of lot 1385, Sea Isle 2nd extension. Edward K. Jakovich and Andrew J. Jakovich to Donald R. Pruns, lot 9, block 51, Texas City Northside addition, section B. Paul Macaluso and wife 10 Edmund Roeder and wife, lot 10, Pine Oak Cove. Birdie Mae Linlon loRicardo De Luna, lot 5, block 135, Texas City 2nd division. Etnkin Linton Mortuaries, Inc. lo Ricardo De Luna, lot 4, block 135, Texas City 2nd division. j". Redmond Thomas to Lyda Ann Thomas, trustee, the west 14 feet 10 inches of lot 11 and east 12 feet 2 inches of lol 12, block 24, Galveston and the west 30 feet 8 inches of lot 12 and east 5 feet 10 inches of lot 13, block 24, Galveston. Jim Bobbins Building Co. to William Hernandez and wife, lots 11 and 12, block 208, Nicholstone. Jack Ian Miller and wife to Robert Hardy, lot 44, Briar Glen, section 1. Helen J. Green to David Coburn and wife, lots 13,14 and 15, block 28, Clifton by the Sea. Bert Striegler and wife lo William Spencer and wife, lot 16, Jamaica Beach, sectionSl. C. Rutledge Corp. to Victor Fuhrhop and wife, lot 12 and northwest 3 feet of lot 2, Havre Lafitte, section 5. Michael Berger and wife to Andrew Dowdy and wife, lot 19, Jakovich subdivisions. Doyle Murphree to William Wolfe and wife, lot 8, Dem Shadows. Charles Lee Price lo James Frazier, lot 1002 and lot 1003, Clear Lake Shores. Howard Manning and others to Sulton Graham, lots 47 and 48, block 131, Clifton by the Sea. "Charles Lee Price to James K. Frazier, lot 1001, Clear Lake Shores. Johnny Morales Jr. and wife to John Eckel, trustee, the west 30 feet, 3 inches of lol 12 and east ',4 of lot 13, northwest oullot 60, Galveston. S&L Construction Inc. to Jack Rogers and wife, property in Alia Loma. Frederick Shields and wife to Donna Steuver and Jeanne Seward, Iot793, New Bayou Vista addition 6-A. Monique Auger to Anaslasia Papavassiliou and Constanlinos A. Papavassiliou. Apt. 908, By ihe Sea. N1S Land Corp. to Howard Cox Jr. and wife, Apt. 905, By the Sea. Bayou Vista Development Co. to Welton Ross and wife, lot 11, Omega Bay, seclion 2. J. Redmond Thomas to Lyda Ann Thomas, lot 4, block 24, Galveslon. Jack E. Pierson to Bruce Eckberg, trustee, properly in Epperson survey. Great Scott Inc. to William Summers and wife, lot 55, Golden Acres. J.S. Building Co, to Jack Pierson, property in Epperson survey. C.A. Tipton Home Builder to Jasper Liggio, a tract of land in Perry and A ustin league. Cheryl Jennings to Bill Waller, lot 7 and lol 8, block 6, Super Cily addition i. Roy Herbert Miller to John McDow, a tract of land in Thaman subdivision. Marilyn Miller Lakey to Roy H. Miller, property in Thaman subdivision. Annie Miller Vickers to Roy Miller, a tract of land in Thaman subdivision. John McDow and wife to Barney Rcddell and wife, property in Thaman subdivision. Virginia Mil!", to Roy Miller, properly in Thaman subdivision. Dixie Jones to Theola Wright, lots 1 and 2, block 84, Flakes addition. Shelby .lames Knwlcr and wife to Aurille Heberl and wife, property in 2nd seclion Samuel Campbell and wile In Charles Young and others, lot '-'A, block M. section 13. .Jamaica Beach KJchard Hawn and others U» Robert A Chance To Make Dying Man Happy By Abigail Van Buren a 1978 By Chicago Trioune-N.Y News SyrvJ. Inc. DEAR ABBY: Our 24-year-old daughter, Debbie, has been living in New York for a year. (We live in California.) Debbie is a sensible, educated, single woman who has an excellent position. She's told us that she's romantically involved with John, a 33-year-old professional man. She says he is an outstanding person with fine qualities. They are not engaged, but he's the first man she's ever been serious about. Our only objection to this match is that John is not of our religion. Debbie phoned to tell us that