Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 20
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P«St A-H--INDEPENDENT i««f tuca, cam, run* AST*. «. i»a · Ltaal Notita «UWI ClKTiriCATI rC* TRANSACTION Or · USIItCSi motn ricTiTioui NAME THE tTTDEILSICXED t» kerely Local Drivers Hold Mobil Run Places By ART STEPHAN t f T Aats liter rtrttty that tier an roadnctiax _ o?£i VareSa. C at r 1t4p on the course of the Moba'falloc results of th-(?»/* rjn'pjcu; lera the run. ruled that a 281-jJ»ckson SL, Long Beach. In a'Econocny Run and head for [mile segment of the route not Mercury Comet Custom in Detroit' and the" checkered CHICAGO. Ill--Coafusioa be isd-jdsd b tbe miles-per-class for medium engine con-] flag.' Omaha. Economy Ran sent cars In HI«"»wm*«*. 'directions Tuesday, Bat Judy] Judy Thompson's average ft March. JOHN M- HAEDIXO STATE OF CAUrORXI* Roy Swansea:, 3941 Fairman, Lake-rood, driving Chevrolet Biscayne ia b hanging on to secsnd'rap^ iust 1.C4 behind ttej**» f°»tandard six^linder place ta her Pont-ac Tempest, Rambler, now leading ia the engines, and . Jim Wassoa. behind her leader Les Viland class for large-engine com-3902 Fairmin. LakewooA, g«' School Board Hour Set Thursday Candidate* for Friday's Long], G«or$e' F. Reichard, aa-ignmj at all gride levels will Beach school board ,» t f rtioa other school board carjfidatejniafc* for » ts!s=ced "school nrill K« «m*ete · * · *^iff·* lutr*r'- - - . _ _ ttst.ivl *· _' f . .. - pacts, and overall highest av-!wheeling a Pontiac Catalina ia the Cambodiaa new year] Southern California and the rage holder with 29.26 mp-g. in a class for medium-priced _ . . . . _ . . . . . . . Other L o n g Beach-area]V-8s. ON a=l that ta foil aaiTpiacea cl" reaid'eaca art as follows. Cxwll: I/eosarfLaaVrt. «3SH Hayter ft, Laxevood Jeha Hardlaj. .4S3« Terdura nth ia the Rambler American. Ia Lincoln. Neb, a. run, flagman misdirected 12 of the! umer L o n g o e a c a-amj · -- teria with ^^T. I 36 competing cars of f the of-drivers hanging oa to thetrj This morning the fleet of " oar c^xartbl Xix ficial course. United States third-place class positions cars wul pull out of Chicago of name KS^-cSa^aeTi^an^cier.: Auto Gab officials, who gov-Iwere. Mary Faulkner, I235!on the last leg of the 1S63 singing and if the Superior Court of tht State of CalJorala for the County of Lea Axrttea. peracaaHy appeared Leoaard Lambert an! Joha M. Bardic. aa«va t» Be t» tl the rrraoas «ho*« names art subscribed to the v-.tiia tastrmEent and ackaovledred ta Bat that they executed the same. IX WITNESS WHEREOr. I bait fcrrroat^ set ey taad ai affixed the seal of tha Superior Court the day aad year ta this Certificate first above -mrlttea. (SEAL) WILLIAM a CHAKP. CotmtT Clera. By F. H. WOORDtriT. PuH, March 14. 21. 