Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 22
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J ag , B-8--INDEPENDENT lettf M«h, Mil.. Own., Ft*. 13, 1US IjJstinov Sees Space Age Return to llth Century By HAL BOYLE ' NEW YORK UH--Playwright the United States and Soviet Peter Ustinov is a man with no deiire. to put his plastic mind inside; a plastic helmet ,"1" am convinced that in opening, up the space age we will ·' take ourselves mentally back to the llth and 12th centuries," said the author and star Russia. "It is only the Jack of space that has forced man to become as civilized as he is. "IF PEOPLE the idea be oc- planets. Why not? "It might be a better, thing If there were an invasion from ^pace against us. That at least would consolidate mankind." · » * * * AT 36 USTINOV, the London-born son of a Russian newspaperman, has become : a literary enfant terrible of two continents. He bears a' pudgy, bearded resemblance' to Anton Chekhov. He talks like a mixture of .Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw and H. L. Mencken. As busy as he is unorthodox, Ustinov (he speaks five languages) has written a dozen plays and two revues, acted in ten movies .and produced three. He is also a lecturer, a television star and is currently .turn- THE LYONS DEN there is more space the earliest forms, of colonial- ing-out. a novel. , wars with the natives of other COAST Hi Mt-99 Hi'tit-ii -zxr ^ FINAL PERFORMANCE TONIOHT IOX OFFICE OPENS t P. M. NOW PLAYING Boit. MiteiHM -- INDI TONIOHT -- ' "THE »AMI OP LOVE "NAN" I* Color STARTS TOMORROW .SILVANA MANGAtiO SOPHIA LOREN VITTORIO DE S1CA IPLUS CO-HIT _ PLUS acorn HIT -ALASTAIR SIM--IN HIS MOST IRRESISTIBLY HILARIOUS ROLE! "THE GREEN MAN" Forester Worft Pose 'Nude By UCONAKD LYONS C. S. Forester, .the British novelist .famed for his sea stories and; as the creator of the Capt.' Hornblower tales, was at the Savoy' Hotel in London're- cently, being photographed by a press cameraman. The-, photographer, asked him to remove his spectacles. '.'Never," replied the author. "More people have seen me without my trousers than without my spectacles.", Cyd Gordon of the ; Falmouth Playhouse and Robert" Whitehead will coproduce a stage adaptation, of "Let George Do It." the best-selling novel by Gov. Furcolo of Massachusetts The adaptation will be written by Henry'.Denker, co-author of "Time Limit."' . .".The American. Newspaperwomen's Club will sponsor'the opening of the National Wax Museum in Washington,'March 15. . J a m e s .Jones, : author .of "From Here .to Eternity" and the new "Some Came Running,' sat'in the Little-Club the other night with Edward ' Chodorov, the playwright. They discussec "Some. Came Running," and Chodorov said: "There's so little time for reading.. But 1 read your 1,300-page novel. It proves I'm a friend." . ... "Didn't'0 prove I'm your friend," replied lending you the "by book?" . ' . * * · * /etes Twill direct a'movie, "The Hot Sun,"'in the Virgin Islands his summer. It will star, Sidney Poitier. . Norman K. Winston,-the government's special adviser on in- :ernational trade fairs, is- in Moscow for-the proposed Amer- can' Fair 'in Gorki Park next August. . . . At Richard Tuck- of "Tosca" Opera, the JONES' NEW NOVEL, "The Pistol," was written as an experiment. "It-- doesn't have 8 single dangling participle in it,' he said. "This has nothing ,to do with the reviews on 'Some Came Running.' It was finished before those reviews came out It's a' consciously sympolic novel. . I tried, by using good grammar, to show people less alive. When I want to write live people I'll use bad grammar." Before the curtain-rise a "Winesburg, Ohio" Dorothy Me Guire received a unique, gif