Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1969 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1969
Page 19
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--^^----i We Pricts Good Through Saturday, April 26 IWelCOITIC USDA FOOD STAMPS libbyt Chlckin STEW DUMPLING Ellis VIENNA SAUSAGE 4 4 Or $100 Cans I Ellis JUMBO TAMALES 28 Oz. Can 49' Chun King SOYA SAUCE 15 Oz. Bottle Vigo Beef DOG FOOD 2 1 Lb. Cans Coles PINE OIL 15 Oz. Bottle 49' ROAS CHUCK ROAST ARM Boneless STEW MEAT DINNERS COFFE EGGS Ocoma T.V. 11 OZ. Size Cains 1-lb. Bag Preston's Grade A Large Doz. BUTTERMILK Foremost $ \ Gallon Ctns. Hales Pride Regular or Self-Rising 5-lb. Bag IfaitliwMl AriwiHM TIMIJ, Ocoma MEAT PIES 8 Oz. Size 15' Swccr Trcet CRUSHED P'APPLE 15 Oz. Con Brown's Best PINTO BEANS 2 Lb. Bag 23' Gerbert Strained Fruits and Vegetable} BABY FOOD Jar 8' FRESH CALIFORNIA LETTUCE American Beauty Wide NOODLES 10 Oz. Pkg. 31 King Horn Whole Kernel GOLDEN CORN Cons To tie* VANILLA WAFERS 00 i LV Bog ApN iS, 1M* · It CLASSIFIED Phone 442-6242 rait WORD , . . ie Minimum Order If Wort* IMtlEliIATB »mliifi »t» M*IKM« iff nil HIM IniMe Mr. Bnom iMg. buve evenft cemllifl eni MimnHlll ouii. mm muil M · wllllnf werfcer nd M«klnl e pinuwnt BMUMn. FiM «c«im. Applx l« *rK»i Vle-Mei rive In. _^ KELP w.niH. lirit dm 4nttmM Mr meUl ttbrtcetinl plant ittrtii* fM «OC t»r numts. Wn IMUIM te t. Jeek- ion. P.O. Box 730, Hot Iftttfl. AltMHl IQffl Ice Tta-lemonade-limearie WYLERS MIXES Pkg. Come BATHROOM TISSUE 4 Roll Pkg. · coniecutiv* IwrUoni 30e Scoiuecutive lucrtiOM Me « contecutive Ineerttoru Me Iconicnitlv* Ineertlon* l*c Z coiueeutlv* tnecrtloni 14o Above ue the Cuh IMKOiint ratee you win receive by ordering your Ad it Tbt tlmee office end pyln( cub for It or by ordering your Ad by Phone and peying lor tt W«B. In 10 deyi of the dele billed. 107. idded after 19 d»r» For boil raulti give full deecrlB- lion ind ittrt your id for · diy. you may cancel your »d when re- tulu are obtained. You'll only be charged for the actual number of daya the ad ran. SAVB MONEY! Place your ad In the TIMES SERVICE DIRECTORY 3 Line* Daily For ONE MONTH ONLY 11.00 (Each additional line--J5.00) Card of Thankf -- 12.00 (Over 30 worda. 7c per word) Classified D l a p l a y Advertulnf Deadline I days before public! Uon. PLEASK be ture to check your ad for etrors the firrt day of publication. Adjuitmenta will be made on the baala of the tint appearance only. No correction! nude after ad DM expired. Thle newipaper reeervee the right to edit, reject and properly clam. fy ill id*. DEADLINES: Cltttifled adj «n accepted until 4 p.m. on the day befor* publlcav tlon and until 11:30 a.m. BaturtUy [or Monday publication. 1--Announcementi- AUCTION SALES--Mooder and T*nr» day at 7 p.m. in Auctloe BOOM. Highway 71 N., apnnfdtle. PORCH, fum. * dataware, children' clothes, 80 Chevy ton truck, new d« freexa. 3rd bouie 8. Bhakeiptar*. 44MMI 2--Coming Event*-- PATUHIIAY "f^ll-In." April 'X. Sikf I,C8f Trailer Turk. Winilnw. Oomf Cwne irll: Auction «l 4:(B. 4-Penonah- HAVE peace -- fret couniellnf troubled ones inyUme. M3-4464 or writ* D. a Oorham. Elklni. Ark. 77777. 