Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 37
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 37

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 37
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B-8--INDEPENDENT (AM) LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE PRESS-TELESRAM (PM) loiw »t»di. urn., imiii. ffb. n. mi By Harold Gray MARMADUK' Oft MWONE DOCSIS COHPWSSJCHDflTA ! HSW70BWMIHE THIS6AMFIE CBTfllHEPB/My By Johnny Hart '·· vViLL \ ».-5 ME CM : " . . . This one is for knocking me off the ladder lost summer . . . and this one is for digging up my tulips . . . and this one . . . " ' AM' y* USE -mrs TO eox OFF IN CASE we GETS TOO HffT!' TERRY AND THE PIRATES »^- iv By Tom K. Ryan TUMBLEWEEDS FATHER.'THAI'S) ITIS AlSOASLAWEKCjnHEIWStt MOTTRUE' J FAMILY NAME-AS WSULT WHICH SAVINS THAT I WILL NOTAUOtf EVEN HAVE HONORABLE INTENTIONS/ PAUM ARE you SAWS V VICTOR TO BECOME THE SON-IN HESAYS rraLYA HECANTMAKE HE WAS SEWIN'SEQUINS ATTENTION, FUTURE OYE-PAUBERS! SOTHATYOOMAY KNOW WHAT COLORS THE SMARTLY WAR-PAINTED BRAVE IS SPORJ1NSTHIS SEASON, I HAVE ASKED THETRIBfefOP COLOR CONSULTANT ANP EXTERIOR DECORATOR TO ADPRESSYOU! SI TKWMy RAUSHTER ISN'T VJ (.AWOf A1 W.FOSSIBLE ;J COOP ENOUSH FOR 'OUS iilSLIAW-LOOKIMSSON? IT T'DAY! ...HE HAP A ACCIDENT! ON HIS BREECHCLOTH AN' m Bv Bob Montana ANIMAL CRACKERS IT TAKES \ 6OOD MISS BEAZLY/ WHAT'S TAKING SO LONB? TIA^F/TO BOIL. 1SRIEF.' 500 OF A SOW 1 . -HE MOST'VE Tf?IPPEDTHE RELEASE CATCH IT'SME AGAIM-THE FR1EWDLV ·IJLCIIOCOPII-EBIKD, THE WATER//WHY SO X WANT A SOFT-BOILED EGG. BUT MAKE SURE IT'S FRESH /. , . UNDERSTAND ? ) ( FRESH/ SWIM AROUND/ 40UKTAKTAK.- TAiwreo TOOFIES Bv Carl Grubcrl JILL, TELL MAMA IT IS Y MASTER OF THE KOUSE TO DO THE CARVINIS/y WASH WILL BE KEACV AS SOON AS MAMA CARVES THE MEAT.'r" THERE ARE, FLO - HOW PO I LOOK f EB.' YOU'RE WEARING YOUR NEW SUIT i TURN AROUNP H0LP STILL.... SOT A LOOSE THREAD HANGING MARK TRAIL CROSSWORD PUZZLE L WON THE CONSERVATION SOCIETY AWARD. JOHNNY/ IM REALLY ENJOYING THIS CYNTHIA ,,, BUT TOMORROW I HAVE A BIG JOB TO DO ANL") X MAY BE 6ONE A MONTH/ THAT'S A ) OOD WAY TO CATCW s, f DON'T UMONIA PRISC1LLA1 HAVE YOU LOST YOUf? SENSES ACROSS 1 Close 3 A«4ck: 10 Eject with vigor H IsUndin Hefaridss 1 5 Brownish fl«y 16 Narrativt 17 Novwnber, 1968 ' winner: 2 words 19 Stint tributary 20 fttdn #5 Dsvid of nwvies 66 Whin 67 Knights 63 Adolescen 69 Ravel 25 formal farewell 26 Globules 27 Mountebank 28 Ballroom dancer: compound 29 Number 31 Hairdresser's job 32 Unit of capacity 35 Merrymaking 38 Scenic view ·41 Exhilarating 44 Temporarily suspended ·45 Serious talks 50 Sharp taste 52 'Roentgen's discovery 53 Greek physician Musical work 55 Dress in Oicutta 56 Peace-minded one 57 Luminary 58 Italian city 59 62 Dessert 63 DOWN 1 Sibilant, sound 2 ^ Pueblo Indian 3' Army group 4 Pitch 5 Dragged one's feet 6 Colonel's insignia 7 Food fish 8 Unclose 9 Gotham: 2 word* 10 American novelist 11 Artist's need 1 2 In addition 13 Dandelion or such 18 Tobacco kiln 23 Nauncjl order 24 Broadway Bv Walt Disnev DONALD DUCK HAVE. YOU A!A\A-= \ DH.NO. BEEN A SCIENTIST:) ONCE UNCLE LUDWIG?