Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 26, 1973 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 26, 1973
Page 9
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Fayetleville Man Appointed Folk Center Administrator LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- William David Newbern of Fayetteville has been appointed administrator of the Ozark Folk Culture Center at Mountain View, according to William E. Henderson, director of the slate Department of Parks and Tourism. Newbern is currently assistant professor of the School of Law at the University of Arkansas. He was:acting dean of the School of Law from September 1972 until Feb. 1, 1973. Henderson said Newbern would hold the top position at the Folk Center. He said Newbern had indicated he would name other key members to his staff within the next few days; Henderson said that although Newbern will complete the current term at the Law School, Newbern will, through consultation, Immediately assume a leadership role in staff and policy planning of the Folk Center. The term ends in May. The center has been under construction since October 1967 Built at a cost of $3.390,000, it is scheduled to open April 14. Newbern was born in Okla FBI Taps Phones Of Reporters, White House Aides NEW YORK (AP) -- Time magazine says the FBI tappet the telephones of several re porters and White House aide over a two-year period ending last June. The tapping was done unde the authorization of John IS Mitchell, who was then U.S. at torney general, the magazin reported. Time said Sunday in Its cur rent issue: The .White House asked fo the taps because it was con cerned by a series of new leaks, but the operation uncov ered no leaks. The practice was stoppe when the U.S. Supreme Cour ruled that wiretapping require a court order even in domesti security cases. Mitchell and his successor A l l y . Gen. Richard G Kleindienst both denied the re port which came from four un named sources In the govern ment. The taps affected the teli phones of "six or seven" ur named reporters and an undi closed number of White Hous aides. The surveillance bega with a tap on one reporter telephone about three yea ago, expanded later, and wa continued last spring for 1 months by acting FBI Direct L. Patrick Gray III after J. E gar Hoover died. ma City and grew'up in Fa- tteville. He is a member of e bar of the Supreme Court ot rkansas, U.S. District- Court r the Western District of Aransas, U.S. Supreme Court nd the U.S. Court of Military ppeals. He is married to the former arolyn Lewis of Fayetteville. Senate To Probe Operation Of Multi-Natlonals WASHINGTON AP) - The economic impact at home ot operations of U.S. corporations abroad comes in for Senate scrutiny today. Sen. Abraham Ribicoff, D- Conn., chairman of the Senate subcommittee on international .rade, said that the activities of jig corporations in world money markets will be one subject Flamboyance Doesn't Count In Irish Republic Election By COLIN FROST DUBLIN (AP) -- It Jack Six Persons Killed On State Roads y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Six persons were killed on rkansas highways during the eekend, including two in sepa- ate motorcycle accidents. State Police said Kirk Reed, 1, of Pine Bluff strangled Sun- ay afternoon when a rope oiled around his neck became ntangled in the rear wheel of he motorcycle he was riding nd the vehicle overturned. Au- lorities said David Heed, 13, f Pine Bluff was driving the motorcycle. The accident oc- urrcd on a county road about our miles northwest of Pine Jluff. Harold W. Hill, 32, of Manila vas killed Saturday night when is motorcycle he was riding truck a pickup truck on Aransas 18 about three miles ast of Manila. Officers said he truck, driven by Gene A. 