Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 1, 1950 · Page 18
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 18

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1950
Page 18
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Navy Planning To Cut Reserve WASHINGTON, Nov. 1. (if)--The navy announced today that It will ·tart releasing.reserves next year --enlisted men in July and officers in October. -Those reserves .to be released are men who will .have been recalled to active duly involuntarily by ..the end 1 of this year. The navy . -cautioned, however, that it will continue to call up reservists "for the foreseeable future." . *· The release schedule for enlisted navy reservists will permit-,about 5,000 .-men to return, to Jnactlve status each month beginning in July, 195L Naval reserve officers will be released at the rate of about 1,500 each month starting next October and continuing to December, .1952. The. navy said it will require about 31,000 reserve enlisted men during "the first six months of 1951; This number will be divided approximately equally between petty - officers and non-rated personnel. After next July 1, the navy plans to recall about 5,000 "non-rated reservists each month and what it described as 'a negligible number of petty officers. PLAZA "Bencor de la Tieira"--1, i:M, «:», »30; Stage Show--!:19, 5:27, t:3S. STATE "The House of Frankenstein"--1, 3:35, 8:10, 5:45; "The House of Dracul*"--2:19, 4:34,'7:», 10:04. · - . - . · . · ' -'rox-rucsoN "I'll Get "By"--!, 4:11, 7:15, 10:JO; "The Iroquoi* Trail"--J:n, B:3J, SlU. CATALINA 'Good New*"--J:15, «:10, 10:W; 'Tdttle Women"--S:B5, 7:BO. -FOX-LYRIC "Bayonet Charge"--1:12. .4:52, »:3!; "All Quiet 03 th* Western Front"--2:54, «:34, 10:14. . · - PARAMOUNT "Copper Canyon"-U:i7, »:14. 1:10, T:W, 9:M. HODtO DRIVE IN "Treasure Island"--7:10, 10:M; "Myitery Street"--s:01. ' . ' AKIZONAN "Broken Arrow"--3:«, 7:04. 10:23; "Hed, Hot and Blue"--Z:IO, 5:28, a;M. V'* «,,,'*·*?'-·»"·. '3rt' ·"*?,,, - ,, ..... --Photo by Reggie Buwell HALLOWEEN night at tic Midway Drive-In theater prompted many small fry to sport their best in ghost and goblin attire. A party was held at 8:45 last night and winners in various age groups are pictured above. Free treats and prizes were given to all participants. _^ All cruisers and battleships of the U.S. navy carry marine corps de- .achmenfs. BLUE CROSS POPULAR CHICAGO. CU.R)--More than 38,600;000 persons in . the United States and Canada were, enrolled In Blue Cross hospital plans In the flrhJialf of 1950, the Blue Cross commission here announced. Legion Post Sets Dinner Deadline Tomorrow is the last day for members of Morgan McDermott post No. 7 who desire^ qualify for the free-dinner given by the post to those members who donate a pint of blood to the Red Cross. The blood bank wil^. be open from 1 to 8 p.m. tomorrow. Mem- bers of the post who have visited the blood bank since Sept. 7 are also eligible for the free dinner. . The post will hold its regular meeting tomorrow evening at 8 in the Legion home. Stewart TJdall will speak on "Nonsegregation the Public Schools." PLAZA -- LAST DAY -ON ODE SXAGE KOSMAR THE GREAT MAGICIAN Flag Other 'Acts Of Vaudeville -I ON OUR SCREEN -- 'RENCOR DE LA TIERRA' BITA ·*· ROBERTO MACEDO CANEDO -- Plui Shorti -- SXART8 THURSDAY "DOS ALMAS EN UN MUNDO" "LA VALENTCVA" THE OPERA WORKSHOP Presents ' "THE MIKADO" ^ Starring Rollin. Pease Burto Mustin ' · a t - . ' Temple ol Music Art on NOVEMBER 2-3-4 8:15 P. M. Matinee, NOT. 4, at 2:30 P. 3t Reitrvfd Stats $1.20, $1.80 Children!s Matinee, 600 Tickets now on sale at Mc- WHORTER'S, STEINHEIMER'S UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE, SWANBERG'S BOOK. STORE. LYRIC TIL 5 P. M. STARTS TODAY . · A Picture Every Member * of the Faintly Should See ONE OF THE GREATEST FILMS OF OVR TIME FORMER ACADEMY AWARD 1FWNER "ALL OUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT" -- Pins -ACTION FILLED ' "BAYONET CHARGE" GRAND CENTRAL TIME: HAVE FUN AT HOT Something New Has Been Addled! It's the House Specialty! 24 Miles out Oracle Road Show Schedule Testimony Nears End In Army Case PARIS, Nov. 1. (#0--The XT. S. army neared the end-of its prosecution testimony in the court-martial of Capt Lonnie C. Temple, Ft. Worth, Tex., charged with misuse of J390 worth of army property. · ' - · ' Capt. Temple, 35,, Is' specifically charged with stealing a washing machine, a piano, an electric motor and a deep freeze unit while he was in charge of a U. S. army NT. LFMMON BUS cablehead at Chertiourg for trie last two years. He also is charged with unauthorized use of army electric .power and .coal in his private home in Cherbourg. The total value of the property he is charged with misappropriating was placed at $390 in the charges, which listed nine violations. Elmo C. Gower of Cumberland, Md., and Frankfurt, Germany, 'is I defending the Texan. He said he would call perhaps a dozen witnesses in Temple's defense when the- prosecution rests tomorrow. The trial' judge 'advocate, equivalent to prosecutor, "is Maj, D. E, Dixon of Denham Springs, La. .He already has called, a number of witnesses, most of them army officers. He said after today's adjournment that he would call two more, 'tomorrow morning. ffunrrw Btrflfl Cittern 18 Wadmiday Evening, Nov. 1,'1WO ; .'·-'. Meet ¥onr Friends for Maie CbCB LA JOLLA Habit At Noon LUNCH-75* 4544 S. 6th ATC. PhoS5 ARIZONAN ^ THEATER -- Matinee Every Day.-- Adultt 46c --.. Children · 16c( "Broken Arrow" --and-- . Red, Hoi ^ Blue 'COVER TOE WAR" 7:07--10.35 "SABOTEtTR, 1 at 8:35 C O M I N G KCNA 1340 OR Ytvtir (Kerf "The Singing Idol of All the Americas'"-TITO QUIZflR and hie GOLDEN GUITAR SANTA RITA HOTEL . RENDEZVOUS ROOM . Starting Friday, November 17th through Sunday, November-Mth 1000 S. 6th Are. Ph. S-H42 LearM American Bm Terminal 9:00 Each Morning Return* from Mountain - . '5:30 Each Afternoon Phone 3-3385 for Reservation*. · LAST DAY ARIZONA FRIENDS OF MUSIC 0B-H ALMA TRIO Nov. 5 --PLUS IROQUOIS TRAIL TOMORROW Tucson's Finest Chinese Restaurant 3:30 P.M. $1.90--Box Office Liberal Art* Auditorium U. of A. Campui ENDS TONITE TOMORROW Also Serving the Finest 10 COURSE DINNER mm* HUH C. ALSO PMSOIU UNI- ROOT. CUMMMGS "The Finest in the We$t" Club Flamingo THJEATRE -TONIGHT- 50 8. 