Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 24
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,P* 9 t C-7--IIIO II.WK IIOUIXCPKIII- hftitht SHitJ Hint HANK IIULLINGWOKTII llukersfiflil Kups L.I I. The recent Metropolitan Conference ruling to "handcuff" recruitins measures of its strongest athletic school. Bakersficld College, wasn't taken meekly by the citizens of the potato paradise. One gentleman, who boasts 18 ycais ^e^vicc as an officer in the USAF. has undertaken a one-man crusade to "persuade" conference officials f) allow Bakersfield's service veterans to participate in athletics. (The circuit legislated a g a i n s t certain out-of-state veterans, who somehow always seemed to find their way to Bakcrsfield College o n c e their service Mints were completed.) In a letter to this newspaper, Captain Charles E. Adams. 3.'!04 I'omona St.. Bakcrsfield, raps the conference officers, with special slapping reserved for Long Beach City College's Dr. Glorye Dotson. Writes Capt. Adams: "I am enclosing a letter sent to Metro|K)lilan Conference school presidents. criticizing their handling of Bakcrsfield College's veterans. It may interest you further to know that the matter is being brought to public attention through the American Legion. VFW, Air Force Association, and civic and social organizations. "I have lezrncd that at the announcement of the new rules. Dr. George Dotson of Long Beach was asked if he had knowledge of any incident in which Bakersfield College had violated recruiting rules, as implied by the president's meeting. He admitted he didn't know. of any violations. Yet. all conference college presidents admitted invoking the rule to 'limit recruiting activities of Bakeis- field College.' Why?" The captain's letter It the school presidents raps them foi ili.suiminjtiiij; jgjiiiit tlic M'lvicc \ctcran. lie vvinds up on u classic note: "I should like to request that If you have knowledge of any athlete uho was a veteran and over 21, and this fact alone, was found to be Ineligible for athletic participation in the Metropolitan Conference, that you produce his name and the basis for hit Incllgibllily. "You have overextended yourselves and your jurisdiction, gentlemen. Sleep well -- you shall hear more on the subject. Dare you to stamp down the veteran and his rights, lest you be trampled by your own efforts!" I won't take sides, but I'll admit u certain curiosity at Bakmficld's ability to lure post-service athlete]. The Hcncgadc recruiting program is one that sometimes forces 'Iiojan and Bruin workers to blush. * * * KOCKY IIUIDGLS, STEVC UILKO, Howard and Walter O'Mallcy were only a fc'.v basclrtll "types" to be woiked-ovcr by emcee Danny Thomas at the Baseball Writers' banquet Sunday night. Bridges' profile, Bllko's girth. Howard's appetite and O'Mallcy's penchant for generosity (!) all were noted by the man from Lebanon. For example: ··The hlccle routine Initiated by Gene Autry at I'alm Springs really threw Bilko. Poor Steve -- on u hike he looks like n Mramlcd hippopotamus.. Bllko hail the last laugh, though, lie got so hungry one day hr poured ralsup un the bike and ale It. "But Howard's the guy with the appetite. He eats baked potatoes like I cat gra|cs. In fact, Walt Alston's so worried about Howard's appetite, be counts the ballplayers after every practice." On Dodger Stadium in Chavez Kavine, Thomas commented: "Don't \vorry about getting (o Chavez Itavlnc, folks. If you miss the turnoff you can always go to (he bullfights In Tijuana. "I he stadium is supixm'd In se:*t ;i."i,UUI), but III'* nfli- rial count really i\ 30.02". 