Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1964 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1964
Page 12
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Have'.-A 5 "New! Figure For Easter! Mrs; Coiigle ; Is No' Longer Ashamed To See Herself Here von see Katherine Coogle is she loolcd i short tirne| Here you see Mrs. Couple with Pit Waller, the National jo. She is wearin;; 1 size 18 soil, in i measures 42VVJ4-42- She^Fipure Authority. Mrs. Cougle is we MU I; ijo. She ii wearin;; · size 18 soit,~ini raenures 42VVJ4-4Z. She^Fipure Authorirr. Mrs. Cougle is weiring i size 12 sheath. She had triel diets. pill% eitrriw inj shots. As i result she became|re4»:ed 4. inches iround her busline, S inches fr'ora her wiisr. i 'Kxipie-iiKhcct'' skeptical tyfe until she reduced, the Pitjy^ inches from abdomen, 6'/J inches from her hips, J inches ~~ " r war, to i size 12 that she is today. ifrom e*i thi'sh, J^ inches from each irm tnd }4 inches overall. | Then. I tilled to you. AndlESS this when I first rrjSlyouri is ia my confidence, i you give me hope. I iepticaDylyoa. My husband hauls out the|woraaa'i tarriij*. my fajd» ia !fol!oiei your irvice. (One it'size 18 suit I wore the day I.looticj tit t worms -- i --- 'i whirl. Kay, it's your last re-lcirr.e t i your salon ind cp'p:,woraia not ishamrd to see her- Thari you for being my per- sort.) A few weels went by. Il'Try it on, for licls. honey.":se!f a; others see her. soral magician. I see rruny jlcat tea pounds. All 1 could And there ire scv dresses in' la short, think you. Luff other women at your sa!on forjiint of was: I'm cot gaining! my closet. SIZE TWELVES.[Wizard--Miss Hooini--lovely when you "wne the wind"(UNBELIEVABLE. This hida't My husband has i new look in Pit Viler. Thick jou is oth- snd perhaps yoa ire their mi- happened in three years of try- his eyes when I wear them. Jos have thanked yoa for aik- ' ' My hosfcinj tells ce I loot in j me proud to be me. Think you for being ray feminine Houdini (Or Aladdin... there ire otKen, tale youi'with your plaa,"Miss Wilier. I choice.) But you must realty bCjWas mating it it last! More!; Oish diets, docton, pills -eves shots t.iJ psychology. Bur, young £iio. AnJ I saule K- rretly. Bring t vomia. Pit; I KNOW that the fflus'on of r Sinctrcly, * Katrrart " TRIAIMLXT AND FIGURE AXALYSIS Try it Yoa caa have i com- treitrxnt ind figure it no obligation. Most omea see changes ia 10 days. Do you remember »hen f away. And ill 'of this (as ft! Under Pit Waller's scienticic' WADDllDop to you? Me, of'should be) with my husband's personalized ruidance, women the crossed finpers. "tonpue He wanted me SLlM-JciB slim down is epdlj- ind ihccL" type, "NO ONE can | Then. five more pounds dis-|a^Iy is the 5 million women wcrlea ^ ltaa ~tt ^ help me." I »aU,ed into your'solied into sruce. And husband,*!*) ha\e successfully reduced if,-,, ulon, chip on shoulder. kVRiIrh uii *1 jtrst cia believe i'Uh tlu's service, ^isrfs ire only J..OO. nuse A N Y T H I N G I did it. lor so long, you've tried » You t« Jose ··here you reed | For more tn/ormation phore wouldn't stop my weight goini'hard." · to lose ind you'll enjoy doing iMalf 4-0672 or HEmlocfc upward FAST. Diets, rill*) Thanli to you (my personal it. Pat Wallet's personalized, J-2973, 9 am. to 9 pja. Mon- exerdw, sHoti -- "think thia"; mipciia) Pat Wilier. I'm now comfortable service males ilea-,day thru Friday. Collect «Ui I d tried them it!. JTWLNTY-FIVE P O U N D S Periling i pleasure. 