Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 1, 1950 · Page 19
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 19

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1950
Page 19
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Harpo And Yule Mackerel Sadden Burling By E. V. DURLISG Our hearts, my love, were f ormec to be, ' The genuine twins of sympathy They-live with one sensation: In joy,, or grief, but most in tove Like chords In unison they mov And thrill with like vibration, --Thomas Moore. Somebody has suggested a fllr based on the life of the Mara brothers fee made. Strikes me a a brilliant idea. There could b many a laugh and a few tears J that story.. One ,of the saddes Christmas stories I ever heard wa about the Marx brothers when the were kids. They lived In a board ing house. And had mackerel fo their Christmas dinner. Every tlm I think of poor little Harpo Marj struggling with his Christina mackerel it makes me feel crying. A8KEVG Queries from clients: Q. You usec to »ay Irene Dunne was your favor Ite film actress. Now you sa- Flight Times Are Changed Effective tomorrow will be sev ·ral changes in the schedules heri of American Airlines, Ralph Had cliffe, airlines representative, an nounced. Most of the changes are i result of the usual winter adjust ment. for stronger headwinds on west-bound flights. West-bound changes Include the following: Flight 11 to Phoenix San Diego arid Los Angeles, for merly left at 9:40 am,, changed to · 10:15 a.m.; Convair flight 499r formerly 2:27 pan., changed to 2:48 p.m.; flight 811. formerly'4:45 p.m. . changed to 5:10 p.m.; flight 31, formerly 6:10 pjn., changed to 6:45 jxm.; flight 7, formerly 8:50 pjn. 'changed-to 9:10 pjn. r Eait-bound changes^ include: night 902, changed from 11:10 a.m. to' 1-1:05 «Jn., and flight .12, from 8:58 p.m. to 10:05 p.m. A new flight, No. 400, will leave, ·ast-bound, -at 1:33 p.m., making all »top« to Dallas. All other schedule* remain the lame. Millet Eyes Books f. ; ;. Of Metropolitan .; PHOENIX, Nov. 1. (U,R)--An in- dtpendent Phoenix accountant was Greer Garson is. Why are you so fickle, Eddie? A. Your query embarrasses me, lady. I can only refer you to what Shakespeare said of men in general: "One foot on shore, one on sea, to one thing, constant never." Still, on the other hand,-1 recently noted an expert on the subject of love was asked. "Can a man love two women at once?" The expert said: "Yes." , So I will say in the future: "My :avorite actresses are Irene Dunne and Greer Garson. Q. Do you know a poom about astrology which includes the line, "The Sagittarius male is a hunter of game?" A. That ine is in a poem titled, ."Love by the Zodiac," by Lucille Anderson. The part you have in mind goes: The Sagittarius male is a, hunter of game, life with him, darling, will never be tame. · HORSES WOMEN It was Marie Corelli-who said: 'In affairs of love a woman is per. haps most easily ensnared by a man who can combine passion with .Jeasantry and hot pursuit -with ooial tact and diplomacy." "·ASSIXG BY John L. Bogert. Brilliant maga- ine editor and marine architect. Bogert, who is 92 years old, is still :oing to his office five times week[ t a l i a n R e d Leader Ousted ly. He is . a Brooklynlte. I don't know why so many Brooklynites achieve such remarkable longevity. It can't "be the climate. Must be because they have active minds. Or maybe It is the hope .'they will live to see the Dodgers win a World Series that keeps them going. WAR CRIMINALS Am asked why, after World War I, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germanj' was not' tried as a war criminal. The allies wanted to try the kaiser, bu the government of Holland, .to which country the kaiser had