Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 25
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DODGERS- (Continued From Page C-1J the Chicago Cubs at Mesa. Ariz., this afternoon. Williams (2-1) goes against Cleveland at Tucson Thursday and again Sunday at San Diego. Podres (2-0) Is scheduled Friday against the Giants at Phoenix and Koufax (3-1) will get his final tuneup Saturday night at San Diego. *·*" * ***Wills, »f IrtirwsUi »l W. Davis, U 16 Fairly, Ib Setncar. 3 Bvmgnf. JS Koulai. D 2 V b-Hrtms. t * 0 L. Si*rry, P · · n-naiis I « - PtrmosU. P » « « « Totals III III Cisco, p c-Fhlley Radatj. p .51 0 0 0 r n for Ko«jT4» IB ntti e-Snr«d lor O« l?71lll_o)-*trvcll «vt lor l_ »J r TM. 1 ^ Dadien »rd »ol E_ii tri 77 Runwtu 1 .MontrPOJ^Red Sol IMS: Dotffr Z7-1S. DP -- Cm*. Brtssoud and w^^rRr*^ 1 5 *** KsfeFWrTC Scxnctr. S-CJ1CO. . l YatfrzermkJ _ · i 4. Red «» Kovtei Sherry (W) j pcrranosU ._ I It--RunttTA). Sttlntl (A). 1-1:34. A-Utt. IB- MR- 1 0 0 0 IN), Sdiaoarl ANGELS- (Continued From Page C-l) able to keep Thomas in th outfield and I'm going to tr him in center. Albie (Pearson just doesn't have the rang to play tho position and a least until Hunt (Ken) i ready I'm sure Lee can do th job." Playing rightficld Tuesday Thomas made a fine catch o a sinking liner. The ball \va in the sun all the way," sal Rigney, "but he battled It an never flinched." Thomas has no objection to playing the big pasture.' played it for a half-year a Quincy in '55," revealed th ex-Yankee whose broken-ba single actually won Tuesday' contest. a a a a I DONT have great speec but I think I have cnoug 'range to get the job done. certainly don't object to gi ing it a try. The Angels' explosion Tuesday were actually vcrj surprising. They were will out TNT. tens ABRH'Aatels A B R H Aw»n-»t,J5 1 I 7 7 Pearson, f I McOarai.Ib I I I tcogmry.jb ipnatr.ctll 4 0 aThomawrl J i 7 0 0 ORod9ers.c * ' is 5 T I OUla, l» II 5 » f (Torres.*! I l l ,,,,,,., e ) 0 1 0 Grba.p Amman, JB 4 7 I laBurgtis Buddn.» 3 I I OCnance.p Cults, ss 0 0 0 0 Fowler, p Vr.jSnil.ll 1 J 5 Ob-lanner cicone. p I 0 I I wilt, p Teta!« 71 f ! 7 7 Tatall ·Runs tatted m Cain . AAtHS £· SPORTS SHORTS G"Ucr Gary Player Is In the Ind of spot he likes--he's tabbed as the champion who can't repeat. This comes on the day be- ore the eve of the 26th Masers Tournament. "I must dmit I am a bit surprised to ce the experts counting me ut so quickly," said the little South African. "However, I cannot say I am not pleased, play better when I am un crratcd." · * · a ITS OFFICIAL: JFK will hrow out the first ball of the 962 baseball season in Wash- ngton next Monday when the t4ats meet the Detroit Tigers. · * * * THE CHICAGO Blackhawks vcned their semifinal Stanley Cup playoff series with the Montreal Canadiens with a 5-3 victory. The scries stands at 2-2. a · a « HAROLD JOHNSON and Doug Jones have signed for heir 15-round NBA light- heavy w e i g h t championship bout to be held May 2 in 'hiladelphia. PAUL HOGUE, center for he NCAA champion Cincinnati Bearcats' b a s k e t b a l l team, has been chosen player of the year by the Helms Ath- ctic Foundation. a a a * BILL SHARMAN, coach of the Cleveland Pipers, says he s pretty