/ I WAS A. BABY! Bv Dick Brooks JACKSON TWINS NICE TEV, JILL ? NO. HE'D STILL SO THBCE'S Y NDU S4V HE NO MESSY J DOESNT PiG ^OU. PUBLICITY / HOW HACt? HAVE FDR HIM ( . __ _ DNDEESTANDHIM? P FATHEI? S4YS 7WT BBN3 PARENT COESNTUJTO- MATICALLV MAKE YOU A GENIUS IN PSYCHOLOGY', "/OUBETTB? GO? £ HAVEN'T MUCH TIME t JEFF, IF CXJf? FATHEB REALLY A HAVE ME DOESNT WANT VOU, HE WONT I HUNTED COME HUNTING FOR ~OU f I DOWN -5TOXJR HOROSCOPE Toy JEANE lDI3CO3Sr (·"orccast for Fridav 22 Showed fartigue 24 Bit of 'land 25 Begrudge 26 Enjlilh novsiist 29 Dumb -30 Undergarfnent 33 Hanker 34 Qmffs 36 Japanese coin 37 Curved tnoldingi 39 Breakfast ilern 40 Luggage compartjnEnt /2 Vehicle 3 Guinea pigs "6 South African fox 47 Bridge defeat AS Aid*nd -^(9 Artist 5! Dislodgi 53 Ashy 54 Large h 56 Swearword 57 Mineral springs 60 Family member *1 Sorry 64 Atomic scientist I tec c^i^lina vciir. Oi)rortunilic-j occn ^0 · vou aie dec !o '.clctl me UCit course. The tcudcucv is lo !r/ tct exceed hniil.i lionb. Romanlic ventures arc not bo well tnvored, allhough wcll-tCjtctl rcliition- sdms arc quite likely lo remain intnct. Today's relives arc ocncral orudcnt, tal cnled in managing nioncy. and alert v.Hh scientific or intellectual curiosity. ARIES (March 21-AOHI 1»: You nave the or.dortunity to improve vour standing by becoming more coooerative. Determined insistence on vpur own wav in some mailers will surely boomerang. Think whal vou have missed l)lc- ''TAURUS (Aoril !0-May W. Put in a full dav concentratlno on the routines. Clear oft V.II.TI you can. TaKc inlo flc- count (tie oace ol other people and thus avoid frustration. GEMINI (May 31-Junc 10: None ol vour I lends is really quite with vou in v;ur mood. Ju.1 oo aiono with v;h.itcvcr tixpeals to you, and they will '"in vou by and tiv il vou (1 j no! cfluse tensions. I'aticnce is the watcnv/ord. CANCER (June JI-Julv 111: Tidy un i-lcanng piogram cd v/avs. LIBRA ISept. J3-OCI. J7I: PatiCilfr br romoa the hardest virtue :odav .!· everything tcndj to to v.vrv. Manage ^ litllc time oul lor divcisiLn fluring the djy. KcLpitalitv tonighl liclcs bypass the uresiurcs. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): The lend cncv is lor vou to exccnrt moic energy than the results Justify. Take II easier and space out efforts a bit. An excellent time to improve your did regime, drop bad habits. Mull over these this evening. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. J2-DCC. Jl): Yuungcr almost certainly po^c a complex problem before the dfiv is out. I Expect delays in any travel. Couriers j mix things up a bit loo. The evening will ; probably be full cl leftovers from the I dav's confusion. CAPRICORN (D«c. J2-Jan. HI: II vcu ran net some orivricv. even tor part ol I (he day, vou wilt .1 mrst ocsliablr purchase of long-wanted lleml. Pav no nttenllon to people ^el I 1 ' high picssurc Find i pood show tonltjht. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Fch. 18): Our ' MISS J'tALM MISS PEACH Hr Melt Ltnm mo out. tinwcnna noics. MiiKc n looo fvcnii.g ot (nil. Vou mnv »ol oct as jini .1 c'l'ince !or i w'lilr. LEO Uulv 23-Aun. 2J): Diroci vour at- ejiiion to connection;., fricn'Js antJ rcla ive* ifli' flvviiv; make a firn 1 effort lo .l.ililiiii or miprovfc rciOliollihlRi. Tlifl vcnino i lies) tocnt in studv, prflVf VIRGO (Auo. 33*5rpt. :i): Your mini i'(ii'. conlinur to tit yftur bcvl flii(ie on IS 10 1,1 I'D i) wccKcnd iriu. If vou mut M out, finil seme -lyinDolir journey inln nrw cxDCilcnce cr undcrstniiding of it (p v.-hcrp vou a r c. Try lo oxprei 1 .. vourscit a hll i'i wciling or tlic iirt 1 .. PISCES (PCD. 19-M.irCti 79): P.irlnrn are c.isicr lo find toiiav. Your Irrcdooi »( rlioice i*. IflrflPlv one o' iUcVnio ih'* mow) vou wish Coonerfllinn in vrn'iirr-. i I PD EVERYTHIt46 THEY TF-LL WE TO, IN ALL THE TV

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