The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 2, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS L>ocal News Prof. - J. P. Gilbert is attending a meeting of;the officials of/the State Farmers' Institute which is in session at Springfield this week. Prof. Gilbert is vice-president of the Association. Mrs.'Hatltie Rigdon. is visiting relatives in Clinton.' Oscar Camp has returned from a business trip to Big Bay. Mrs.'Mary Robinson is in Cairo on account' of the Illness of her daughter, Miss.Nita Robinson at that place. NOTICE Fifty loads of.dirt for sale, 50 cents a load delivered. Call at once. Weiler Jewelry Store. Advertisement. H. G. Easterly made a business trip to Carterville yesterday in the interest of the Illinois Agricultural Association. Mrs. A. McCormSck made a business trip to St. Louis yesterday. NOTICE Called meeting "of $75,000,000 Campaign Workers' Circle Thursday afternoon at 2:30. Mrs! Gertie McMinn was a Murphys- ,..'Signed': fcoro visitor yesterday. Mrs. H. G. Easterly went to Springfield yesterday'to attend an official meeting of the State Farmers' Insti-' tute. -Mrs. 'Easterly is vice president of the Domestic Science Department. Joe Drury visited, friends in Mur.., physbbro Sunday. G. W^Allen of DuQuoin visited Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hiller and family Saturday. -. -v Mrs. Harry. Sherretz and daughter, Edith, have returned to teheir home In Heixin after a visit here with Mrs. John Lence. Hallie Lenice is much improved from an operation for appendicitis at Eolden Hospital,'two weeks ago. Mrs. Geo. Hiller of Hurst was here Saturday to visit her sister.Mrs. J. H. Ridgway. ^Mr. and Mrs. Hiller and son, Glenn Eugene, and Mrs. Hiller's another,M'rs. M. A. MeKenzie,are making preparations to leave soon for Pheonix, Ariz.," for an extended visit with the latter's daughter, Mrs. W. R. Palmer. Mrs; Robert Lambert, Sec. Advertisement. . ' "'; ST. ANNE'S GUILD _ TO MEET iSt Anne's Guild of St. Andrew's Episcopal church will meet Wednesday at 7:00 with Mrs,'Art Goss. Any outsiders wishing to work with ;ihe .GuildJor charity, are cordially invited. —Advertisement. FOR SALE LAYING OUT SCHOOL GROUNDS Pneumonia often: follows Neglected Cold COLDt ' ' •Room Not Necessary for Playing Space Should Be Devoted to Flowers and Shrubs. M. F. Ahearn, professor of landscape •gardening at the Kansas State Agricultural college,, tells some interesting points to be kept In mind In' planning 'the country school yard. . "There should be sufficient room, for a baseball diamond, a basketball court, a volleyball court and a tennis court," Professor Ahearn says. "In all. instances the playground apparatus•should be. provided first. In many rural districts there will necessarily be only ;i few pupils and there will not be a cull for so large a playground area as where the enrollment Is larger. Perhaps the basketball court and the baseball diamond will be sufficient for the needs school. of the ordinary country "Evergreens are best for windbreaks. remedy for' 20 years form—safe;". sure, • no - ireaku up a cold in 24 •elieves grip in 3 days back if it fails. The ine box. has a Red' wi-th Mr. Hill's picture. . - ' . At A Il-Drae Stern MAKANDA . ; • " March 1. Mr. Veach, cashier of a bank in Centralia; and Cooper Stout, United States Marshall, were In Makanwa Wednesday looking up a location,for a bank. The conclusion of the visitors was not made-public. *" ......--Since the.opening of the coal mines traffic on the railroad has been very heavy through here. Mrs. Nettie, wife of A. J. McConnaughey, died with flumonia last week. In-te[nnent in EVergreen cemetery. She was the daughter of Robert .Casper. Her former huslbaiid was killed: in and shrubs should be planted, because they have to stand the attacks of small boys and the trying conditions of aum- ^mer when they are usually neglected. The country school without trees and i shrubbery Is like a picture Without a Settings of Rhode Island Red eggs frame." •. • and about 3 dozen hens. Telephone 172. —Advertisement. Elm and hackberry are best for shade. •] the powder mill explosion near Her- When tlie grounds are large enough, a ; rin, a few years ago. She leaves a- .small grove of trees will be a great , father, mother, husband and two ehil- asset to the utility and .beauty of the dren. to mourn their