'Hirer Mevlran families nnn'l get nut." O'Malley .set the audiemc bu//iiig uhen he declared that he had dialled with the Yankees' Del Weblj earlier and learned of a trade with the Giants -- Willie Mays for Mickey_Manlle. _ As the buzzing grew in earnest, Walter boomed: "April Tool." (The words came just in time, too, bccausi a few lust-ball scribes actually were off their chairs and headed lor telephones!) * * * ALSTON' JOKKI) alxiul liis team's f a v o r i t i s m in llic N.I.. ini'r. lull llns tune Iho "livcivcr could read bctwun Hie (|'jici in. ill's lines. Alston iMi't too hap,y w i t h his Dodgers al this stage. "Dodger pitchers will lead the league in strikeouts, as they usually do," he sighed, "but I'll give you good odds they also lead in walks, wild pitches and hit batsmen. "Dodgrr outfielders will race to the fences to haul In MASTEIV ED ARCARO WILL RETIRE NEW YORK (UPI) -Jockey Eddie Arcaro, the 1 greatest money rider of them all whose mounf $ won a million dollars In purses for each of his 30 years In the saddle, Tuesday announced his retirement. The 46-year-old saddle star scored his first winner on a horse named Eagle Bird at Aeua Caliente on Jan. H. 1932, and his lait at Aqueduct on Nov. 4, 1961, on a thoroughbred named Wlntervale. All told "the master," as Arcaro was known around the nation's race tracks, rode In 24,092 · races. He whipped home 4,779 winners with 3,807 seconds and 3,302 thirds. Ills mounts won $30,039,543 In purses, the greatest amount accounted for by any Jockey In history. Johnny Longden and Sir Gordon Richards of England have ridden more winners than Arcaro but "money riding" was what made Arcaro famous--and rich. Los .-1 Turf Described as 'Never Belter' Horsemen stabled at Los Alamitos Race Course are in rare high spirits on the eve of the 25-day race meeting that opens Monday, and it ap pears that even losers on opening day will be happy about one Los Alamitui fea ture--the racetrack itself. "Never better" are the two words commonly used to de scribe the Los Alamitos racing strip, a fact given added im [xjrtance when it's realizei that the Orange County straightaway is already recog nizcd as the fastest and safest quarter horse track in Amer ica. The world's records for al quarter horse nice distances were established at Los Ala mitos. for example. Thai would be the marks for 350 ·tOO, -140 and 549 yards'. Slcers Romp CII.MMG F. P.T«. Off DArrow J ..rr,.! I 1 ) 4 1 I 0 I J I IHe"» 0 2 - 1 1 7 O^ictf C F F T j j j j i 'i Jl J? 3 ) 1 f j i t I !. J ·8 » » 17-1 It 11 11-11 Clements, Lucy Shine lull'19er Spikes Lose Jeff Clements set a ne\ Long Beach State frcshmai 4-10 record when he ran 49. uround two curves and Georg Lacy posted an imprcssiv mi!e (I:2!).S) and two-mil '(!:'!).!) doulilL 1 . liut it ciuiu)li us 1.. A. Trade lecll JC cd^i'd the 4'Jcr j.iyvee ·kpikt'incn, US-K). Tuesday. TENNESSEE BILL IN EASY VICTORY · By MAC McGUIRE Heavily favored Tennessee Bill coasted to. a three- quarter length victory over Billy's Image In the featured Eagle Kock Pace at Santa Anita Tuesday as Western Harness Racing Association opened its final week of its 20-day season at the Arcadia oval. A good crowd of 8,247 spectators het Tennessee Hill down to 1-2 and the 4-year-old son of Will Direct responded with the victory and also gave him a remarkable record of having been in the money 33.times in 35, lifetime starts.- Winning time for. the mile event was 2:04 3/5 after Tennessee Bill tool: over the lead going around the final turn and held off fast closing Billy's Image. Following the two leaders in order were Shatter Hanover, Ozark Tom, Zlcgenhcim and Volo Direct. Tennessee Bill, who paid $3 to win, was the last of six favorites to reach the winner's circle during the nine- race program. ' Harness Handicap By ROY BETZ WEDNESDAY, APfflL 4-1TTH DAY OF »-OAY WECTINO _ CU«r, F«tt. ftrti r«l I:*_»»,____ ?iitiT KACC-I m.i«.:cu."s^r».K~r. J r»rr P Htr«« on*tr Cw . Trie* rctwtt win. PUftfttwi Foft* CO 1 ^!) eft a f lfr« C«CJ*1 (RvtMfll __ Ctttrx* twJ« Mi^tir Lvrrook I0ow*»») Look for »n _ Donnfe's PTK)» ICrrr» Jr.i' J --^~~^ AUtrfl · Itit *of "lilmT", » E«1'»_ Cfrrt^JStory) . _ Touoh UU from ouhifle. Irnorovcd r«cr. , S J*aie Ad*m» . 3 HeM Lem (Cremerl LO^lVo I^LicjCjJWt H - .- SECOHO'KiCE--I mil. CUlt C-l. Pn. P»nt | itf»e3'ef«. 2 Omwev ( I D*rilt L«« J Rotkv Tan 4 Rimni T«« (G*frv Jr.l .,, 4 Bi*KK SMrHlt (JJCObt) . s Sn Woftiiffi iWjrjti jr.) t £ l KUck (Thefnton) t Tero D*l T*it iScttrtdt) ,, 9 t l Oi R*f (R. w.illams) , 1 Robert j O. t«- (OrVrlnl _ LONOtHOT-KUtSttt TAit. 'THIRD RACE--I nwit. · « . Good soof lor ·?*ion. __"_, j Not M . sibie tjik. Cfttstd M*2«el ^»ne. ^._ .-- ri0ufM ·fowfl itrns'frs. .--. iVJ«ed »imil*r etitrtce*. _.._ _ Vcrt'cned. Thompson Moves to FifstPlace ST. LOU.IS ( S p e c i a l ) -- M i c k e y T h o m p s o n T u e s d a y j o i n e d h i s wife as a class leader In the Mobil Economy run as Okla homa head winds cut mileage averages almost one mile-per- gallon for the 45 competing autos which fought evening rush-hour traffic pulling into this city. Mickey. 33. moved into first place averaging 27.49 miles- per-gallon piloting a Tempest to lead six other entries In the large engine compact class. This is a switch for Thompson, who drove a car 406 mph at Bonneville Salt Flats two years ago. · * * * JUDY, mother of two, maintained her lead at the wheel of a Pon»iac Star Chief with an average of 19.70 mph. She had lead her class of medium priced, full-size cars since the run hegan while Mickey had previously placed second. The Thompsons, of 27341 tastvale Road in Rolling Hills, are one of five husband-wife combinations in the run but are the only ones separate entry cars. t Ftorrie (Minne*o .. 