sure of landing Ohio State's John Havllcck "but our chances of getting Jerry Lucas are pretty slim." WELTERWEIGHT R a l p h Dupas (second ranked) blamed the death of Benny (Kid) Paret on the "boxing public of America" because of its demands for "more blood and broken heads." IN AUD KING TONIGHT , ( Local Boxer in Spotlight it* TOAn.'lf IIAnl/lTV nmvpd n mlnhtv Intntrt rn«. civ.mtlni! ftrml.wlnrltm ' tnv mnntha. nrn. By FRANK HARVEY Tummy Noel, confident young Long Beach featherweight, will bo out to Impress local boxing fans when he takes on Jorge Gonzalez of Mexico in the ID-round main event at Municipal Auditorium tonight. Noel, formerly IN FEATUKL Mickey Da'vies, Tommy Tommy Noel of Long Beach scored 2G wins in 29 s - - · · " is featured fighter on tonight's fine boxing card at Municipal Auditorium. Fishing Fuels S»l ItKk-H eaiierwrs on I boats Outfit » tonlto, 57 rial.but. PMrVf HI Landma-» rjtsensefl. en 1 bolts Mthrd 32 bonlto. US rock rod. 4S ow cod. 2 ling tod. 61 lul.bul. 71 mll- PJCific Landing--71 patsenoert on 3 boats caught If barracuda. 1 titiibgt. 19 calico bass and 1O bonito. Moines, Iowa, recently moved to Long Beach after residing In Los Angeles and Bakersfield for the last two years. · a a a A GOOD two-fisted puncher, Noel has turned in several sensational fights at the Olympic Auditorium and in Northern California in recent months, but so far has been unable to entice any of the better 126 - pounders Into meeting him. A s u p r e m e l y confident youngster. Tommy firmly believes he can beat Danny Valdez or Sugar Ramos if giv en the opportunity. According to matchmaker has starts and figures to chalk up another win tonight. However, unless he lives up to advance notices he could r u n into trouble tonight. proved a mighty tough cus- Imcr, staggering tough Eddie several times before Alvarado finally knocked him out. IT IS A FIGHT that should meet with the approval of the local clientele. Both arc willing mixers, but Tommy ap- !·£·, t l l l a f k V I J, U U h * U l l l l l l j r UJ'' · V** m V aTBLaUl ft t t U l a U V I t t l l * pears to have an edge in Hie i-U local middleweight, meets taxing department and will '-- "*--·- -· · -- *--'-rule as a 10-7 favorite. Jerry Stokes, former Na- six-round semi-wlndup. Stokes, winner of 49 of SO amateur fights, and undefeated as a professional, has plenty of ability and figures as a 2-1 favorite over Lara- zola. TONY VALENTI, undcfcat- , tional Golden Gloves champion, may prove the outstanding fighter on tonight's card when he meets Felipe Larazola of Mexico in the j osc in a o f five-rounder Angeles w h i c h few months ago. . Featherweights Gino Hernandez and Llcho Guerro open the show in a five- rounder. First bout goes on at 8:30 p.m. Tickets will be on sale all day at the Auditorium box office. should supply plenty of ac tion.. Valcnti will have a host of supporters on hand from Fort McArthur, where he was stationed before his discharge a CHAMPI/ONSJIIP WWAHA^OUVli «·!*'" " BIG CAR RACES SATURDAY NIOHT , . ASCPX PARK nAT TOt»U WIH «11|0 INOEPENDENT-P.g. C-3 M,. »·«, AW* 4. IM1 r« King Edward DELUXE BT.IIM it's still ill titol teUca EXHIBITION BASEBALL Te / r*" t lTirley U Tll"and"Btanchard". ^SfSf^SSSS-Sf.