Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1969 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1969
Page 18
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HIE DUCHESS Of GORDON (W3-1617) RECRUITED THE ENTIRE SCOTTISH REGIMENT OF GORDON HIGHLANDER; Br PtflCINS EACH RECRUITS ENLISTMENT SHILLlMG- BETWEEN HER UPS ANDAUOUIHGHIM TO COLLECT IT HITH HIS TEETH FRANCIS DRAKE WE'LL JUST HWnOR*ftlT THE 6A/HE....YOU WIN, CHARLIE WEWONTKABLETOrW VOURTEAMTO»Y...FtVEOF OUR 6WS CAN'T MAKE IT.. I CAN'T F YOU'PE) SLEEP BORED,/WITH THAT "AKE A ) BL-ASTEC NAP.' / UC3HT IN AAV EVES' ANP HERE'S THE SKILLET ANP A BUT IF XOU "V ANP HERE'S THE UST CAU PONT, W.O BOY,] OF LIGHTER FLUIE HERE'S MY WATERPROOF LI6HTER, I WAY CHICKEM OU1 WHEN I SET TO THE BOTTOM : ILL YOU, SAWYER, \ , T S FOOLHARPY TO f PLEAS! -,1'SKOFRIDWSA iREAUY, WFT THRU THE MAELSTROM AT THE FOOT OF THE FALLS. CARTON OF FOOD. NOTEIUNG HOW FftRlTISTO CIVILIZATION. 6000 LUCK, MY BOY. ' BANK4, ANP " »^r-- i i mi m i ·* B' inr- hrart( ffMRMOOeneH? Than the true blue opb r. "·--f imr6\ ^r ^a And;iheoa ? e ;aff' p ^"_ sr^f«HWMM) r^gx/flofhdowdoUnsBv --DON'T FERGIT CHOIR PRACTICE TONIGHT VE NEVER HEEREP SICH SQUEALIN' IN ALLVORE BORNEO DAVSl! I SHORE DID, PARSON-I WOZ OUT SLOPP1N' TH'HOGS WHEN IT HAPPGNT DID VE HEfiR I HftT JET BOOM WE HAD ME5TIDDY, LOWEEZV: I'LL PLAY FAIR AND MOT USE MY SERVICE REVOLVER, SINCE YOU ARE NOT USING A WEAPON -BUT FRAUKL.Y I DON'T GET YOUR DRIFT- HAVE IN MIND, YOU CHEAP HOOD' (-°OMCE / GET THIS 'K/SS Q'DEATH''OVER -- I CAN GET ON TO TH'CASf PAKT-KIUIN' HIM!!-) AUSE I HAVE O 5L-E.P, UP! ui rt^--5rw^ i ; · "V N « / - * *$A ^ « v$;"4 : C^^ * v l^ova^ui T=LL HIM TO 60 5=5 THE CMAPLAN, ^,3--Bdtevc R or Nat I ABE CAWED BV NATIVES of Dahomey, Af nca R7OM A SINGLE BLOCK Of HOOD _JT SUCCESSFUL RECRUITER IN HISTORY LESTER L COLEMAN, If. D. Mental Drug Use Fbund VMWCE CREKTEO BY A PRACTKM. JOKl THE itYSfe PAIACE, PARISIAN RESIDENCE OF THE llWNT OF FRANCE, WAS BUILT IN 1718 BY THE MISERLY COUNT DEVREUX IN 'ANTICIPATION Of A PROMISED VISIT BY THE RESENT OF FRANCE-WW NEVfK UENTTO THE COUNT'S HOME AND IMS ONLY JfSr/Alt HHEN HE MKEfD TO CALL ON D'EVKfVX mmmmmmmmmmmrnmsmmm Your Daily Horoscope VAvrrnvtiLt. A|Htl U Look in the section in which | achievements. If you have your birthday comes, and find! chance to right a wrong, don't what your outlook is, according ; hesitate. to the stars, FOB THURSDAY, APRIL 24 MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 OCT. 24 to NOV. 22 (Scorpio) --You arely lumber through things in inefficient fashion, but tend to be disen ( A r i o - T h e r e s more to this : j 7, i, Jm »r»nt -it : chanted, capricious, careless m |d ay than may be apparent at ^ Curb such jn i f i r s t 7- ? T? S T? ^n g n rik lyou think. Do not listen to dis- clinations and do not act with- seniors or do-nothings. The time! NOV. 23 to DEC. 21 (Sagit- !to act is NOW. jtarius) -- The Sagittarian is Arrrr i i t M»vi rT»iiriio: notetl for his generosity, but APRIL 21 to MAY21 (Taurus). excessive sympathy or -Mixed influences. Be choosey tions divert ^ altruisrn Do not become anxious if some ^ umvise channels K e e p situations seem to be m o r e . d , t use d judg . complicated than usual. G i v e n(; them more attenion than you; · usually would, and you could] DEC. 22 to JAN. 20 (Capn- jreap wholly unexpected gains.; corn) -- Good planetary influ- ! ' i einfiae triira nromico rtf ff ft 1 n «! MAY 22 to JUNE 21 (Gemini) Plan pre- SPEAKING OP YOUR HEALT The use of drugs for those wto are already suffering from:Incapacitating mental diseases las made many persons completely able to take their plice n modern society. ; Lithium is a metallic ele ment that first came into spe cial prominence about 25 yqjr ago for the treatment of sevjre mental disturbances. At (hat time there was a considerible amount of enthusiasm for Ithi- um for the treatment of diibe- ,es. gout, and even epilepsy: As 'requently happens, over enthusiasm can lead to early discard of a valuable substtnce. So it was with 1 i t h lithium, For many years this substance was discarded and only r e c e r 115 again become the basis for stu- V ' FOUND EFFECTIVE During the past few