Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 21
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AEROSPACE 'Ballule' to Check Astronauts' Falls Bj LEE CRAIG !«;«· AJstrcbaoti oa Gemini orbital {tights wfll fcaBocb their · vrty r to safety if they have to : bail out of their ''spacecraft if trouble occurs ta the PRINTING first and list stages of mls-itioxul parachute · could be =«. __ - . 'used at a Sower altitude. Under contract from Web-] The paraloons A. haUutes, er Aircraft COTJIL of BurbankJrather ... are necessary be- Goodyear is building drag, cause free faH descent from balloons to be employed if above 35,000 feet could re- astronauts are forced to use their * ejection seats below 70,000 feet ' - NOTICE INVITING BIOS - TQXrrKXKHlXG AXD DE- LITTMXG AUTOMATIC TELE- FHOyE EQUIPMENT TO THE CTTT OF LONG EEACH. CAJLX- - FOEMA » KOTICE 13 HEBEBT G I T EN thit. sealed bids vtn b« rtceircd 1 at tht offle* of th* Otr Jtanater.l ta Room 303 of th* City Kan «f th* Oty of Lone Beach. CaHfornU. 1 tats 2:00 *'clock PJfi; oa th* ISth day cf April 1S6X at vhlca time and plac* said bids Tin b* opened aai declared, for ft ani dellTertnr on* (1) automatic telephone ·Titcttcard c Tith control cabinet. cabinet Tired for on* nnadred la- diiidisal lines, ud tea sinroftaneom telephon*. conTejnations and completely equipped, Tita an necessary tiaefindtn, relays, distrimitoes, Jack-la-typ* switch**. Erhts. beD rinrinr emits, bell tircnit Interrupters aad other necessary party tr« services Tita Incorporated provisions for six simultaneous telephone eonTersationa. torether Tlti fgrai^fe'r and deliTerin] * tTenty-nr* (351 desk typ* telephone lastmmecti. flv* (5) Tan type telephone testrumeaia and IT» I! lond cpeaker iaatmaaect* ta the City of tang B«aca. Said telephone ·ToipmeELt thai! be roralshed ta accordaac* vith "Spetificattocj No. R-3134 for THE NEW , devices are suit in a · tumbling motion greater than . man could endure. BaDutes aged in £ would be pack deflated condition called bafiutes. from BAL-Iin the . ejection seat during Loon-parachUTE. Purpose of flight. ., Soon after ejection. BLAST BLAIll By Kcilh Wellington Lwtf »i*ca, C»U, T*un* Apr! c rM3* KCAS££ YOU «HT FMJME WSHVWKEIPMe/ Wtff ,' PCWT T£C£T SC1E CF THOSE TIW 2XO{ Vtfi Z the inflatable rubberized fab-jthe astronaut would separate trail above c structure would- be to.from bis seat and the drag], The inflated battute is ex tabilize and slew an astro-ibaBodn would inflate wittin; pected to be about three feet ut's fan until a"conven-Ja fraction of a second and t ia diameter and 40 inches . Hrertnc iotomatlc Telephone Eqisnp- znent to the GtT cf Ion* Eeach. Calilornla*". oa file la the c£fk* cT the City Eafinerr of said City to which vpedfications rtferrnce Is hereby xnadv for further partie ttlara ' . Copies cf said specification* noa' b« «bta!ned at the office of th City Entinrer. Room 602. City Ban. \jftrtf E*ich, California. Delivery cf telephone e q ^ l p . shall be xnade to 1417 Feteraoa JLTfime. Zjonc Beach* California. Payment for said equipment « be Diade bi due course of payrxnts ci th* City, after the complete delivery ef said telephone eiuJpm?n and acceptanct thereof ey the City Manager. E*ci hldder must state Sa his bid ***** delirery cf the nev telephone equipment, ·vilZ not b« late than the tnterral of time specific