The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 18, 1957 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1957
Page 7
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Bfft»o»p6rt Md BrazoriaOaunty, Tuesday, June 18,1957 THE FACT Brazoria from Hooks, Texas. WHOCUTTHgflNlSH or MY STORY OUT Of THIS \ j.THOuGHrt WAS JUST ( CUTTJW3 OUTTHilSiOe w THE OOU00N UTOUTANO MAILEdlN TMt COUPON WA* ON IT'S SO HOT OWkNDMAISNT SAKE I'LLTELUYA WHAT LET'S GRANDMA VK.OOt HWBTO PUT UP WITH IT PUB* T6U.IN* UK HOW TO HUN THINS6? IT MkJWT PAY TO LISTEN TO SOME Of HIS IPEAS.' ~_r-^1 DESIGNED TO NARROW THE WAISTLINE 1.1 this black and white striped imported cotton shirtwaist dress from th» Ben Heig collection. A black velvet collar marks th« plunged V-neckllne. Strips detail forms a small back yok« and adds blotiM fullness. If lh« Brooklyn club moT»i to GlamorTill»-on-ihp-Paciflc. wondtr If th*ir nicknam* may / BUT.AH "\ J PROMISED I WHAT DO M3OCAUL THIS? TH-THANK A,VEN, < lO GOT THAT SECRET not chtng* from tht Bum Brumm*lil / MAM»*YAH'D ^\l f USElTONLVW » I AKMKftKNCV?/ WEAPON THAT CAM KILL AN"/ THING AT IT MUST* BUST err ATM- Husbands! Wives: MSERVK/'SHUNf? Get Pep, Vim; Feel Younger («lio« aftw 40, try Ortrw TonJo tai raw »rttori. 4 DM. of llvwt, 19 Itx. of beef. ir "|H*ic<}tiainttd" tixa wfy 69*. Or Eeonomy tu«, tav« 91.07. All automatic GAS ONACQOUKT IT HAIN'T MO TH- SNEAKY VARMINT TtXO ME HE THOUGHT ID UOST ABOUT FIVE POUNDS 9NCE LAST SATIDOY HOW DID PISQER THAT f NOW. WHAT DlO VE 60 AN' 00 THAT PER. WOMAN ? WAAL- I SORTA GOT TH 1 IDEE HE'D COME TO BORRY MONEY RlOOUS WUZ UXHIN'PER ft, MM. BUT I TOO) HIM Yi WUZNT MOW* with n*w "T5u«it-o««l-Ge eorifoit l«t you do «nv drying fob In ••cond*: SNTJFFY SMITH OULV THE I MAIL 'EM ID THE- &VNPICATE H HOMl TISS NOPf.' I'VE COMIC perfect "drying weather" for each CWO'SM AW THEIR Of*J PIATE* TOFfTtWltt fabrirtype. Touch! W AUTH066 PAPES*/ just the right drying time for any load, with wonderful $7.40 MONTHLY Couoco And* Appliance Station Main And Shanks Phone 5-8969 CLUl'E, TEXAS 2 French Designers In 'Budget' Market U. P. Staff C»rr«pond«Bt NKW YORK — Ml — Two :rench designers, whose crea- ions usually »re extravagant price, this tail for the first ime will aim some of their deigns for the budget shopper. The tiro are Oabrielle Coco Chanel, who w«s tops in her ield in the 19201 and '.10s and the lart two years has made spectacular comeback, and Christian Dior, who began In he HMO's and never w*nt away. ChaneT'g first ready-to-wesr Totrp will be reproduced by Sacony. Dior has turned to the unior Held for the first lime, a collection of suite, and daytime and after-five dresses ! or David Crystal. Bc*th designers for the first time art using their labels in the mass production market, four Coordinated CotturaM Chanel, whose casual 'look" affects most fall collections on Seventh Avenue, made four Sacony taid all give an advance look at what the design er plans for her fall collectio'. in Paris. Included are twc suits — one with hip lengtr jacket and four patch pockets the other with cropped jacket banded at the waistline and featuring a stand-away collar. Both jacket*, dresies and separates fit the body snugly in front but fp.ll loosely at tht coordinated costumes act reproduction. for ex- Brazoria Methodists Honor Rev. Roberts FASHIONETTES' A New York