Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 26
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C^-t-- INDEPENDENT l " '· *"·*· **" ' "" ! HAKES LOSK LKA!) I Scholl Sparkles, as Rams Win, 3-1 By CHARLES HUFF M i l l i k a n High's Barney Scholl pitched and fielded his way out of constant trouble as the . Rams knocked Poly out of the Moore League lead with a 3-1 win at Silverado Park Tuesday. The victory evened Mill! kan's record at 3-1-1 and left Poly with a 3-2-1 mark behind Lakcwood. Scholl, who hasn't yielded an earned run in 17'/4 innings, got out of a b.ises-loadcd jam in the fourth, escaped the then same situation * with an un A i » M « r e r f Sm.tti it 4 0 1 1 Lucavtf J t 00tavriha.3fc StfXst.Jb III 0 Brown.rf Cale.areMa.rf 1 0 1 1 M*rtn,1b Chaynpi 0 0 0 0-Yit.i«mvcf Ri.Ttiev.M 3 0 0 OOiih.a Scftoi1.p J 0 1 I Sramek.lf Hammef,3h l O O O C a . - Chfuteyirin.c 3 0 0 0 ron tin C Vi'Croikry.tb 3 I 1 OLanonp 34 3 J J Tefa 1 5? earned run in the fifth and his killed Poly with in the seventh. A double to Jim Welch and a walk to Larry Laurina with one out in the seventh put Scholl in trouble. But he W L T (Ml OS* latewood - S 7 · » 71 h,ty J J I 37 l*t" " ~~~~ 3 i 9 n ^---i 4 ( » Wilsen -...T..-.."-- J S a If (Poly-Jordan have makeue sam«.) speared Oscar Brown's hot liner and turned it into : double play. Strangely. Scholl picked off Brown's first-in ning liner for a twin killing too. MII.LIKAN scored in each nf the first three innings 5!o9 ; Mike Caldarella. Galen Smith 99,S;and Scholl drove in the runs Poly's Rick Bryson hat 24 I » 0 two hits. __ .. Ill OOf ·-- 3 - Mltitt-l Baftl**y. WflCfl 38-S^iTH. DP-- 5thoil McCroikev: laur.ha- SB-- S'«k. LOB-MII kan R E . MM SO Welch I t 9 0 0 I U-IJ.e'9. Herman. T-3 OS. A'r.--104. Ill »-Sc.vll. JV tore:, S. Peiv 4 HE RE-GREW HAIR Jordan Scores Swimming Win Art Dane and Dick F i s l won two events each as Jor dan Hifih's swimming team defeated Warren. 41-36, in thi Knights* pool Tuesday. 49»trmr V .»-Dar* (J), V«loff K.J. Al per IW) 3 014. MtdKr rtt*r--Jcrd^n (Jacobi, Cwt. lvh. lew) 1 145 S*ltt«tfi«~ScafH (W). Mart.n (W) |J) 34.J. «.l*rf!r-Fl.A (J). Slaulfcr (rV) (J) 1:Of.S rt*itTl»-A!r«r (.V), D rhn (j; VaoH IWI 7:70.3. IMkaairrtHt-V-i't* (J). hr^.irk (W Jacotn (J) I r l l t . H*bf»enrr»*»--Cev ( A ) , 1:14 \ t Ul* Mart n IW 1:130 . m«iJl«f-Flif» (J). Co* (W). Nr*klrk (Wl 1:31 f. 39»rrtt rtlar--Jordan (Dant. Smi Le.», Oe+im) 1 871 Final K*r»: J^tJ*i 41, ·tt tctrt: Jordan 41. warrr^ . M Utri: Jordvi M. W*rrf^ 11. DAVE ADLESII 2 Homers, 5 RBI Lakewood Re gans First Spot By BRUCE YOUNG Lakcwood High regained the Moore League lead by scoring on a unique, argu ment-provoking play in the ninth inning to nip Wilson. 3-2, on the Lancer diamond Tuesday. The win Rave Lakcwood a 5-2 record and left Wilson in the league basement ?! 2-5. Jim Parks and Wilson's C h r i s T a t r e a u pitched brilliantly and the game might have continued i n d e f i n i t e l y save for the strange ninth inning. With runners on first and third and two out. Chuck Wil liamson hit a foul fly down the first base line. Ho didn't un, of course, but when thu wind started blowin;; the ball oward fair territory he took off. Just as Wilson catcher Tim Colbert crossed the clu'k line Villiamson raced pan him Colbert lost sight of the ball ind it landed fair. The run cored and the name was ivcr. Bruin coach Bill Crutch ield argued interference b':l ruled Adlesh Sparks Saints By RICK R10PELLE C a t c h e r D a v e Adlesh slugged two homers and drove In five runs as St. Anthony scored a 7-3 victory over host Pius X In a Catholic League game Tuesday. Adlesh enjoyed a perfect day with'a sacrifice fly and a walk in addition to his round-trippers. Dave Kalcnch and Rick Hayes also had two hits for St. Anthony. Jerry Jcnson limicd Pius to three hits--a homer and double by Joe Chirco and a homer by Ray Lament. How* ever, he couldn't count victory until Adlesh connected with two on base in the fifth to break a 2-2 tic. a a * THE WIN evened the Saints record at 2-2. They have won two in a row. St. Aftthenv V "· AB K H * AB R H ReoM'eto, » 20001-amwTi, cf ) l PtXTiirtr, «» 3 110 Chirco. II 3 1 1 Have). Ib 3 1 7 0 Mart. Ib 3 « 0 t l N«tlc» . 