John's mother called her from Portland, Ore., and offered to pay her air fare there for the weekend to meet John's father, who is dying of cancer. They've never met Debbie, but have spoken to her on the phone often. John's mother said she felt that her husband would die happier knowing that his only son was going with a lovely girl. Because my husband and I disapprove of our daughter's involvement with a man not of our faith, we told Debbie that we did not want her to go to Portland. Do you think we were wrong? WONDERING IN WOODSIDE DEAR WONDERING: Ye§. A 24-year-old woman with your daughter's qualifications is capable of making her own decisions (including whom she should marry), and for you to put the kibosh on that trip for any reason was wrong. Whether or not Debbie and John marry, if she can make a dying man happy I think she should go. And I hope she does. DEAR ABBY: My wife and I are finally being divorced after 12 years of a very stormy marriage and several separations. ; . • My lawyer instructed me to move out of the house, so I did. The problem is that every time I go to the house to taik to my wife about some matter pertaining to the settlement, one thing leads to another and I end up sleeping there. (With her.) It's ridiculous the way I go out and move the car so nobody will see it parked in front of the house all night. Aren't we legally married until the divorce decree is final? If so. aren't we entitled to sleep together if we feel like it? Please don't tell me that if we still want to sleep together we should consider saving our marriage. She is impossible to live with, and she says the same about me, but I must admit sex with her is the best. Do you think DEAR HONEST: No. I think you're wise to recognize that fact that sexual compatibility isn't everything. But if you want to know if you're entitled to marital privileges until your divorce is final, ask your lawyer. DEAR ABBY: In a courtship between a woman 68 and a man 70, who should offer the first kiss? Please don't think this is a joke. I am a widow and he is a widower, and we are getting very close to where I will need the answer. If he should make the first move, should I respond willingly? Or am I the one who should let him know I am not adverse to a romantic relationship? (I'm not, but I don't want to push for it.) Women used to sit back and let the men make all the overtures, but perhaps women's lib has changed all that. Or has lt? OLDSTERS DEAR OLDSTERS: If you feel like kissing him, go ahead and kiss him. Hell probably meet you halfway, and beat you to the finish line. Do you wish you had more friends? For the secret of popularity, get Abby's new booklet: "How To Be Popular; You're Never Too Young or Too Old." Send $1 with a long, self-addressed, stamped (28 cents) envelope to Abby, 132 Lasky Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212. Galveston. Midas Homes, Inc. lo Dean Parker Evans and wife, lot 5, and west III lect o! lot 4, block l, Triple Bar Estales, seclion J .R. Van Ness lo Midas Homes, Inc., lol 24,block5,Clairmont. Eart Stafford and Archie Donahue to Realty Service Corp., lol 24, block 5, Clairmonl. Florence Kelly lo Michael Marshall and wife, lot 49, Oak Lawn, section 2. Fred T. Long and wife to Leslie Jackson Jr. and wife, lol 32, and wesl ^ of lol 33, Lee Place. Edwin Lee Morris and wife lo Larry Ovalle and wife, lot 2, block 17, W.N. Zinn resubdivision ol block 17, Denver Resurvey, Galveston. Carlos Alonso and wile to Celso Alonso and wife, the north '* of lot 43, block 3, Palm Beach. Barbara Humes to Nellis Johnson Jr. andwife, lot 115, Imperial Gardens. Darrel Wyont and wife to Teddy Cox Sr. andwife, lot 10, block 5, Newport, section 2. Susan Lokken lo Ronnie Joe Bowman, lots 