1 mvrtei Lakewood Woman Reduces 49 Inches; From Size 16'/2 to Perfect Size 10 Mis. Misilrai ii photogr ipte J with Miss Pit Walker, J Here jou see Blinche Mitukas ts she Joels today the tutionilly-known figure torioriry, it the start' .'wearing t size 10 instead c f * size 1/2- Pit Wilier cf her treitrcents. IMrs. MiruUi is i size l/ 2 , '. a checiiig her weight and indi ksscs. She kis le- weighj 147% rounds tad h» been battling the indies ' ! eJuccJ J inches from fccr waist, 9 inches from her tnd weight problem for irreril jeiis. At the fight r abdomen, 6 inches from her hips, 6 inches from her you'll see Mrs. ManaVaj is ihe locls fa her new slirn thighs. 4 inches from her tipper irms ind 47 inches size 10 figure. ' over i!L }V«t«;--Tl« f*n««bz v*t wrtt-'Prf ^ In, bit tprixr \J Mrt. KlurhfXjIo,, M*i*k*« after »Kty 1 wrrkij · j --- - -* · -»l»°wi« inro the lilewood Salon j a t f f l fce on the beach thii sma-'starre it «ff. Fte ilv tost t't atr'i fcv short wecls t-o with or.e'mrr wearing i size 12 iwia-jirxhes in the wi!3, t\'j i ' ··* »,of or office mrpioytti, wbo'sait. [ia the ihdorcea, 4 inches But tlm »· kit ronpletr WiUct'i Stiuf/er Systea'gone » earlier this I diJ I sad I don't hive that IcooJJ ^ t a rfj f^n, ,,, ^ look ca toy fjce ind netfc that Kfa ' »««£«« f*"* »** f*« 1*««1 «rf «« »«« »·*» ' r*4 «* tost J^j t+rlrrt ibt II. M'l. Emit M LtltvonJ ind r I mj inted Mr emflojre naj cas Start Reducing i\ov to Wear The i\ev Spring Clothes Knowing jfigure rrot . [sioce DJ f-re reirold child wu Miss Wler says s!irt reduu£| iora, i fcecime Ter; interested now before bajir-l joor tnrjja Pit Wila'i Sfac.'fcr Pro- Sfrxg clothes, that tBaw ea'pjra foe mpeU. rooo for bul^tj or basfs. When I went in for or ip- Surt reducisz ccw to join Ihe rxx-ttmeat, the neascrei rs 'Eister Pirade" tch i crv it-'iad told tee where I would Iricthf ft£crr. GetfocrseV inta'lcne ind what it would cost Jure to tear shrarhs. iwim-'roe ind how lonj it would tale. icu ind ill the ether wirm Vj fcssbind lad two dul- werhct f=a clothes. Idrea ire real frood cf wlui 1 ( Sirt reducia^ r^-w ind !rt four[ira doirj. h a sore tkt to fifve flattrr your rlothrs tad think thoot thii soBmet ind! Tccr clothes »J1 flatter ycx^'iH the thj cloches I intend to. fijcre. Ibuy icl weir. If I lij ee!}.- . rnrflojtti, wbo'sait. " [ia the ihdorcea, 4 inches from to reduce, that we! Yoa Life to hrte hid sorae.of hrpi lad 3Vj inches en e*Ji odd hiTc tfie ihaue to til had figsre faults to rally Lnow|th::lL irh Pat XTilrr rcnooiUr. jho» I felt. No natter what I| 1 was Kpttzisf into i 161/j ce » boojht not Iwv I carDoofiiged,dress size when I went there. bt'ra/ Trore, the froMercs ttiH Fo cow weH en ray »af to a , ,, for h«. Min'sriowel [size 17. I credit Miss 'WiRer WiHet meattred her tnd «- I kite lost \-\'j rounds ia for ill «f the wondcrfol thia^ -·-"--· ho» the P ' o j "O F* frte weets ind I\e lost the thj* ire ha^pcnirn to r*. It caie i Jot ci sense'poundi where I seeded to lose] --Bljivhe Maiutas had mme bad , of cr c« PAT WALKER'S STAUFFER SYSTEM SALONS LAKEWOOD CENTER 4998 Facallj --MEfcalf 44)672 DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH 423 East Firs! St. -- HEmlock 2-2973 mi Valdated Parlinjs Sat to Dowucwn Salon HOURS: 8 a.m. lo 9 p.m. Men. thru Frf. OTHER LOCATIONS Honolnlu, Reseda, Pasadtaa, Saa Francisco Wed in Serbian Tradition Centuries-old Serbian tra- dittans were carried out Saturday when' Mary Lavonne Hydea -became the bride of Sieve Krai Jr. ia a fjf'J. ^ «,,*»·'. ceremony »t St. Steven's r ft,*, jj , ,r f ' --j» Serbian Orthodox Cathedral ia