Independent from Long Beach, California on February 3, 1960 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1960
Page 8
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FAMOUS VISITORS Five-year-old Josephine Espinosa, patient in Seaside Hospital pediatrics ward, received a special visit from Disneyland's Aunt Jemima and Captain Guy when pair entertained ward youngsters Tuesday. Other entertainers from the Orange County park will call in future weeks. Josephine lives at 1280 Hyatt Ave., Wilmington--(Staff Photo.) Annex Hearing Set on Lakewood Tract A public hearing to clear the way for an annexation election next summer in a 23- acre South Lakewood area has been scheduled for March 8 before the Long Beach City Council. Councilmen set the hearin date Tuesday as a semifinal step toward ordering Ihe vote unless a majority of the property owners protest. The area has an estimated population of 400. Its bound- aries arc Wardlow Rd., Woodruff Ave., Monliico Rd. and Lomina Ave. i.: * * + ON OTHER items the Council: O r d e r e d preparation of ·** with Malcolm pleg 'ANOTHER letter prognosticating a disaster in the Signal Hill area has been received by Fire Chief Frank Sandeman from the Reno man who foresaw the Hancock fire out there. Only trouble, the gentleman doesn't give any specific time for the grave incidents he predicts. Hence, Sandeman is unable to do anything about it. If he knew the day, hour and minute, he could have his equipment on hand. This, I find, is often a problem in dealing with the prophets, some of whom write to this dept. The "future" covers a lot of "territory" and checker-upers, if there are any so inclined, can't stay around forever. down in traditional style when the alarms sound. In keeping with the entire setup over there, this one is pretty fancy. It's a double facility. A fireman will slide halfway down, land on a platform, and then do a second hitch to the floor where the trucks wail. This was necessary because of the high ceiling over the truck deck. A slide of 30 feet or so, as would be required if there were no half-way stop, is too much for safety. Follows w i t h sprained ankles or crumpled knees don't make very good fire-fighters. rpRUTH IS, prognosticates are pretty safe against checks, even if they get specific about times. We hear them, feel a passing interest, and forget about their prophecies. For example, I sometimes hear a fellow named Criswell, who tells us about the future "where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives." I'm always vowing to make a note of some of Crissic's forecasts for a later check, but quickly forget about it. However, I do remember one, and on it we can put the blond seer to test pretty soon. I'm sure he predicted that a woman would be elected p r e s i d e n t of the United States in 1960. This is 1960 and I've not noticed the name of one woman among the people jockeying for presidential nominatiops,. C r i s s i e had better start pushing a candidate from the distaff side. I think we've got him on this one. V"OU'LL be glad to know, I'm sure, that the fire dept. section of the new Public Safety Building has a pole with a hole through the floor so the laddies can slide amendments fixing various speed limits -- most of 30 miles per hour--for ramp approaches to the Shoemaker Bridge and authorizing frequent changes in traffic regulations as needed during the next year in the harbor subsidence area. Asked City P r o s e c u t o r James T. Starr to report on a petition signed by 35 per- jsons objecting to the issuance !of a bar license to premises I at 4400 E. 4th St. Referred to the finance and salary committee a request by the Southern California Council of Public Employes. AFL-CIO, for city-financed life insurance for all em ployes. Set Sept. 16 as the date for a hearing on an appeal from the Planning Commission's T ASKED Sandeman if any of his men ever tried shinnying back up one of those poles, just for idle time exercise. He said it had been tried, and on occasion, men who cupped their hands to give them vacuum grip on the pole had succeeded in doing some climbing. But it was hard work and the firemen don't do much of it -- or hardly any. Said Snndcman: "The best way to get from bottom to top of the pole is to turn it upside down and slide down it." irport Row Erupts at Council Meet The old issue of expanding Municipal Airport activities COMETIMES, in the makeup of a newspaper, other things get on the same page with o b i t u a r i e s that a r e either most appropriate or most inappropriate in that, position. And usually, we hear. So it was with an adv. placed by Look Magazine, featuring a story and picture layout the mag. hac 1 jn Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, his girl friend. The adv. agency man who handled the placement