Independent from Long Beach, California on February 3, 1960 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1960
Page 6
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PRINCIPAL KILLS TWO TEACHERS, SELF Long ciiii., w»i, p.b. i, INDEPENDENT-- Paga A-7| Gossip Linked to School Terror . , .- ^^*TM HARTFORD CITY, Ind. W) --School Principal Leonard O. Redden, .14, tidied up his desk Tuesday, broke an appointment with his psychiatrist, and killed two women teachers with a shotgun. He thought, his wife said, that people were gossiping about him and Miss Harriett Robson, ,52, the first teacher slain. He stalked from the two classrooms of screaming children, menaced men who tried to stop him, and drove to a woods where he often had hunted. Police found his body there, a shotgun wound in the chest. The weapon and three cigarette butts were lying by his side. "He was just plain off his head . . . not normal at all," Mrs. Redden said. She added that his mental condition had been deteriorating since last April. She said he "didn't recognize situations at all. He didn't even know if you were talking to him. He thought he was a viclim of gossip and he thought the gossip involved him With Miss Robson." * * * * DR. RUSSELL Mathewson, psychiatrist of Muncie, Ind., confirmed that Redden had an appointment with him this afternoon but lie would not discuss the case. Some of the fifth-graders thought it was funny when the principal shot their teacher--just a trick he was playing on them. In addition to being prin- 1 cipal, Redden was superintendent of the First Christian Church Sunday School. His wife, Hazel, is a teacher in nearby Gas City's Mississin- ewa High School. Mrs. Redden wouldn't talk to newsmen at her home, where she stayed with two sons, Bruce, a high school sophomore, and Dennis, a third grader. Mrs. McFerren had taught in the Hartford City schools for 35 years, Miss Robson 32. 1EARING AID BATTERIES 25°/« OOFF Far all meiili ind m«k«t. Quirinlnd Frith I Full Fiwlr. -- IM Qnllly stiok -Mill Ordin Itc.pHI tttOCIATED HEAHINO AID CEDTEFI "Oirdliii Hiiflnt AM Diilic" til Fin. Unc Inch II HE 2-0451 Ex-Stand-in for Presley Fined, Jailed Elvis Presley's former stand-in went to jail Monday for at least 60 days on traffic charges. Kenneth Dean Jacobs, 20, of 1033 Gary St., Wilmington, was sentenced by Municipal Judge Kenneth E. Sutherland to 30 days in County Jail, plus another 15 days or $263 fine, for his third drunken-driving offense. He drew another 30 days for driving while his license was suspended. Jacobs was arrested by sheriff's deputies Sunday after erratic driving on Cherry Ave. in Signal Hill. LEONARD REDDEN Terrorizes School Then they saw blood, knew Miss Harriet Robson, 52, was dead -- and screamed. They saw Redden turn threatening ly on them, then stalk up a ramp to another fifth grade room. There he killed Mrs. Minnie McFerren, 62. As he fled, Redden threatened two other teachers and stood off a school custodian armed with a crowbar. + * # * ' OFFICERS WHO found his body were puzzled by red marks on his throat, burns on the body and a charred pocket on his jacket. But they said it seemed clear he had shot himself in the head deliberately. The shotgun lay at his side. He had fallen on one side, his head cradled on an arm, as though asleep. Nobody in this quiet, clean little town in north central Indiana could imagine why Redden did it. HARRIET ROBSON First Victim "I always thought he was nice," said Richard Allen Monroe, 11. Richard was one of the 21 pupils who giggled when Redden strode into Miss Robson's room as she sat grading papers.