ABiansbra. Ftve-hundred guests wit cessed the vow exchange and also were present for the reception and dinner-dance which followed at Pacific Coast Club. Daughter of Mrs. Mary Austin Hyden, 1 101 E. Ocean Blvi, the bride was gowned ia floor-length Italian silk mist. Lace traced with crys- tas formed the bodice and panel front, with the Italian mist skirt sweeping to a cathedral train. Crystal and pearl petals held her tiered fingertip length veil and she carried a cascade of white roses, stephanotis. and lilies of the valley with pearls. She was given in marriage by her uncle, D. E. Austin. Gowns of Italian red velvet and bouquets of Bacarro roses and pink carnations were chosen for bridal attendants. Mrs. Carl Kloster was matron of honor and Darlene. Sally Ann and Mary Helen Kril, sisters of t h e bridegroom. Roianne Brown. Mrs. Michael E. Brown and Mrs. James Berry were bridesmaids. Flower girls Penelope Martin. Andriana Krale and Kimberly Kr»l wore king dresses of pink velvet. The ringbearer. Peter Doder, carried the wedding rings on the same pillow used 34 years ago at the marriage of t» IOlX MASTtliOH- W E , T H E TYRONE POUCH was selected to attend as best man and ushers were Theodore Polich Jr.. Walter Steven Rados, Robert Doder. William Dean O'Hare, Michael Ledde! and Robert RiK±ti tea, B-+--INDEPENDENT II. A home in El Dorado Park Estates awaits the newlyweds' return April 1 from a honeymoon visit to Hawaii. Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea. The new Mr*. Krai was graduated from Polytechnic High School as was her bus- Time for a New Youl LET US CREATE A KtTT HAIR JTVI£ ESPECIALLY TOR YOU Get One of IVe's I'mi»u^ O3t Frtn Multnr CoU Vare 6 Oeme Shampoo inj Wi^e . . . Includes Oeme Rinse X0 AppQKlWi IIEE'S Beauty Shop 2337 Lonj Bex* Blvd. ROOMFUL OF %-itil women -- and some very smtrt men present to mingle with them -- wis setting last week for Women's Division of the Chamber of Commerce meeting at Mr. (7s, There and presiding smartly, with husband Bob at her side, was President Rosemary Westmyer. *·" Speaker of the night was our own Malcolm Epley who told amusingly about the problems of being a daily columnist (amen?) and other matters newspaperese. Proving that you can't win them xD, no matter what a m u s i n g anecdotes you come across In the daily grind, *Mae** told of stories he has accepted as fact from ·usually reliable'' sources only to discover they appear almost simultaneously throughout the country. The one, for instance, where the man asks a neighbor woman to give his stalled car a push but informs her he has to be going 35 miles an hour before Us automatic transmission would take over to start. So, as you well (you must, of course) recall the story, the goes around the block a couple of times until the reaches the supposedly desired speed then whacks him ia the bumper unto it comes out his headlights, practically. And so it goes. He did say he could speak authentically, h o w e v e r , about the antics of his dog. Sycan (who is locally fi- mous for browsing, gastronomically. t h r o u g h such viands as everything from Christmas lights to tennis shoes). Even here, he said, his reports brought a rebuff. This time from a man in Denver who scoffed in writing that HIS dog's favorite delicacy was eating the tait- lijhts out of. automobiles. You can't top anybody. Even with your own best story. Bat back to the meeting. A few in the roomful cf those present were Elsie and Francis Merchant, Lucille Garvin. Ken and Evelyn A relatively new test for toms