loss. -. ,school. ' . -.JR. J. Sheppard, chief clerk- of the "In all instances" only hardy trees Union Pacific R. -R. at^Omaha, Nebr., ' ' at ^ visiting -his mother, Mrs. Rev. T. O. McMinn, p£ iiear Makanda •was the guest yesterday of his daughter, Mrs. Roscoe Baker. J. M. Brown of Effingham, proprietor of the New Hundley, is spending a few days here. Mrs. Harvey Carr has returned from a visit with relatives at Makanda. Well Known DeSoto Resident Dies Saturday 'August-'Robert Ebersohl, age 32 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. JacoXEb- ,ersohl, died Saturday. He is survived by his father, four brothers and three sisters.'The funeral services were held at Mt. Calvary Lutheran church at DeSoto Sunday. . ' v ' Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bass and son, George William, have returned from Milwaukee, Wis.,-and are visiting Mrs. Bass' parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Eaton and also the former's parents, • Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bass, in Murphys- Ijoro. • COBDEN. March 1. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Davis of Anna /spent Sa/turday and Sunday with Mrs. E. Mull. E. Klein of Cairo was in Cobden Thursday on business. Mrs. A. C. Webb of. Mt. Vernon was the guest of Mrs. S. -R. Green a few days the past week. Wid Ferrell 'o£ Carbondale visited I here Monday with his parents. A small child of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ihle was buried Tuesday. J. K. Kirk of Carbondale was visiting friends here Sunday. , Mis, Gunn is spending a few days in Carbonidale this week, Everett Hill spent Thursday at Wolf Flora J, Sheppard, and his two •brothers, J. J an.a Lee B.Sheppard. He will spend a few days in Chicago this week and wiU'return here for a further sojourn'. He will probably return to work about the middle of March. The'flu-and flumonia epidemic seems, to haye.spent its fury in this section of the -country and is now oh the wane. The slight sufferers are. about all recovered and the severe'cases.are.con- valescent/ The local political pot is beginning to boil. The candidates who Jar declared themselves are: , D. F. Painting adds greatly both to the Bennett, supervisor, .to succeed himself appearance and service of all buildings, ' wi!1 ^e opposed by Thomas H. Peak,. and appliances. One may buy'ready Eorme ' : supervisor for several terms. mixed paints, or may purchase paste ' Frank Hopkins, assessor, to " KEEP THE PAINTBRUSH BUSY Real Economy, and Adds Enormously to Appearance and Length' of Service. " pigments and oil and mix them. .... himself, will have for his opponent Ed - -Clutts.Highway Commissioner Charles surfaces should be clean and dry be•fore they are painted. Use a priming So far Townsnlp clerk W. R. Morris coat mjide of equal parts of paint and linseed oil and cover with one or more coats of paint, which should be thor oughly brushed into the surface. Whitewash Is the cheapest of all ! paints and may be used either for ex-' seems to have the .right-of-way all to himself. It is understood- that .the 1 township primary will be held on March 20th. John G. Mulcaster, station agent, I. R. R., and president of the village terior or interior surfaces. It- can be board, and wife are sojourning at St. 'made by slaking about ten pounds ot Petersburg, Fla. John is fishing tor ,«ulckllme In a pail with two gallons ' tarp . on - w « Iook for 8Ome good fish ->f water, covering the pall with cloth stories. It began snowing Sunday, Feb. 22 and i't snowed out the month withoul missing a single day. . Again we say SWISS BELL RINGERS. Real Musical-Artists Presenting a noW -. -and complete musical entertainment of' quality and variety. Eugene O'Brien • IN • "HIS WIFE'S MONEY" A Select Feature production by Thomas H. Ince Also Harold Lloyd' Comedy P.ctures 7 :q 0 .p.M Swiss Bell Ringer/ 8:30 to 10:00 P.M. Pictures following \, ' Children 20c-''plus war tax"-AduIts 40c WEDNESDAY-FOX FEATURE "What Would You Do" •Km AND JEFF in "Why Mutt Left The Village" THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN Ca»h In Advance. One month, per word if One week, per word '.'."'