3 3 3 5 Rdrlget. ss. tl 3 0 0 0 lOOOHel'er. e 3 0 0 " Adiesn. c Johnson, rl . va"Cegtren. II 3 0 » 0 Cartberg. rl Williams, rt 3 1 1 0 Romaih. It entn. !t 1131 Ocnoa, Jo 1 oit, cf 4 0 1 0 Hrrnendtr. 2t 1 0 0 . 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 a Gresnam 100 10 I 0 Mfrrltl. J» 000 bBaeieman 1 0 0 1 Hfnoerton. p 100 Paul, p 3 0 0 0 1 7 3 3 For Dramatic Story Sec Page 12 of Section A Williamson was in his rights iccausc he stayed in the base AB R H *,,,.-., .. 10 M Ba lev. rl S 0 I 9 Groves, rl 5 0 Smitnern. ?b 4 I 3 0 rVlllla-nsn, fl 4 mmfxij. ID 4 0 0 0 StM* enbg, e 4 0 j. Sm.tti. f . 0 1 0 ioieft*f8, tt Align Front End to manufacturer's specifications Adjust Brakes and Repack Front Wheel Bearings Balance Front Wheels Any American modo car *nl parla II n**d*d and torsion bar ad|utlm*nt not lnclud*d NEW TREADS imito on SOUND tin icons 01 ON YOUR OWN TIICS Complete Set of Tubeless Whitewalls ANY SIZE Our .Vfir Tttcdt. idtnlififd hi Medtllio* and thfp mart, art O U A R A H T C K O 1. Afitnit lUWH m *«tkrTv*rv- ..f P »nl nvtU-niU d«nnt t.k *l If**'! t. A|» ( r,u rv«nu1 Total! IT / If 4 Tot ·Runt batted In. a Grounded out for Htrfw*jz In im, i-FaVwd tor Mermk tn 7tn II. A»tt-*ii» -. til **l 1-1 pm x - ., itl l't t-- E--Koch ?, H*rt. IB-Oilree, Ramiret ..aiench. 38--Have*. MR--Atj'etf. ?. La merit 1 . Ch'rco. Sac. f'v--Adievh. SB--Ad teth, WItllamt. LOR--St. Anthonv * Piui X 3. DP--wei'ef-Rftdrifwei He P-Ktxh 2 (bv Hendenwn aM " IP R ER. M BB JO jt-icn (W. MI __ r j 3 ? i f ··Henderson ID . t S * · 5 l f y| J J J t 1 · Pitched to 1 batten M Vtv Witd ttch-- Jemwv T-J.OO. Art. M JV Ktrt: Piui X 2. St. Anthonv 0. ViTses Rally to Tumble Jordan y 3-2 By DAVE DANIEL Bill Emery's pinch singl and Gary Johnson's superb re lief pitching earned Downe a 3-2 win over host Jordan i a Moore League tussle Tucs day. The loss leveled Jordan' record at 3-3 and pushe Downey's mark to 3-4. Johnson hurled 6'/4 runlcs innings and Emery drove in the tying and go-aheid run tn cap a three-run f.ixth in ning. Steve Richardson drovi in the Vikcs' first run. Jonnson.Tb g 4 1 1 0 ·olhcntbgr.rf 3 0 0 81 l Revnolds^l i 0 I 0. V woo^t.o o o e o . ailooencotl.tb 3 9 H I M ;: i?: ?:: '?::? '«t*i« 3 1 3 1 1 TetaH 72} Runs batted tn. -- iinoied (or Rotheniburoer* tn 4*h 'twrf . * 7 J 0 4 ssnjf-M ? ? J pa*.»ed Bail--Jtvuterw. T--?:1I AH.--1! JV tcarr. Downav «t, JorrlM 0. NON.Ht»Vtlr,»i»iLiTV NOTICE Nulle* la hereby Clten \f lh« und,rsicne). Kent Illcliaida. iesil- Ink- al lull Itna.ell. lya( lleack. Calll'inia. thai alter llx dat* ul AH II X IMI, fc* will not l» re. si.m.ibl. lor anr debts. liaUlllles or oblliallgns licurred by any Arsons rlber Iliasi hlmsell. .leil April J. 1MJ. SJinM/KtLST RICIIAItU3 1Mb. April X'4. t. IHt «3t-- L.U.I. O^RE»PoN5rBinfvT,OTice' Nolle* Is herebr llen by Ihe underslfned James A. lurrttt. re- I41DC at T3I LxMna At*.. lxnc leath 4. California, that alter th. dale ol Apr. 4. 1HJ. li» will not b* esponslbl* lor anr debts, liabilities. or obllcattons Incurred br anjr per- »ns oilier than htmsell. Spike Loss for Wilson; Yancy Hurt Dan Ryan flashed to a 21. clocking in the 220--fastc. in the city this year -- bu Wilson High lost a non IcaRue track meet to visitin Los Altos Tuesday, 53-51. Wilson's John Yancy (24 3) did not compete in th broad jump because nf an in jury and will nnt be suite up for his anticipated mate with Poly's Marvin Motlc (24-G'/ 4 ) Friday. v»nmr lofr-Pvai IWI, Harvf/ IWI. Dtai (Wl 13) l!«-a,.i iwi, Martin (LAI, D»«i "is-wartin ILAI. FlUa |W|. B IL»i SI] Ill-Ctnrl ILAI. Hun ILAI. Sm W I M4. Mils--lOMt ILAI. Scriuenm ILA !r«7H (LAI 4 4) ]. ll»HH-Luurr,k (LAI. VM 1H m Crrrlari (LA) 111. Ill LH-van In (A). LullcJvh (LA e)«r (LA) IIS Hit* hirns-- Simi (nn. SI t a 2nd Porttr (LAI, Lloyd ILAI. $4 rala Mll-«Aofri ILAI, lie. Nrwc (Wl. 14. Kttltr IWI, l»4 Ilxls«l-Albu1 (Wl, Ul'l. OCoein IIAI. 4M»V Fri« (W). 4IT1. · raa4 l»ns--Ltnicut ILAI. U S TMre. IWI. 314. Maevtv [Wl. 795 111 rtl'r-W.llon (WiCormKI. Wa .atdei. ffraei). I:]]} FMial scart: Let Airot 5J. WMwn , 110-lllamai IIAI, 191: t»-V!.trrv (Wl. nt. 44S-Rimrl! r/.l, rni; HI --Kirtv IWI. J 141; · HH-Vaqu« IIA 101: III LH-St«»tll IW), 114; Ms trr^'"^'. 1 . 'Slr'.'^-N'c LAI, IS4 1 *: krsad Itirw-Pave-t (LA i l t O { « : r*lav-Lot AITOI. 