manufacturer is out with a handy summertime gadget — a parasol that converts into a carry-all. Called the "Para-Kit," it i» made ol water repellent cotton in bold stripe* or solid colors. The secret of its conversion is In a patented construction of the of the parasol tips. "When turned into a kit, it'll hold a bathing suit, cosmetics, even a sandwich," said manufacturer Siefce! Rothschild. Look for the oriental influ ence in fall and winter fa«h ions. It shows, ror Instance, in sari cloth used for bodices o wool evening dresses, and a companion trmmings in evenlm Wednesdry night the con- 'coots, S£F&£W5S£3rF&\ 0- New V &rk women", ed Methodist Educational Building ( "or says this is the time of th to bM Rev. and Mrs. Wm. F.jy« r »« fashion reporten com Roberts and small son farewell 1 down with one ailment. Us ma- as they prepared to leave Bra- symptom, n grazed look; Its TOria for his new position as cause, previewing the numer- asrodste pastor 'at Bsllaire. i ou « fa " , fa!h !? nB ;, ' „ M Ice cream and cake were 1 "I call it collection eye«, said served ated a pursp. contributed Eugenia Sheppard of the New as a love offering, was present- York Herald Tribune. ack to jive • long-waist«d ook. { The designer's love of warm, ich tone* shows in the four olors she used for the group —Mexican pink, brown red, aspberry and deep peach. Chanel made the group in wool, rtlk chiffon and crepe. 5ut they will be reproduced n celanese yarn fabric*. Price ange: around $11 for the ilouse* on up to $95 for suits Took Two T*an Crystal said it took two years of talks before Dior decided to enter the Junior field he will make three groups — summer, resort anc spring, and fall. Dior's collection li a direct opposite to Chanel's. It stresses the elegant, with rich colors and luxury fabrics. He build n Uie shape with petticoats and shows low cut necklines in the dressier clothes. Most of the suits have short jackets, standing aw»y from the figure rather than cling ng. The price range is $75 t ••••i Scott Galbreath Insurance Agency The nan from llroy Arrive* Miking his first appearance «t Dow Hospital on .Tuns 17 as Elroy Munos. He Is the ew son of Mr. and Mrs. Slroy arda Trevlno of Lake Jack- mi and weighed six: pounds, even and one-hoM ounte* »t Irth. SINCE PHONE 1929 72406 family made \ The influence of the Broad- thclr final move. Brazoria to ! way hit "My Fair Lady will Bellalr- .' mane room for the '.shew «f «» in this f al Is do th«. incomiriR Braioria pastor, Rev. : Only this time, it is the Rex and Mrs. C. E. D»akin« and Harrison sweater that is being laughters, who are comine to ; copied. One New York manu- the Methodist • facturer shows a Harrison-type Texarkana - Arkansas district cardigan, elongated to make a where he has nei-,-ed as pastor drets. It has a narrow skirt and of the Methodist Church in 'is made m novelty wools, knits M PLANTATION DR. LAKE JACKSON Bill &nd Tom with — LOCATIONS 24 HOURS A DAY IN N. Puking, L J. Ffc. 7-1*75 Itl W. Brmri, Frwport I-41M FMt-Fn* TMcmr •n Art? »( all ttnn. MfM Phonet: 1-HVI BIB •c 1-XUT Tom GARRETTS' PHARMACIES TELEVISION LOG >snd black, velvet. TUESDAY 4:00 (2) Star Performance (8) To Be Announced (13) Kltlrik's Party 4:30 (2) Looney Town (8) Geography For Decision (11) I Led 3 Lives Angleton Briefs... Well over 100 local persons | A social hour