The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 3, 1952 · Page 3
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 3

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1952
Page 3
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Radio Program KMBC— 980 WI.AF—610 K.CMO—810 WHB—710 U'EDXESUAS 6 00—WDAF—Mixed Quartet KCMO—News; Sports KMBC—News; Sports WHB—News 6:15—WDAF—Charles V. Stansell KMBC—Weather KCMO—Freddy Martin Show WHB—Sports 0:30—WDAF—News of The World KCMO—Lone Ranger KMBC—Club 15 WHB—Gabriel Heatter 6:45—WDAF—One Man's Family KMBC—News WHB—Todav's Hits 7:00—WDAF—What's My Line KCMO—Postmark USA WHB—Blues vs. St. Paul KMBC—Inspector Hearthstone 7:30—WDAF—The Great Gildersleev KMBC—Dr. Christian KCMO—Valentino 8:00—WDAF—The Best of Groucho KCMO—Mr. President KMBC—Johnny Dollar B-.30—WDAF—Hollywood Music Box KCMO—Crossflre KMBC^Steve Allen 9:00—WDAF—Concert WHB—Tunes & Scores KCMO—Date In Hollyivood KMBC—Bright Star 3:15—WHB—Second Baseball Game. 9:45—KMBC—Curt ilassey S30—KMBC—News: Sports WDAF—News; City Portraits KCMO—News; Sports 9:45— KMBC—Curt Massey 10:00—WDAF—News; Weather KMBC—Beulah KCMO—Back To The Bible THURSDAY 6:00—KMBC—News; Sports WDAF—Evening Varieties WHB—News KCMO—News; Sportc 6:15—WHB—Sports KMBC—Weather KCMO—Freudy Martin Show 630—WDAF—News KMBC—TEA WHB—Gabriel Heatter KCMC—Cisco Kid 6:45—WDAF—One .man's Family KMBC—News WHB—Guest-Star 7:00—WDAF—Life In Your Hands WHB—Meet Your Candidates KMBC—Mr. Keen KCMO—Silver Eagle 7:15—WHB^Tazz Nocturne 7:30—WDAF—The Chase KCMO—Defense Attorney WHB—The Hardy Family KMBC—FBI •:00—WDAF—Dragnet WHB—News; Official Deteciiv KCMO—Amateur Hour KMBC—Mr. Chameleon 8:30—WDAF—Hollywood Calling WHB—Reporters Roundup KMBC—Steve Allen *:«—KMBC—Steve Alien KCMO—Stars for Defense 9:00— WDAF—Nightbeat WHB—Mysterious Traveler KCMO—Mr. Broadway KMBC—News; Music 9:30—WDAF—News; Armbuster's Orcn. KMBC—News: Sports WHB—News Comments KCMO—News; Sports »:«—KMBC—FYI WHB—Johnny Singer's Orch. KCMO—Elmer Davis 10:00—WDAF—News; Weather KMBC—Beulah WHB—Serenade KCMO—Back to Bible WDAF-TV Tonight - 6:00—The Big Payoff 7:00—Theatre 8:00—Boxing Bouts 8:45—Sport Spot 3:00—Tin Pan Alley 9-15—Double Play 9:30—Lives of Great Americans 9-50—Community Forum 10:00—Rocky King Detective 10:30—News, Weather, Sports 11:00—Easy Chair Theatre THURSDAY 6:00—Groucho Marx 6:30—TEA 7:00—Pick The Winner 7:30—Dwight Eisenhower 8:00—Martin- Kane 8:30—Hollywood Offbeat 9:00—Racket Squad 9:30—Washington Spotlight 9:45—Newsreel 9:50—Community Forum 10:00—Telcsports Digest 10:30—News. Weather, Sports 11:00—Newsreel • rHERE OUGHTA BE A LAW Bv Fasraly and Shorten HE WAV CRIMGEWS DOC DESCRIBED THAT LITTL6 SPLICE JOB IT SEEMED SO MINOR™ Judges Wear Robes For New Chambers OLATHE (ffi—District courtrooms of the new million dollar Johnson County Courthouse were used for the first time Tuesday and two judges observed the occasion by wearing formal black robes. ^ The new structure has two courtrooms and both were in use, one by Judge John L. Kirkpatrick and the other by Judge Clayton Brenner. Both judges wore the formal robes for the first time, in line with a suggestion by the Kansas Bar Association that all jurists wear such appareL The principal action in Judge Kirkpatrick's court as the September term of court opened was the dismissal, at the request of Coun- Cr«K ReJianl Paatl, may £r installed /or tliam tr bat iratrr sjtttma. 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A district court jury was unable to reach a verdict at Osborne's tria last May. General's Wife Plays Policeman NEW YORK (ffl—Mrs. Dwight D, Eisenhower said Tuesday she hinks she can be more help to her husband by seeing that he roes to bed on time than fay trying to make speeches for him. "I am very much a homebody, she said at a news conference. "I hink Ike speaks well enough for both of us." Mrs. Eisenhower w a s inter- 'iewed at the couple's home at Columbia University. "I make no speeches," she said. 'I don't think it's my nature, never have, and I don't think I'll try it out" The wife of the Republican residential candidate said one of ler main chores was "policing" ler husband—such things as see- ng that he gets to bed on time, and trying ''to keep him from getting irritated by small things." "I play policeman with him a ot," she said. Then up cropped the subject of .nd Mrs. Eisenhower, with wifely ervor, agreed he had it. "I think it must be that in look- ng at him you'd have perfect onfidence in him," she said. I've been thinking a lot about lat. I don't want any crisis around if Ike isn't there. I think is face just shines with honesty.''. College Days Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 55 One who 1 College in (suffix) Cedar Rapids, Hi* £.5* * , Iowa '57 Short sleep 4 College in VERTICAL Houston, Tex. 8 University in Nashville, Tenn. ' 12 Curve *• 13 Region 14 Opposed 115 Pouch 1 Institute in Cleveland, Ohio 2 Type of college examination 23 Opponent 3 Peculiar 24 Ostriches [lawmen 4Indian queen 25MentalJy '16 Massachusetts sPprsin sound ' island 18 Component part 20 Birds' homes ,21 Born '22 Makes 1 mistakes 24 Italian city 26 Great Lake 27 Amount (ab.) 30 One suffering for a cause 32 Woman's college in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 34 Accord 35 University of ——, near Fairbanks 36 Dry, as wine 37 Distribute 89 Turns right 40 Nuisance 41 Pitch 42 Coral island 45 Had ' confidence 49 Texas / University in Fort Worth 51 Chemical suffix [52 Story 53 Gaelic 54 Poem 5 Persia sound 6 Middle 26 Sea eagles 7 Consume 27 Statement 8 Visages . 