Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 22
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«·. *« J HH--.Pi at " ' ' . »·*-. Ur* I }«» -U»rtf l*3l«J - Tturv. Urt «. UU Beans Peaches Early Garden Del Monte Cat Green Dei Monte er Golden Com Del Monfe Sliced or Halved Del Monfo Tome" 0 ® 5 Zucchini _ Lamb Pork Loin Roast Corned Beef Brisket Sofcwo/i Own UiDX Chotcs Bcneleu Mi!d Cvr» Loin End OR Rib End (Full Hall ;.- IU9c) «· 37 c Sofwnay SBod-AB Barf or A3 Mtct Bologna, Kd!s Kmienlp, Speed limch. Old FasKoned er Lamb Roast PERFECT EATING GUARANTEE E»ery cnt of fine Safewoy Bert b tmeondiSoncDy guaranteed. U yoo don't ogre* trt cbsofuttTy ds- . tdcwj li every way, yew eor.ty *5H bs courteously refunded. Sliced 'N' Tied Roasts Easy fa Carve or Use os Chops 5-Rib Lamb Shoulder Pork Lorn End Roast Old Fashioned Country Cure Farmer John Bacon U.S.D.A.ChoIc» SqvareCut Shoulder 11 1D 37' Luncheon Meats 3 r« pka* i Somerset Franks 49 Del Monta Fruit Cocktail Sherbet ' t {ffSnow Star left Cretan Ctn. Del Monte Swwt Pickle Chips HravCifcpAppefizSng 3 ^,5100 Btfc ^JftJBMfcHr '1 Pel MonfB Tomato Catsup 6 Bib. 00 Maxwell House Vacuum Pack 1-lD« CoWbrobk--Ideal for Cooking Vacuum Peck Tender, Juicy I-Hfc pVg. 4 Center Cut Pork Chops Lamb Shoulder Chops Large Loin Lamb Chops Small Loin Lamb Chops Kib Rssnd Bon* Oi^ b, 79* er Ko lamb Chop* or Kb Ey* Icib Chops Ib, 67 C 67 C 89° 98 C Sliced In Its Ona Pound Pcckogs Piece Cvt From The Sbb. Any Siza Mb, Ib. c c ·Lamb Breasf Ib. 10* lamb Shanks imxA.Chc.ka Ideal fa Brois» n. -- I C I Captain Choice Frozen Scallop Dinners Fishsticks Bel-air Frozen !*«. Fresh Caught Flavor 8-oi. pkg. 6 Green Peas Chopped Broccolr-10-ovac* StfCtofoih--JO-oonc* poclog* Ptos and Carrots--I Oovnc* Leaf Spinach--12-eotm paclceg* Chopped Spinach--11-ownc* Cooked Squaih--T*-evitc» padcog* Your Choice F $100 6:1 Fish Cakes Monterey Jack Cheese WW Whole MHfc IL CC^^ aunkorSk ID. Imported Danish Cheese ^%f\ti Soirsotff Tyeo, EJdtfV · v V|f ^Vv Tiller Port Sofot ID, O^ Lucerne Cottage Cheese e TO END SATURDAY APRIL 6th Plenty of Time to Win $100 Prizes! We will conKnve Jo grva Sp«II Cash Card* up to closing lima Saturday night, April 6. After thai dot« you itffl have up to 15 day* »o claim cny prlio yoo may have won.' Bananas tr pbcan* lo WT "·. itetao't *· Com* t to today . . . for a cartfal cf waodtrfd "spring ·*· Fancy Qualify Central American Kpened to Perfecfion In Sohwer/i Own RIpeung Rooms Tender Asparagus Large Crisp Celery Dried Prunes Dried Figs Dried Apricots Union Brand Ib. 10° Sugar Granulated (Save 5*) W Zee Assorted Colors (Save 8*) m A j| Giant Towels 4. 