appear, a weaker neu- Hemphil!. Florence and Dr. the diagnosis of food allergy tralimg dose of the same Orville Cole and on and on has been pronounced "safe provocative food extract until the chairs were fined. produces relief from symp- . . . . toms. WHEN Mrs. Steve Krai Jr. bar.d. She now is a senior at attended Claremont Men's the bridegroom's parents. Long Beach State College. College. He also is a mem- Mr, and Mrs. Steve Krai. Krai, current president of ber of Masons, Shrine and 3839 Linden Ave. Long Beach Century Club. Elks. !».. frt. X. 1H4 AND YOU 'Safe, Accurate 1 Seal Given Allergy Test By BEN ZKSER Mt«cil-Sci«ic and accurate" after nearly 50.000 trials. The procedure is called the provocative food test. It consists of an in-the- skin injection cf a potent food extract in an attempt to elicit food allergy symptoms. The extract contains anywhere from one to 25 food substances. If a person is allergic to one of the foods in the injected extract, symptoms like those he normally experiences after eating the food will show up in 10 to 20 minutes- Symptoms may include nasal congestion, headache, coughing, itching in the ear, stomach upset, fatigue, chilling, muscular pain, drow- sines, skin eruption] and itching, wheezing, nausea and vomi ting. The injections are made in the upper arm. Several tests can be run during a tingle office visit. Curiously, when symp- Thus the procedure holds promise for treatment, too. For a dilute dose of food extract will also correct symptoms induced by the eating of a food. The procedure a extremely safe, researchers say. Seven doctors have performed 46.662 tests without a single violent reaction, according to a report in Archives of Otolaryngology. Only 12 patient! in the entire series required medication for relief of symptoms provoked by the test. Clarttian Guild will entertain with a dessert luncheon and afternoon of cards Wednesday noon at Machinist* Hall, 723 Eta Ave. Elsken and Eunice are in public is welcome. Serve creamed mushrooms over sliced California avocado on toast for a quick but very tasty main dish. LILVIi HE/ICH IIXLY FLATS CHARM SHOP DRESS SHOES AIR STEP TALL 'N SMART Vq'u.i «· SALE DAYS! $ 3 *4 $5 ll.M V.'.ti ta 2 2 ? I !iALi: i:i\ll!i MARCH I I was informed that Bella and John Snyder were going to move to Sun Valley to be closer to his work ia Bin-bank, hist about his a snow bank. Then I found out that Sun Valley, apparently. Is x new subdivision in the hSls above Borbankv not the Idaho resort. John works for Cathedral Films, incidentally. The Snyders, such longtime residents (John was born and reared here, so this win be REALLY pulling up roots), will make the move next Friday. They'll go w i t h their brand new baby daughter, Patricia Alison, born just a couple of weeks ago (shell never realize she is a native of our town) and their three other youngsters. Goodwill Unit Sets Program After an 11 ajn. bus mess session ind luncheon Tuesday at Wightman Memorial Goodwul Industries, 600 W. Pacific Coast Highway, the Women's Aux2iiry to GWI will present a program. Featured will be vocalist Estrer Thompson of Grace Methodist Church and Rev. Tadao Hara, Long Beach State College faculty member. The Rev. Mr. Hara, former kamikaze pilot, will speak on his conversion to Christianity and his plans for missionary t e a c h i n g when he returns to his hotr. rear .Tokyo, Japan. You |us» sel ONE die! with lh« new DIAlCn WUUM R. tniEl . 1 K«i»i»j I fcrrttl Bir M I'jHl I-IM7 u Kl 112(4 I

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