* "01 One insertion, per word .....'" j)1 Three insertions, per word 02 WANTKD. WANTED—To trim trees. Experienced. William O'Neill, 611 -North Washington. ' ' ". ' . ... , . . bring the whitewash to a consistency ' the ground hog is the greatest weath- whlch may be applied readily. A weatherproof whitewash for exterior surfaces may _Jje made as follows: er prophet on earth, rodent! Oh, .you little At 12.01 a. m. Monday the railroads Mr. and Mrs. Ray Chapman were lere last evening for a few' hours. Mr. Chapman met MTS. Chapman here.He is the famous short stop for the Cleveland-major league ball team and was .married recently. His home is at Her; rin. Edwin Fitch has returned home after a two mouths' stay at Kansas City. Mrs. Brown of Ridgway | is here at the home of Tier daughter, Mrs. Goforth, who has been seriously ill. Great Expectations Will Be Realized if They Are Backec Up by Advertising. : .(1) Slake one bushel of quicklime in glided gently into the .hands of- the •12 gallons of hot water, (2) dissolve 2 owners without a ripple on the surface pounds of common salt nnd 1 pound of - Now tor two cents a mile fare,the res- sulphate of zinc in 2 gallons of boiling tltutlon of the pre-war 25 cent mini- water; pour (2) i Into (1), then add 2 mum on freight and reduced cost of I'Y 1 ^ a ° d old general prosperity will J? m nanij s and start rollicking down e way: Tne gates are W1 . (3e openi £or an a n-along-the-way reduction. A long suffering public will be thankful for even little drops and hopeful for larger ones. gallons of skim milk and mix thor-1 onghly. Whitewash Is spread lightly j over the surface with a broad brush. Beautify the Home. , Ther» are so many native shrubs, vines Mid 'flowers to be planted about the-iann homes that their absence is a deplorable fact. In a recent .drive of a thousand miles we saw only four farm houses where attention had been paid to beantify them. Naturally, they were noticed. Don't dot the lawn with fantastic flower beds of annual flowers. Put hardy shrubs around the foundations, the taller gowlng ones behind. 'Then In front of these plant the perennial flowers such as Iris, croons, narcissus, peony, sweet William, phlox, etc. Keep''the lawn open. 'A few ivy or wild grape vines make a lideous outhouse less noticeable. Shrubs can be transplanted in winter. ~et as much soil with them as possible, and tamp the roots-firmly In place. —Farm Life. A RAIN COAT is a serviceable garment. It will keep off rain and chill on a raw day and dust on cool evenings all the year around- OURS are not only serviceable but STYLISH. We have many splendid "numbers" in rain coats and cravenettes. When you PRICE them you will buy one. We've .got the UMBRELLAS, too. Look at your OLD hat and see If you don't need a NEW one. We aVe "hat" quarters for heads. Wear our good, ."Nifty" clothes. PLEASANT HILL. Feb. 28. We are having some real nice weather at present. Mr amd Jibs. Albert Stotlar and son Edward, visited with Silas Simons and also attended the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Charlie Trent last Sunday."' Willie Fligor loslt a fin« mare last week from Wood poison. • ' . All of our flu .patients are better now. Henry Benz, Charlie Trent and Arthur Holder were all down with' the flu. at the same time. AH are reported improving. . Ed Perry's family have the measles. R-oss Fligor was.on the sick list last week. • • , . . Mr. and Mrs. John Jones and children of the County Line visited with home folks -last Saturday. -. ' WANTED—Two girls of neat 'appearance for. work in confectionery. Apply at once. Shop. Fowler's Chocolate WANTED—TO rent or buy property, prefer to rent at present, buy later,' VERGENNES.' gadto know he is do^ng c the Mayo Bros. Hospital. He sits Mr. and-Mrs. Ray'Wi^ley have a ™ new dau shter in their home P^.*" 1 ?' _ Rol>ert Campbeil ot Paul Graham, Jr.'," had a sale of live sitock,.farni implements and household- goods the 25th at the Graham farm west of town. He rented the farm and will go north to live. His mother, Mrs Graham has gone to St. Louis to make her home with her daughter ' Friend Grain of Murphysboro visit- between Normal and business p'art of - ed n 's parents, Mr.and Mrs Geo Grain" the city. A .family of three. Phone T ?f day ' ' 204. . •' Mrs -Ruth Haggard of Elkville was a visitor in Vergennes Saturday •- WANTEB-Office girl at once, at .~~ ?2?*% ..P"?