- ^ , , rais-r-rr:,! SBtl.S Gantorwr, Glaount 17). Fei III ant Hoarse. Brown ll)i G bion, L. WcOan.e ill and sctia'fer. W-L. McOan.el. L- Ft«. Cra.f and Cannuiaraj Bauman. BUI ardt (SI and ROSIIU. V-Crai9. laurr*ann ·--tariff. ,,. _..» 4. Anoels 4. 7B-Amai'ilano. Country. Browne HKDaniel. Cicaltt. Torres. BMddin. nfc-Le|a. Burgess. ·'· (.an. Amaiuano. SB-Covgntry. iac.- Camo.ll IF). |p H R tR BB SO K. Janmon 4 1 } S 7 - ?£""·'---·,;; i i j 5 '''^,?W.8."*'.-'«1. 0 1 V-- P«CUM. L--DrtOOwtk At TLKIC.., r M rr.VKiKt College Unseball UCLA 4. CalTMIr (Pomona) J. San Fernanda Valley St. ». Loyola 0. J 't. Mtryt U* San Ou«ftt.n nrona) S. Wrtmti* 0. i *, C»i b»Dt,u « (it). 4cr*m«nta St. U. tf PaKJfie 1. 1 U. SJ. V.'«*m W« fcl -;*«» i i t. Stimt P*cit.c I. · Juntor C«ll««t LBCC It S*nT« MonlCJi X Crfrilos ta. Vmtur* 0. Con^DTon i. C'rnd^if 4. lS»tlrftoo J. Mt. J*C J. SaVI BrfTlaKdiltO Zt SaWdt A«JJ I. I'CL 1 Dtnttr (AAI II San Dim I. DallavFI. worm IAA| J, Hawaii J. El Paso (7U 5. Tacoma 4. AIJL Playoffs Kamas Ot» 111. CkvHand 17 (K. C AL Hockey Playoffs (Only samt scneduicdi. Jorge is the same Gonzalez who fought Eddie Alavarado here last August. While Gonzalez was halted by Al varado in the fifth round he RusseU's 9.6,20.7 Marks Pace Vikes By KEN PIVEUNETZ At Cleanwatcr. Kansas City . n,us«lalu n II) and D»lr H-Brown. L-Plisler. .~aooaMi7i_7 4 I 171 and Sulll»anj Short, D»lrtmcie. Vitvta III. . ' N*r»9on (I) TM 47t cTeVeiind- -----I iff lii 1^ I ! \ O'De.1 and B«ievj Bell. Fw-k (*?) D«ii*?v (t), Pudotph (t) *nd Remana W-OD*ll. L--Belt. MWnt rvni--i*n Fr*v euro, AIOU. «'·"·«. *·«.-_,,, ,,,,,._,,,., MO Ml Ml-- 4 II I 17), F'SOltr (II and cia ID. Jerard (II Homt runs--Mil- CNcaM. Santo. ticaaa (Nl Butil, Hendiey. ( , ftrrxi (ft s W-- BuM. L-- HobWr , Bark*. STANDINGS N. Y. IS I .4! K. C. W L PCI 17 t) JJS Baitnwri i) » ls)i Boiton" 1914 Uit L. A. II II .UI Cle.nand I 17 .r; wa\n. 11 * .sv}Detret 7 U Jll NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. W L PCI. St. Louis K I .4S7New York II 13 .*' Houston II I .414 Pittsburgh. 110 .414 14 » ·» Clnclnn«n la 14 .417 L .. II II JM pn.ldWoWa 7 17 Jtl S. F. II 17 .4/1 ttjlwauet 7 IS Jll WL Hockey Playoff Soo«ana_ I.^Portland 0 (Sppkant jeadl 1C). a . ortand poane/ eas Soutrxm Oiylilcn l.nal series. Four meet records were broken and another tied Tuesday, but once again Tim Russell was the big show in Long Beach City College's one-sided 83-34 dual meet track win over visiting East Los Angeles. Coming off school-record runs of 9.5 and 20.7 four 49ers Test Cal Poly at Blair Long Beach State's baseball club will be out to avenge an early-season 7-3 loss at the hands of Cal Poly (Pomona) when the 49crs battle the Broncos today at Blair Field T h e non-conference g a m e starts at 3 p.m. Bob Lancaster will start fo the 49ers. who are razor-shar] after blanking UC Santa Bar bara twice Saturday. Coach Dick Clegg's club broke out of a severe hittin ( slump over the weekend an now have four men battinj over -300. Gary Geagan top the regulars with a .333 marl (9-for-27). Bob Cooper 'als is hitting .333 (6-for-18). Dallas Moon, who leads th cIuTTWith most hits~(16) an RBI (G), slipped nine point to .308. while