28 Create 9 Writing fluids 29 Musical 10 Let it stand syllables 11 Sets of tools 31 Swiss songs 17 Imagined 19 Encounters 40 Small pinccr 41 Put in harmony 42 Performances 43 Demonstrative pronoun 44 Heraldic band 46 Destroy 47 Icelandic myths 33 Norse Iegends48 Profound 38 Dress 50 Spread to dry zr 3") ti 55 It Zb 50 Sfc Jtt 'ID 3a 33 Z7 57 28 Z9 JNlow Doctor Fred's a happy "med". . . thanks to one of the greatest services ever offered the motoring public—a service that helps engines last longer, perform better, use fess gasoline and oil! It's exactly the same service that kept test cars new in Conoco's spectacular "50,000 Miles—No Wear" road test! 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Benjamin Harrison, Ind. as commanding general. Maj. uen. William R. Schmidt will revert to retired status upon completion of active duty on Aug. 31 with Headquarters Second Army, Ft. George G. Meade, Md. Maj. Gen. John B. Anderson is relieved from assignment and duty with Headquarters Seconc Army, Ft. George G. Meade, Md and will revert to retired status. Lt. uen. Henry S. Aurand is re :ired from active service on Aug 3 and is relieved of assignmen and duty as commanding general USARPAC, Ft Shatter, T.H. Brig. Gen. Carl H. Jark is re ieved from assignment and dutj with the Far East Command and I is assigned to OAC of S, G-3 Washington, D. C. Brig. Gen. Claude M. McQuarrie is relieved from assignment anc duty with the Far East Command and is assigned to the San Fran- THE LEAVENWORTg TIMES, Wednesday Evening, September 3, 3952. Tim* Cisco Port of Mason, Calif. Embarkation, Ft. Brig. Gen. Neal A. Harper is released from assignment at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington D.C. and is retired from active service Aug. 31. Announcement is made of t h e recess appointments A u g. 1 of Maj. Gen. Daniel Noce, Maj. Gen. Alexander R. Boiling, Maj. Gen. William B. Kean and Maj. Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer to lieutenant generals. Temporary appointments to the rank of major general have been announced for Brig.' Gen. Richard C. Partridge and Brig. Gen. Haydon L. Boatner. Temporary promotion to brigadier general has been made for Col. Edwin R. Petzing, Col. Charles H. Royce, Col. Paul M. Seleen, Col. Ralph C. Cooper and Col. Eugene F. Cardwell. Brig. Gen. Everett Busch is released from assignment at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington, D.C. and is retired from active service Aug. 31. Maj. Gen. Edmond H. Leavey is relieved from assignment and You Will Get The "Best" In Prescription Service At WEBER'S PRESCRIPTION SHOP 627 Delaware Phone 21 duty with the U. S. Army Element SHAPE and reverts to retired status. Lt. Gen. Williston B. Palmer is relieved from assignment and duty with the Far East Command and is assigned to OAC of S, G-4, Washington, D. C. Maj. Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer is appointed as DC of S Plans and Research, OC of S, Washington, D.C. Maj. Gen. Clyde D. Eddleman is appointed as AC of S, G-3, Washington, D.C. Lt. Gen. Harold R. Bull is relieved from assignment and duty as Commandant of National War College, Washington, D.C. and isi retired from active service July! 31. | Announcement is made' of the temporary appointment of Brig. Gen. Emerson L. Cummings and Brig. Gen. Leslie E. Simon to major generals. Temporary appointments to the :ank of brigadier general gave Deeri announced for Col. Claude M. McQuarrie, Col. WUIiam L. Wilson, Col Emil Lenzner, Col. William J. Bradley, Col. Ralph M. Lt. Gen. Willard G. Wyman is relieved from assignment and duty with the Far East Command and is assigned to USA Elemenl SHAPE, Paris, France. Maj . Gen. Albert M. Jones is released from assignment to Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington, D.C. and is retired from active service July 31. Lt. Gen. Harold R. Bull is placed on active duty Aug. 1 following his retirement and is assigned to OC OFS, Washington, D.C. Maj. Gen. John M. Devine is relieved from assignment and duty D.C. and is retired from active service July 31. Maj. Gen. Reuben E. Jenkins is relieved from assignment and duty OAC of S, G-3, Washington, D. C. and is assigned to the Far East Osborne, Col. Wallace H. Barnes, Col. George E. Martin Col. Philip' DeW. Cinder and Col. Louis' T. Heath. ' , the laws of England in th« Middle Ages made the taking of interest on loaned money by a Christian illegal. USE THE TIMES CLASSIFIED LET US HELP YOU! Cal1 us tomorrow and let us dry clean those dresses, suits, skirts, blou ses and trousers. Quality work at reasonable prices. ROCHE CLEANERS Chas. H. 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