7,8 and 9, block 324, Texas City, Third division. Manuel Sandino and wife to Ben Corley and Shirley Eaves, lols 9 and 10, block 3, Witljen subdivision 7. Wilfred Rilat to Lanier G. Cole, the soulh '/a of lot 9, and all of lot 11, block 3, T.S. George subdivision. NIS Land Corp. to George Kilchel and wife, Apt. 505, By the Sea. James Bullock to Worthington Gaines Faulkner and wife, lol 575, New Bayou Visls addition 4-B. Frank Hendrickson to William Rankin Jr., lot 3, block 2, Caribbean, Gus Bill Laghides and others to Robert Baugh Jr. and wife, lot 8, block 507, Galveslon. A.A. Autry and F.H. Hunlington lo Franklin Brantley and wife, property in Outlot, 296, Alia Loma. Mary Hall and Olen Davis to Oscar Schetar Jr. and wife, part of lots 390 and 391, Alia Loma. Robert Fairey Jr. to Noah Wingate Jr. and wife, lol 8, block 3, North Village, seclion 1. Janice Kruse to Yolanda Ybarra, lots 1 and 2, block 134, Clilton By the Sea. Cleve Jo Sumrall and others to Laverne Flora Guidry and others, part of lots 9 and 10, lying west of a drainage ditch in block 29 and all of lot 11, block 29, Algoa suburbs. La Veme Flora Guidry and Bernice Flora Thompson to James and Mark Gates, property in block 29, Algoa suburbs. Fort Worth Mortgage Corp. to Administrator of Veterans Affairs, the east 1 foot, lot 18, and all of lot 19, block 2, Clear Creek Heights, sections. Hinton Mortgage & Investment Co. to Administrator of Veterans Affairs, lot 136, SnugHarbor,section2. Federal National Mortgage Association to Administrator of Veterans Affairs, property in Alta Lorn a. Donald Farmer to David Bynum and wife, a tract in lot 49, G.W.L. Hommedieu survey. Estela Lopez and others to Elvira Tarin, lots 1 and 2, block 167, Texas City 2nd division. Michael J. Goodwin and wife to Ricky Stack and wife, lot 12, block 5, Newport, section 2. Dwight Gardin to Johnny Gonzales, lot 4, Johansson addition. Gecfge Koenig Jr. and wile to John Chapko and wife, lots 3,4 and northwest 2 feel of lot 5, block 3, Clifton by the Sea. Burdette Eberhardt and wife, to Adrian Lee Gammage, lots B and 9, southeast block of outlot 91, Galveston. Henry Fowler to Donald and Carolyn Powers, property in Andrew Johnson, subdivision No. 1. William Henry Harris and wife, to Elsie Pevehouse Miller, lot 13, C.H. Moore subdivision. Elsie Pevehouse Miller lo William H. Sampson and wife, lot 13, C.H. Moore subdivision. William Sampson and wife to Aaron Sampson, lot 13, C.H. Moore subdivision. U.S. Home Corp. to James V. Williams and wife, lot 7, block 7, Conlryside section U.S. Home Corp, to Bill P. Pool and wife, lot 15, block l, countryside No. l. US. Home Corp. to B.W. Hilleshiem and wife, lot 28, block 7, Countryside, No. 1. U.S. Home Corp. to Donald Lakia and wife, Iol7, block 9, Countryside section 1. U.S. Home Corp. to Garry Kroeger and wife, lot 17, block 7, Countryside, section 1. Raymond N. Jarl Jr. and wife to Charles T. Suderman and wife, lot 31, Sycamore Terrace. Dudley Wayne Smith and wile to Robert Brooks and wife, lot 7, Oak Park No.l. Pilgrim Conslruction, Inc. to Dudley Smilh and wile, lol H, Thunderbird Park. H.K.D, Corp. lo Bruce Douglas Self and wife, part o! the wesl' ; ol northeasl' i ol !