Frank Adles moved into the .300 circle fo the first time (G-for-20). Jack Foley's 3.71 ERA leac! 49cr mound regulars. He also pitched the most inning (29). days earlier, the Lakewood lazcr roared back with a 9.6 undred and 20.7 220 against ie Huskies in typical Rus :ll-fashion. There was nothing but day ght between him and the cxt man in the furlong while ~om Wilson and Cliff Bright man hung on in the century. jch was clocked in 9.8 for BCC with Wilson's last-sec rid lunge good for second lace. · a a a ANOTHER lunge by East L. A.'s Randy Tave over Terry lendrix decided the best race f the day. Tave skimmed ver the 220 low hurdles In ... good time of 23.8 as Hen- Irix took a nasty spill at the inish line. Hendrix had beaten Tave in the 120 highs. Bill Sheue outsprinted Long Beach's Dave Schinnerer in he first lap and then coasted o an impressive 1:50.9 880 :locking for one new meet record as was Bill Pace's 54-1V4 shotput effort along with Russell's double. A 13-0 pole vault by Dave Tillman of iast LA. tied a meet record. Ito-Ryssell _ILBI. Wilson (LBI, Brlghl- ii*Ui 'fTrafttrn*! (LBI ».;'(m«»l record, (LB), CummJnos ILB). "(ELA), Schwuier (UBI. I. 1:44» tmett record). !r (LB). Svtre.tct (LB) GarialtLAI .amcKji iLDr* «·'-*. 7nile--Fraser ILB), Cool (CLA). I»:'«J-,, 171 Mrl-«endrH ILo *J« SM-Twi (CLAl Ad«ns ItLAI, at. _ . Ti.a (tLA) Hendrll (LBI ,l'rij, S44U. Wyn ty UBI, 4H,. UBI (met Si-mcriman (LSI. m»'A. Crkl son UBI. 17».JVi, MfrrenJlBI. 1701. FUal scara: LBCC tt. Call UA. }4. OSCAR GREGORY GENERAL MANAGER AND PARTNER of GLENN JONES CHEVROLET Says "THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE IN AUTOMOBILE DEALERSHIPS" It Doesn't Stand Out On a Sign or Show Up in Lights ... IT HAS TO DO WITH PEOPLE! Basically, automobile dealerships are much alike when it comet to showrooms, service facilities, products and price. However, that's where the similarity ends! The Big Difference Is People! Who they are ... what they are ... and the manner in which they want to do business. It's people who maVe the products, showrooms and facilities accomplish something . . . and stand for something. For several months, Glenn Jones Chevrolet has consistently broken tales recordt. The reason for this, we feel, it the men (and women) who make up our sales, service and admlnhtrative ttaffs. SOUND COMPANY POLICIES Carried out by a sincere staff, have resulted In satisfied customers. These satisfied customers havt made our business grow. True, no firm can satisfy everyone, but our batting average is pretty darn high. Each Wednesday and Sunday, In thlt space, we will introduce you to our people ... watch for them . . . you may know them . . . they ore mighty nice people! ^^ I* YOU ARE SHOrriNC FOI A NEW Ot USED CAI AND HAVE NOT YET VISITED CIENH JONES CHEVIOIET . . . rtEASE DO SO. YOU'LL FIND A RELAXED. IUSINESS-LIKE ATMOSPHEIE THAT WE FEEL YOU1L ACHECIATE. AND YOU'LL SEE WHY GLENN JONES CHEVIOIET 9UIETLY CONTINUES ITS SALES LEADEISHIP, WITHOUT IALLYHOO 01 FIANTIC riOMOTIONS. WE AIE CLOSED ON SUNDAY. ME 0-SIU, NE 1-1777 GLENN JONES CREVROLET, 14925 PARAMOUNT BLVD., PARAMOUNT .ifci/ Brewing Company, la Angele

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