for Look later wrote our nat'l. adv. manager Warren Mitchell a mild complaint, closing thusly. "Our p u r p o s e was to promote newsstand sales of Look, not to show that Eva and Adolf with us." aie no longer SIGNAL HILL'S MAYOR NELL 'Shopper' Calls On Council By GEORGE ERES , The mayor of Signal Hill dropped in on the Long Beach City Council Tuesday and proved she know? a loaded question when she hears one. Mrs. Nellie Combellack is known affectionately as "Our Nell" on the Hill where she has been something of a fixture on city councils that are here today and recalled tomorrow. * * * * MAYOR Raymond Kealer spied her sitting in the audience and gallantly invited her to sit "inside the rail." Her Honor said she was honored and explained that she was in the neighborhood "doing some shopping" so she thought she'd just drop in. While here, she took the microphone to announce the Signal Hill Council is anxious to continue the "good public relations" that exist between Long Beach and Signal Hill -- a relationship that became a bit strained under the now recalled Signal Hil: Council. "SIGNAL HILL," ex plained Mrs. Comebellack "is getting its functions back from the county (it had contracted for various services) and is interested in resuming an arrangement with Long Beach under which the Long Beach Dog Pound's services are utilized by the hill city. The arrangement was discontinued by the now ousted Hill Council and the present Council has voted to seek to resume the arrangement. "The Signal Hill city clerk will send you a formal no'.ice of the action," said Mrs. Comebellack, who sat in Councilman Gerald Desmond's chair. Desmond was absent because of illness. WHILE SHE ent councilmen clear up a few Mayor Kealer what the proper a lady mayor. "Oh, I guess or' is all right,' ! Honor. was pres- decided tc questions. wondered title is for Your Hon- said Her Councilman D. Pat Ahern noted that Mrs. Combellack "looked real nice in a Long Beach City Council chair" and hinted it would be nice for Signal Hill to annex to Long Beach "from which it had pulled away." * * * * HER HONOR, who knows what end of a political string to pull, quickly shot back that Signal Hill never was a part of Long Beach. But she added a conciliatory note: " M a y b e after the oil is gone from Signal Hill we'll join." City OKs New Pacts in Subsidence Program Ignores Lawsuit Threat The City Council Tuesday gave a unanimous vote of support to the latest move in the campaign against land sinkage, then quickly brushed aside the Lhreal of a lawsuit on related issues. ' C o u n c i l m e n authorized -farbor Department officials to sign unilization agreements designed to strengthen the current cooperative program 'or repressuring Fault Blocks !1 and III of the Wilmington Oil Field. The agreements, involving major private producers in the field as well as the city, will now go to the State Lands Commission. A threat of a lawsuit against the city was implied in a vaguely-worded notice filed with the Council by Carl Whitson, 3617 E. Ocean Blvd., frequent claimant and litigant in tideland oil matters. WHITSON said he would not be bound by any agreements relating to the repres- suring program. He demanded legal action approval of a special permit! .. th n h f h for two parking lots to serve!, b Dooley's H a r d w a r e Mart. owned by Councilman Charles R. Dooley. Independent The Southland's M. Finest Morning Newspaper ** WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, i960 --Page B-l State Opens Probe of Gas Price War The Southland's continuing gasoline price war kicked off an investigation Tuesday by the state attorney general's office into allegations that some stations are selling gas below cost. Information Reese Puts Hat in Ring o for Council City Councilman Lewis 'D. Reese announced Tuesday he will seek re-election to his 3rd district seat. Reese, 56, of 6124 E. Ocean Blvd., was elected to the Council in 1954 and is now completing his second three- year term. The 3rd District is the area east of Redondo Ave. and south of Pacific Coast llwy. He has resided in the district 30 years, employed in the engineering and struction field, and HIGH-SPENDING HOOSIER TELLS OF TRIP Spree at End for Jerry E. Smithers (R) and taxpayers" against further oil production ON FOOL HALL'S MONEY by major private operators in 1 the price controversy was presented Monday to Ally. Gen. Stanley Mosk's office of John A. Tou- liey, executive secretary of the California Federation of Service Stations. William C. Dixon, special assistant attorney general in charge of the state anti-trust enforcement division, said he had received information as to locations at which gasoline is being sold below cost. * # ¥ * DIXON SAID he will conduct an investigation as to the practice c h a r g e d by Touhey. The