from Frances Starr: It was the IMPERIAL ^ 317 L OCEAN BLVD. I PHONE HE. K'M73 ENDS TONIGHT KIRK DOUGLAS -- In "PATHS OF GLORY" »ii» "Girl in Block Stockings" OPEN NOON -- CONTINUOUS STARTS TOMORROW .el* ''She iis a thing of mobile contours--a phenomenon you have to see to believe!" "liiis picture displays Miss Bardot to the full limit of the law, if not a few inches beyond!" "You've ;« "... a strawberry never seen r »f f blonde bundle of anything likew J curves-and nerves -- 9O minutes of uninhibited sex!" DOBOTHY McGUIBE Universal. Gift 'aris, is discussing plans for. a Urn comeback.... John Cassa- I relatives. "I never had a Broad way hit because I never had such relatives with split personalities;" said Harry Kurniti, the playwright "My father would have" been schizophrenic --but there never was room enough for two at the handles of his'pushcart.". · " · Georges 'Roualt, the 87-year- old painter, is critically ill in Paris. -. . . "Middle of the Night" filmed in N: Y next'winter, instead of in the spring, because so' many of th'i I: scenes call, for snow shots. . .. Moss Hart, director of "My Fal: Lady,!' is' the director of. thi "Swifty Is Fifty" birthday par ty for I. P. (Swifty) Lazar, thi fabulous literary agent. Lerhe Loewe, who wrote "My Fal Lady," and Comden Green authors of "Bells Are Ringing, are writing the songs for th party. Hart, Lindsay Cro'us and George Axelrod, author o 'Seven Year Itch," are- doin IICONB nATIMI-- 10TH.THIATRU OREGON PASSAGE CINIMAKOH . tfttr ky De Luxe er's performance vith the vVienna singers sang in Italian when ·hey sang with Tucker, and reverted to German when he was off stage. the sketches. · · » , ; * · * JEAN COClEAtT is cam paigningi against the use o cliches. One of his friends said "You're making too much of to-do about cliches. You'r creating, a storm in a teacup . . . "You mean," said Cpcteau "it's all: a duel in an egg'." "Sunrise at Camppbello" 1 filling orders'beyond next. Nev Year's Eve. 'engagement .. After her Cop here, Peggy Le THIS EH9AOIMENT ONLY AT WVOll ft TOWNE^ALL KIDS SOc FIRST LONG BEACH SHOWING IN 3 THEATRES RIVOU ·· Ml 4-1207 MOKM Mr FIFTH TOWNE · 0*1-1311 ·IMTICMlMAlkMlr. OM-WJ RIVOLI OPENS NOON TOWNI OPENS 4:30 CIRCLE OPENS t:30 JHT TMK · TOMMY KdX · KEVIN COKW* · CNUCK canon EN ' ANY OTHER season, 'Winesburg, Ohio" probably would have collected fine notices, but the Broadway theater currently is crowded with autobiographic plays.about tortured childhood and neurotic will fly to London to edit th score she composed for the nov- '···v f i l m - m u s i c - a l , "Tom Thumb" · t . Gus 'Schirmer Jr., wiio garnered hit notices for his revival of '"Ttie Boy Friend" at the 'Downtown Theater, is working on his next project--8 Broadway musical version of Dame Edith ' Sitwell's book, "Eglish Eccentricities." Elvis, With Army Near, Has Long Locks Shorn preparations. He is due to report for Army duty in March and said cutting lis shaggy locks was his own idea and not because of the forthcoming stint in uniform. Feminine admirers on' the studio lot described Presley as 'quite handsome" in his new, short haircut which still was longer than a military cut by -2ND PEATURI AT ALL J THEATRES" AMBUSH AT CIMARRON PASS 1 : EBELL and CABABT OPEN FBI., SAL, SUN. PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES NOW SHOWING 2ND SMASH WEEK!^ T«UUM OF IQUtt LIFETIME! .