5th AVE. OPEN 4 P. M. TO 1 A. M. Greatart of All ADVENTURES! CtfSWW BEN JOHNSON. JOANNE mvt CAREY, Jr. WARD BOND rensu Island WrKlw by ftaik Nuj.nl ond Patrick fvi frodxta by Argwy f/ctw«i Corp0r«tfcf ulid by IKO Kdiilo Plctvo T O M O R R O W THURSDAY PROt 11:30 TO ItM DOORS OPEN 11 AJ*. America'* Foremo$t Mentalut . ·\ Starts FRIDAY SUNSET BOULEVARD C L A R K E will pretent A SPECIAL ; TUES. r NOV.7-8:l5P.M. U1NTVERSITY AUDITORIUM mi, tfrttfa! ffiBkal pairteailmfat IN PIRSONl ON STAGE H A R R O W MARX CHRISTINA aRROU SEATS NOW DOWNTOWN--24' V. Scott 13.05-|2.M.?1.B3 (tar Incl.) -- Phone 3-3B50 ON STAGE Brilliant Dauccri BALLET 8. HUHOK Presents ANA MARIA'S SPANISH BALLET The Firit Spanlih Ballet Company to Tonr The C. S.'" 5UHDAY r NOV. l2at8:l6P,N. THE TEMPLE of MUSIC and ART W Alt IIAW T'*«tg--$3.05 - »2.44 . $1.83 (Tax Incl.) JEAU nUff STEINHEIMER'S DOWNTOWN, 24 N. Scott ^ShK^x^x^n^jw^ . Phona Reservations 3-3650 |^DON^BB_DISAPPOLXTED--- r _-«et. yonr Ticket, early. BOX OFFICE ........ 6:15 SHOW STARTS ....7:00 4500 E, SPEEDWAY · TONIGHT THE REST OF THE / OLSON STORY NEW»oflg«l NEWmaglcl ·NMt CTMIH buttar! Uprinj Houae Butter ii . churned hah daily frjm pur* y'uteuritexi crtaro... to bring you rich, cou8try-fr«fh flavor! Funpui wherever it i| told, Spring Houie continuet to win new friend* bectiiie It if I'ttl Arit-qutlity butttf told t »t* tbrlttr print ' tut richIn flivorl ·Bbady L»M Butter it a luperiar buttw made frotS' paiteuriicd cream. Churned frnb daily under rigid qutlitj; controls. Enjoy Shady Lane (entroutly--u a ipread and in your finett coolnng. For | aUthough it ii high in quality, it ia priced rooit ALSO ..... A HALF CENTURY OF YEARS BEFORE YOUR EYES" By ARTHUR GODFREY EVOA-- 1290 ,- NBC WEDNESDAY NIGHT ·:00 Town Crier 1:15 Richard Hartal est 9:30 Cr. KUdar* «:« Dr. Klldart 7:00 You B«t your 14ft , 7:15 You Bet Vour LU« T:JO Mr. Dlxtrtrt Attornty 1M Mr. DlaWct Attomay 1:00 Arizona Advantur* 1:11' Arluna Adventura 1:10 Richard Diamond 1:49. Richard Diamond KCNA-- 1340 ABO Edwin C. HU1 Elmer Davia ATu^lc You l?ant Music You .Want ' Proudly W« Hall Proudly We Hall Money for Future- Janls Paige Detour Detour Atomic Aircraft · Atomic Aircraft KTtC-- 1400 MUTUAL Fred Flnncy Fulton Lewia, Jr. Tutur* Uallvery Sam Rayu-BUl Saarf Gaorle.1 Hcatter School Daya Democratic Committee ThU Staging Country At the Opera . At thu Opera CIioo- Kid · Cisco Kid KOPO-- 1450 CBS Mr. Chameleon Mr. Chameleon Or. ChrtsUan Dr. Cbrlitlan Harold 'Peary Shov Harold Peary Show Slug Crosby Bins Crosby . Flgnta rights 1 ' Dance Orchestra Dance Orchestra KTET-- 1490 MJ8 November 1, 1950 Candlelight and Win* Candlelight and Wine United Nation*. FleataTlme. Fiesta Tlm« Fletla Tlm« Fiesta Tune · 7iesta Time-New* Concert Hall Concert Hall Concert Kail Concert Hall l.'DO Out M»J)'f ramOy · H-.1S Neva 9:30 Great Cllderalenn · 9:45 Great GUdcrslceve 10:00 Bird Cage Thtatn 10H3 Bird Caga Theatr* 10:30 Reporter 10:45 Auto Ratinf 11:00 SciiooU-Colleglata 