2*. April 1? ( 4 t -- L.BL frora'Long Beach and Los An- ^* «*» the cafe will b« nests at a coffee hour at 730 nm. today in the residence cFMrs. Sara LobeH, 7090 Eastondale SL Candidate Morris Shechter education Special Wevr Year' Fifpr Camborlian students announced endorsements by ability grouping, team teach- . . . . . «a be better by m- creased use of exciting new PENSIONER'S '·· concepts such as Ex * ing. flexible scheduling, tele- Now Stiie L«w provides cord ***TM* *** t-^pNO C6ST TO YOU! See 13 ""P" 1 - us. w r i t e or call NOW for Reading Institute. , "My two years tmhing ex- juars. HE ; 2-045?.' Aisodzted ',The v endorsements stressed perience, postgraduate studies Hearing' Aid Center, 622 Pine 8 pja. program f ivor o ( shechter's platfona in education, and stands taken Ave, 1x03 Badi, Authorized costume shows.jof emphasis on the three RS|two -ears ago in behalf of Distribotoc of-MotoroU/Dihl- dancing ; Jin teaching. '. ·. Ibasic skins and remedial pro- berg Hearing Aidt..'·· ." BULLETIN NOTICE OF AUCTION SALE OF UNPAID STORAGE la *.ccord*tct with, tbt cnrlslQ ct tht TtxrebooM receipt ftv. tier* tci£f da« A4 S£r!4 itorarc chtrrfi for vhici tbt SEK1N3 VAX STOE-A.GE CO. U cctitlci ta ft lie a *J Ttrebcmacmea oa the pood* herrmfter described. And due notice tirlnc been flrea t» aH pmrtles kcon ta claim a tntertst therein, aaij tit time rpecilied ia »uca notice for ptyment of tuci cbarrts t*Ttcr tiplre*. «otk« lj kereby ti^tn ti*t these rood* «iU be told At public *artioa at tlie B«tica V*a A Co. vare- hotue, 7101 E*st Caxxm Street, Ixir.r Zkaca 7. California, en the 27th, dir cf ApnL 13X at V3Q A.1L file cf roods t eontitrae cr to tt coctinuel imtil al loti arc ioU- Tt» fonowtn» ij a . tioa of tie propertr t» te told: fursirure. fc«iJ. chair*, rockera. cs.biActJ. beddinr. tuent, desks. ·taves. ruffs---oriental and domestic. carpets, barrels, chins, tric-a.-br*c. nualcal butmments. rliuacs -- rifbts and rrmnda, cU paint pictures, books, boxes, trunks. inf Bitchinei, ·vashikf icachiaes. biCTcIea. ikiins; »qTOpment, dress- form. cara£* etrxipmeiit. itcrt fix- torts, bar bo e»binetJ. elect boxes, tors, niioa, ledrers. c£ttce eoialpnieat sad ether tteou tha.t are amon* the elfects of a ce- *r*2 honsehold antL'or ctCices. stored by or for tit foDo-rtnj varties: AT 1430 E. AXAHEIi STEJE3T. LON'G EEACH. CAU FOJ1X1A, Depositorr. Name ACea. Eritt A. Alonso, T^ctor Attoa. Harir U Aaest, AKA U. Anderson. Tracy B^Btoc. Gtadys Eerro. Jack Elock, Vae Brooks. Tom J, Castle. Al Oipps. Chaj tnckey. N. FUis. Clrdt lrdt Anna Croaa. Opal a. £Uaon, ZTCB l_ct Aniosrt 2T-07354-9 pn.:i 27-07770-* 279.09 27-07S3t-» 1117J 27-35(45-1 72.M 27-CESO-2 11.11 2T-S7K9-4 UJ.iO 27-083S9- 27-i*110-« 17-07778-3 I7-C75S«- r7-C*(«5- 27-OSTS-4 27-06412-1 27-33504-1 BO.J7 6S.13 :41.47 o. u 27-CT3C4-I 4100 77.41 JIS.S5 TJ-ii 14S.99 16150 I4S.77 MORE NON-FAT MILK AWHCU3OWAX3KX3CSHWJ IOW CAUd *U MOOUO. M AMX7ION TO ISMS AN CXCB. UNT JOUIC1 OF HIGH OCAUTT rtsitot, ua mm a tact. no wm nutnni VTTAMINJ ANB WMHAIS. ^ADO TAX TO TAXABU [TIMS. K1CH EFFECTIVE THUliixw SUN, *JJU14,S,117. U.S.D.A. GRADED CHOICE LEG OF LAMB TINDER, UTTERLY DEE.UCIOUS! MORI.. WAYS WEIL TRIMMED - M FROZEN FOODS 7748013-1 X-amb. JIcCBTtrr. xrl.mi»lTt Vanto. 