fled refused to turn him over to the allies. Incidentally, Larry Mac Phail of baseball fame, then a cap tain in the U.S. army, led a group of soldiers'to Holland to try to kidnap the kaiser. They barely missed doing so. They got so close to the old boy'that MacPhail picked up one of the kaiser's- ash trays as a souvenir. BRIEFLY Note Jimmy Dorsey baled as "the world's greatest saxophonist." Ara ,!Fttr«m Baflg Bftliwr Wcdnetday Evening, Nov. 1, 1»50 Draft Names 40 Pirn a Men PALOOKA experts on the subject agreed that Dorsey rates this title? . . . ."We lave formed an E. V. Hurling fan club," write six young women of Los Angeles. "We want you to be a father to us." Never mind that · called in today to audit the books of Metropolitan Lines, Inc. ,T!he examination was announced by State Atty.,Gen. Fred 0. Wilson following a hearing yesterday on _ , . , 1. (U.PJ--Rev. the llne§' application for permls- Gerald Leahy, SJ., pastor of "Our ·Ion to change and eliminate cer-Lady of Sorrow church m Santa ttin.routes in the Phoenix area. WilKJn laid "the audit would be conducted by Max A. .Millet. He ·aid Millet audited the company's books and records last year and / WM famillarv-with their setup. "Mlllet'i findings may change-the company/* operating picture from one of claimed deficit to one of gain," Galvia TJdall, assistant attorney general' who represented the .atate in Metropolitan's route change hearing before the Arizona corporation commission, said. Following the hearing yesterday, the commission took the lines' ap- plleation-to reroute 12 of its routes ROME, Nov. 1. (#}--LtTnita, the talian Communist newspaper, to- ay angrily said Interior Minister !ario Scelba ordered fabrication f "false reports of British and American 'secret agents" that Mos- ow ousted Palmira Togllatti, party chieftain. The reports, recently bannered n a Rome newspaper, said that our Moscow agents had secretly isited party headquarters with the Moscow orders. Togliattl, who suddenly entered clinic here three days ago, was perated on last night for removal " a blood clot on the brain. Sur- eons said the operation was a uccess.. Almost unanimously Rome news- apers, for one reason or another ave connected .the' Communist ader's Illness with reports of hJs sraissal by the Kremlin. Some said the condition of Tog- Jtti'g health provided" Moscow ith a good opportunity to ease im from power injialy. Togliatti uffered ( .a severe spine injury me months ago. * Phoenix Church Gets New Priest On Monday PHOENIX, Nov. H. S. Corbett, chairman of Pima County Draft Board 13, has released the names of 40 more Pima county men who will report for pre-induction physical examinations on NOT. 19, 1950. The list includes: Jose Valdez Soto, Ajo; Alex Lopez, Ajo; William J. Sparkman, Ajo; Russell Jameson, Ajo; Jose Jarcia Lopez, Ajo; Manuel 0. Lopez, 139 ^.Simpson; Genaro S. Jarcia, 1415 W. Delaware; Gilbert Lorona, 47 E, 5th Street. Hector R. Robles, 293 So. Con- cent; Albert T, Ellis, San Luis Obispo, California; Antonio B. "laldivar, 1109 W. Speedway; Mike j. Herran, Emery Park; Lee V. Harris, 819 S. 10th Ave.; William D. Aviles, 851 N. Contzen Ave. Darrell W. Ballentine, 2332 So. 4th Ave.; Roger N. Hamilton, Clayton,. N. Carolina; Armando L. Martinez, 1105 Delaware St.; Joe Cele- THE WCT W RflP«NT.' LOOCVOKTISCARJWING WHATEVER SECRETS THE FAT SPY HIM * HE 15 VWY CMUiffiEKOUS NOW.THI* LOCKVORT; UUf4U/ l \C CASS1DX TiiATER' ),, ,, ·,_/ NO.*..WA|T._H«MM... LOCKVORT WANTS TO RETURN) ^I"!^** ^"Er TO THE U.S. HE WANTS ./ *!1", S I. I LJ£LJ? ^ PERMISSION TO RETURN M X 6I ^» %££Z%£° two WEEKS r^fe--\r-^7 A PLANE Pwowry. NICE TRIP, MISTER. IOCKVORT.' Topawa, Arizona; .M. 