followed the are taking swimming letxms at meeting, during which Mrs. C. the local pool, according to p Ward led the group in jever- Pool Managers George Skipper , al game j. and Herman L. Mf/ore. There! are 90 beginners and 22 in- i- n , Anjleton Kiwanis Club termediates taking the ln.stnic-; ha ,. vol<?c | lo g j ve <he local Fu- tlons, which are offered by flve' ture Farmers Chf.pter a heifer Instructors durin? three differ- ca ]> Other projects voted by ent periods between 8:10 am. c i.jb members include plans and 11:30 a.m. each morning. f or a wrholarship for local high The second and th« thiid wri ool gradual*?, assisting un- ifssions will besrin July 8 am/ derpriviieged school children in Aug. 12. respectively, for two obtaining glasses and dental weeks each session. Cost i« M work, and continuing to supper session, plus the regular port ih« underprivileged child 5:00 (2) Roy Rogers (8> To Be Announced (11) Range Rider <I3) Mickey Mouse Club 5:30 (11) Sports «t Weather 5:45 (2) Channel 2 Newsreel (11) Doug Edwards and the News fee. Mrs. J. H. Rerryhil! was hostess at a regular meeting of the T.E L. Class nf the Firlst Baptist Church. The devotional was given by the class president, Mrs. Ben Freeman. During th« short business session member? accepted both the minutes and ithe treasurer's report, and voted to contribute $10 to tht mission. ren in ten as. the local school cafe- : i VoU For Q. L. "Mac" McKay CindldixU for CAVAL COMMISSIONER Bruo* niTrr Harbor N»rl- (*tlan DMrlct JttlT «. »« paid political ad NOW SHOWING The Braiona-Galveiton Coaservation Service in Angleton has ^.r.ploveri three more work unit conservationists, brnging tne total to six for; • the summer ! Two of the new employees < will be porn-incut. Glen Kin- | j«y. a J^rmer nienit>er of the — local staff who left to complete his Masien Degree at Texas AfcA College, and Robert Hill i of I.ufkin. ! Tom O-.vtns of Seabrook was hin-d far the sumrr.r:, atin • plan* '.o return to Texas A&M ; College ir. the fail. ; The sumTvr recreation program ts apparently a huge juc- • ces-s. More than 200 children • have enrolled for the six weeks program of sports and crafts sponsored by the Northside i'.,. emc"tary Parfnt-Teachers As sociauon. ', 6:00 (2) World At ~«rg« (8) To Be Announced (11) My Little Margie (13) T. V. News 8:10 (2) Today In Sports 6:10 (13i Weathergal 0:15 (2) Channel 1 Newsreel 6:15 (13) John Daly and the News 6:25 (2> Weathercast 6:30 <2) Jonathsn Winters ' 6:30 (8) A Prospect of Lit- erttura (IP Name That Tuns <13> Cheyenne 6:45 (2) NBC Newi 10:45 (2) Mann About Sports 11:00 (2) Tonight 11:55 (13) Late News 12:00 (5) Sign Off (13) Sign Off 1:25 (11) Late Headlines 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn WEDNESDAY ~ 6:25 (11) Morning Hymn 6:30 (2) Morning Devotional! (!.') Rural Reveille 6:35 (2) George Roesner 6:45 (I) George Roesner 6:55 (11) Island Headlines (13) Sign On, Anthem, | Prayer ~T-6o~7(2T Today (11) Captain Kangaroo (13) Soundtrack 7:J5 (2) Today's WesUwr 7:30 (2) Today 7:45 (11) 11 Video Lane 7:55(2)Today[n Houston '_ Soil! — 7:00 (2» Jane Wyman 7:00 ifll Viz Quiz (11) Phil Silvers Show 7:30 <2> Kaiser Hour ' (8) The Latin Americas (11) Red Skelton (13) Wyatt Earp (11) Garry Moort Show 3:30 (2) Home (11) Arthur Godfrey Time 8:35 (2) Window In Horn* T:OT~(2TThY McTls" RighT 