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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 4
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L«H MM*, tM- man risks to heart told Smoking, blood pressure, fats top stress factors By AL ROSSITER JR. MARCO ISLAND, Fla. (UPI) -- The idea that stresses of modern life are playing the major role in the nation's heart-disease epidemic has been challenged here by doctors who believe smoking, high blood pressure and blood f a t s are more important. The question is import a n t because, once answered, it would help better pin down the ways vulnerable A m e r i c a n s could attempt to modify their lifestyles and reduce the toll from the nation's No. 1 killer. · As it now stands, most heart specialists agree on ihe basis of a number of studies that high blood pressure, heavy cigarette smoking and high levels of cholesterol in the blood are major factors in the development of heart disease. But Dr. Ray H. Rosenman, coauthor with Dr. Meyer Friedman of the best seller "Type A Behavior and Your Heart," said at an American Heart Association science writers' seminar that those three risk factors account for only one- third of the cases of heart disease in the United States. ROSENMAN said there must be another factor and he and Friedman believe it is a pattern of behavior they call Type A. Someone with Type A behavior would be aggressive, competitive, impatient, restless and always in a hurry"There's really a great deal of documentation of t h i s , of widespread consensus from many places in the world," Rosenman said. He believes studies indicate that the increase of heart disease during the recent decades is not p r i m a r i l y a result of changes in diet, increased smoking or high blood pressure. That view, however, was disputed by Dr. Richard S. Ross, director of the Johns Hopkins Medical School cardiovascular division in Baltimore, and Dr. Jeremiah Starnler, chairman of the department of community health at Northwestern University M e d i c a l S c h o o l ROSS said he recognized an association between behavior and heart disease, but he said there is no evidence to say that behavior ranks with high blood pressure, smoking and cholesterol as major risks for heart disease. Stamler said diets have changed in the last 60 years and he said he has no doubt that smoking is one of the factors thai has increased the incidence of heart disease . Meanwhile, a pioneering government s t u d y showed Wednesday that the use of drugs to reduce fat levels in blood failed to improve the survival rate of coronary patients. The results of the five- year drug trial were a major disappointment to cardiologists ' who hoped that drugs widely used to reduce cholesterol levels would help prevent recur' rent heart attacks and reduce death rates by as m u c h as 25 per cent among heart patients. STAMLER, director of the project, noted t h a t 70U.OOO people, m o s t l y over 35, die annually from heart attacks. F i v e different d r u g s were tested in a study involving 8,341 coronary patients at 53 clinics. Three d r u g treatments were dropped early in the trial because they were doing more harm than good. Two others, clofibrate and niacin, proved to be of no benefit w h e n results of groups taking the drugs were compared with a group taking a duiumy drug. "In terms of patient survival or reduction in risk from cardiovascular problems, the benefits of drug therapy were vanish- ingly small," said the National Heart and Lung Institute. PRESS-TElEGRAMjPM^ .. n»n.. iv, m CUT '4 GAL! 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Hrpllnr MT.'I'I lim-l. (il ni"-l \inirii.iii- Physicists ask caution on A-manis M. Associated Press A Nobel laureate who played a major role, in developing the atoptiic bomb says the United State's and other nations are building nuclear power plants too quickly, without sufficient consideration of the dangers to future generations. "I think we should move a little more slowly" in the area of nuclear energy, said Harold C. Urey, 81. Speaking at a Los Angeles news conference held Tuesday by the California Committee for Nuclear Safeguards, which hopes to place an initiative mandating further safeguards on the 1976 state ballot, Urey said: "I mistrust, in a way, everyone who has worked on the problems. They have spent a substantial fraction of their productive lives trying to make power by this . method. If we don't build these plants their efforts will have been wasted, thrown away." Dr. Hannes Alfven, like Urey a professor at the University of California at San Diego, was also at the hews conference, speaking against haste in developing nuclear power sources. All- ! ven was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1970. Urey won his for chemistry hi 1934. In his State of the Union message last week, President Ford called for 200 new nuclear power plants to be operating in the United . States within the next decade. There are now 53. Study links X-ray care with cancer CHICAGO (AP) -- An unusually high incidence of cancer of the thyroid is being seen hi adults who were treated with irradiation of the head and neck as children, researchers report. The study confirms earlier reports about what the researchers call "a continuing important public health problem." Dr. Samuel Refetoff and colleagues in the thyroid- study unit at the University of Chicago wrote the report, published in today's issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. They examined 100 adult patients who had, as children, received irradiation -- primarily in the form of X rays -- for tonsils, adenoids, the thymus, acne and other things. THE PATIENTS had been treated at 56 institutions or offices and went to the University of Chicago Hospitals after learning that childhood irradiation of the head and neck might result in adult cancer. Until 15 years ago, irradiation was often used to treat various childhood diseases, a practice which has been discontinued. Twenty-six of the 100 patients examined were found to h a v e abnormalities of the thyroid, and the p h y s i c i a n s recommended surgery for 18 of these. The others had a thyroid disease not requiring surgery. Fifteen were operated upon and seven were found to have cancer. Eight had nonmalignant growths. The researchers point out that the overall 7 per cent rate of cancer in these patients was higher than expected AN EARLIER study of 938 patients irradiated as children at Michael Reese Medical Center in Chicago showed that 23 per cent had thyroid abnormalities. Tissue studies in 69 o( these showed that 25 had cancer.

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