6--Inirruetiont- YOUNG MEN NEEDED We have Imnodiilr upminli Mr three jouni ntn, atta 1R to B M represent Isne southtm firm, rourt be Unlit, ntat ant fr« to trarri Poutiifrn and MidWHtfm SUttl. Ne enperitnce ntctmry, He train :-ou. F.xprnw seeount to ftart, new car transportation fumiihfd. Averaia earning!. I4HO monthly. Apply la pernon !o Mn. Charlei Davit, Downtown litotor Lodft, Sunday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. only. No pnont calif pleaie. OPENING For wiih ind clein-up mm. Apply Hi pmon. WhltflFtd Motor Company. MTENTIOK fimnmtr Studtnti! Part htlp needed! Apply in peison. R for Hnrper Brc»rm C'jm- iany nfeded it once, cmtomfrs wa.t- nc. fill 442-tlCl. . . . fo tlUbllif! own Credit Broktrife but'. new. No investment. To help ou fi«-t itartM. we (tmnntee J1W *ee'-:i- :i mfn meeting our requirement*. AC-J ri handicap. Write M*ntftr: Dm«er 1.57, entor. Ohio, 44050. EVERYBODY f ADS, Tou art! thi TIMES WAT-T WANT elderly tnun In tr*r] hcaltii tn be butlnett ·ttrnd»nt', R-! *o~ia1 »c- curlty tupplement. No l«bor invoherf. Write P. O. Box 7W, FtytttevUH. \r- nstn. Civi Mckrround and ?HOP« imber. BOYS, IS up, to aunt order department manaier. Apply 4:00 la 8:00. 101 Hclcotr.b, Eprincdale. EXPERUKCEn Bprty painter for hoii»» palntlnr. Fbent 443-S332, Exteniion 4X or wrttt Box FT, HyetteriUe. aUTLIOATIOllS BOW bttof ttkta tor tpetper carrier boyi 13 yaarf or otd- ar. Apply drenlatton dtpartmtnt. Kortb- west Arkansas '. 19-H«lp WA1TRESS wanted, nigM «hin. 1 :M . . - 9 : M om. Murt o» «rp»ritneH *nd have neat, clean ape*«r«nc«. Imnitdlit* nmr. Apply In penon Town Houw PROGRAMMER TRAINEES I KM ?.*W K.:UI - 115.000 will; nt left't high rh«ol education. V will train per.«nnnel from thi*. Imm^' late area for ]ob* now avallibl* at IB. Pyntftn 360 programmeri. Ton wilt WOT and tram undrr the ntpervlOon of iwn of thr nation's leadmf computer *cie jt«U. The irmnlnf ran he arranced as not tn inlrrfcr* w i s h your prcs' quirM. For personal Interview to dct mine rwr (iu«llfic(itlon!, till in coupon and mall to: INSTITUTE rOR roMPirriNn t^nr.Nf'KK Wntr Bnv R-T1. r/» Northwest A i k f t n » i TIMES. ^ame . . . Telephon* --·-- Wnikinr HmiM VOICE--Pi*no Initnictloa Keaxonable Flatei BEAUTICIAN* -- tipei:enc« pr»f*rr*A Phone 521-1M9. ANNOUNCING Trainlne on IBM KeMunch ma- chin?. Limited enrollment -- night classm. Prerequisite aptitude test. Ozark Data Processing 108 W. Center ·UP.-ttfil Fnycttevillc, Arkaniaj AVON OPPORTUNITY CAUJNQ . . . "*»h * on the it^id** d*m*nd for T.V. aijvtrtn- AVON mamrtic*. Temtorl** IK»" i l d h l f . Can 442-7377 afternoons an4 jnr Mr*. WcOernnn. WANT l»r ladln with rar. KUnlr* e Pnvlurt*. Bnt ^4.^ Fayrttin-]!!^_ 20-Htlp 8-Lost and Found-- iH. chilil'i pet. »hacgy hadn't tnmm^il. lJ*t nrrn nround campul. 44.V.r,T« or 44V3^vS. 12--Business OppeHuntttts-- it. 1 -A Mo'njncvn.K Ki:.\N'in«K l i r w a n l m K op^rt\mil- to 'i|-i(Hc j o u r unii «alr and iirn'Hf fran^iije for RSA n-.nlorrvclex. on* of tht national ifi'lrrt In ii honrniMg mailfPt. Vorir :nvestmrnt can y:»«M I!R rfturnt f'T (imlsfip*!. rrll- nhlr "person. For rtrtailn wr.te H m r j Oitiplin. F5SA Tnr. fij'J Pasialc A ^ f n u e , NuHiM, 1 . N .1. 