* Se P"ator Com- city hall. Answer in ewn hand writing, stating salary desired'. W. J. >Brown, City^Clerk. .' . m Answer in ewn hand writ- ing machine here Saturday at Claude ' TOB (teirr. FOR RENT—Two trout roomi OT« Style Shop, for office or (leaping room*. Apply Mlee Rieth, Normal arid Mbnro* St, . FOR RENT—Storage ror househoK goods, in the one story brick building, cement floors, on alley back of mew Berth Theatn. Apply Miee Rieth. FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. 216 West Walnut. Phone 370 L'. 'FOR RENT—Furnished room. Call 414 X. "• • • FOR RENT—Three room house" with electric-lights. Call 476 : L. store. The -Bastion-Miller Supply'Co. also Witt some demonstrating Saturday tractors and other machinery. The many friends here of Otis Rawl- mgs and .of his parents, Mr.and Mrs W. A. Rawlings, were -saddened by the death of Ofis, and join, with the Writer in offering sympathy. Troy. Bradley, who is manager of the Bastien-Miller Supply Co., at Murphysboro, spent Sunday at home Haskell Boyer has gone to. Memphis Texas, where he-will accept, a position in his uncle, John Tomlinson's store. . ; , ,' Dr. Horstman of Murphys'boro, was here professionally Sunday. Mr • and; Mrs.-, Malvin Ashauer of Plnckneyville, and Mrs. Heber Korst- inan of Finney visited the lady's grandparents.M Mr. and Mrs.. George Grain ' yesterday. , 'Sterling. Porter's relatives and Mends took well filled baskets and' FOR RENT—2 furnished rooms for :ight house'keeping. 402-West Pecan. FOR 8ALE.'J FOR SALB^-FLvd room house and large, lot, close to .town, $1500. Call at SOB East Main St. WATER VALLEY. Feb.'28. W. H. Holmes, our postman, has been /off duty the 'past two weeks on (account of sickness. Clyde Cerny of Cobden'is our sub. ' . • ' Juanita Highland of Saratoga is visiting her aunt, Clara Guthrie. ' Miss Lona Ker.r visited Thursday and Friday with Mrs. Robert Cavaness neur Cobden. Miss Verna Brooks visited Clafh. Guthrie Sunday. . . L. A. Stout made a business trip to Anna Friday. .' . I. N. Clutts and family visited hig bristlier, • J. W. Clujts, and family'of this place. ... , : — -.Nellie Yates'has returned, to Car- FOR SALE-r-Four room house-in boTilale where she is employed at the I good condition. Water, lights and gas. garment factory. - 407 West EIm _ Ida Yates was called home on account of her mother's illness. , •" • Wan'fla and- GeraldineW illiams . FOR.' SALE—Pony... Reasonable. 703 West Pecan. FOR SALE—Young, all purpose team, gentle and sound. Also practically new'set double harness.. Farmers' Supply Co. f ' ... • . Otto Landsberg has been appointed ! as the new German charge d'affaires ' to Belgium:' • ' of Cobden are visiting their brother, Laurel 'Williams, of this place. H. P. Jacltsdn of-Centralia was at H. P. Stout's Saturday on business. Fred Spcnce of M-nrphysiboro has been-."through this vicinity fixing or- 'prairs. He cleaned Mr. Jolley's organ, also the school organ. Mrs. James IjCerr has moved back to her farm. Curtis Dillow and wife have returned to their home in Chicago, after an pxf-ended; visit with their parents of thi=' nlace. . , . . Ollie•' Clutt-s apent Wednesday with. Joe Hiltor.< of Cobden. Mr. .Hilton has been sick for soine time with influenza and other complication's. Earl and Laurel Williams are at : I Cob'den this week hampering sweet potatoes;'-'- ' •" :" "••• '. : i •'.. .;' •'-. '- birthday has arrived. The day was pleasantly spent with plenty of good eats alt noon. All departed wishing him'a happy return 4 years hence. Miss Dola Neiderfeld has" returned to her home in St. Louis after a visit here with her cousin, Mrs. -,E. B. J. Bush. . LOET LOST—Glasses. Leave Press. . i .:...- at Free LOST—Left gray kid glo've. Return to Free Press. ; LOST—Wrist between my ' home and postofBee.- Call at division | office and receive''reward. Miss Susie I McGhee. : '. . . ..-..,..; HIS ATTENTION Election, initiation and eats tonight. ' ' '' fhisisthe Stove Polish' YOU Should I I T'S different others because more care'_ • is taken in the making^ aiid the matenials used are o: higher grade. BfcfcckSilk Stove Polish Makes a brilliant, silkv polish that does not rub off or dust oH, andtheshinelasts four times as lonsf as ordinary stove polish; Used on sample stoves and sold by hardware and grocery dealers All wo ask tea trial* Uneil onTyoSrTook am* your parlor etore or your eem ramni If™ don't find it tho bMt •towTMA you cnr ved. your dealer ia nuthorizcdtorefinc! JoS Black Silk Stove PolUa Worln , 'A Shine in Every Drop^

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