yeais lith him has been reported to te effective in the treatment snd in the prevention of certain types of behaviour disorders. Th: New England Journal of Medlcne re cently reviewed an intensive study to explain why Ithium seemed to be effective h neu rological problems. Whether 01 not this clement evtntualls turns out to be effective li man instances, demands iitensive study. That which is mat excit ing to physicians is thst scien lists leave no stone unttrned t( 3ring us more and more hope that mental disorders nay ye be completely p r e v e n t e through chemistry. LARYNX CREA1ED When the voice bor. is re moved from a patient with ca moved from a patient'with can cer of the larynx there is an im m e d i a t e inability to speak These courageous peiple hav learned a technique 0 speakin by swallowing air anl soon ca make themselves i:ompletel understood. Many devices havi been ere ated to help these people t peak and to again work and reduce in any occupation. Now; new miniature artificial lar-, yx has been created at th»; tanford University School of; Medicine. There, Dr. Richard L. Goode has created this deice which seems to be better." ban the voice produced by any ther methods now in use. Dr. 3oode says, "within a week of being fitted with this experimental larynx, the patient has a oud voice, and is easily under- tood on the telephone." This instrument is controlled »y a pocket switch and holds great promise that people win-' out a larynx may yet be totally inhampered in any field of endeavor. MORE CONTACT Three years of intensive work on vibration at the University of Jeidclherg has been carried on ; n an effort to give children who; are born deaf more contact with the outside world. Some com- jletely deaf children are actual y being taught to speak by the. use of sound vibrations that are converted into electrical signals. Then these signals are attached to a vibrator at the wrist and before long the deaf child can learn to distinguish some sounds and words. This is an astonishing idea that we hope" will yet be able to liberate deaf children from the despairing is-. elation of silence. S P E A K I N G OF YOUR HEALTH: Keep an accurate health record of each c h i l d . Memories cannot be depended on. Was It measles or chicken: pox your fourth child had? : . .These cnlnmns arc designed (0 relieve your fears annul health through a better understanding of your mind and body. All the, hopeful new advances in medicine reported here are known to doctors everywhere. .Your Individual medical problems should he handled by yon* own doctor. He knows you best. -You may find yourself facing w TM k mg at Cour best an extremely heavy_ schedule I da , schcdulc care fully: now. hut do not fret. Take care, J of the "musts" on YOUR program, and don't let others bur|den you with THEIR responsi- |bilities. The Geniinian is often oo easy-going in this respect. JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer) may be advisable to acken your gait in order to elect error of method or de dils overlooked. Plan with con- but avoid foolhardy vent hitches through foresight. JAN. 21 to FEB. 19 (Aquarius) -- You can now turn humdrum routine into vibrant, arresting action and attract much bettor results. Emphasize your innate diligence, perceptiveness, and imagination. FEB. 20 to MARCH 20 dence, isks. (Pisces) -- Anything requiring more than usual diplomacy and SK . the ability to hold things to., ,,. , .,,,, n TM ,, -. gether against odds will need JULY 24 to AUG. 23 (Leo)- « ,, ,, r tKhorough cooperation. \void worry, indecision. Y o u QJ VC jj; an make progress if you stride orward confidently and if. of] You born today are an m- ourse. you have planned care-|dividualist but can, neverthe- ully Stress constructive think- less, follow orders meticulous- AUG. 24 to SEPT. 23 (Virgo) ly. You are unusually capable, srlf-reliant, persistent, responsible to a trust; usually an _ . ... _.