Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 12, 1962 · Page 2
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 2

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1962
Page 2
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'Drumming Out' In Marines Banned HUMBOLDT STANDARD Thursday, 12/1962, P. 2 WASHINGTON (UPD-Thc Mar i n e Corps has banned "drum- mini; out" ceremonies like the ran- used in Norfolk, Va., last week for a young Marine with a bad conduct discharge. The Corps said it had completed its investigation of the incident and a directive would be issued ordering that the centuries-old discharge ceremony "is not to be used." of ARCATA is still featuring The Executive "50" here's what they say: "BEST BUY OF MY LIFE!" "A FABULOUS VALUE!" "UNBELIEVABLY STURDY!" '·STYLED LIKE A $125 SUIT!" .Undoubtedly the 'best opportunity yet to get a finer suit for only $50. Tailored by a master suit maker, of a!l wool worsteds, sharkskins, flannels, gabardines, every aspect of the suit--fabric, style, color, is exceptional. Come in for a try-on. You'll soon see yourself at your best in the executive "50." CREDIT... while you wall! 30 DAY ACCOUNT MONTHLY BUDGET PLAN DRESS RIGHT -- Noui you can ajjord to! BANK- AMERI- CARD On The Plaza-Arcata Open Friday Nifiht 'til 9 LENTEN MESSAGE Believe 7t orAfot/ By Hie 1U. Rev. N.R.II. Moor Dean Trinity Cathedral, Pittsburgh (Episcopal) Written for UI'I The Lenten season is a period set aside by the Christian church during which we strive to become tnore keenly-aware of God and of ourselves as \ve are and as we ought to be. It is a means to an end not an end in itself. .When we make it an end we become captive to techniques . and vic- jms of near-sightedness. "Keep" Lent but don't let it 'keep" you. Gods purpose for all af us is that we become more and more like Him. Biologically we arc his crealion.but spiritually we are only in the process of becoming his children-children of freedom. It is not God's purpose that we become marionettes manipulated by economic and philosophical and social strings held in the i;mt!s of blind chance and grim necessity.- · ·· · · The Lenten season affords us the opportunity to ask ourselves, just where^dp, we stand in our relationship 1 to-God-and our fellowmen. Are we intent upon digging spiritual shelters of one kind or another or are we ready for high adventure in the art of living as real persons? In this regard it is well to remember that without adventure civilization decays. But we must remember that adventure, like Lent,- is not an end in itself, but the means by which we discover something. It is by venturing forth that we will come at lasl to him tvho beckons us out of eternity. Drawing closer to him we gain the peace which passeth understanding and are thus empowered to help in bringing order out of the chaotic human relations that swirl and hiss about us. Rabbit-Clubbing Hunts Approved RALEIGH; N. C. (UPJ) - The North Carolina Supreme Court ruled, in effect, Wednesday that it is not illegal to kill rabbits with sticks and stones.The court said that a humane society, which brought suit against a no-gun rabbit hunt in Iredell County, had failed to show that the hunt was brutal, cruel or a public nuisance. EVERYBODY'S IS YOUR PHILCO Ray Wallace at Everybody's is able to bring you the outstanding Philco freezers at GREATER SAVINGS FOR YOU! Ray, through the position as Associate Distributor for Philco, is able to buy carload shipments at lower cost ... and with no middleman, can pass on greater savings to you. And Only at Everybody's This 300 Ib. capacity freezer Regular $229.95 For Only 300 Ib. frozen food capacity! This new Philco freezer takes less than I square yard of space, yet offers you big family storage convenience. This freeier measures 36" high, 42" wide by 305/ 8 " deep. 2-compartment interior. NO MONEY DOWN FULL FACTORY WARRANTY By ERSKINB JOHNSON Hollywood Correspondent KAUAI, Hawaii -- (NBA) -It was a sentimental journey for the "Happy Talk" girl. It was a day of happy memories, with :ears in her eyes. After five years, France Nuyen came back to the mid-Pacific as Col. 8WLISS CfWTON (1820-1910 ) of flnderson,Ga, AS A YOUTH WAS REJECTED FOR LIFE INSURANCE. YET HE OUTLASTED KHE INSURANCE-- flGEUT. THE DOCTOR mO EXWWED..HIM '-AND THE INSURANCE COMPANY THAT HAD REJECTED HIS POLICY OF THE CHURCH OF WOKINGHAM, England, IS RUNG DAILY AT 4A.M. AND 8 EM. FOR o MONTH? OF EACH YEAR BECAUSE /I FARMER - NAMED RICHARD P/UMER-WHO BELIEVES /A/ " early -to bed and early to rise " BEQUEATHED HIS ESTATE TO PAY A SEXTON TO SO RING THE BELL 298 YEARS AGO © Klnr Features Syndicate. Inc., 1962. World righta rearrred, ? BAPTISMAL ' FONT of the Church of- Lohja, Finland, WHICH STANDS 5 FEET HIGH, WAS CWVED FROM A SINGLE BLOCK OF WOOD Defected Red Brands U.S. Aide Traitor WEISBADEN, 'Germany' tUFI) --A heavily disguised former Communist espionage officer testified Wednesday that U. S. Air Force Capt. Joseph P. Kauffman passed military secrets to East Germany. The witness, Guenther Maennel, a former East German secret service agent, wore a false mustache, wig and glasses when he took the stand. He defected to (he West last year and is the star witness in the case against Kauffman. Maennel has worn the whenever moving about in public to prevent recognition generally and possible revenge foi by Communist agents. Maennel testified on the second day of Kauffman's court martial after the defense attorney entered a plea of innocent to the charge of passing