11:15 Strictly Colleglat* 11:30 Strictly' Coll«gl»t» 11:13 Colle«1ate.N«w» 12:00 Sign Off THUBSDAy MORNING 1;«J KVOA Good Homing 4:00 lit Hen Mexican* ·TO L* nor* Mexican* Lawrence Wellr Show Lawrence Welk fihow Mom and Dad Mom and Dad j^*ws and Sport* Sports Keport John B. Kennedy Harlem Jambore* ' News-Jambor«fl Harlem Jemboro Two Beat Ttai* tvia Seat Tlm» Sign. Qtl Headlines X Love A Mystery Family Theatre Tamlly Theatr* Glon Hardy-- News ^ AT of L Program Curtain Calls Curtain Call* Silver Nocturne Sliver Noctum* Silver NoLturn* Ntws Sign Off ·X. . News West Is the Place Bel, 103-Muiic Stars on Parade Jukebox Jubflee Jukebox Jubilee RequeaUully Vour* Requestfullj Yours Tempo. Bendeivou* Tempo Readezvout Tempo Rendezvou* Tempo dendezvoua Uuslo on Moonbeam* Mudo on Moonbeam* Music on Moonbeams · Music on Moonbeam* WgnOtl FannHour Designs In Melody Xes!£ns tn Melody National Pharmacist* LBS Commentary Four Knights Pines of Melody Danca Band Danca Band Danca Band Dance Band Dance Band N*wa-KX All Night Put; November 2, 195C All Night Party ·:1 U aura MtUcmna 1:30 La .on Mexican*. 6:15 Workmen-Srhoola Dusty 1 * Hltchm' Poat Dusty's Hltchln Poat Duity'i Hilchin' Poet 7:00 Optimist Club 7:15 Schools-Wake tTjs 7:M Breakiast Newa I:-45 Arizona : N«w» Chapel in thr Deaart El Daipartador .£] Despertador Old PutbJo Hour Old Pueblo Hour Old Pueblo Hour Old Pueblo Hour Sunrise Bcrenad* Sunrise Serenad* Sunrise Serenade Sunrise Serenade--New* Newa , Martin AaTonsky Morning Newa Musical Clock . 3:00 Strictly Pernronaj S:lb MBJody 8:30 News t:is Local New* Arizona New* Sales Today, Sons ol the Ploneeri News of America Musical Clock Frank Gois Newi World News Fiesta Tim* Fiesta Tim* Fiesta Tim* - . . Fiesta Time--News 1:00 Star Guessing »;1S Music In Tucson 3:30 Jag* Berch »:« Tell Me How BreaJcJast dub Hemingway, New* Arthur Godfrey Liberty Minttr*!* Breakfast dub 49 M m ute» from Bro*dw*j Arthur Godlr»j . Liberty Minitr«la Break/an Club 15 Minutes from Broadw*. Arthur Godfrey . Liberty Minstrel* BrMktast dub : -us Minute* from Broad.wa: Arthiu- Godfrey · · , '· . Liberty Mln«tr«l* :o;oo Visiting Hours ions Dial Dave Garroway 10:30 Latin Rhythms 10:45 We Lav* and Learn News-Brushes Si Brooms Brushes 4 Broom* Quick as a Flash Quick as a Flash Cecil Brown Whafs On In Tucson Melody Magic Love songs Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Nawi-Melody Tin* Rosemary Disc Jockey's Roundtabl* Disc Jockey'* Roundtablt Disc Jockey's RoundtabU Disc Jockey'* Roundtabl* Luncheon Club, Luncheon dub-New* ^reda'a Footnotes Freda's Footnotes Vote 308 Yes . Strictly Persona] Shoppln' Around Music for Thursday Wendy WairtB Aunt Jenny R«l*n Trent . N Our Gal Sund*y WS News Bollywood Gossip Col. Bunkhouse Ballad* . Bunkhous* Ballads 11:00 Break the Bank 11:15 Break th,e Bank 11:30 Muslo of Manhattan ' U :« Newi. Freda's Footnote* Freda's Footnote! My True Story My True Story Glenn Hardy Susan Taylor MOO Club 1400 Club TUUKSDAT AJW^ERNOON ' ~~ " u:oo DoubH or Noihln*- t2:t5 Double 01 Nothing 1I:» Muile of Annric* 13:5 Mid Day News 1:00 141* Can B* Beautiful 1:11 Roae at Lilt l:W Pwptr Yount ,' . i:! Right to Happlne** !:M B«ek Stan Wile J:ll Stella Dalla." 