1.117. Finat start. L01 A lot U. W.iwet 41 T 9 0 - C v r * ILAI. 131; U-ravri« (Wl. It 9. aU-Corra'tr (LA|, l:)l II»-WC*'tr.» ILAI. i!)S. ItHH M«vgia ILAI. 141. htfh l«ws~Var. ' l, tl: paw ·lon-H^mrf.rn Itl . 4 ; IfcaTSvl-PaTa IIA). 4 * * ) ; BVa Iwms-- H *Mia^ (Al. IIIO'i: rtlar-- Just say "Chargo It" ... buy on easy terms LAKEWOOD CENTER STORE 5J5J ORAYWOOD AVENUE (lul Ht al l i i i »i-lti) fs«t HI 1-1141 KM . Tltn_ (rl. M Ii I I'lir l i t t -- 1 1 -- lit., 1 1 I ANAHEIM TIRE SERVICE 1100 E. 4lh ST^-HE 7-OS1S tie* lull I le I -- li'ird, I is I llstsf Isslif DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH 7TH »· LOCUST rtfss M i nn inif i u I'll -- ini is«iir BELLFLOWER Firestone Store 1144! Itllllr. II. T 0 7 - H I J · ,,. lies In. I I.St. IS I t *. IllteH, | |.w. It I M. COME BACK, SWEETHEART! I promitt trver* wdn'I bt iny * rvota treat* en lh« (ara« tktofl I toe it fe car to lone Beicn |H(nt Ri.tutt.iirt at 1WS La«« Bitch Biisf. Thty tdiutt auto- rnatic tr»n,.T.fitont fir er'/ (l.i rftett IMn ft'ort 1 re»0 lor no c'u» fiu. 4 er riDu.U I K «T, 1st irv) p!u» tufts. Hdnett. |h« car rui j-»t lhf MW. Can C» 4 Mil and lee for your* teif. They'll even (ir« y«u i *re« loa* car. Tieait ...don't t$ l^tA I'rrp Trniiis Psrf ll'.. MlHAaM ll'fe tmaltt: Palf-Wilwe) } } Bt*tfi«M 9 .'r-i'oei )l. Oltocn l; Ulli.lae^N w* 49. Ort«9 2). Amtfrtr). 1-1. Fr DMftlH: fsl/~vanlaun Caen 11. Lar.nihi... ·a'»Cr.aitll' Wrh^, irt. LMrwM* j . H.'Ta'iisj'?!. sVil II; l«r.^e. Vs^TiMit } J. Ktflwm ,.*. W.\N»- · »vttw»-**-rr* Attan 4 1 W rariaMl 4 V t : Laie u T i e 1, Ca-r Vrwtti 14 At Mav^t**-l#ve'«M W ll.i 4«.^Vxt * « 4 4 rr^*^l Tfrf*!. ·7'. (0 BAnnnr Ilili. Apr. 4. I. «. IX} I3tl--U. P. I. 4JSIIO C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUilNtM, FICTITIOUS NAME Tli« ucJtrsJtneJ lo»s c»rilir Ii. s ronduftlnr a, business at Til Tuna .ilreel. Terminal Island. California. under Ihe fictitious firm nama of rtO-MAC SCALE CO. anil that said firm U composed "f he following p*rsnn. whosr name In f u l l and rlara ot rrstdtnc. Is ss fitfte Jamrs Itomlnf. J3VT Kol* Jrlve. Anahtlm. California. Dated Marrh 9). IK:. STKVB JAJIK-S rtOJIINK Stair o! California. Ixis Ancfles Counly: On March S). 1H1 before m«. a Notarr IMbllc IB and /nr said Ftatf. xrsmallx appftred SteT« James Itotnlnr. known to me to M lh« person whose name Is subscribed to he w i t h i n Instrument, and acanowl- f d r f d lie eiecute-d the same. (Seal) IlUTll C. I-AriKS. Notary fubllc. _, rnnimlsslnn nplrrs */lS. WjL J-ub. liar. 21. J*. Apr. 4. II. 1*I 4t)^L. it. t. 74111 NOTICE OF I N T E N D E D SALE Notlre U hereby utTrn thtt Loii F. Pmllh and lilllie Jo Hunt, of 90S South St.. Lone r»ch. California, intenil to iflf to !·»{ Wrlltht »nil Arn Moreltnd. cf SrTJ Th« Tn- IMo. Umc IMch. C'UIornla. all ttiirk In trad', future!, equipment anl r«""l «IH of that heautr ihop liu.«tn^ya, knovn ·* Fountain rr IAU|)-. tnd located .1 »0« S.mth Ft. I^mc r-earli. Californli. and that A ule. transfer and assicn- nirnt of Die »anie m i l l b» nude, and th* foniMeratlon therefor will n* tald nn or alter April 13. 1NX at ttie escrow department of (Iratrerry »rrov Co.. al 339 Wllihlre llltd.. Ix.» Ancelea. California, The ron- ·Mrratlnn therefor will be paid al li,II.,»»: Approltmatelr !a caib. and balanre oa mortcace. Dated Harrli 21. IW: !Vllrr«: UIIS f. SMITH I1II.LT JO HUNT Iiuer«: TAT WHICIIT ANN' ItORKLAMi CRAMCRCY ESCROW CO. list WiUhlre Boulevard Lot Angelea S. Cahlornla uh. Apni i. ii; IIP--t-n i ~ 7411S NOTICE OF INTENDED MORTQACC Satire If hereby Cl"tl lhat Pat Wnclit and Ann Jloreland. of 5SJ Th» Toledo. t»ne Be»th. California. IrtT-l to nvrtnre to Ixln F. Smith and r.llll» Jo Hunt, of SO* 8/ut!i St. Ix'nr liearh. California, all fixturea and equipment of that t*aut- ehop buMnesa knovn a« Fountain ol lleauty. and located at M« .uth .«!.. L/inc Ileach. California, and that an executed mort- £ace of the fame will fH» d'lltered atul th» ron»iJ'ratlon therefor paid «m or a f t e r April 13. 19C. at tht «.-fiow drrartment of the Cram»rey K»niw |-,i. at ^111 Wlllhlre n l t d . !.« Ancel'j. California. The con- ·Idrratlon Iherefor will be paid nn followa: Approilmat'ly 'i ca«h, and balance on moncace. Dated March :v l'."i: JIittctc"i: I/IIR *'· F M I T I I IIII.UK JO Ill-NT M u r l t t f i r a : I'AT W R I I i l l T ANN MOIIKI-AND CRAMERCY ESCROW CO. J»5» Wilihlre Boulevard Lot Angelet S. California Itih. April 4. 