'aimer, 30, of Manila turned in ront of the motorcycle. of study. Increasingly," he said, "questions . are being asked about the role American mul tinationals have been playing in currency movements and the export of American jobs and technology as well as the implications of their operations on national interests." Ampng those scheduled to appear before the subcommittee today were White House trade expert Peter Flanigan and Donald M. Kendall, chairman of Pepsico, a major corporation with international operations. The subcommittee is seeking nformation on how the nation's ,rade position can be improved and whether foreign trade barriers encourage the shift of U.S. jobs, production and technology overseas. Allen Baker, 62, of Holly Irove was struck and killed ;arly Sunday on Arkansas 1 about three miles south of Mar- 'ell. Officers said Baker was itanding in the highway when struck by pickup truck driven by Billy R. Hopper, 43, of Turner (Phillips County). . Gerald Heifner, 25, of Cove .Polk County) was killed Saturday night when the car he was driving crashed on Arkansas 8 about 12 miles west of Mena. Nancy T. Brimingham, 61, ot ine Bluff was killed early Saturday when the car she was driving was struck by a large ruck at the junction of Arkansas 159 and U.S. 65 south of he Lake Village city limits. Samuel T. Pounds, 60, of Colorado City, Tex., driver of the truck, told authorities said that the woman's vehicle ran a stop sign and pulled out in front of him. Tyrone McVicker, 3, of Strong died Friday night at an El Dorado hospital of injuries received earlier in the evening when the car In which he was riding crashed on U.S. 82 about two miles east of Strong. Officers said Albert Norman, 21, of Unions Opposing Health Policies Threaten Strike LONDON (AP) -- Prime Minister Edward Heath's Conservative government faces a day-by-day challenge from 600,DOO militant unionists opposing his anti-inflation policies to hold down wage increases. The unions are threatening daily strikes or slowdowns over a broad range of the nation's economy to force a change. The government now limits weekly wage increases to about $2.40 plus 4 per cent of the wages. Gas workers are expected to expand their two-week slowdown, which has .cut gas supplies in the industrial Midlands. Railroad union leaders see little chance of averting a 24- hour nationwide strike at midnight Tuesday. Civil servants will,post pickets for the first time in history outside ministries in Whitehall when 280,000 government em- ployes strike for 24 hours Tuesday. And about 3,005 London teachers are planning lo strike from Tuesday to Thursday. Lynch, a mild-mannered and retiring lawyer, loses Wednesday's general election, his job as prime minister of the Irish Republic will go to Liam Cosgrave, another mild-mannered and retiring lawyer. Flamboyance counts for nothing in modern Irish politics. The Irish these days iike to see themselves as sober, industrious and sensible people. And sobriety, industry and sensibility are the qualities they look for in. their political leaders. Cosgrave is 52 and the leader of Fine Gael, which literally means 'Tribe of Gaels and generally U translated as Irish Party. His-party first took power after the partition ot Ireland in 1922, But in the past 40 years it has held office for only'six years, and then only .at -the lead of coalition governments. Cosgrave now is bidding for power again in coalition with Laborites led by Brendan Corish. Irish elections are hard to predict, but the professionals give the coalition a real chance of ousting Lynch's Fianna Fail, or Soldiers of Destiny. RIGHT CREDENTIALS Cosgrave, the son of a former felt he could not oppose the legislation. In the end he held the party together and got it to abstain from the vote. McGovern Favors Aid To Vietnam, Within Limits WALTHAM, Mass. (AP) Sen. George McGovern says he favors aid to Vietnam, but not at the expense of programs for U.S. citizens. At a news conference following a speech at Brandeis University .Sunday, the unsuccessful . 1972 Democratic presidential candidate suggested that the President use his administration's powers to encourage private efforts toward underwriting the reconstruction of Vietnam. The 'South Dakotan predicted Smokers Warned Aboul Pollution MADISON, Wis. (AP) ,Smokers who try lo light up in University of Wisconsin Madison classroom soon will be admonished by signs warning that they are contributing to pollution, UW Safety Director Earl V. Rupp said the signs are part of a new campaign to embarass students into heeding fire department rules on smoking in :lassrooms. Rupp said the old 'no smoking" signs have failed. The new signs read: "Smok Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Mon., Feb. 26, FAYKTTKVILLI, ARKANSAS ing is pollution. We'd like lo oreathe! Do you 1 have to smoke?" 