&GNRRSurvcy30 Morris Perlman and wile lo Charles Noll Jr. and wife, sales modules 210, Islander East Charles R Noll Jr. and wife lo Morrie Perlman and wife, sales module UnilsGOa and606, Islander East. F. Ted Dudley Jr. lo Gene Juno and wife, lot 4, block?, West view No. 5. Harold K. Choate and wife to David Wayne Choale and wife, lol 17, Trout addition. Francis John Rothermel Jr. and wife to William Waglev and wife, lots 19,20 and 21, and easl '-j of lol 22, block 31, Alia Loma. Richard Rex to Joyce Brown, property in AnnaleaKingspark, section B. Roland Joseph Lambert to Lloyd J. Lambert Jr., lot 4, block 1, Boulevard addition. Carol P. Griffith to E. Clay Griffith, lot 70, blockl,Pirates Cove No.4. Inge Gossett to Dalian Ford, part of lols 4 and 5, C.C. Pettit subdivision. Eleanor Ransom Swift to Eleanor R. Swift, trustee, properly in Minor Knowiton survey. Jilsco, Inc. lo The Society for Ihe Prevention of Cruelly lo Animans of Galveston Counly, Texas, lot 3, block 76, San Leon Farm Home Company. James B. Lewis and wile, to Daniel Tostado and wife, lot 32, block 9, Sun- meadow section 2. Ronald L. Welch and wifeto Martin Gutierrez and wife, lot 14, block 2, Lori Woods. Delbert Ross Hood and wife to Richard A Amish, property in Thaman subdivision. Gertrude Colgin to Charles Isbell, trad l.block 47, San Leon, farm home tracts, Maxine Riley to Calvin Dauer and wife, lot 35,0ak Forest addition. Jerry Nash and wife to C.iO, Investments, property in Alia Loma. Harrison Wilson and wife lo Jerry 1 Glenn Nash and wife, lol 25, block 3, revised plat of Garden Terrace, section 1. L. Dean Miller to William Johnston 111 and wile, property in League City. James Ellis to Rebecca Ellis, lot 9, BirarCilen, seclion 1 Travis Moss and olhers, etc. lo Adrian Cisncros and wife, lol 21, liodard Park. M&A Enterprises, Inc lo Art McCloy and wile, lot :15. Twelve Oaks V illas. Thomas Sutlon and wife lo Manfred Kehren, tolffl, Spanish Grant No. 12 Thos Overstrcet and '.tfe to Carlton Seidulc and wife, lot 1, block B, Jamaica Beach Riviera. Patrick Sweeney Jr and wife lo Robert Frantz and wile, lot 54, block 3, Standard resubdivision. AdolfoGarzaJr. and wife to John Davis andwife, the easl'- ol lol 4, and wesl '.-. ol lol 5, block 280, Galveslon. Paul Sawyer to J.Mark Petrash and wife, lot 5. special subdivision of the Gore or Wedge Iracl Joe Covinglon lo Archie Croft and wife, lot 17, block 6, Heritage Estates, Section 2. Union Carbide Corp. to Slate Highway Commission of the Slate of Texas, property in John D. Moore league. James Johns Sr. to Beverly Raven, lot 3, Brockleigh subdivision. Aaron Timmons lo Aaron Timmons Jr., lol 1, block 124, Moores addition. Aaron Timmons to James E. Williams, lot 2, block 124, Moores addition. George T. Basiardanes and wife to Teolilo Rabelas and wife, lol 5, block 440, Galveslon. Audrienne Aulry to Isabel Freeman, lots 3,4 and 5, block 138. San Leon. James Turner IV and wife to Ron J. West, trustee, lot 17, block 34, Mainland Park, seclion A. June Bibby to Bobby Bibby, lot 17, Stafford Firsi Addilion to Texas City. John Polanco Jr. and wife to William J. Buis III and wife, lot 44, McClain Park, section 2. Gaddis Wittjen.individually, etc. to Earl Ricicar Sr. and wife, a tract of land in Alta Loma. Clarence McFaden and wife to William Dobbs and wife, lots 9 and 10, block 12, Bayclilf Heights. Martin Gately to Michael Gately, a tract o! land in Alta Loma. Michael Gately to Martin Gately and wife, a trad of land in Alta Loma. S.J. Helton Jr. and wile to S.J. Helton III and wife, a trad of land in San Leon. Lee Hart and wife lo Lorae F. Walker, lol 6, block:), Bay Breeze. Gene Havenhill and wife to Sandra Smilh Allen, lol I, and west '•- of lot 2. block 7, Denver Court. Jesse Caalilla and wife to Charon apis, a tract of land in north east' i of outlot 133, Galveslon. Ernesi Moore and wife to Moore, lot 2, block 15, Hollywood Heights Charles A. De Vnes and wife to Robert Adair and wile, lots IB, 17. 