07110. PP.1VK-TS. Two w i n d o w w n l k u p . I'oing KrxMl J M T around huimej*. Plenty pirk- InR. Kor morr infnrmition call 423-213. TEXACO SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE · Excellent Highway location · Strong promotional »up port · Paid training program · Financial asiistanc* available CALL J. R. MASSAY 521-1573 LOOK YOUNO t-Arie Atlanta firm hit immediate opening* for three ytwni Indian «/«· IB to H W conta^ iimiill huitnMi and profetnonal pe^r'e. Kfuit bfl xinik, neat and fr** to iritel Muth- »rn and Mtdneitern States. No »x- p«n«« account to ilart, new rtr ti«nitportAtlon fumtfhe-4. Ararat* airnlngi MM monthly. Applr In P*r- ion to Mn. Oharlei ta»if, Down- low n M^lor I*dfe, Thurinlav, 11 a m . tn a F m. P«renti wclcwne af MATURE larty netted tfl hatr Mt »i»r» idnv e\en:nj 7.00 to d:45 p.m. Phora priniUKTIOS machine operators: Ma. lfr'»l h a n d l m : r«illr- procesimf I"- orrr«: »H mill l«hnt*rt; Rpray paint itef up man. Auto bod" repnlrman: Automobile mechanic; rllef hwvy trurt- " *T: Hacknm operator: f^rp»ni»r«: ·tniMnwi Uhoren: Fhe^( nifial mnr\- Wiir^houiemm, Warehouse Fore- i; l^«iin d r » f t » m » n : Meter reader-; Swirim:*-!. Stenojraphfri. fienaral OT- n*rki. n«rk-Tj-ol»t; W»nlfe5t k; Key Punch operator; R««^ni m»* , ,,,,ie operaton; Wattrewet. Ojniw: Kiirhan hHpen; 1.1%-e-oit hoywkwjwr i» V in r.rtgm. Ir-day week, |*W: Ouim- i n . n m t i l i i «nd num^rrrui olhfr openinl*. Apph- KMPI/YMKKT BKODRITT PI- \1FION. 21* North Cliurrh Ptr***. IST/Typmf M «TM~-food knowl- edie of medical termi . $W msnl 1 ! OFHi'B AnMINJKTRATOR/ ont or STEN'OORAPHEn. tipirf and · twrtliand . UIA ITIOnt!l KrVPt*SfH orKRATOR. will tr«.n nifl month Al'TO Mechanic an-I H«1v ihc man imuil hava c^n tm!n Oom. lr|«l pfrMir* IWJ ?ny»itN I N F t l R A N n ; 5aleiman . Omni!lH«t r.vrximvr · r ^ R f T A R T . p^iiwicr t1*fl mORt*t rj.F.RK AVO?: N K K T * MONK.T tn fi»'? ·'oir fam'.l" t'.nirr- 0*11 44'J-"~ af'.fir.fir.i a n d a In; Mr* M-*-n».r. CfYITON rnr.dv. nr ron» li*t-n g month) Northwest- Arkansas Employment Agency Room ?*. Cro^n* Buitdlnf Ph^ne 44? WM Mn. Tom Phiiiipi. Owner A loraSlr nwne-1 pritata a*enCT-- Urented and Bonded NOW INTERVIEWING RrjtponsHile 1 prmnn« n* denier fnr t i r w l y rnnitructcd l^X r n t t a g r - t \ p e iervlcf u t a t i o n a d j o i n i n g lnr«r n p n r t i n p n t cnmplftx w i t h i n .1 hln. ks nf university. Phone- Fayr t t r v . l l r , 44M711-Hoi*rt. «.1§-«7.V1 APPLIPATKlSR now Mini taJfn for rnx riptratfir w i t h tvpmj t\- fv.rr* Clerk -Hand'e detail " Apply circulation departmtot. Mnrthwatt M-Money T« i«on- " ?NEEDMONEY ·ft Ul We · ] » , . sen . , , Tri4f . liini nr an-.th1nc nf TBlut an4 f!« r*« an nniion to reputcha»f tnfnt CAMEO JEWELRY ENGRAVING SHOP IK W. Mouitile r.VBl.TN HTUfl fillOPPINrj HELP WANTED Opportunity With Ttnnyrich Im*rn«tion«l !. Own (Mir nun hunnfa: 1. MfllnM» ^'^tl^lrlr. \. fnllmli.1 inrwrn; 4. N t « n i n t k TurMtyiH if ru*l'fi^: !l FibiiWiK Mratinn. C Tf^rit'lMnnl ptini; T, F.n. llttir T.tirfm'nl. v«r Inlormmmn, nil «MM w Wnle iwrrnhv Mofi»". Plrtrtnc, »

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