-- -. -- ... ,, snjit LO a LIUSL; usually mi - This should be a fairly astute spe( , ulator . You ] j k e ulled into carelessness o not procrastinate. If mooth-going day, but don't be a n d ,',-iit too long in situations which all for ACTION, you could lose mt on possible rewards. SEPT. 24 to OCT. 23 (Libra) luxuries and will work hard to acquire them. You can accomplish the "impossible." and normally welcome challenges with zest. Many artists, writers, musicians, actors and professionals in the medical field have --' Not much planetary hlepjbeen Taureans. Birthdate ^OF: icrc. You are going ' ' TM strive hard and, pe icrc. You are going to have to j A n t h o n y Trollope, Eng jrhaps, con-; novelist, essayist; Shir] some new means toward JLaine, cinema actress. -ley Mac- IIORIZONTAL 1. Ornamental fabric 5. Knave of clubs 8. Cicatrix 12. Musical instrument 13. Crude metal 14. Woman's accessory 15. Married man 17. Neglect 18. Genus of the iron tree 19. Boggy places SI. Island of exile . Common suffix 2, r . Chalcedony 28. Way 30. Cain's land 33. Palm leaf ivar.) 34. Stevedore's concern 35. Weep 36. Raises 37. Pilaster 3S. Festival To write 41. Italian river 43. Dwarfed plants 46. Agave fiber 50. English statesman 51. American _poet 54. Arabian chieftain 55. Melody 56. Son of Seth 57. Gainsay 58. Size of coal 59. Rave VERTICAL 1. Large desert 2. Wild goat 3. Shoshonean Indian 4. Looked closely 5. Then (music) 6. Circle segment 7. Sport group 8. Obese 0. Begin lO.A-tlptoe 11. Soaks Answer to yesterday's puztle. Avenue time of .olitloo: 10 mlnutti. 16. Split pulse 20. Italian resort 22. Mythical king of Britain 23. Large artery 25. French coil 28. Mountain 27. Russian court favorite 29. Laboratory need 31. Table scrap 32. Stain . 34. A whine 38. To encourage 40. Ingress 42. It's not tin 43. Hastened 44. Occasion 45. Barter 47. Miss Louise 48. Former Spanish kingdom 49. Formerly (archaic) 52. Hasten 53. Name meaning watchful forth dealer. . [either side vulnerable. N*HTH 4 K . 8 6 2 V Q WEST EAST ¥ 8 4 · 97543. V J 9 7 3 * A Q J 4 9 6 3 fOUTH fBiflmiiiiiiiiiiriirfiiirani^ B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record-Holir in Masters' Individual Championship Play) ; ]Elllliliailllll(llljllllEI(!l!ffl[IISIIJEIHB[irai:il : ISIglllll.l.1UHIIi!i:[l!:!fUil!lliH the ace of spades, and then cashed the A-K of hearts, leaving only the J-9 at large. South could have continued with another heart at this point in the hope of finding the trumps divided 1-1: had lie done this he would quickly have gone down. But declarer thought the mat= ter over and decided that East had led the third round of dia.- monds in an effort to promote his trump holding. After all. East could have led a trump at trick three to prevent declarer from ruffing a diamond in dummy. Since he had led a diamond instead, South concluded that East had started originally with the J-9-x-x of hearts. The problem now was to prevent East from winning two trump tricks with this holding. Only hy executing a trump coup was this possible. Since South had to reduce his trump length to achieve the COUD position, he led a spade to the king and ruffed a spade to bring himself down to three trumps. He next played a club to the ten and led the established jack of spades. East wisely discarded a club, but declarer, continuing his campaign, ruffed the spade to reduce his heart holding to the 10-6. The king of clubs lead to the ace permitted South to play still another club from dummy, and East, with his J-9 in front of declarer's 10-6, could make only one trump trick. .4:086 The bidding North East South West 1* Paw 1» Pass 14 Pasl 3V 3 4 Pass 4 V Opening l«d -- four of diamonds. When a offender makes an musual or unexpected play, declarer is obigated to ask himself why the play was made. He should not esume his opponents are trying t help him make the contract, tit rather view any such play with at least mild suspicion. Today's hand illus- rates the point. West leal a diamond and dummy's kinf lost to the ace. East cashed tbs queen and, in an effort toi promote two trump iricks for himself, continued with tti jack to force dummy to rufi/ Dectrer ruffed, crossed to PONYTAIL Hl i7 52 SJ 59 JO 5T 17 "Frankly, Donald, I think I deserve a little more attention than a drive shaft!" TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results. Try em. Just Dial 442-6242.

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