1901 (Itl-l.n.l. 74162 N O T I C E OF M E A R I N Q OF PETI. TION FOR P R O B A T E OF W I L L No. SOP MM In t h e Superior Court of the Slate of California. In and for the County of Iv« Ancelea. In th« Matter of Ihe KJtate of Edward C. Uppltl. aka (Mward C. Uppett, aka i'~ C. I.lppl'1. De«eafed. Notlca It hereby r i v e n t h a t t h e petition of Ceorse W. rtoWrta for t h » Trobate of !)·» Will fl tti» aMte-namM defeated and for th^ l»uanre of t^ttera Teatamentary therein to the petitioner, to w h i c h reference Ii hereby made for f u r t h e r partlcuUri. will Ix heard at 9:* o'clock A. M.. on April £X IS:, at th*- court room of Iepartnieot ,s.,uth "II". of the Superior Court nf t h e State of California. In and f n r t h e County of l.o« Anielr,, SJI l^mt llcarh County Hide.. 411 «. (Vean llltd.. Ixne Iach. Dated March ». IW:. W I L L I A M C. SHAftl'. Cotintv Clerk and Cletk of the Superior I'nuil of the State nf California. In and f"r lh« County of 1st! Antelea. Ily II. lilcer. Ieputy J O H N S O N 41 JOHNSON M Elm Ave. Long Beach 2. Calif. HE MtM Attorney! for Petitioner. Pur.. April I. I. 11, »» (31) U P 1. IttOO CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESi FICTITIOUS F I R M N A M E TIIK UNDKIISICNED da hereby certify thai 1 un conductlnc * Dilte In Ilritauranl luiflnea* al 1'StS S. Clark Atenue. City of Uellflower, County '.t I.» Ancrlef. State of California, under the flctitlou* firm "KEWPKE nunnErt DRIVE IN anl that aald firm la cornpoted of the followlnc perioni. »-hoj« namea and addreiacs ara at follows, ^ * n'obert F. Jludrow. 1111 Whltlier r.ld , Montebello. California. WITNESS my hand thla 13th of March, STATE OF CALIX)nNIA ) COU.NTT OF IMS ANUEL.KS ) . ON THIS llth day of Uarch A.I).. 1MJ. before me Joyce A. Teutter. a Notary I-ubllc In and for »ald Count y and State, re»tdlnr therein d u l y commissioned and awoin. pertonally appeared Itobeit F. Mudrow. known to me to be the perron who»* naroa I) tubvrlbed tn Ihe w i t h i n Instrument. and acknowledged to me that he executed the earn*. IN WITNCad WW.rtEOF. I tiatt nereunto eel my hand and a f f i x e d my official «eal the day and year In t h l * certificate f l r f t abore w r i t "" JOYCE A. TEUTTER (S'al) Notary I-uhlle In and for C.mnty and Slate. My Commission Kiplrei tay i I'uh Mar. II, :i. !«. Apr. 4. 1X3 (411-1. It I Llfll NalltS | O N . H M P O N I I B I L I T V NOTICE Notlr. Is hereby (lien br tb« dfrslo'd. nob»it IWtaworth. le- dine at IM 1dlrr, l^arwMd. Illcinla. lhat alter the dat. rl prll 0. H4J. la will isol I" re. ulbl. for anr debts, liabilities ·blliallons Incurred br as/ per* us Mber than himself. .. luted March 3D. 1MJ. 8ICned/ltOllKKT llrXKWOIITII lib. April t. 4. t. 1X3 OII-U1LI. 74152 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. UJ02 On April r7. 1«I. at 10 o'clock . M.. at the Easterly entrance of he Hall of Ju«tlce. In the City of m« Anfeles. California. 1X3 AN- ELKS TITLE AND AKSTUAirT UW-ORATION aa Trustee, under He deed of trust made by Shelby udrau anil Elizabeth CouJeau. ushand anil wife, and recorded uiutt I. IWI. In l'««.k Tl?a. ice Til of Official Records i.f xia Anceles County. (!alif»tnia. by reason of breach of certain obllca- *ins secured thereby, notice of lilch was recorded IVceml«er «. *il. In nook, M»r). race 711 of aid Official Itecorrts. IJOS AN- ELES T1TI.K AND ABSTRACT Oltl-ORATION. as Trustee, w i l l ell at public auction to the hle.h. ·t bidder for cash, payable in a w f u l nmney of t h o United Statej t the lime of sale, without war- a n t y as to title, possession or en- umbrancei. Ihe Interest conteyed o and now held by said trutte* nder said deed of trust. In and tn le following described property, orated in the County of Los An- eles. State of California, to-wlt: I-ot » of Tract 4H7. as per map recorded In llook 45. Pace Tl) of Maps. In tli- office nf the County Recorder of said County. For the purr^*« t.f ra Ir.c c.hl;ca- ona secured by said IVed of Trust, ncludinc fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee, advances. f any. under the term* of said eed of Tru»t. Interest thereon and 1.4^-IS in unpaid principal of the ote secured by said Ieed of Trust, with Interest therein fpim October . IWI. at 101 per annum, at in aid note and by law yrotlded, Dated March f. l*i: AM1ELES TITLE A N f T COHPORATION. TrU'tee .KOr.C.E L. JIARINOKF. Pub A p r i l I. II. 1«. IM: (3t) L I ! L S- 14740 C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUSINESS F I C T I T I O U S F I R M N A M E THE rNDEIISIRNED do hereby certiljr that they are eonduetlne t liquidation renter and auction bu.