27-07S96-7 27-07640-S 1211 47.U 15.40 Either 27-39971-7 . (XBcre. lUrttl Oveca. Eea Parka. jCTnlta ' PbllUps. SLaroa Rajmonl. GU«tT Hutxrt Tf ixa M. M.SS **.{« 27-075SJ-7 (1.92 27-CSU7-J 1SX»2 27-04S09-I JM.71 27-OUS9-2 152.74 27-OS455-» 140.14 27-011)4-2 174.71 27-0*330-2 177.7! 27-04585-S 1E9.93 . IT-045S4-7 i30.4» SoEa»ay. JIary E. 23C8030-I 117.19 Etuber. Flora Z7-06471-4. 131.6t SvanoT. Kara J7-OS347-4 101J7 TaBeQe. Karitl 27-07715-4 109.17 Thoniaa,W. A. 27-OSU7-I 12.50 Thoairsoa. Donra 27-OS204-I 2C4.S7 Thotesoa. Shirley 27-QS436-1 107.71 TiUejar. Dorothy 27-OKS2-S 71.30 Wealey. Ceorila 27-0«OOC-l 156.43 Witol. Jaa 27-06051-1 21S.12 Tta ruinber "*2T* precedias; _. lot Bomber indicates xpodj stored at Ittt East Aaaheim Street. Loar £each. ^*«Ti^AyrH« Tha aboTt ator- aca caa be lappeeted at our vare- hoiue. 2101 E A S T C A E 3 O I 5 £TSEET, IfXSS BEACH I. CALI- TOBXLA. comzaeactar at 1:00- A.M. a the 27th day cf April. 1961. BEKXX3 VAST A- STORAGE CO. itarca. 28. April 4, 1M1 2L--L.B.L NOTICE OF AUCTION SALE 'OF UNPAID ITORACC .· la accordance- vlxit tlia provUto cf tfca warehouse receipt lav. there teC fta* and capall atoraee charrrs for which lie EEKIX3 VAX ft STORAGE CO. Is entitled to a Bea as varehousemea ca the roods hereinafter described, aad CM notice harl£f fceta r^Tea an I- artlt* ksova t4 daim aa tntereat thcreia. axd the tint spedfied ta ·och aotics for parmrrt of such ctarrea harir expired, sotlc* lj hertor rlvea that theee foods viD le sold at public arcrttaa at the Eefcinj Vaa t Ctora^e Co. Tare- licnae. 2101 East Carsoa Street. LOCK Beaca 7. Califomlv ea the 27th CUT cf April. 1K3. at t:30 A.X. Cat* of foods to contiime cr to %· ccattsued cctj] a3 lots are sold. TV* foCoviar Is * Irlef dftcrlp- t»a cf the prcprrtr to tt sou: furattnr*. teds, chain, rockers. cabiaeU. I'Sdicr, taenl. deits. surei. no-- orieatal xnd domestic. rarpeta, fcarrela. chiaa. brlc-a-trae. Emslral *^«»' i "»TTft. plaaos -- H9 rKtts aad rrandj. ou paiatizra. ptctarei. tooCs. toi-«. truaka. tew bf machtaes. vaahlcf cachiaea. ticrelca. sfrttnr e^zipmeu. dresa- fona. rarafs Muijjaiem. store Oz- tnrrt. tar toou. siBtcasra. f-hit cabtaets. tlectrica] c^uipaieat aad boxes, tora. radlca, ledrers. cSlce t^iuigmeat aal ctaer hems that *r* anxaff th« ellecta «C a fea- eral houJeboli aad/or cCfices. 1 atored t7 cr for t- v .« foDowtaf tartin: AT 2101 East Caraoa Street. Lox( £eaca 7. CaBforaia. Xwaoaztarr, Name L« AmoB-rt Artrr. Corloa Eroia, Kar. Craic. Kczaaaa LJC 234-1 UK IVvalera. Zoro(hy (Lope) LX-22U-I 111.11 KreraOB. Cm. a LK-1272-4 r 3 4ocerett« Vea4- tar X«J^H^ c^ LJC-lJfii-t m tt Jeaaxn. E. R LK-2U*-« 9a?