9 Cool Chkl IO Bnwl 4 Scofc*iflafen fM.nri ~ AUikM IK. liuwrl driving Of the nine other female pilots In the run, only one is leading in a class--Pat Sawyer of ; i? llpmgt t Calif., in a Con-air '.iSt ^zr.:~: *} with an average of 27.C7 . . . . Rtoutrn too effort. HVDrkl IITiTfV'vfl . ,,.., - . _ _ _ _ tJCVdl r.Cin?. _ Scofth flnt . -- Poor reftnl farm. .. f trwu Htnorrr (S*«rrr») . _ Scr4tc?fd. tON'SlHOT^CUT _Bt!tS3? "* ' "FOURTH RACE--i i*. Etntti Pact. f»na Sim (Cru PunJwt iR our Biu«t i mm ot«i l'mitrl ilMirtf jEatt'iDmu) ~~-~~ I.Mr. V.. IStonrl :4 stormv iarmt (Contyl I .Congrnl Iting ISIoml 10 Mrrrir coed Ttm. (Bfl»r3tr) - UcGootr Won torch.TM Jr.l , -Vorv ffltrv. b-O*«ww» wiry. Cou'd prsv. mojl C«*n048't. rierttd nil. M*/ t.kt wm« Mrl. _ Thre.t tadjf. 4 i .-- - «wvre» too r*t*. _. ~ ,, «- Jr.) . . tAti It* prut. $ Cn*ird better. Ifrl . Jt.O'tmite loeM better. . Nrrdi tn e.t'er _-- Civ* him a Jcratitwtf. . Scratched. ·IS. FIFTH RACE--I mil.. Cl.«nnn)'lr.l. F«fl« tlM». CUImUlf FTICM UM» I. »4S««. . Ltfi.* Mornt IDenmil 1. ~TM DAnoeroul it'lft. litoVlfeT 'eetro/ (0 Brifl . , irrprate. - Sonj (Slorvl HMI b. · · - ? f i | W t 1 D« . CJiaHtfa'e Grant ltwTf«ft __ ntftfl "»»t *»wrprlie win. _ 11 crt tajk (rorn OuHiOt. _____1*1 IIXTH'RACE-- i_nun. cuu c-i. net. p»rti HIM. Caik'» feiwr»» (DayiW) 4 Ricfi Caiton 1 laoa i 1 Scofth Cov*d comt right back. _ _______ . . Caiton (Upht-iiit) -_ ___ ._ Good toot for action. . itar (Acfctrm«n r --------------- , Mar ta*» it ail. --- CJrt ICrvtw) . _____________ IViil itco th*m rrontit. __ ------ -- ------ - ------ - Ariitacrat Tan ------- ,,_ . -. ACovrnH wa/ (itonri --- ----- R*t« M tumdt etunct. -- 1] I honr»t C. (DuwvgaM -_ ....... ___ . Drept aown trv»«8 to w»n. _ __________ lil 1 Bttw M.»f (Cormitf) _». -- _- _ C*mm« ttf trailing ttttrt. ----- til It Motit.y'» KitV (V.I lion) __TM ______ II Roval Worm/ iwinfli . . -- .,.. -- . lONCJHOT--tOUNSjL_WAr. __ ~ ' . _ C*mm« ttf ScTa'ct*). ttVENTH F.ACE--I milt. Clitt *·!. Trt. F»fl. UH«. JtruWirt ivtlin «o) Edo. M .1 cor» . Ji 4 Jtftrtr Seen ICrulMI _ -- Coo.r· en fm. win . J-l I RKOrtf W.I (Wtlt*'»O . -. M«* hold tfi. .ttifri. .. _^ _.^. 4 " 5 Avjlon fton-b*r ID^ . . . _ (hw^. witft ttitt dnvff. . . . . _ . ^ J $»«*W» C.trt IMmttflj __ Toufit^tr I'f'd tOd4/. »,,-._. ,19- lONCIHOf-SMiON't MUM. . . . _ Mnn««ar) ff Houohton Hanottr 10 Bri*n) l*SwfDflie Hrwl ( . _ On'y flttd Mr. fill . .. Mad . rtvtfi Ine. . . Fio-jrrs tar . pjrt. .. it'dom « b4d r.ct. ,,. . . Fint r^«*-t torm f Oood P ·-Pootar Aoull. _. in (Ugnmilil Iff wtrv. ~MHIH'»*Ct-l mll«. CUll 11 Till. Ttnt Uitf 1 C«Dt4'n _Counirl THE PALMJR METHOD - "itCONO KACE-MIU P«t! STILL leading the pack with the best overall average is a Rambler American piloted .? by Lcs Viland of Livonia. Mich., with an average of 31.41 mpg. Today the fleet will pull out from here at dawn for a 30G-mile pull in the next to-last leg of the six-day, 2,497-mile trip from Pasadena to Detroit. Off-tf Ittttrt b¥ l«utl Wftf: s tng'fl. cono*ttt., J7.47 p . "il,.nf. Mil; «l*i. ... -- h. J4»l: IM-DT... VK. O«vr«'tt. JI 07: h*a^prlcfd, Chrv* Itr Ntw T.rkrr. 1134. IIETZ' IMIST Mitt FnMklt WMItr--UMir PKk Hi lilt tlt-MUMr «1"»l III ». · nt Mwtr FrtUKt-4.M IKr In in WM FVU--CUTFim* Kllfllt H I If ~ Jr Frtitt n ir i«f»xt UKUt-cirrr CMI H in. iMcGtiirn's Spcciuls · nt ·t-l»«v PM · tm. ·»t cunn ·«-- ««*rti W Acrtts nt BMf*-K«ifltr rrtlKrt* P»rUf-Olrm*i Kiukl li lvk Eitrtll. · Mlrill