1 fenKxia Ton Kan* ·note* N.M.J. Huwell House Inshnl Tabto Syrnp Enpress Apple BuHer Sandwich Spread PIcUa Chips Afw. WrlgWs Fresh Coffee Cakes ·{T «' 29* 49« -"Special Liquor Values ^^*-^ Stanfon's Gin Brandy it.cntrrr · n Creme de Menthe Wafer's Cnmt d« Cocoa, M Proof, tcttt Walker's Vodka Bourbon Deluxe ATLANTIC al ANAHEIM LONG BEACH *r JZJS *3 M ~ Spring Garden Supplies -- Howarran Magic Makh * 98 "S" Brand Peat £3 *ir 98 S Braira Niliu Compost » TOT Spoogmna Peat "TST £T 98« Liquid Fertifizer r^L *Sf 98* Red Star Gro Giro ilf BagGeta PeHets iS Azalea Plants 'ST 98 Duncan Nines 4fe C4 Cake Mixes - 0' 1 GerbeKs Strained Fruits or Vegetables^ Baby Food -1 TJ* fvory Flakes / / WW end Gcnrft Dash Detergent H«ov/ Out/ Cheer Detergent »'·«· 7Qc Ivory Snov/ HwrylMy » l / T For DcWy W=I»H« Fanner or LorgaCwnJ .Ij-quart earhw 49* MnM LONG BEACH Aiefcelm ct Arleette 4S07 E, Spris9 St. Octaa Ehri. at LMagite* .45(0 AHostic Arc. 23S W. Fevtk St. f l O E. Broadway 714 tit* Art. 2780 E. Smith St. 2500 Santa F« AT*. LAKEWOOD 4f12 Kardwick Arc. PARAMOUNT 13540 S. Paromoirat NORWALX 10032 E. Resccrou DOWNET 7320 Ror«mct Are. COMPTON 220 E. WiUowbreek WaMINGTON 1055 5. AtaJo. GARDENA 1J725 S. Vermont FALOS YEROES Hawtken* SUttf LOMITA , Hut Snob R*eu!ar orJeOySna3i 29c Frwfc Banna Cake Sesame Rolls , Rabte Bread TORRANCE Canei Westem FUUERTON 434 W. Cemmoiw«ahk ANAHEIM 3170 W. Uacofa Six* Grade A A Fresh Eggs Iwmn Dressing ' ' Ertry egg suaraniMii flavor p«f*ct LlCOnie Tarifll ^ lucema brand Cream O* fh» Crop LocernO Salad Urge Size ^49* Medium Size 1 ^ 43' ^IQ" Milk Extra Large ^51' Large Size ^47' Lucerne Yogurt ·rlU* 29' 35' Si 2V 23* £M5* IS-tl, }M K»a»y IMy Salvo Tablets Meosartd D*fcr;ert Dur Detergent V^Kl KrtflWW3T§ Tide Detergent »:«*· Q Qc Heavy CM/ ' * Ow Dreft Detergent war ' Oxydol Detergent «« QQc Joy Detergent nWiwr ' f r OO Forces j ic Ivory Liquid ^LL I f\_^^M^^J ^·^P · |VW^^*V 57 C Downy Softener ^ CWocur 4 i'A-«QO« c.» jy 21J5 Pocifie Coast Hwy. 135 S. Umo« St. GAKDEN GROVE Gardti GreTt Jnt East of Hwy. 3t fill Ckapmaa 12741 HaAor Ihi. Westmbster at Ytroaa SPECIALS EFFECTIVE Tfcm, Fit, $a», SB^. Afra 4, $, 1,7.1 f43 e* efl feed Safeway ifcrw b Lot Aagele* tad Ortmg* conHc«, tzeept Arabi. fomowj. Clartmett S A FEW AY «cornb«HT, itw-JHWtM Awvot Mi, JARWAT STOOJ; WCOITOIATIO r«i r»rt ot Safeooyt AppBaU Ta Thrill Detergent BLUE » CHIP Cascade DTsRwovMT Deferjw* Mr..Clean in. 35 e 89' 45 C 36 e sunn frfcwl Hi Ho Crackers SoahtM Bdmt Yoban Coffee VandeKamp's products at Atlantic Anaheim/ Long Beach; Avalon at Pac. C»t. Hwy., Wilmington R E D T U L I P SPECIALS THL1ti-C.-n, APlCt. 4-7 CHOCOUTt PECAN CAKE LOS CATC NUT UJAF

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