( Johasoa. JCn. C. D. UC-2270-S 291)121 Ken. Barbara UC-Z3C-I 172.10 Lanoa. Ilamret LX-1777-* LcDas*. Lavresc* LX-UU-4! LSadary. c*n 1X-215S-I IdzheTa. Etta LK-241C-4 Vecka.Xra.IXa LK-r35-» Hurray. Lou M. UC-IQM-C Oyarxau CTlfr UC-3401-f i^ancale*, Xrs. Katataa. James LX-Q7M l i» RoaleVKarrtl LZ-1S6*-? ISS.77 Kaaa*, Dnsi* Kydcr. Qiarie* Ebgrrict, Patricia Vlnlaaal, Joaa Wardca. Kra. . 49.U 21 42 101.12 n.(S 2«.n J105 1SJ.12 UC-2404-* 204.41 UC-12t9-I 202,11 UC-K44-I 134 27J UT-237-* IJC-ZllM M.4S 131-20 VTirreler, Peart OOaoi. »ti*W. T-I447 114 « Ti« letter* -TJC- -- -JTT a«d *T~ pncediaf tie lot acmbcr t»- cat* rood* store* at HOI E.Jt Cir»oa Etrret. Leaf Beack T. CUV _t«_ta- 101 JL . .~w ·a the rta dar cf Apr9. UC tXXIXX TAX ft STOf-ACI . Its ahoT* ipectsj at Car»o» SCT _ _ 2101 jtast . 4Ja3- forsla. eoaaneaciss; at S.~w JL2S. cf Apr9. UCL ft STOf-ACI CO. Ifarca 2J. April «, 1M1 2t-- I.Rl| FRESH PACT GRADE "A" PEAS STOCK YOUt F R E E Z I R N O W I FUSH f ACT GRADE 'A* SUCID STRAWBERRIES RKH PACT CtADE "A" RIB OR URGE LOIN RIB EYE CHOPS SMALL LOIN tomu on LAMB ROAST 79£ 98. FINEST EASTERN CORN FED PORK LOIN ROAST = 691 791 :K CORNISH ^ GAME HENS CENTER CUT RIB PORK CHOPS CENTER CUT IOIN PORKCHOPS TYSON BRAND ROCK CORNISH ft. y/ LAMB ERIAST 101 LAMB SHANKS CHTI fltSH nozn PIRCHfllLETS 39i riSH STICKS BABY LIMA BEANS GRADE "A" VEGETABLES wu3»- cnniua SUCEO BACON UKHU.R*. 5K1NIESSUNKS 25' AJMEIICAN OUSINAl TOM MINCED CLAMS,^;. cnrmnrf HAU8UT STtAKS ».· ft. EXTXA FINE TINY PEAS, BROCCOLI SPEARS, SUCCOTASH, BRUSSELS SPROUTS, ITALIAN GREEN BEANS,CAULIFLOWER OR MIXED VEGETABLES CUT CORN, PEAS CARROTS, SLICED ZUCCHINJ, FRENCH FRIED POTATOES OR CRINKLE CUT POTATOES CHOPPED BROCCOLI. CHOPPED SPINACH OR LEAF SPINACH 6 ' 00 00 00 ·/kic^y Jutttt AVOCADOS GRApifilJITlO gttui ^AKetf Otcfo* PtfjtU m ^ APPLES 10' 10 GREEN ONIONS RED RADISHESiBUNCHn WONG'S FROZEN CHINESE FOOD lea too FBia net, rote o*o» SUIT 01 ixtiMf enow mtm ooc i."" jr\c 39^-^49^ .JBUNCHBJJ^ mi SHOUT rutrwAU Stt t~* mtflfH (tt BAKERY Hi U1THS UlfHJ riUT.1 DANISH IAVHS NUT FUOCI KIO MACAROON^COFFEE^ GOLD »«. COOKIESi^ RING^^^'CAKE *"^ t ""35 TO u79» »^45» TuTlTTomOLIoT^wTTANDARD TREASURYTM" GBEATUT PAINTINGS AVAILABLE NOW1 raSS^ ALL FRANKS (A17HSSUCED LUNCHEON LONGHORN CHEESE NONI FOOD Km | I HI til . IE! JiGROCI ZEE BEECH-NUT STRAINED RALPHS RALPHS tarn DOG CAT FOOD PAP'ER NAPKINS TOILET TISSUI BABY FOOD FLOUR MAYONNAISE 5 29 MUSH ROOMS s 10' DAD'S ROOT BEER 6 ION0 GKA2N .X^* t^Xj..* .^Bk . a. a, M m A s T I I | a V i » M laW »«/^*£^ A DC OST (10 Ot (UKSHNI TtUOW J% · M.J.B. WHITE RICE^T49 HAWAIIAN PUNCH3- $ 1 ***** ' /^lOXltiaMa* INSTANT COFFEE__ ^f^^mm^^m "#*£ 90 JERGENS LOTION 29* I T MORE 10th CHERRY, LONG BEACH TO SHOP AT DEL AMO PARAMOUNT, LAKEWOOD

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