-_ MATUtl opening night of Deanna-Durbin, wh Presley, 23-year-old idol of the retirement, near , rock and roll addicts, disclosed for Army barbers by having had his lengthy locks shorn to a more military length. The Presley trademark of long sideburns were cropped t6 a more boyish length. MIRTHQUAKE OF THE YEAR!" I doubt if I'll ever go back Presley said on the set of a studio where he is making his last movie before entering the Army. ' ·' · . Presley's Memphis, Term.,draft board had given- the guitar-playing singer a 60-day deferment so . that he could make the movie-on which the studio had spent large sums in , Glenn FORD GiaSCAU-EarlHOLLIMAN Anne FRANCIS Keenan WYNN Fred CLARK Eva GABOR RussTAMBLYN Jeff RICHARDS « COLE PORTER'S. 'MS GIRIS ROAD KOSSAA'O BBAZZI DONteONEAR THE WATER · ·*.· n i mcreocem. _ GLENKFORD -. GENE KELLY In "THE HAPPY ROAD" e.eXl*fl . JAMES BASON-JOAN FONTAME NOW! HAUTIEIAFONTE-JOAH COLUB *J MCHAEL HEHWE-DOROTHT DA»WDCE* OPENS · :30 ISLANDS SUN* PLUS .S1B1. "3 FACES OF EVE" mrirMlt S**""' TWJ-JSel I LAST I DAYS! OPENS 4:30 '. T H E T H E A T R E 1411 MAIIILIA IA 4-1471 . .-PIIUIRTI H I T M t "THE FIFTH SEASON" Fid, OM^UNITY PLAYHC ? J$£ Eniva 8-0511 6021 t Anihili P.5SS. - - "THE DESPERATE HOURS" J--*LL TECHNICOLOR HITS--3 ¥«n JOHNSON--WiH«r PIDGEON "MEN OF FIQHTIMQ LADY" JMHI STEWART--Ruth ROMAN "FAR COUNTRY" · RIctiN EOiH-Dlini WYNTER "VIEW FROM POMPEY'S HEAD M STORY oi ESTHER · COSTELLO Bale Carnegie Course Public Spwfing -- Mtmory Training -- Human R«l"tJ" Divtlip c»i«Ii-P»l«»-«»nfMiiioi-l«anH» Spiak In Publli Fri. DwiiMtrallwi MiiHllE-Moniil H.ll Emplri Rpom 115 Lecu.t Avin H »-Tliriay. Fib. IMi, t P.M^Prtsint.d_byJErjeSu»M am XILLT--Mltll IATNOI "LES GIRLS" ·lit -- Ale* LADD ll "THE DEEP. SIX" 30 PIN! AVI. --- PHONI HI t-441* LAW AND ORDER" "DESERT. SANDS" "BATTLE TAXI" PNomHt 1-4733 Myitery thriller "WALL INTO HELL" --Mill-- , Mickey KOONIT « IABY FACE NELSON" NtW ITRANR POUCY -- AIL KATI lUllliiinniiiiilMllllllin DRIVE-IN THEATRE ParaMt. t Ctmpt. Blvd., Paranrt. 5 IIDTTI. ' »»· DECISION AT SUNDOWN" Itf -- Kn "THE INVISIBLE BOY Wltk Rlihtr* ITII inlltli IIIIMM iiinlllllini God created wo but tlie devil invented -- ADULTS ONLY -In CINEMASCOPE and EASTMANCOLOR with CURT JURGENS » TO Mill IIF III" MAI II THI IHAMW" · IORWIU, NHwelk . Tl 4-Jill "I WAI A TIIMII FRAKKIIITIir- "ILDID.OF IIACULA" Birr HAKT-M.t IINATM "THE nnt All TNI PAIIIM" Iktwi ill Illl - I Illl Jllk LIMKCK-lr.1. KOVAIt "IPIRATIOI KAI IALL" BHAIABU, Wlllllftll Tl 4-1411 RIIJHI , . THI TARIIJHII AIIIll THI PIH III" RUSS MORGAN H: al the MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM FEBRUARY 15th » P.M. TO 1 A.M. Benefit Dane*--IK th* Morgan MMMT · COAST CORDS BARBERSHOP QUARTET · L.t«r Done.* by ARTHUR MURRAY DANCE STUDIO · Star Pnfennns tram CALL'S DANCE STUDIO S1.SO pw r*nm. Okf«I« tlek«H ·» th. L.»J B»«eh Audi. tm B.X Offk. or call Mn. Ryan, »OB Urn. Am, HE 4-4715. , JHU'l. Veraett Tl 4-IMI ' , D , r ANIIU" LA MIIADA, A|Hn t lit Ul 1-1111 Mlfiei InmW-YIV* »»«» L1IIOI.II, ·'··* Urt » MX' "IOT OX A IILHII" "TIP «· A IIAI JMWT".;' KIAIIUM, 14711 hraM. HI I-4MI ·'OIIIIIOM AT IUIIIWI" "TNI IKVIIIILI .III 1 ' ; ,, IUIDOWI, 11114 I. Wii«. WMtller "IOIII 1TIAIT" "THI Llll HAUL" TWII VUI, Fliierel it 111 IA 4-1111 "Mm IF ILIIT" "IHI H«UR" . Llvi th* LHi ·( Mliy at tki HUMTIH8TON HOTEL OF A.BLOCK.JX)NO l»l L MEANILVDn LOW) BEACH Tblf tiottt runt .throuih 'from the UM-occan. Two lobbiu.. All roomi h»v« privUt btthi, brand n«w wall-to-wall canwUmr.- wrttlnj., dtikf, UUPOM and dally inali nrvln. Lant dtoini .room. iu*i. the ocean.. Itoom' and ^mcali X34.DO wtftk each p«ron. Choice sleaJci, prime '-rl*« of biet, rout turKey, baked Vlrflnla bun and evervthlni food to *at. I4o_. better food-! anywhere. Pbcue HB 8-6S53.-Our. dln- Inc toom aleo catere to tne outelde puDlIc. Club btelcfaat flSc; rejrular dinner) 12.15. makes yduwant to Wake Up and Live: ALL-NEW INSTANT FOLDER'S COFFEE theinstant with the fresh-brewed flavor

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