1:3* Lor«njc Joaa i:« .Wldder Brown 1:00 Martin Manner Masio t'16 Portia. eac«A LJI* 3:3» Dr.. Paul -·MS Hean.tofletrt ' «:00 Welcome Travelers 4:13 Welcome Traveler* *::vi Aum Mar. , 4:« Sdiools-La Hor* '· 5:00 La Hora Mexicana 5:1» Tiny Thornnill's Orch, S:M News at th. World · . Betty Crockw News at Noon Crosby Calling Art Baker Casa Fiesta Cisa Flcsti Casa fiesta Casa riuta , Arizona Hayrld* Arizona Hayrld* Arizona Hayrid* Arizona Bayrld* Arizona Hayrid* / Arizona Hayrlde-- New* . Modem Romances Modern Homancea ·. , Hannibal Cobb · ' . - ' · Talk Bork Peace of Mind · . Ted Malon* . . ' U of A News Musical Newa . Music "*rti*)* Arizona Nevta News-Weather Queen for a Day Queen for · Day ' Ladles Fair Ladies Fair · Siesta Tim* Sle.ita Tim* P. M. Mayhem P. M.Mtyhem . · .Homomaker ol tb Day Homemaker of th* Day N«ws and Sport* ·If* Ail Your* -· If* All .Your*" · . IJ's AU Your* It's All Yours Hemingway. New* Anniversary Tim* -'. . Sam Hayea-New* Straight Arrow , Straight Arrow . ' · · Sky King., / '' XVvJCihtf Big Shner . Ma Perkins Young Dr MalOTi Gulfing tight ·' Jccond Uri. DurtoD Perry Masop Nora Drak* Brighter Day Nona Wotv Nowh*r* W*w» House Party · House Party-Adam* Strlk* It Rich Strike It Rich New*-- Stars Addres* Speaking of Tucson Old Pueblo Hour Old Pueblo Hour . Old Pueblo 3our . Old Pueblo Hour ; P.M. Melodie* Beulab Assembly ot God. · ~ Builder* of Music ' . Bar O Ranch . Newc-Sports-Ot) tb* (p«t Club is Xdwarri R. Murrow - Suggestion Box Keynotes by Carl* Guest Star ' ^ Great Day* in Sports Great Daya In Sporta Great Daya In Sports Great DJJ'» ia Sports Great Days in Sport* Great Daya l;i Sport* LBS News Blue- Barron Procnt* The Wax Work* ·-The Wax Work* The Wax Work* , The Wiut Work* Today in Tucson- Lenny Hennaj) -' Riders of th* Purplt Sage Joe Soaja Trio-- News Meet the Bond Meet the Band KT Kapera KT Kapera Kiddles Klub , Kiddies Klub · Sports Fin*} INTIMATE MATINEE for . LADIES ONLY! Positively no one under 18 adrtiitted (JdiaJL Answering queitiorit of a personal and Inlimale nature for, one hour 11:30 a,m. to 12:30 p.m. Doors Open at 11 a.m. Complete Screen Program W1U Be Presented Ss"WAGON MASTER" and "CASSINO to KOREA" OPEN 2:00 P.M. PHONE 5-1201 STARTING TO D A Y MEWS JUNI MTU mwi-imiir · · . K ^ k i B K B · · j \ n C f v i / n i PATRICIA MARSHALL EVERYBODY LOVES". -- 2ND BIG HIT -- **"*'· TECHNICOLOR ALLYSON · LAWFORD TELEVISION--Phoenix Station KPHO--TV WBDNE8P4X NIGHT 9:90 Kate Smith Show J;4»run. For All-- B:ti International tfewa 7:00 Chuclcwagon Tlmi 10:H Perry Como 4:00 Boh Cawlty Snov »:0e At Honn^lth -'ackCanady · T:U_ «-St*r The*tr«-- "Birth at * Star" , With June Allison, Danny Kay* ""iloTkayrtd* ' 7 - ' ·' : -· 0:00 Kukli, Fria icd Oil* Sioo TV PHiyhous*--"Via* That Onw On «0th St." ·;*1 Newc K;09 L*t« O'BRIEN-TAYLOR JANST ROSMNO- LEIGH-BRAZZI MarvASTOR TM' LAST TIMES ^'H.7 THiSE HORROR HITSI .s HOUSEOf FRRnKERSTfin l*«sVta^i. A i*ii*l B O R I S K A R L O F I -

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