18, and ID, block28, Alia Loma. Eula Mae Bell to Leon Siverand, a tract ol land inW.J. Jones survey. West Bay Development Co. to Arm and Bastien, lot 9, block I, Havre Lalilto. section 5. Robert Crow and wife lo Roy Hawley and wife, lots 2i, 24, and 25. block 5. John Derrick Iract. Doyle Hulf and wife to Jane Marie Barr, lots 1,2,3, and 4, block 37, Bay Cliff. Wallace D. Flowers and wife to Andrew Dowdy and wife, lot 1186, section 9, New Bayou Vista. Roy Bergman and wife to Larry Thomas and wife, lol 5, block 3. Dunbar Estates, seclion 1. Bayou Visls Development Co. to David Lyons and wife, lol 8, Omega Bay, section B' Ian Pearce and wife to Carol Moga, lot 13,block3, Pirates Beach No. 2. W.D Follett and wife to William D. Weeks and wife, a tract of land in J.C. League survey. Elizabeth Margaret Kearney to Bruno P. Crisielli Jr., lot 5. San Marino townhouses. Trinidad Nick Perez and wife to Belly Schreuer, a part of the northwesl block ol oullot, 136, Galveston. Anne Ruin Korenek lo James L. Korenek Jr., the south 56 feet 11 inches of east 35 feet of lot 8, southeast block of oullot 43, Galveslon. James Korenek Jr. lo Jack Owens, the soulh 56 feet, 11 inchesof easl 35 feet ol lol 8, southeast outlot 43, Galveslon. L.E. Panzer and wife lo B.L Nlc- Cormac and wife, lot 141, Sea Isle. De Wilt Heating & Air Condilioning Co. lo Sam Don Russell and wife, lot 61, Holiday Btach William Becker to Billie Marie Adams, lol 71 and lot:«. Tiki island No :). seclion i, Waller A Drew Trustee to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., lot 26, block 5. Wat Point Thos G Graham and wife to Alberto Sommerhalder and wife, unit 210, Building B, The Manner House. D D Nolan and wife to George Scully Jr. and wife, lot 2, block 9. Tidelands addition. John Mobley Jr. and wile lo George Doubrava Sr and wife, lot Z, block I. and lot 15, block 2. Gulf Shores, seclion 1. Donald Marshall to James A. Brooks III. a Iracl in outlot 162, Galveslon. Henry 1 Tauch Jr. and wife to Patricia Chunn Junkms. lol 11. Motl and Franklin subdivision ol northeast block of outlet 90, Galveslon. Ellis J, Ortega, individually lo Richard Cheimtlh and wife, part of outlot 2sfl, Alia Loma. S1L Construction Inc. to Jesse Solis Jr and wife, part ol lots 2 and 3, Raggio subdivision, section 2. Richard Chenowelh and wife lo Edmund Paul Schirmer and wile, part of oullot 290, Alta Loma. Mitchell Development Corp. to Brazos Truck Sales Inc., lot 22, Pirates Landing, section 1. Norman Noack and wife to Wayne Sherman and wife, lot 216, Holiday Beach. Harvey Hadden and wile lo Bobby Kitchen "and wife, lot M7 of Kingston Beach, No. 2. Richard Patin lo Gloria S. Curry, the south ?2.5 feel of lot 14. block 73, Galveston. See This Sunday's OSnlfoeaimt TV Guide for §n The Local TV Listings ECKERDS a name vnu ran trust. ^^ name you can trust. OPEN SUNDAY 10 to 7 WEEKDAYS 9to9 pBRECK *SHAMPOO 15-ounce choice of Dry, Oily or Normal. Save Now! Limit-1 I!KL(.V m uerree WHEATAVIMS V3 BOTTLE OF 60 iReg. 4.79 High Potency Vitamins & minerals Plus Natural Wheat Germ. ISO's 7.98 SIGNAL MOUTHWASI * MMl 24-ounce bottle. Extra Special Limit-1 f H PI m, m$ft DAZEY SEAL-AMEAL Easy to use food saying system complete with Boil-in Bags. Great for all types of left-overs. Model 5000 Reg. 12.99 (COLGATE < DENTAL CREAM] SOUND DESIGN POCKET SIZE AM RADIO Direct tunning dial, rotary volume control. Operates on 9 volt battery Model 1177 Reg. m 5.99 5-ounce tube. Sale price reflects Worf label. Limit-1 mm 1 Wtf&t- J^B m mm PKG. OF 200 SHEETS TYPING PAPER Cello wrapped ov"«11" typing paper. Reg. 1.29 THURS., FRl., SAT. & SUN. ONLY SEE OUR TREASURE CHEST OF'GOURMET SEAFOOD FROGIFGS SCAUOPS.tOBSTERTAItS STUFFED FLOUNDER. BREADED SHRIMP BREADED OYSTERS TRY A PO-BOY FROM OUR GAUEY SHRIMP. FISH OYSTER fiSKERMAN'S WHARF PIER 22 (22nd St.) 765-5708 VISIT OU« OFFSTtlHC SHRIMP N' STUFF MJJVV-' NESTEA 100% PURE INSTANT TEA INSTANT KRAZY GLUE mmmml Bonds in seconds on gg\ metal, plastic, rubber, fm ceramics tile, glass. 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