*l ne-« at ITi'iii South Ilellflower nitd City of Ilellflower. County of l^ Anceles. stale of California, under th« fictitious firm name of CALIFORNIA STATF. I.IUUIDATION CKNTKR an-l that fald firm la composed o: the fullowlnc persons, whosa names and addressee are at follows, to-wlt K. II. CUNAP.II. 1S311 Roden Rd. llesperia. California. K. II IIAHIlrrrslS. «l Temple San r.-rntrdli", Callfornlt IKISALD E. J-:i.l.l(ITT. 1MI1 K i i N C i o i e , C a i d ' n California WITSI-'S our bands this :rd day ' R. E. II. OARRETSON IX1NA1.D F. ELLIOTT STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) CorNTT (IF IMS ANdELES ) l«. UN THIS 3rd day of April A D tv:. l^ nte ihe underslrned. a N o t a r r IMI.lic in an.l fur said Coun It- and State, residing therein duly ciimmis*loned and sworn. rersonally appeared K. II. Cunard. K. II. Car retson anl IVinald E. Elliott, k n o w n Ii me to be the persons whose. names are aut«rlt»l tn Ihe w i t h i n Instrument, and acknowleilre-l Hi* t h a t t h e y eteriit*,| Die same. IN WITNKRS W1IERIXJF. I lute h e r e u n t o «el nir band and a f f l t e * mv - f f l c i « t seal tb* dtr and yeai t n t h i s r e r t l t i « a l e f i r s t ahote w i l l t . n,: RAt:ucAnTNF.n (.«ai Notary Publie In and f"i stid iVtiitv aid State My (VenmiSMr-r, Klpires ·-.{). IU2 N 1. CROWLEY, I7oni x Beiifiriwee «iv«. Rellflawer t Califarola Arr. i. ii. i«. rv i««j ( t i t - 1. n i 74 Hi NOTICE OF INTENT TO MORTOAQE S'ntlr* Is hertbv clten. pursuant Rectlon 3IIII.1 of th* Clrll cod* th* Slat* of California, thai lh dersl£ned. Stewart PaTls. Inc.. has* address Is 1MI West IJlth reel, tiardena,- California, and boa* business Is that ol an air- otlv* parts and repairs. Intends, ntortcacor. to mortfax* to lunk America National Trust and Saves Association, whoa* branch ad- eas Is clten herein below, as ortface*. certain personal prop- ty et which a reneral statement lh« character thereof Is as folws: · Jel turbln* encrtne. which per- nal property Is located al !* Tierry Av*., Ixjne rteach. Call- rnla. and that th* ronalderatlon r said mortcace will b« paid on after the ISth day of April. ' M2. at the.International Ranklnc anrh of lunk of America Na- onal Trusl and Sarlnrs Assocla- on al (l Ko. oilr* Street, Ixa nceles. California. Dated at l^os Anceles, California. Is 3th day of March. IK:. STEWARD DAVIS. Mortpsiror Ily: DANIEU THOMPSON. Vice Pruldrnt ank ef America National Trutl nd Savings Association fl Banking O f f i c e Branch So. Olive St.. t oa Anodes. Calif. ·ub. April 4. 1X1 (It)--L.P..I. Funeral Notices 1 BEERS-- Kennoth H. Age 41. «l 1114 Carlai A e . lakrwood. Su r vi«rd bv wte, tmei; tan. David: aaugn'er, Caral; tutec. Mrt. Pa'rtcia Ansen. Private tervkf wat r*id at IAKEWOOD MORTUARY 3m WOODRUFF AVE._ BirowN-- Samuel O^ a«* 74. ef'MU Rttt Avt. Jvrvlved PT wile, Pearl C.l sans. Harvef J^ Eroett F. L Frank L.l daurttir, Mri. tlltabttri Rebioton; brorhert. Lmett oavi; titter. Mit Slarhenm Brown. Service Wednet- SlJHftR^MORTUARr CHAPEL __ 5441_L J _§LVO _____ tOEME-Madse H.. ave II, el S W. Market SI. Survived bv dauen- tee, Fsv Moors, iervlct Trmrsaav, IIUNItn MORTUARY CHAPF.L _ S4O L. B. BLVD _ Funeral Notices 1 ANNOUNCEMENT OF ·j FUNERAL SERVICES . , . t * . i ¥ . Sw it ton. Otrvntt W.; . .Virien A. D**n; i *r*n«J- chitdrm. Servkf Wf**i? «V. 2:00 pm.. Re*. Vrg. Birrkt tffid», W^t *it . son, AIL M*rrllon; 1 gr.wt- clMtOTf-t; * orMt-r«n3chi.- crrm S c r v l e r Ti*ivfW..y. 11:00 »rr., AAotttHI'i Zttaocl. BRECH -- Artier" John. 1M1 o c a n * Ave. Swrvivrt bv - Ctiuerfi. R e q u i e m M4$» Trmrtdav, 1900 am. COOK -- Ethel. Wt Textile Ave. Servict Thtmtfav. 1} noon. Atotteir* Chaoel. HAUPTON-IMwit son el Mr. LAUCHLIN -- M*ry J, «« Crrrlloi A.