therein. The Oty reserres the Tift. to reject aay bid 1 -vhica ths tim for celiTery . is later than riartj (SO) days after tit tfaU of cxecntioi AH bill and bid beads ihal! b nbmStted upoa forms ta be secure at the cfflc* ct tit dty Unflaeer ZUca; bli ahaa - b* accoapasie ly a certified check or fcaok ftrxfl parabl* to th« Oty Auditor of the Oty of Losj; Eeach. and Ar«' oa. a solrest Jw.nk la Los Acce_ Ccnmty v or a satisfactory bond c aa amocct cf not lesi than te !? per cent of anch bid. as tnaranite that the bidder. U avir ed a contract, via erecut* an delirer to the City Enriaeer. snc contract vithia tea |13 day* an* ·uca contract Is tendered to him. together vita a food and s^Ificlen corporate surety bond ia faror * the City of Lone Eeach, for aa amon=£ »f not less thaa tventy-firt I5) per cent of soca, contract price for the Caithful p«rformanct of sue contract. Certified checks or bank draft accoznpanytnr an ViJj vUl be re tained by dty cntil a contract be- tveea th* Baccessfal bidder and th City has beea ezemted. Th* CUy llanacer reserres th richt, at aay stacs of the«« rr ceedinrs, ta reject an bids and retura all tfepositi accom;anylz^ ·aid USs. Dated at Lon* Beach. CaHfornla. this *tk day ol!AprtL W£X JOHN E. JfANSELI* City Fuh. Apr. 4. 1363 (It)--L FOR THE COXSTEtXmOX OT RBCETATION PAKE EIGHT- EEg HOLE COLJ 1 COUPLE EOUXDAJtT 1 JLAt'E IX THE CITT Or LOA'G ~ ^ CALirOEXIA NOTICE IS HEEEBT C I T E that, sealed tids vill be receii at the cfttce «f the City Vanarer ta Room 303 of the Oty HaQ cl t City cf Lonr EeacX CaMorc tuitil 2:00 *'clock P.iJL, oa the IS day tt April, 1961, at vhica tun. aad plac* said bids viH be public! opened and declareii for furcishin aa aeceuary lahor. tools, naterU appliances and cqalpmeat for. an domj th* work of constrwrtin Recreatlua Park Erhteea Kel* . Course Eounitry Fence ta accor ancs with "Plans and £pecification JJo, E-3411 for th* Con5tmctioa Recreatioa Ptrk Eirtteea Hole Gc Course Bomodary lenc* ta the O cf Lonr Beach, California.** oa I ia the cffic* cf the Oty Ecrtnee of said City. t» vhlca said Flans and Specifications Xo. E-3UI re erence U hereby made for lurthe long. During test*, the 'Je-[pounds »nd has withstood for reon-cry of booster assemblies, nose cones ind research vehicles re-entering' rice has successfully subil-!jpeeds of up to 10 times that ized descent . of paykxids'of sound. weighing as much as 500, BaUutes may also be used the earth's atmosphere. ~| Tense Nerves Block Bowels » Your csioa feu ten a ifcit coned refularar. Wbca JTOT tre tense cr tcrf-~ eui. eoraal tend fajulse» cay be tlocted-- lad joa Wcome coast*- fitci. New Cdoxuo tablet* rdvvt tth misery »ti * sew principle-- snique colottic cerve «riTM"*»»» pha tpccUl buIUnt irfoa utrmrrmrrufci by many doctor*. Result} puts your colon but ta *o relieves constipation oversight. Yea T feel (roll Get ctiticiUj-pr»rcJ. ~ COLONUD todi;. Introductory da *3 -i C-opies of said Plans _ cations Xo. R.