1973 Peale Presides At White House Sunday Worship WASHINGTON (AP) -- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. presiding at a White House worship service, has predicted that peace lie? ahead in the world. He said Sunday: "Our prisoners of war are coming homo and ... a generation of peace does indeed lie ahead." "The guns are being silenced all over the world," he added. The Rev. Dr. Peale, of New Y o r k ' s Marble Collegiate hurch, also prayed tor those who gave their lives in Vietnam, adding: "We know their hearts are gladdened that freedom lives and that peace has been attained." President Nixon said Sunday's worship service was a special occasion because it was the first at the White House in his presidency when "the United States is al peace In Vietnam." , S"x7" Color Photos in your home for $5.95 Call Jim S. Hill--521-1JM that. holds because the the authority prime minister, has all the right credentials for an Irish political leader. His biggest personal interest, and that of his wife, is horses, They live a t ' N a a s in County Kildare, the heartland of the Irish bloodstock industry. They met on the rails at the races and are most often pictured at the hunt. Cosgrave's big moment, politically came in 1970 when he stood .up in the Dail, Ireland's parliament, to accuse members of Lynch's cabinet of involvement in a gun-running plot. The guns were intended for Northern Ireland, where the President to grant amnesty to persons who fled the country or deserted the armed forces to avoid fighting "there will not be about it in Con- in Vietnam, much said grass." During his speech at the university, McGovern termed freedom of the press "freedom of the people. Without a free and responsible press, there simply cannot be any hope for a free and responsible society." He said Congress should guarantee an absolute privilege against forced disclosure of sources by outlawed Army is Irish fighting Republican to unite the Strong car. was the driver of the PhHip On Tour LONDON (AP) -- Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, leaves today on a five- week tour that includes stops in Hungary, Yugoslavia, Iran. Turkey, Afghanistan, India and Australia. province with the republic. Lynch had to fire some of his most powerful aides, and his party still has not fully recovered from the dissension that resulted. OWN PROBLEMS Twice last year, however, Cosgrave had his own party problems. A rebel faction looked likely to oppose Irish entry into the European Common Market., a cause which, Cosgrave passionately supported. And he was close to splitting the party in December over Lynch's bill to toughen the law against the IRA. Many of the 5C Laborites in the Dail charged that the bill gave too much power to the police and the government. Cosgrave had been demanding action against the IRA and Buys $20,000 Boat ·MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) -Republican National Chairman George Bush just came to town to speak'at a groundbreaking ceremony, but it ended up costing him $20,000. "I'm proud to leave a little bit quite a little bit -- in the local economy," Bush said after Miami Beach · Mayor Chuck Hall took him to the Miami Boat Show Friday. Bush shelled out $20,000 for a "Ciga- ret" speedboat that was on display. - . The boat show had just opened in the Miami Beach Convention 'Mall, where Bush was attending the groundbreaking for a $10.6 million addition to the facility. Pre- Season G.ECOOL CASH SALE of AIR CONDITIONERS! Refund Discount Specials... Economical to operate, 115 -volt, use anywhere! GE 6,000 BTU Air Conditioner Compact, Itgbtwtight unit that ti eoiy lo Tnitall. 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"THE BOLD ONES" Nail Polish and Lipsticks in great colors 49 EACH WHILE THEY LAST Men's Sport JACKETS Reg. $35.00 NOW s 18 Trio ALUMINUM martin systems. Mr. J. L. Wade, nation's foremost martin authority states: "Wood houses, gourds, bottles, and other unscientific housing should not be used as these cause the death of many young martins thru heat mites." Heusewires, Secend Floor NORTHWEST ARKANSAS PIAZA... Between Fayettevilfe K Sprmgdnle.. .SHOP MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 10AM-9PMI Spring Fabric Special DENIM KNITS Yard 47"-48" Wide CLOSE-OUT! ALL FLAT FOLD MATERIALS 25% Off Great For Sportswear "DESERT TONE" Reg. $1.49 yd. NOW 99 47"-4B" Wide SPECIAL SALE Polyester DOUBLE KNITS Reg. $2.99-$2.97 yd. NOW Yard 5197 1 58"-60" Wide

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