*. VirvivH bv , tons. JM«*» P. and C1*w- , ·rncr; tiasvcntrri. iV*rv Jfl- tina 4104 Pitrld* Rirxtiarl; brDrner, N*ft*rt .Anderson; Silteri* C«n«vitvff iWNtff. AorvM PiiM*f *M Clart Crimmlni; II orMHkNtdrm; 4 tr**t of *yyJct.iiJrf»i. R. M a t s WrdmdAv. Ou*- L*tfv of Th« ovfftT. * M *m Raiatrv MCMILLAN -- Andrew, «u RO«roft Av* $unriv.*d bv i · n. Kftvttn; d*vgMm. h.t..H D* V«tr.HI, Minon lUeMJiIait a n d Caffwrin* C*v^v; broffttrt. Dan, Robert and Jack; tUton, M«rv T u r n e r and Kafe Dob*-*; l f f r a n d c h i l d r e n S e r v i c e .Vrtln.ndav._lt:0a an. Rev. iitwniVTi tvan» elriclaf^tYo, ' . . iitwniVTi Motttii's MIllJ --»M»rt Pulaeid. MM Las Coyotes Diagonal. Sw'* vived tY wife. Jeanj son. a m ^ Motlfll s Ovaoel. b« un'l. Maracs L*. ard C.t hert C ; inters, lena O«)irfc R%rrelt a^4 Hc'tn Cvl'k Mjntiev; DrerMrt, Q w n n tt» Fridair, roo nm. Key. Wwerav T MrNeil Jr. et- Mottrirs Cnaoel. j t»e»ei. . ..j FaKon A,« , _ . . , b» nieees. Grace flacpee ^* Warierte J. ml til. leevict TMuewar, T O O pm. tev. f«rtflrit G. II eft n e t I affcla*irg. Met- tells Oacel. A.OTTELL'S AND Ptt-K ., Wl E Jr« 5 Htmtock 6 a?:84 ft *? J J 1 i f j ' Bo i i ' 3 s F/ e * *1 *i ( 1 ii i J l i J. j i ! I niral Norlct. ' 1 ICR-Eia. *M W. »· ·»«* t. «K tl* lelilMrr. lunl»M ·» mtjtnc, tv.iMf t t.J · «MMf. xi. ttNiee XKCMII saw. Da.* .1 SJtters. JAM. frataif G*a- M. Mil. AbU DuMMll s»*tM t. WlK 4 (toll) Dsl. ItoUIMl 1 raft*hlUa-e«. S«*vK* tMe*t**r. M»SJ«. D* YOUNG 4 tMIIM Meetverv C a s * L leHle«ee. ANOALL-Pti'l F, ·" Vtt Ceet. . NaasU. Vef»ue f rMa«. 1 »"«. sar^*ta°3aJa PATTERSON SNIVELY HI LOCUST II OH-- IM «.. · l»le ».»»**·« ·t. tuni»r b» net***. Charm (. aiamoeii cwvm. KeinefW re*n 1. »*· «e.d. SeevKe iMrten. 1 pm.. hmnUM Atmentl Per» CKacet. «·». Joe* Stveiweei *tliclarie«. Directed by PATTERSON 4 SNIVELY SIS LOCUST GCiU-aurto HTws f£"iT»l lagnolla Av«. Servke pending at HtELAR McFADYCM Mortuary. M.CONER-- vlrt. Corrine A. t 4111 Peooeewood *·«. Vir. KM tt (Wi/orilee. M't. G«eie- ie»e Hifomi ton. Raton A. QtarV Wednetdai, 1.30 P"v IK w^nJ'tsaw ·"CttBBoO MORTUARY 3«* WOODRUFF AVE.__ NLEY-- Bernard H^ *oe~ 78. el 1ear,ak« Highland*. California. MXvUtd by wife. Leona; davc-h- ef. Mrs. Atict Cook. Service IUNTE'R' MORTUARY, CHAPEL J«J U B. BLVD. Nt*-Nt*t*3 P- «t $/J4 RM*- · St. Paurt ·««» »u«»niy April Ut) Sunday ·"«neo« *tH« on aciivt dwty wtm, tr-t lltfi Lcfliltic* Command, Army tncrvr. Mr. Jor« «»iemo*oyrt i awttant rrnnntr at trt vet- ran* Aominutration Jvpoly Of Mf. Wilmington, Calif. Ht wat orn and railed in WlKomm, ttindtd LtwrttK* Co"to» and r«dua)«d from Brown Univtrtity 1 Rhode li vxt Ht ww an Arm,, /t'tran ef World War II and had M«n attl»* In th« Army Re»erv« met ai a Milcr. Survived by, ENab«m B; son, OanKl; Javs*»ter, Barbara: mortar, W't. D. C. Jone»« «! App'«ton. Wl»- rw»m; brother*. Roo«r Jonei. ef Natiau. Bahamat. Caet. WHofd Jones. Hat,on*d in France: 2 »-*- *r|, Mri. Either Cl«nwnf. ef New York, and Mrs. Bernard Salzbrra. ef E. Norwich, Ntw York. Family wovtd aceredate fitnbuiioni be made to the Heart Reiearch Fund et Memorial toioitai. Lone Beach. Service, rvrdnetday, II ajn. at Memorial H«D4l»l Criapel. Lo«fl Bea«.h. wlfh Father Jamet E. Carroll B'f.ciatinr I fit tr merit Arcieton. Witceniln. MAXWELL-- John Edward Aae 11. of 7US J«ie Avf. Svr- vtved by dauoriTrr. Mr*. tofrane Ga'vond; tons, JoM A Robert; t »»eri. Mrt. Grace Currwningt. Mri Cattesmrte Draper: brother*. Frank. William, Charlt* 1 leonard; 7 prandehitdren. Rw*r» VVr**Mrj«v, 1 pm Matt ef Rf- awei*.. Thvfidav, 10 am., botfi at Saint J«errV« Church DireetM by LAKEWOOD MORTUARY 3936 WOODRUFF AVE. SELK-CharI« J. *.»* 4f. e* 4We Charlemaai* Avt. Svrined tv milt. A^rfV Jjat;*a; aatttMer. Mrt. Jan* Bllil; ton. Kenneth; tleo-tortl. Jthn Gene Butelo: 1 BramMavstitefj I'trert. Mrt. Cli f Tobal. Mitt Jerw t Je'k. Thvrtaav, 2 em. IAKEWOOD MORTUARY 3934 WOODRUFF AVL ton, R»y; dai^htert. Mr*. Alma Eiwn, Mr- Garret Hawe't; 1 brother and 1 sitter. ScrvUe Thurtday, * pm. WHITE'S Funeral Home Chaoel, Bclltiower. WHITE-- Mn. Jcjsio R. ef :«I S'Ua Sf Svrvtved bv a*uo*»'er. Mr». Pri»lit loche: ·faMch'Wffft, 1 t f r«t B'and (hi Id. Service Aedneulav. 1030 a m . Bethany Lutnerai Chuf th pjular Arnold C. Kunti. ottc'at two Cra*ende service WftfreKla/ 1:» »m., Mwtecito Memerla Park, Rev. WiClam Craumann eMiciatinf. Donations r*jy be made to Jeive While Mittton Fund. Directed by LAKEWOOD MORTUARY J9U WOODRUFF AVL Funeral Directors i I I 1 i t T i FOREST LAWN MORTUARY On* ArringtmtM (or Und.fttllng «nd C«m«l«ry )TJ« tVltw CLrt««« 4 /I' 44M Linton A,t. Ctr«,« 1.2)1 HOLTON 4 SON Slim and Locust ROSE G ARDENTCH AP'EL S*.