- It was funny to hear the easy - going p r i n c i p a l shout: "They aren't going to hang me!" But when he fired, they screamed at the sight of Miss Robson's blood bursting from her right chest and tried to rush from the room, Redden turned on them with the shotgun and drove them back, HE WALKED up the ramp to Mrs. McFerren's room. "Don't kill me," she pleaded as he stepped inside. He killed her with a pointblank shot in the face. Hearing t h e c h i l d r e n ' s screams, custodian Silas McCaffrey, who had been laying tile in the hall, rushed up "WE THOUGHT HE WAS joking . . ." said Richard Monroe, 11, one of the Hartford City, Ind. school pupils who saw two teachers killed Tuesday by the school principal.--(AP Photo.) MRS. MINNIE MCFERREN Pleads for Life with a crowbar in his hand as Redden left Mrs. McFerren's room. McCaffrey threw the crowbar at Kedden's head but missed. About that time, sixth grade teacher Ralph Grimme came on a run. Redden waved McCaffrey and Grimme back with his shotgun and fled through a hall. The two men ran to another exit. As he stepped outside,'Redden saw Esther Nesbitt, a music supervisor. "Do you want to live?" he said. "Of course, Mr. Redden." * * * * "THEN GET back into the building.' 1 She did and Redden ran for his car. ' McCaffrey a n d Grimme caught up with him again, and Redden pointed the gun at them. "Don't shoot me, Larry," McCaffrey cried. "I won't, Si." Redden said, and drove away. "I didn't do a thing," Grimme said later. "He. had that gun pointed right at me." Four hours later, farmer Ike Adams, 39, found the car mired in the mud of a thicket, 40 yards off a country road between Hartford City and Muncie. ..State, county and city police .and armed farmer:; scoured the woods and thickets in the area. As dusk fell, four officers came upon Redden's body by a pile of felled timber and drew the rest of the searchers with repeated gunshots. THE KILLINGS shocked and mystified Hartford City, a quiet farming and manufac turing . community of 7,250 population about 80 miles northeast of Indianapolis. S ANDONm IEISTO FASTEST TO SEATTLE-S HR. 25 MIN.I Now fly THE BEST OF THE JETS ... United Air Lines DC-8 Jet Mainliner 5 ... to Seattle-Tacoma. Faster and quieter than any propeller-driven airplane, the DC-8 delivers true jet-age comfort. For First Class or Custom Coach reservations, call HEmlock 2-7411 or see your Travel Agent. Enjoy United's extra care,.. make a date with the DC-8! LV. LOS ANGELES 1:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m. Service begins March 1 AR. SEATTLE'TACOMA 3:55 p.m. (nonstop) 8:30 p.m. (one-stop) JET MAINLIHEH, BY DOUGLAS BOOKS OPENED TO THE DAY'S lesson remain on desks in the fifth-grade room of Miss Harriet Robson in Hartford City, Ind., where Principal Leonard , Redden Tuesday shot and killed Miss Robson in front of the horrified children.--(Associated Press.) King Tours Iraq BAGHDAD, Iraq MB--King Mohammed V of Morocco set: out Tuesday on a 200-mile auto tour of Iraq and a visit to the country's holy shrines. I PIN-WORMS O'NOT KNOW IT! , nwe-jHeking and a tormenting rocUl Itch «re often tell- talt signi of Pln-WrnnB...uBly parnnitoi Lhtt mcdicnl expert* BUT Infwt on« out of tverv thrct pcr- ·oni examined. Entire fnmilifs mar be rictima and not know it. To get rid of Pin-Wormc. thraa peat* mu*t not only be killed, but killed In the large Jntcattnc whcrt iber Jfv« and multiply. Thnt'a exactly Tf hat J*Tne'fl P-W UbleU da , « . . and here's how they do It: J Fint-ft scientific coating carries the Uhleti Into the bovrcli bo- fore they dissolve. Then- Jame'i modern, medically-approved in. rredient iroea rijrht to worh-JWZ* Fin-Worms quickly and easily. Don't take chance* with thii danircroun. hiirhly conUftloun condition. At the flmt nifcn of Pin- Worms, ajtk y«mr druinriit for e«ntntte Jtyne'a P-W Vermifof e . . , the ·mall, f aay.t/vtjike tablet* perfected by famous Dr. I), Jayne A Son, ftperinlinU in worm remedies for OTCT 100 yean. LIVER, STOMACH AND DIGESTIVE TROUBLES QUICKLY DISAPPEAR DR. CHAN'S natural Chinese Hern* nurify, cleanse and restore the stomach, liver anrj solccn fo normal funchon, preventing o« «nd lower the blood orewire. 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