national defense information to Communist agents. Maennel said he met Kauffman disguise lated 'or his flight Sovii it an East Berlin railroad station at 1 p.m. Sept. 29, I960. "Kauffman identified himse y his service card and trav orders," Maennel testified. ' told him my name was Lange an hat I was a member of the Eas German police." Actually, Maennel said, he wa a full time secret service agen )ersonally responsible for espioi age against the United States. Maennel said he and a co league took Kauffman to an is building in East Berl where they questioned hii through an interpreter before let agent took over. Later the interpreter broug! out a sheaf of papers written i English and German, Maenm said. · "They contained enumeration of the most important officer stationed with Kauffman Greenland," he testified. "The isted the weaknesses and stron Tune in on the ·TALK POWERFUL! 10 tube performance. 8 transistors; 2 diodes; 1 thermistor. COMPACT: Only 3W DEPENDABLE: Operates on its own long-lasting batteries. SEA' MARINE BAND, 1.85-4.2 MC, · 5hlp-to-»hlp · shlp-lo-thore · distress calls · marine weather forecasts STANDARD BAND, 540-1600 KC · enjoy your favorite music and news broad- calls too. 3 YEARS TO PAY FREE LOCAL DELIVERY reg. 74.95 NOW 59 95 for Ship'n Shore... CHANNEL ^ -x MASTER 8-Transistor Marine and Standard Broadcast Radio 6 I 7 - 4 T H S T . "The House of Philco" EUREKA WE ISFI EL HI 3-0941 528 - 5th Street EUREKA HI 3-3151 OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS 'TIL 9 P.M. IHtVytSTS URCiST ; 'CREDIT:'; character points of these officers. "They also contained statements as to the primary mission of the U. S. Air Force in Green- and." Maennel said the Soviet officer lave him the papers and told him .0 go back to Kauffman and get lis signature on them. He said Kauffman did this reluctantly. 'Happy Talk'Brings Tears * :..,* *v * . ·* * ' . ' * · · · * France Nuyen's Sentimental Journey star. It was where she made mond Head" company here. her film debut a s ' a nobody in 'South Pacific." She was Liai when Hanalei Bay became Bali Hi for the movie. Hanalei Bay and France had both changed. Instead of the sets, the old Ha waiian bay now featured a bif, resort hotel, Hanalei Plantation France had become a star. She had overcome the unhappy talk about her replacement in "The World of Suzie Wong." "The whole five years came back to me when I went-to Hanalei," France told us on a day of from work in her latest film 'Diamond Head." "I looked back something I don't like to do, am said it myself, 'I was only 18. " didn't know anything.' " The sentimental journey includ ed Charlton and Lydia Heston's 16th wedding anniversary party in the crystal chandeliered dining room of the Hanalei Plantation A little girl with the native Ha waiian entertainers sang "Happy Talk" from "South Pacific." Impulsively, France Nuyen join ed her, dropped to her knees am together they made "Happy Talk' with their fingers and their voices That's when the tears came to France's eyes. Aline HacMahon dates back to "Gold Diggers of 1933" but "the good old days" in Hollywood is a memory she'd like to forget She was recruited from the stage "The studios were impressed with people who could talk." shi laughs about the early days o sound. Then she appeared in doz ens of movies for Warner Bros in the 30s and the 40s. "I was the original secretary with the heart of gold. Then was typed again, first as a pio neer woman of the West and then for domestic comedy." Finally she rebelled, went back to the stage and only occasional movies of hei own choice. Special! TONIGHT and FRIDAY only! DOUBLE FEATURE! OUR "OPEN EVERY NIGHT" Spring and Summer Policy STARTS FRIDAY BIG TO DAWN t^rjpti|j!im.ijii»miH * SHOW 5 - GREAT FEATURES - 5 WILLIAM HOLDEN GRACE KELLY J FIWIC MARCH" MICKEY ROONEJ ' ICROSBY'HOLDEN-KELLY BRIDGES AT r^SJTheCOUNTRYGIRL She knew it was leave, nd she did, when "they gave I»B same line in two, successive 1ms. I still remember it, too -- 'm tired of crooked streets and rooked people.' That did it." She's now playing the role of a ill-blooded Hawaiian mother, Ka- iolani Kahana, with the "Dia- "Marvin Miller! How about a lillion bucks for me?" The name is the same as on elevision's "The Millionaire," but jis Marvin Miller is the produc- ion manager of the Columbia film nit here. A few months ago Marin inspired a 'column for us about le headaches of a film produc- ion manager. Marvin Miller of television la- cf telephoned and said he had a eadache, too. Would we please xplain 'the name confusion. He aid people thought he had re- ired from television, and they »ere calling him about film jobs ind all sorts of things. It was a double headache. The larvin Miller of the movies acquired a new head splitter, he told s. "Marvin Miller of television hould complain 1 I wonder how e'd like to be awakened in' the middle of the night out here in he middle of the Pacific by some ;agster saying: " 'Marvin Miller, how about a nillion bucks for me?' " DOORS OPIN 6:45 P.M. NOW! WALK ON IHE WILD SIDE a side of life you never expected to see on the screen! LAURENCE HARVEY'CAPUCINE JANE FONDMNNE BAXTER starts . . 7:20 - 9:35 NOW! DO °«P O M PEN ROCK HUDSON DORisDAY TONY RANDALL """" ";,, fwlmw COLOR [DIE ADAMS-JACK GAME-JACK KRIISMII NEVER BEFORE A SHOW LIKE IT! NOW! DOORS 0 " N ·^--WILLIAM--CUFIDN-- HOLDEN-WEBB -Lb'OMtCAREVS SATAN ?« NEVER SIEEPS -AND INCRIT) BERGMAN 1'VKS MONTAND ANTHONY TEKKINS JI.1MK KOI I:K HMHS

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