-3H1 may b* ebtain at said atlrr cf the Oty Cncinefr Room 5C2. City HaH. cpoa dVpc cf (3.00 per set Purrnaat to Part X. Chapter Article Til cf Uanldpal Code the Oty of Lone Beach, th* CU Cotmctt, by Reicdntioa No, C-1S1 has ajcertalned and determined th a*eneral prtrailitr rate of per 4ien Tares and oTcrtizn* wtjes for eac craft «r typ* of laborer, vorlmaa or mechan required La th* ; formance of pcbLI* work. A c of said resohitlna is oa f!3« ta _ o££ct cf the Oty Engineer, Sai b claulftcatlocj aad (eneral prt railinr rat* of per t^ra vaces aa cTertxme Tares ar* taccrporated hrrtta fcy reference therrt* with lik* force and effect as tf tzprtsaly set forth Aereia, Aay coctract avarded terttmder sb*H provide that th* Contractor mart comply vtta ths ceneral preralltns; rat* of prr diem Tares aad «Tcrttm* T*res as specified ta said ResofEUoa. Payment Tin b* mad* ta due com-** of payments of th* CUy of Lonr SeacH, after fira! complrtio* of tbt Tork, ta accoriaac* Tita the jfmiUemerttj prorided «ad*r Arttc!* I K of ftandari epectflcations 5o. R-15T7 and vpm acceptanr* cf said Tork by th* City Vasarer. JL! Ltds and bid bonds sna3 Be rs?^aJ;vj cpoa forms t» t* se- rvred at th* cfXVr* «f said City Eack bid BnaH b* arcotnpaaied by a rerted check or bank draft parabl* 19 the Otr Aaditor of the Oty cf Lour Eeaca, aad drm«a oa a sofreat tank ia Los Angeles CoTfflty, or a saCslsclory bne of aa amotot of act less thaa tea U0 prr cert of rack bid, as ^saraate* that IM bidder. U avarded a contract, Ti3 execute and detTer t* th* Oty r*r* B *»r Tt^tin tea (JO days after suca contract U tendered. « contract for formishiar *3 th* necessary labor. tools, material*. appTlaacts. and fxijipment for. and Outer th* wort called for aervia. toretfcer w. ' fxd and n£fident corporat* rty toad ta favor of th* Oty of Lonr Beaea. for aa amount of aoC lei» thaa treaty-flTi (S rer cent of stick contract prlc* for the faithful perform^nc* of rack coa tract, and a rood aad s*o£ncienL rorporat* juietf toad a as amocat cf sot less thaa fifty SO per cent of raca cosxract pnc* for tb* par- nest of a3 labor aad BJ ' " cUIxa. Contractor sha3 stsrt In* Tort * Ttthia tea II days ard shaH '- conip^t* th* »ork TttMa tnty 40 vorttar days froa tt* 4at* of I ffz^cntloa cf tli* con'act, 1 Certifi« ct*cks or baa* drafts *- aecompaaytaj aQ bids Tin b* ' tained »T Cty cstJ a coatract , \ th« City has beea cseceftd. I Th* Oty ICaaarer reserves the ·rirht at *my star* **»:»» »"; ; ceedtnr*. ; t« rtct a3 ttis and 1 Urecxra a3 dVpcatts t l ?mmp«njinr * sali bldx, DaVd at Leer Beach, . Apr. «. ISO CltT X ItiUalirWtitltCiitril SanrtiiFImri Six. tin ni;irtiiiel Nipk TmCtiiti Barbecue Tools GLEEM Tooth Paste Charcoal BRIQUETS 79' Dei ("ec* la rl luftei taegs. It ApprcmJ N.atct MIRACLE MIST "Lilt" Home Permanent Eftes kair inner moisture. KLEENEX Paper Towels BBH Base Saves ciarcoal, jb- sah rwa; reicw to-m. 2 Hi. 3-Pc.BBQTooISet done fbtsd. BBQ Cook Book Eal Rund, flna-ninjea toed ica teat ciotoc. EuiS-a electriEi EirJd cbot flrtJ pi Bum- able fin lex. U. fetei rcir Electnc Fire Starter ·ttstfirr-fetartsn. Decs ict Itivt O QO IB" PorMle BBQ 4" ttef bcvl. time renVi( pil. CANADA DRY Soft 3 tifaljr Vp. legs. 2 pel Hit Kleeiex tissiet. Cilirj I wiite. Choice «I titular er Low C.torie ' 12».Cau ·LIB It · Cili · llatt Clinj · titjtf til · Cnpt 5.89 Spit Rill Basket Chror-t p'-aM renhxj SOFT type (Ictic tippd It p. 2 iife jid Can Opener "Still-mi"-- Craplete We have so manq HOLLOW MOLD Chocolates byLUDEN Ass't Little PlosS 3.00 Assortment Bean Bag Ash Tray Kite Ligbt - 1st f'i{ nto arj iost- toli c-.tltt nn e by DOUCRAFT LQie train ia Fruit Nut Eggs 'i -- Delciaa fo3 1 Hi ceife-J bpncbocj- 4 iz. In. 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