l««Ul-UMr Htul ta J1K CIMfclr't Tl»-- Ikh M in. M. Hockey Hayoffs New Yerk 4, TerW'O 2 (b«tt7 tmct tie-*. J.JF. i'caM 5. A'jjntrral l tontat; tmt TUT WCttE rOSITIONS* , Sine* rt «t Mr ·«" * r « irt «M* -- wrtKno to ·ncoirao* · 9H- ' da thit It to iHnk of Ir* portion of yeur .. btlttucfcU. Al aOnm, H itmtd foe* |*t Muni ' *» bell far a dHr. (wUr» lU boll U · palfniwl femmJ). Al t»* top of rt» boduwiiy, It facn lh« gnuni Wilnd to boll ol · 4}-Up*t orgtt. ' . ' Probably th* «*' ·btll buddt poitioo" k * rt» faith. Al Hit point, tU twdlt trould £rectl/ foe. At tag«l. If H heoi tight of lh» largtl, jcut poil-lrivoet tvmhabwnrotncttd. If II points Icf r, then your iwlng ha probobljr b*«n loo loot* far lolid contact. 4-4 H«1f» rid you ° golf "9 gcofil S«nd IOonJ«tocrptd, return to Arnold rblm«r, J« '*»» """pop". HARNESS RACE RESULTS FIFTH *»«-«»· F»t»: W«r Counstl. Drwj . 100 7.4 An» Hit. Cormitr S.4 - - . .. Bt'l. S'l |5 . Won««r Mjlt. Jct . DAILY DOUtlt FAID SUM. TMI*D «*CE-«"« ITil: . hiHer C0». C«"Ml »« ·· « Time-- l : 0 . . rOUHTM lACE-MM tl: t Our TM l C E - t : ReCWt. C'tnK- 540 JjJ '« - . Lvnav* po*nirr ( SIXTH - S'tvt. A C e t i l t Irtt: . Crmw- 7.*) f?3 o r c . Vaiin Krv -- _ -- 4.47 Durtat Chi*f, r m f ------- Timt-2.M'«. « c c * * . ChiH wat second but 0-fOvll'fifd laced tnird. JtVtNTM RACE-Milt tWt: xockmfl Bvnt Crvitr. 500 l.?9 *viac. Man»« . ..... SM Ait* Pame 1 *. Dwni* ..... . -- ,- J.Ti 30i Z l ) - . . EIGHTH KACC-M4* p»(t: rw*nirt Bill. Crork 1.00 Hiy* Imag*. MirVritar ____ inafttr Hanover. Boaro^an TANFOIUiN Citar ·" Fait. FIRST RACE-4 ft»f1t««: rvr.'i.-.. _..._»·. HI «..« : ·M J. Hotifr"! *W. YouorettrffiMt. 1ICOND IACE-4 hTttfti: Mitt HUM*. Ytfk - 1.0 J » · « ·» - . . NINTH RACE-- MM nattrr Brooke. Cattnal U aval Jfrrv, Wlldar^t Jr. mfpy Pointe'. Cnjnfc .. Ttrr*-- J « ! » -nq tvcl Pf'f, THIIP ·»« *',U18( r 7r»mo. Ji' S»i'To*fr, A. vurtiu.'. f . ,- r *?9 Cwit'T.iM. nff'lren. Flrrrtiuj, I.UI JCVCNTH RACE--. . . . , . . . _ ,u«r«nnn«. C«^M« -- »4) J 2 JJJ fMcttt. V.r» . IM J.TM llrt ln««. H«J»««" . '*» Tlrr.--t'lj.i N. (CrtHMft. EIGHTH RACC-t hrlwi: Vwn. M«t* ·» .IjJ '12 Th» W«... Y»r» II.U 4» f4 Vf*Mn. N»v»1 . 449 Tl«.»_t:lt. N. IcrjIO-OT. NINTH IIACt--I, 1 . WHI^. »n JOY, IMrtixCI .. -If 47} ^itltmlrt ttW.I. V.Hkt".""- ,.-.. ij* FREE I Two FREE tickets to all Dodger home games will be given away starting April 1st. Register today at Richardson Tire Com- pony, 500 East Anahtim Street, In Long Beach. No purchase necessary. Present this ad and rectitre a FREE Wheel alignment check. Call HE £.9681 for details. I lort tM*r» Jr.l »i»ii9*r1 iv/inttm» jr.) _ IGrtn.trl . pritnm (C«rtti*t| ninr CMIIF. F03t In «q cpfn rict. _ )-t ~~. COM14 b. pl.cihj"too~*l«w'.' ",,,. \^. fj " H« tnurt . town i tir~~~~ln I . - r f _ ^__ ..._.IH . . M u l t Inwravf. 