«fim ·"! Aton'lc. l_ B. HE inn ?emeterIes-Mausoleums5 1AM MtrwrnniMI UNxrSIDf -- S dovblt rrl»rm»n i«tt m Ctmitioo eiot. niii it · II tr Dirt. HE «!!. LOTS n G'ttn H.lll. tXO Men httr ottict. Bavd. CA 44tt OWPANION enrol r^firnt L*wm 0 Imwrttron ttep«. Rt«. TO4.ll/f ncome Tax 9 irrt*tr«tt*ri NCOME TAX ACCOUNTING StRV Boekkm^na R«y Ljritn 14430 B.lltUJW»r Blvd. TO 4-7J1 1 TO'MW clitnti-- Thm. t Sun. Prvtfwm't T«« S»nric« S A«'t NCOi«E"TAX -- FMer»"»r»l Jll't Yevr herrx If dnlrrd. HE SMI nineral Notices fltlbmi r- -j-J ramtlu funeral ^Directors USD Pacific Avt. HE 2.5901 ANCER-Fred, of Lens Reach. Service will be annowrKW. BARNES-- LllliM F- t7?l PtP* Ave. Service Wednesday. 1 p.jn, Diwav Chaoel. BFISER -- Carl A^ \W Wa- hanna. Service will bt a-v nowncrd. ORAKE-Bud H , ]]7* MIcMOAi Ave.. South Ga'e. Service frt- div. 11:30 am., D l l d a v enamel. CAROFALO-- naipn. }a f. 10m St.. S a n Pedro. Gravesid* s*rvicr Wednesday, t 4 am. Fort Rotecrans N a t i o n a l Cemetery. JONES-Newland P^ S714 Ane- b*f St. Service Viefnesday. 11 em. Mt Memorial HUM* til tn«»i. Family reatsts cen- tnbuttom be made to the twart Research r^und. Memorial houxtal. KF1N -- William C.. 300 S. Beach Blvd , Aiinvnv Service Thursday* ITam^ D.tdty Otaotf. LFNNON -- RaymoM, JH 1 ^ W. Hrd St. los Ar«eitl. P9«arv V*r4**id*v. | 0m, n-td«v rnapei. Reomem Man Ihwrs- d«y, t am. Saint ft-anhatl's Lfmrrh. 7ft»n a n d Vermont. Les Angei et M*TTMEWS-- Oorettiy B . tOT Stan'ey Ave.. Apt. 4. SgnM H ii Service Friday, t c m . Diidav CMoft. PlPCR-Dorr W.. tftia Wa^e A»e ^ervtfe will be announced. K-U'tev-WllMem A, SSI C«- Kimbia St. Graveside service Thvtdtv. 1.30 pm, Siwteite Ceme'ery. RQftEltrSON-Cenree A. 1X11 (antfv Lane, Garden tVove. je*yK» wit t* a*nnunre«i. stiBr-r»»n'» j , tin t iti Jt. Servre Thursday. I »m^ D d*y Chatei. XMllti-r^*'rJ f . ff « 9 nr*r. r*.rtve\itle «*rvr» A^*trt»*, J30 ·«. jt-Tf-e Cemew. WAI Kr»-H-Vt»»* T . l4Tfl A'* m »-V *.# . Ar-t ft i^^t^e rr«w. .9 em. O l l t f e v Chtnei DtLOAT KOWtH SHOP 1 HE S 4)11 tr HE 7-StOI Incomt Tax . ,. r 9 irs NOT TOO' LATE i FOX rXOFlSSIONAl Htlf ; WITH YOUR TAX MOIltMJ WE AXE UClNUD runic ACCOUNTANTS "^BUjfl'cS'iar J saa il »«-Tfl l iK!KSr MACFRANKEULLB. SEE OUR NEAREST 01 Hie 1ULFLOWE*. my AtoMri H Uinl E. «J Lw«.l WAMin s-nil IOIRANCC. I'd OmhM BL (Jint N. .1 Ariniii OA.n t ru) ?^P t w% { l H 0 ^ l .7{S E ra3 UUH O*HtEV wt »o«n · M , bHKi4in« S*'ur04» md Smd». Cevnt « «t wwr toftvfmrH«^ ApEXMitrncrtts M« HOI IMftttarv. "buR~TAjnETURN PBEFAKUJ IME CONVtNIENT WAY IN YOUR HOME Tre'fHd I e«»»tlenced stall. PtRMAHLNT OrHCti Wage Earner^Lonfl Forms WtMl W*iSs wfc "° IRinON TAX SERVICE E^tjCMivhfd 20 Y*«tt 'NEEDS ASSISTANCE Wi»h Your Tat Return? CALC MARY NIXT HA *4!4I Rtnfvls · Small Butlrwn - S«l^y W5? MSR-",*: SlTiJl INCOME TAX SERVICE C«l FULL BENEFITS Iron, .1 .iiowibl. Mucoom 1 (Mr TAX UviNCS V9uf Hofn* at Your CenvtmtrK* c J. niiMi/k« UN sim SUPER TAX SERVICE C E. Frudhom-- Ex. Ccvt. t*t eMlcltl, 20 vri. CID. HiOtl % REPEAT cllcntt. Ivw aw ftf. New INI cMuctwni T «.m. » on. 4114 Aluntc, N.UB. GA i«tn ~"7tH"ST. TAX SERVICE" SMITH S WHITNEY 3I25E.7IHSI. 4344407 All SI"** BookhMDina S«rv. 114 C. t-1 HE l-ISIIl HE 7 57M Open DAILY f f-m. to f DTI. S«"E. BROADWAY IS Y«. l» »(T Rrtirrd Rrvmv« Ofc. CA 14ft? ROY M. BIRO R«. HE Sllll TNC6»E~TA«:~SEHVlfE In vour homt. former tmemtl Re'erxi* «9vnt. R»4t. CC I-M7I NCrTAr. »t vovf home er elfite. t nct '41. Lew If*. 