'father" stuff, girls. Make it big brother! BRIEFLY Mrs. Lydia Fifield of East Thompson, Conn., gave birth to seven sets of twins. This is the world's record . . , It is said the food most desired by women anticipating blessed events is ice cream. Did your charming spouse crave ice cream "wiry u. rope, Phoenix; Qulnzy and what flavor when junior wasl Hm - San B^go, .California; James · · "D rtVi «·**- r* odoy, 1009 Contzen Ave.; Stephen T. Darling, P.O. £ox 643, Goodyear; Sector Miranda .Balderrama, 1022 . 8th Ave.; Ernest Joe Slacken- hip, 3701 So. Clark; Armando Borquez Rivera, 250 W, 17th *t: Vernon Joseph Pickett, Rail W. Ranch, Oracle Star Rt. . , Henry C. Pope, Phoenix; Qulnzy GREAT SUNFIDC/ WE'VE CAPTUBED ACE KlLGOBE, TH'NEWMANWEW EXPECTIN.'THESE ARE HIS PAPEPS BLuuui* WMV DIDN'T VOU 54Y YOU WERE KILGOBE ? YOU DIDN'T ASKME.ANYW A MM IN MY POSITION. DOESN'T GO ABOUND CROWING WHO HE is TILL HE KNOWS WHO HC'3 TALKING TO. By Van TUATS SMAP.T, 9UT YOU'RE AMO»to FBIENDS. PUU-UPA CHAIB,ACE, WE MIGHT AS WEIL GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. on the way? HISTORICAL NOTES How are you on. the details of the Civil war? Or should I say the war between the states? Anyway, i the .first part of that war had not been bungled by Union military leaders, Gen. U. S. Grant would never-have had a chance to display the military genius that won the war. (© 1950, King Features) Barbara, Calif., takes over Monday as pastor of St. Francis" XavJer church here. Father Leahy succeeds Rev. James J. Deasy, S. J.,.-St. Francis' Deasy psstor' for four yean. Father leaves Monday night for and drop ment another under ~ advise- Conimlsslon Chairman William T. Brooks aaid the commission would go over all the proposed changes before rtaching a:decision." Driggs Pay Check May Be Illegal PHOENIX, Nov. 1. OJ.R)--State tax commission officials said today there may be some doubt aboul ths legality, of the appointment of .Elwood DriggE to head tha commission ! i,new 'division of saJes, Income and luxury tax collections. Driggs,- head,.of the sales -tax division, was,appointed to the post yesterday. However, the commission planned to ask the state attorney general's office whether it can legally pay his salary und«r the new post. The commission also wants to know whether consolidation of the three divisions Is legal. The consolidation move was proposed, by Commissioner T h a d Hoore as a means of increasing the efficiency of the three divisions. San Francisco for, a new assignment.. .;.--·. .,.- j ' - ' ·_;-. . A graduate' of Loyola university; of'Los Angeles, Father Deasy took over the pastorate of St. Francis following his discharge from the marine corps in 1946. He served four-years as a marine corps chaplain. He landed with American troops on Iwo Jims REFRESH YOUR TASTE IIWOY ATREW-" Robert Cassel, 38 W, Oro; Donald Morris Martin, 102 N. 3rd St.; Paul Thompson Tumbull, 416 -So.-3rd Ave.; Wesley C. Harvey, 2740 Oracle Rd.; Harold Lee, .420 So. Convent; Armando Figeroa Moyza, Ruby Star Rt. Box 45. Dean Middleton Welch, Fields Landing, California; W i l l i a m Arthur Shook, Marana; Hector Navarro Ballesteros, 518 W. Davis; Hoover Parra Gray, Sonora, Mex ico; William Roy Romer, 345 E Delano; John Pancho Antonio, Sells; Prederico Rpmero Grijalva, 638 S. Farmington; Terrance Morgan James, 3634 So. 8th Ave. Deadline For Mail To Overseas Yanks Nov. 15 PHOENIX, Nov. 1. (U.FO -- The deadline for m a i l i n g Christmas sackages- to overseas personnel Js \ T ov. 15, acting Phoenix Postmaster "William Mason said today. Ke said an yarticles except per- shable food may be sent, with cer- .ain exceptions. No cigarettes can e sent to military personnel in England, France, Germany or Italy STEVL CA1WON CAN I USE THE WASH 6ASIN. NOW, DEAR? YOU SURE CAN-ITS