19 tr«(. . ' »l SUvus AUTO INSURANCE -" Pay by the Month -- Reasonable Rates DicOK.Ii Mr N-v Aaldmts t Sxand C«n A»Htl ALL-MOTOR1STS INSURANCE AGENCY 1UI I. FJCJK Out H«T. IONS IfACH I-J3IS j\lncl)(iii:ii]l Captains Pole vaultcr Jim Mac- Dougull and hurdler Gary Patterson were elected co- captains for L o n g I I e a c h 'State's 11)02 track and (icldl I team Tuesday. ; ; Sprinter Jeff Clements and; sliotputtcr Tom Juluiiun \\erc named captains of the freshmen team. 40Muol drives and they'll also ilrop routine fly halls that any Llllle Leaguer could handle. "Dodger batters will hit ·lOO-foot homers, hut in he- twecn lung blows they'll add up a lot of strikeouts." I believe Mr. Alston will get very angry with his charges this season and, consequently, win the pennant by 10 games. Once still water becomes turbulent, watch out! Sii!|ieiiiiii Appeal on ItlusMi; Denied , An appeal on the iuspen-| sion of wrestler 1'rcddie Illassic has been denied by the state athletic commission and the former champion was replaced on Thursday night's Municipal Auditorium card by newcomer Dolo Green. | Blassie is under a CO-djy suspension lor roughing up i referee Ust week when he lost his heavyweight title to Japan's Rikidpzlan. Green will oppose Knrique Torres. MIA I'laynfN in. o**f»i itr « i) ·*t»«n ft U«lt«f|, ' NOW IN LONG BEACH! NATIONAL IIKICI iricuutti Aittmllie TtlitnlniM SEALS REPLACED 1ft95 '"'"d" /W wall, lab.r *· * aid qaikltl . T-trd tut i C«itin«#it«l| iUTOMtTIC TRANSMISSION OVERHAUL ont.matlc ftr oil woVtt, ntdtlt. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION BAND LINKAGE ADJUSTMENT 13I8K1T1C Transmiuion from 12,000-WIU V/ARBANTT DID YOU KNOW? It v»«r IrMtmhk^A bk*(T» l««tf »r IMI. I*H|. th.t A C»ttM*i l«rt*«4l FREE LOAN CAR FREE Hor^^fl^' IUDG "" MS ' Ail "^ CKCDIT CAHLJ OPEN MON. THRU SAT. «.M^-( P.M. 1440 W. PACIFIC COAST HWY. -- HE 2-3473 NATIONAL NEW LOW PRICE tibtnn "**" tik uj tttiat tl irmMnyi Tktn'i I uujJi «i M il Kdra tmtot U toil mm b it nfKil Httfl pi b jw »if. Tkti iu trj haf }» tal; »H jw (tods it i (tB|xl Ml pi'n (il urtSw kliJ it tntte. TM Utli nm ui Ml eintk nsdt li ^ ifiJHl B^« U*CiL I WitfllBubWTrjttiitwwilSZDriti I Dlirtib'J)MilitdtlOriteLAiii1«aeU« ·ilUit urns im.111 ul kili| iwstnt. ITi bn tet hl« AM AMU'I uuial MlmiUi n finer HAS A NEW Unit I unv PRICE COMPARE IT! Ne* car ulo in boomnf. It's t rwt t«f la t't I |rul (!»L But telori gnu birr, died r°ur Dodtt Outer. I O « O H I R l A N t MIKOJRT MtllOR THE NEW Hit DODCC OJIIT '2241 auvt BISCATHI tooo CAIAIII ·t nr. tKMtt D . biM i4 Iff) III IMbMtM tll'l* f . . . »i hn fttl stattf Oru Aiitra'i luitst MtMUbit. i Dodti 0»rt 41) 2 Dow Hvdlof ' ON DH 4(1 TW Id *«ni ntiAt M liijl TN ttl utMtiml HaemnHZlT, iridnit |ira{ M Um roon. TH (tl UidGit toft tOmiuifi IKI at fra. TM pi U« mtsl MmrM ttudri ta tt(tn h Oc tawa Or, i ttudxi n M fcntop wrt tcrstxra irt Ur.TittaiiilSliiitJtDrftjiaBfru.Ai4 TM Wj h n^rxftL Hi Mrs jflisl Km- nnsi ^ frwL Tn dr, iN'n phf b Bi du/t Upfnd h Drift Gi w b m tin Mft D«t «t jw IqtdaUi D«4i Dtitr. SIZED RIGHT IN WMDDL£ OFTVE BIG AND UTTl£, DOfflWT IONC IIACH, CAUF. GLENN E. THOMAS COMPANY *».v,;- .i tu'Si. N. ION IIACH. CALIF. VERNE HOLMES, INC. )«» All..lit II.J. ItlULOWtt. CAUF. WIDGER-GOOOWIN DODGE, INC. 14100 S»tS lalt-etd H.J. CAtOIN ClOVf. CAUF. BnOOKHURST DODGE I O I S I G«rdi !»·« l«ltnd WIMINCTON, CAtlF. SUBURBAN MOTORS 4(5 tail AxVtin Slrttl COMFTON, CAUF. SNAVELY LANGFORD, INC. 491 · WATCH -RAINBOW OF STARS fROM ROCKUtULR CLNTLR-. ON NBC-TV. TULSDAT NIGHT. APRIL U -

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