04 i Cvfl. Sirt 1 Accountinj Serv. CA 4 S4JJ TxPtllT INCf.WE~TAX SrRVICE In vouf homf. SI vc. E«e CE 1 "til "crsonols 1 1 ENJOY M ereflina ef ff»l d*fwt rmnic. «t trie molt MJutiM W\~ room tn Long Be«ctt THURSDAY 1 SUNDAY NIGHTS AUMN. SOc ALL NITE "AL SKRIP" t HIS ORCHESTRA CINDERELLA BALLROOM Arms from L.B. Aurf.tortum MORGAN HALL Let us Mt0 VOM plat vovf sprifj style shews, runc«om A sa'es rt-ectirtTs. Rooms still ava.t- able for iVlotners Day atta n. Contact us now »or voor re*- ervation. Plenty of earking. US LOCUSt Hfc J-»H ~COVPLEtE~DENTURC SERVICE *eo4.f» rtf..e TOM V.a.t II Monttis to Pay . Pension Work DR. C. A. VARVrH Sill O*rry Ave._ ._^C*_17W» IECO'RDINCS MADE -- wViM.oa^ voca's. combos, recitals, t'c. Taws duplicated (jtereo cr Mono- aurai). Pftono. records Oft, o d AGED LADY. 0ood mnd. ro t4v1 hacxt, would lte board L care f recessary m ou'et norpe witn I f 2 adirtts. KlrvJnets and pood tx«1 eisentul. Ph HE VaJt. -HWARD -- W.H seryicemvi w^ pitted up Iniwred man on Fe* ruary t between 1»U pm. .1 Witm.ngton. Pieate call this rym- her immetfia'e'v. GA 431*8 CONTRACTORS-PROMPT Dtl'lV- 1 RY-- for rv»s. drapes tw · r.trnn« al sav'nq prices, own mam/fat tu er. Aots^ Wotfll 1 Hotels HA *4n» ftlOOW- K 4T*.'.» tts. Hem?. rar, inc. Seeks nice man. Wn'e CUD, Ind.. Press-Tet.. Bei A-IW1. BANKRUPTCY SERVICE Reasonable. MA J-SI3I; DJ 31731 LONELY people seeBmfl (riena^h'O Write Beverly Social Cut. PO. BOI 177, Beiifiower^cUi. TO tnu *~AA ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS AREA OFf-lCC -- DHlNMNG PROBLEMS CALL HE SUU CORRESPOND wi*n eroei''* ««. a'l a«es. thru "CLUB CONTIN- _t HTA L." P. Q. Bai *4r, L. P . __ ANY CAR, any cc!er. til. B»rrr*f'i paiflt, ins A i *m. MI. Ht;ji;». J-OANCING lessons-- lT36~ Private. CA Jiin er CA 3*cJi fOM QUAflTY B'USINfii'CA'RDS* JJIX Ht *H« -- HE e-tUl. COMMlNCLlNO. cards 1 dancmi ea. pjn. tree. 4 floor Maroan Hail LEARN TO OANCfc It MR. TO a 1119 RUMMAGE sate Aeni S 1 aT» t« 4:30. UtU Beilflower BNd.. Bedfi. Social Clubs 11 A MEET NEW FRIENDS Clara Lafie f Long Bitch ».it f ve you r*ew friends a new ftooe. Come M L meet us. Lft ul mue- Oixe yog to the rioM P*or e. OPEN 12 to 7 PJM. A Oay · **'* * AM. t» t) SUM. HE i-nn HE MW4; 7E 54"ttJ| 7*. OBJECT-- Orsanlied to aisitt i»- married L oentiemel Ao s itST"ii\Ja w "' 1 ·""£·«,. MARRIAGE ef COfrrMniOflUWB. «e InTroduct. free broclture. -THE CONTINENTAL." 411 H4»rt«l.i BI03. L. B. HE VftU , JOIN INDO§R SPORTS rtivncjifv Handjrjir«ed Club HE 3-473* er CE I-7IH Lost and Found 12 LOST-Smq.-old mile »il»er Bf»» rootfie. Answers to ncrne cr i«iy. Vic. 4100 bit. Oregon Ae. OiiW t pet. Lett teen i p m., S*i . M«r. Xrrt 421-1741. Reward. LOSTi er*r er silver poodle, lev. «ic. ef Cenon t wandrull. L»e wood. Answers to JvoY. Rew4(d. HA tint. LOST-- Clan, wtute gokt. E . e». Vic. pet. ihjpwa/ Ave. t n f - Srgdeb4her Anehcflm. Nr. Bas Stoo. Reward. GE I-42SQ. MALE boier lawn wwhiie te'l» ; l trer murile. Vic M.UIIM H si SOU Nam* -Boy." UC 1WU. 1 Reward HA fnU. LOST: B ; ». IMJ03V TOOrt'e due Name Cocvetfe. Nr. Clark ». Warolow. CWWs PUCDT. Riwaro. 1 HA IS]41. I LOST: Hot' shot IJ ·. n«e'r» in blue case. Vic. Carson A Oranoe. Reward CA 2331*. · · LOST^L^d/ Cl»n watch. 71 lewen* vetWw gold. Dntn. L-B. Sen'»r«r- lal valve. Reward. HE 5-3»l LOST tlack Stand, poodle. VIC Cow rado a, Vlsla. Ans. to Maverio. Reward. tves. HE 44S1 LOST-- Min. male poodle Durcv. *rav. Lost vlarutv C«rson L Ca'i* tomia. Reward. CA 44101 fOENTiFY tools, acted t» on Me- Cot's parking loCHE S-SWI._ KEYS 1 RING, tag CCU43T. Reward. HE 4-M7J. LOST model airplane, vie. Be'l- luwer 1 Carson. HA *7m! LAOr'S wnst watoi loil -- Sv« niaM. downtown. Reward. CE t «a LOST-Ulac Siamese tat. yovxia LM Cer titfrs area. Rwd, CA 4 1044 REWARD (Of safe rerurn crManoV. Gray longhaired cat- CE ffffJl Hypnosis -- 13 HYPNOSIS-- Learn u tecai. concentrate, rnemorue* use weioM · rfiapya haMts f, rfoolems. M. COLVIN CA J-n'« HYPNOTIC~TECMNICIAN AAE.H. Certified. E. F. Brown TO J }»« Insurance M AUIO-WE IHSURE ANYONE reasrd'ess et aae H'or record. 13 PAY PLAN LOW RAtl 1 Drivers license lln. teso. pfoot A vmturKI ticcioent Ponds hxn'Vied r.ncra; JAROSSE 33i;An^c L0»v iriofimiy ta'et -- Aut«, Insurance. Any rtsk. Saft-e, . 414 E. Broadwar-HE ;*1S»_ INSURANCE -- ALL* TYPES idea Arant.c A»e t teng fltach CArlieid 1-4S;; Travel 15 COINS TO LAS VEGAS? ILAIR HOUSE 144 DtStRT INN ROAD . BeMM Desert · ·«;) n»ILY-*tl KLY-- WO. RATES Far Rnerva«m-R[eenl ^311) OrHe t, fenvce Mvoen. M«rs LtAVINC lor Mitti Acrll t. rV 'I tale T ridert. nai« ef lem. lr«s ·t W47 Artesil f 1 . »eim. « «·'! CA 14153 tet^t i 1 pm. v_n. ·"int'ii" wif«M «c rt »'"s'"»"', , To L.A. Cen-er «a"ly_t»v Mtil irAviNflTtoe Oetre.t'4 i;~W»;* ' ·rivers W S»are ·*· J^TO 4 1".' J rorNTS'NOJttH~ft IAST 1 r«ivt AS own 10 *«i WANTCD- «ast»»7er» M Me* Y«'«- snct. TfY jure.

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