JUST LIKE. NEW ffv Chic Y« HELLO. S NUSSLES PLUMBING COMPANY 9 KIGHT, MAJOK CANYON.' SINCE THEEE APE NO QUARTERS AVAILABLE, WE THKEE WILL LIVE AT A HOTEL, t IF wetee A PART OF THE MILITARY MISSION TO.UIET-NA/W GASOLINE ALLE 7 IF you WILL (30 CHECK INTO THE HOTEL EUROPE. -I WILL PROP CHEETAH OFF AT MCE KOOM9 AMP JOIN YOU LAT£FZ/ LEFTENANT QaoR, 00 VOI) THINK THIS ./· A SRAVELV SCHEME OF MAJOfc \CONIDERED CANYON'S WILLTEAC\ OPINION i COWN MtUonCtmiff M, LACVONEMWT HOTfWSSLB. W/TW THE CHAIN OFCOMMANP...IT:|« K)H MAJOR CANVON'-TD'.THROS OVER- SEOS-'THE SMASHER SH ALL GO ABOUT THE HUMBLETASK OF OIVIH6'Ktff.- ANP-COMFDKTTD FEMALE CIVILIANS' BETWEEN THE AOE* OF IB MP2S! and later .became ill in China. After, seven months In a naval hospital at Corona, Calif., he was discharged. Plan Cargo Ships To Oititrace Subs \ WASHINGTON, ~Nov. 1. (U.B-- The ·maritime Bdminlstration has approved a bid by the Betfilehera Steel Corp. to develop plans for a new type . cargo ship capable . of outspeedlng submarines. ·' Bethlehem asked : $1,219,000 to draw up the plans. Actual construction of 'the vessels would require- congressional appropriation. ACROSS L Palls behind t. Arabian ganntnt I. Prow 1J. TltlA Ot Athena- · U. Pronoun- 14. Outdoor CUD* 16. Pagan god If. Synopsii of · plaj 19. Matron* · 10. Smallelt Integer U. Broun in tut ·an U.'C*lculal» trough); 15. Likely JT, Eofors 1L Qrescent- xhapefl It. Chi |L Discover of a famotn coniit IS. Barks 17. Bhort for a man'i nam« IS. Golf mound 19. Kitli of oil *3. Pouch «5, Distant 4,1. Mark of omission CO, Conspiring E!. Wharf ' 54, Waa carriel (5. Meadow 56. Long Stick 17. Twelve months 18. Pen IS. Qitllt, DOWN Solution of Yoitirdiy't Punl* there a couple minutes I'll make ambition you're studying DICK TRAC1 WE APPEAL TO EVERY TnZEN-EVERV MAN.WOMAN AND CHILD-WATCH FOR THIS MAN/ AND REPORT TO TWE I always carry a sketch pad. The ^ best practice in j=\ ths world., Gee, this ^_ is fun I /W Oh-ori! You've made me a lot prettier than Lhttter Gmta flru id* r* AS FOR THIS DERftRTMENT, THERE WILL BE NO SLEEP T7LLT.V. WIOOLES IS CAUGHT AND PLENTY (5 ROUND. .TO THOSE VOLUNCTEER SEAROMEFJS ODMBIWG THE CITY--TAKE WARNINCJr- TRAVEL IN RAIRS/ TWIS. MAN 15 ' AND AS A TRUCKLOAD OP SCRAP IRON ROLLS DOWM THE HCHWAV. A FAINT'CRV ISSUES. UNHEARD. FROM WITHIN. EARE5T POLICEMAW S. Brunch of m»th«m»Uo« *. (. Kiclamitlom · of dtllfht. t. Pan from on* . itat* another f. Seen* ot oetioa I. Health rwort ». Clrl) wrong 10. pieudonym 11. BeavtnJT body IT. Dei-ice (or catchinr II. L*t It 2S. Wrath Si. Old cloth m«aiur IL Poorest nart SEE FO'YO'SEUv" HOLDTIGMT.T'-AH'LL WORK UP A DOUBLE VISION.'?' HC WAWT SO INNERCEhJT JEDGIN'-FUMWHARAH HIM/r-HE'S-sW/.«-. .'.''---AH JESTCAIHT sAvrr,.scN. AH ISA YES / SON-AH CONJURED UP TH'.VISIOM.':''- AH DQME-oWp.1*. IjOCATCO YORE 29. Undlsclond 80. Born - 3L Watch eloadr SS. Isqulr* 94. Owns 35. Fish aaUM 17k Mu.lcej Instrument 40. Newt Bin 41 Sheet of wat«r abovt th* crest of weir '«. Aotlv* 44. Drug-yI»IdlBf plant 40. Musical 48. Lone flub W. Device for «O04S In shape KL Thrice: prita 51 OH, TELL ME MAMMY.T* \\MAR1S HIST'FN THIS EVER BIN DON INNERCENT RXPPV MINE? E FRENZIED WHIRLING STOPS-AND THEN-- ON tM AMN-WIUL They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo BUT, MR. VAN DORPE,/ I MSM NO HAVE BEEN VHARM...IT'S MDUR SO SWEET TO ME.. PLEASE DO NOT'HOLD MB'HERB ASAINST" AW WILL) GOOO, CHILD- THE WALLS VOICE-THAT SON6...IF WU GO, I MAY NEVER 'HEAR THEM A3AIN! BUT, WHEW ITS RAINING 'CAT TVIE: WY is BRIGHT AW SUNNX you C4NT GET A POLISH . RX LOVE OR MOME/ COME AW HOLLER- 6M WHERE'S MAKE ,4 LOOK AT W SHOE DO WHEM WE rmflTEO- HAVEN'T HIM AROUND TH'-NIGHTS ARE GETTIN BARQWNi EH'HER

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