8:30 (2) Truth or Consequences (11) Strike It Rich (13) Romper Room 8:00 :30 (2) Presidents TV Assembly (11) $64,000 Question U3> Broken Arrow (21 Code Three (8) The Bible Speaks Today (11) Highway Patrol (13) Telephone Time 9:00 Birthday Party (2) Arthur Murray Parly <8) Frontier To Space 9:00 (11) To Tell The Truth (13) San Francisco Beat D:15 18) Sign Off 9:30 12) Panic (11) Private Secretary (13) Play of the W^ek Kaliko Hutchms' 13th biith- U0:40 12) Weathercast 1:00 <2) Public Defender (11) City Detective (13) Movietime U. S. A. day was «lebr»ted last Satur- 10.30 (2) Final Edition N«ws day with a luncheon given by i dl> Late Stow her mother, Mrs P. M. Hutch-; (ID Lite Shiw ins, in the Dow Hotel. After lunch, complete with cake and singing of "H^ppy Birthday," the group went to the theater for the laalinee. Attending were Phyllis Huggins, June Ellen Wommack, Sandra Youn?. Cl r i r'u'rn Judy Martin. Ann Whiteside*. Mary Grey Arrmgton, Sandra James, and Becky Turk. 10:00 (2) Tic Tac Dough (11) Valiant Lady 10:15 (11) Love of Life 10:30 (2) It Could Be You (11) Search Tor Tomorrow (13) Hollywood Theatre lT:6o~<2) Movie Date (11) Amos 'n Andy 11:30 (11) As The World Turns 12:0d~( 11) 6ur~MUs Brooks ~ (13) Tumblew«*d Time 12:30 12) Tennessee Ernie (11) Linkletter's House Party T-00 (2) NBC Matinee Theatre (11) Tht Big Payoff (13) Afternoon Film 'Festival 1:30_(1D Bob Crosby 2:00 (2) Queen For a Day (11) Brighter Day 2:15 (11) Secret Storm 2:30 (11) Edge of Night (13) Action Calvacadt 2:45 12) Modern Romances 3:00 (2) Comedy Tims (11) Early Show 3:30 (2) Winners Circle (13) Krazy Kat Theatrs DESIGNING WOMAN URKGOBV lAL'KKN BEAST WITH A MILLION EYKS" tNJOV A REAL JULIAN PIZZA PIE pork uta NOW SHOWING "NAVY WIFE" Abo - JOtL JttCUEA 'WICHITA" Stwrin* - JOAN BENNETT Orders to (a CHUCK'S RAINBOW INN Gult Blvd. Pfc. J-U61 N. ttttpon The Community Calendar Meeting Room, Brazotport Savings Center 7:30 pm.—Kracpon Lionets Meeting, Coral Room, Dow Hotel 8:00 pju.—Air Reserve Meel- TltSDAY, JUNE II 8.00 n m — Brazosport Wo- meo'6 Golf Association, Preeport Golf Course 11:30 »Jn.— Lake Jncluon Ki»»nis, City Cafe, Lake Jarkscn 7.00 pm. — Lake Jackson American Legion, Legion Hail 7 00 p.m.— Braiosport Opll- mjit Club, Dow HoU.1 *:00 — Lidies Auxiliary, V«la*co Fire Dept., Fire Suiioii. VeUsco 1 so pm.— Velascu MMOIUC Lodge, VeUsco ( :30 p ni -- Braaotport Cair.eia Cluo Meeong, Lake Jick»n Meihodut Church 7:30 pan. — Velasco XJOin* Ciua. Vela.'sc-o Commmiiiy Hou-v* i.M p.m. — Pyttuun Gulf Tuj^iir No. U2, iC of P Hili, Veiii'jo 1:30 KJ r - — Wetl Columbia Masons iliud Merlins, St. Jonu'i No. S Hail 7:30 p.m.— LULAC3. Civic CiU Frcepart 1-1311, Extension U4 fat LUtiB( Presented as a putlic servic* by Ing, Legion Hull, Freeport WEDNESDAY, JUNE II 12:1» p in.— Freeport Kiwa- IU^>, Do* Kolfl 7:00 p lu. —Marine Reserve, Aiiitrlcan t-t^gion Hall, Lake .lackvjii 7:^U p.m. — Aiigleu/n Chapter, Ue Moiuj », Maeonlc Temple, Angleton 7:31) p.m— Veiasco VtUinu foreign Wars, Vr"W Hall, Velasca 8:00 p.iu.-»'j».tern»l Oixier of tailsi, FOt Homf, Highway 28* 6:00 p.m.— Alcoliolios Anoay- nuji. Freeport Le«ion Hail lUL'RSDAV, Jl'NE * 7:30 pa)— Vda»co B * PW Club, VeUsco Community 7:30 p.ui-K uf S> Lodgt No. 47J, K of P Hall, freeport The Dow Chemical Texas Division

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