two-week-old gasoline war in the Long Beach area has brought reductions of 4 to 5 cents a gallon. Prices of regular grade gasoline is advertised as low as 22,9 cents a gallon at some independent 1946 has operated his own real estate business in the stations here. jBclmont Shore area. Reese was born in Johnst o w , _ _ ._ Beach in 1929 and has led'aiij 10 p ', ov . , , active civic life in the com- ilre beln 8 made for thc P ur " munii.y. In 1944 he was P. ose of eliminating compe- awarded I h e Meritorious lilion or buildin 8 "P a monop- ' C i v i l i a n Service Award byl o l v before violation of the Thc deputy attorney gen- j\uuni; waa uui i l 1 1 1 J U l l l l f t " · t · , · m-n. Pa., came to LonR eral explained ,Us necessary n ,,,-h i,, imn TM* !,,,. !,,,! 0 ,,i'o Piove that below-cost sales the harbor district, plus the return of revenues already received by these operators. Whitson warned that he will lake such action himself unless public agencies respond within 30 days. Councilmen referred the notice to the city attorney without comment. ;lo Preside at with 30 minutes of; heated debate. f i n a l l y boiled down to whether councilmen I h e m -jAwcU'ds selves should have a hand in editing a brief to be filed by he city attorney's office in Co. Aide support of a Long Beach terminal for a proposed route linking the West and East coasts. Council members ended the wrangle by voting 5-3 merely to request that copies of the brief be submitted to them individually. POCKET PICKED Justin Johnson, public relations supervisor for Hughes, the U. S. Navy, Bureau Yards and Docks. of HE WAS RECENTLY honored by the Alamitos Bay Community Interest Assn. in California Unfair Practices Act may be charged. ments a park program, leadership in building the 14-million-dollar Marina for 1,800 Jerry E. Smithers, Ihcjcamera equipment "Spendthrifty Hoosicr," was:archcry set. arraigned Tuesday in San Pedro Municipal Couit on a grand theft charge. Tin; red-haired 18-year-old earlier in the clay told how he spcn'. all of $10,500 he took from a Beacon St. pool hall on wine, women and horses. The spending sprc-c took three months, the Bedford, and a letter of appreciation for; boats, near completion of the services and accomplishments Navy Yard, new branch library system, hospital construction and redevelopment 'Shave' ior $1,630 Stacy E. Steadman. 67, of 1 241 E. Seaside Blvd., had a, shave Tuesday that cost him. $1,630. i He told police two men] jostled him as he went into a Pine Ave. barber college. When Steadman started to pay for the shave, he found! his wallet was missing from' his left hip pocket. The wallet contained $1,500: from bonds cashed several: weeks ago to buy a car. SI 15! from a check cashed Tuesday! at. a local bank and an addi | tional $15. Aircraft Co., will be master of ceremonies at the Community Rehabilitation Industries' annual awards dinner Thursday. At the dinner, to be helJ in thc Supper Room of the Lafayette Hotel, awards will be presented to area firms and organizations for their outstanding service to the re- h a b i l i t a t i o n of physically and mentally handicapped. Today in Long Beach A R T E X H I B I T S -Spectrum Club paintings, Saylor's Art Center, 624 E. 4th St.; paintings and drawings by Loretta Ann, di Piazza Restaurant, 4713 E. 2nd St.; E d w a r d Rugols' paintings. B o o k Fair, 4228 Atlantic Ave. CONCERT -- M u n i c i pal Band, 2-3:15 p.m., Concert Hall, Municipal Auditorium. SMITHERS had 11 cents in his pockets when arrested last week in Miami, Fla. He appeared in Judge Bernard I.awler's court for arraignment of thc grand theft charge. Preliminary hearing was set for next Tuesday. The 6-foot, 3-inch, 160- pound playboy was attired in an expensive cowboy outfit he acquired in his travels. DETECTIVE C h a r l e s J. Hull said the youth had I turned 18 two weeks before ;hc took the money from a :pool hall at 531 S. Beacon St. 'last Oct. 17. He said Smithers, jhelping one of the employes, I took the cash from a base- iment cabinet when he went I to the cellar to bring up a jcase of liquor. ] Then began travels which .included stops at Phoenix, ^Flagstaff and Grand Canyon, 'Ariz., Houston, Tex., Indian- iapolis, Ind. and Miami. De- itectives said the youth acquired .in extensive wardrobe three motorcycles, a horse, a jsmall arsenal of rifles anc ipistols, a skindiving outfit MOTORCYCLE VICTIM Mrs. Marjorie Voris, (if), of 1420 Cherry Ave., watches as ambulance attendants finish splinting her broken leg after she was struck down Tuesday night by motorcycle at 14th St. and Cherry Ave. Police cited cyclist, Lee Robbins, 20, of 10671/2 Lewis Ave., for failure to yield right-of-way to pedestrian, Mrs. Voris was admitted to Osteopathic Hospital.--(Photo by Woody Clark.)

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