Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1929 · Page 34
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 34

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1929
Page 34
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THE AtTOONA MIRROR—PRIDAY >: NOVEMBER 8, 1929 "It's Gone" Quickly Turns to "It's Here"—Put An Altoona Mirror Ad on the Job LEGAL NOTICES KXKcmorrs NOTICE In Re- Estate of William Chester Fox, late of the City of Altoona. County of Hlalr and the .state of ivimsylvnnln, deceased. Nolle,; '.« hereby Blvi-n that letters of administration on tbe above estate have been grant"d in the miilerMcri.'il All persons owing said estate should make prompt payment and those persons tri whom .salil {-state Is Indebted should present their .statements to the undersigned. .1. KARL FOX. Oil 2llh Street, Altnnna, Pa. MABEI.I.K, K. FOX, 210 . r jth Avenue, Mtoona, Pa., Kxeeutors. M. M. MORROW, Attorney, 12:fl Twelfth Avenue, Altoona, Pn. ADMINISTRATRIX NOTICE In Re: Estate <-f Jamb F. Cn-eger, late of the City of Altoon;i, County ol Hlalr and State nf Pennsylvania, dwased. Letters of Ailmmlstration on ibe above estate having been granted to the undersigned all persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make prompt payment, and those having claims are to present, tin; name without iMay to the undersigned. BEHTHA MAE I'.AI'.KY, Adinx.. O::D .sixih Avenue. Junlata, 1'enria. RUTH FOUSHT. Attorn.-y. Rms. 18-111. Myers Building. Altoona, Pa. ADMINISTRATRIX' NOTICE In He: Estate of IHAHELLE E. or KLSIh E F01UJY, dieeased. Notice Is hereby given that Letters of Administration on tbe above named rsl'itc have been granted by tbe Register of Wills of nialr County to the undersigned. AM persons knowing themselves to be Indebted to said estate will make prompt payment and those having claims against this same will present the snme for payment. ANNA E. WILSON, lilfi East Hell Avi-.. Altoona, Pa. PAUL E. BEAVER. ESQ., Attormy lor Estate, 1101 Twelfth Street. Altoona, Pa. HELP WANTED—FEMALE SALE—MISCELLANEOUS A PIIOM1NKNT DEPARTMENT OF STATK colloK** (I'-'Hlrr-s the Hcrvloa of n. rnrefill str-noKraphcr. Must have several years' experience ami Hfilnrv will he oommnnmirale with ability. Arldress 1350-0. core Mirror. WOMAN Tf) MAKK ART ANH REKD Konrl.t at lionn;. A, F. Bhultznherger, Tyrone, Pa. Help Wanted—Male & Female FARMER AND WIFK, WITHOUT CHIL-' firm. Man to help with fnrm work, woman to help with housework. Hoard ami ronin furnished. Pi>rnnin»iit position. Write W. H. Anderson, KlienshiirK, Pa. Bell phone U20-K2. _SALESIVIEN—AGENTS^ IlIHTRHHITOR WANTED — KOR NEW snap, supplies nnd tools. Helling illrnnt to K.IIYII;".' trade. Man will] 'Mr to act us district munuKr'.r. Work nrar liomn. Exclusive territory. Tim Connecticut Can Co., Hurtford, Conn. Situation Wanted—Female USED FORDSON TRACTOR WITH PLOWS. .Mi-chnnlcnl condition O. K. W. S. Suck- lint;, ilollldnynburg'. Phone 6S2. , COAL MINE, NOW LOADING! ]00 TONS I p'-r day, r>lnce« for flO men. Can easily IncTeuse output to BOO tons In short time. Goud ronl, favorable labor conditions. Klco i trie motor, electric fan, self dralnnRe, long rilling, mine cars, mull's, fully equipped and I KnliiK. jo.niin. Fred H. Moudy, I'. O. Box 1 171, I'ortaKo, Pa. Dealing In tnn kind of real nutate or personal property you wish to buy or sell. fjpi:clnll7.,ni$ In the sale of coal mines and Industrial plants. PORCH CHAIRS RESEATED — RUSH style clialr Keating, clmlr canlni? of all kinds. Also niK rug and carpet weaving. Work called for nnd delivered. Weaving VVorlia, 2110 fith AVI;. Dial 2-8513. PolTlCE IKKl, S5; JERSEY HEIFER, »3B; Ford coupi-, $2ii. Old Oak Service Station, Roaring .Spring, Pa., East Main extension. FOIl" BALE — SYPHON SUMMIT COAL range, In A-J condition. Inquire 5fi3(i 4th Avc. n")U~HAliE "oinHON OUITAR. IN A-l condition. Price reasonable. Inquire 1705 Ilth Ave. COAL DOUGHERTY, RUSTY LUMP, C PRIME conl. Best grade. Pick mined. $3.75 ton In 2-ton lota or more. Dial 8007. SPECIAL— GLEN WHITE COAL. $4. JUST received carload. Orders delivered promptly. Dlnl 2-3026. ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAIN COAL, $3.75 nnd up. Also kindling wood. Prompt delivery. Dial 2-B927. McGuire Special And All Grades Of Coal. 015 inth Street. Phone 6378. YW;NO WOMAN WITH TWO CHILDREN, desires position as housekeeper for widower. Good home preferred to high wages. Phone :)!i-K:). WOMAN WANTS WORK IN PRIVATE I home by tbe day or cleaning offices. Can | give reference. Dial (1371 or apply 2501 <lth A\e. MIDDLE AC-ED WOMAN WITH 8-YEAR- ohl girl, wishes housekeeping for widower. Call at 11112 7th Ave,. rear. ONE USED UPRIGHT PIANO. VERY reasonable. 221.0 2nd Avc. FOR KALE CHEAP—A PLAYER PIANO. Beautiful walnut case, with bench and rolls. Inquire 190!) nth Avc. or Dial 2-420!>. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE Estate Of FREDERICK E. SMITH, late of Alloona, deceased. Letters testamentary on said estate have been granted to the undersigned All pi-r- persons owing said r-slat" i-hould make prompt payment, and all those persons to whom nnld estate Is Indebted should present their statements, duly verified, t'> the undersigned. CHARLES D. SMITH. 000 2!ith St., Altoona, Penna.. .- Executor. D. LLOYD CLAYCOMB, Attorney, Altoona, Penna. CARD OF THANKS WE DESIRE, IN THIS MANNER, TO thank the many relatives, friends nnd neighbors fur the kindness nnd sympathy extended un during our reeent bereavement In the Illness nnd defith of tmr lielnvi-d hnslmnd and fiithei, Mr. Charles K. Mussulman. Also for the floral tributes and Ihe use of nnto- moMles. MltS. LENA MIIRSELMAN ANH TER DOROTHY, Greenwood, Pa. MIDDLE AOKH LADY DEKIRKS PUACTIC- nl nursing or nenernl housework. Will Itiko full churKft "f home and pfitlent. Home with smnll family desired. Inquire 1)01 3rd Avc., .Innlfitrt. MIDDLE AOED LADY DESIRES POSI- Iton ris JioiiFekeeper for elderly couple or widower. Dial 8fi!>n. CLEANING—RENOVATING Wo Recommend The Altoona Sanitary Laundry For Prompl Service ami Good Work Telephone !M68. CAIll'ISTS AND IIUOS CI.KANEp TO LOOK like new. Monarch Carpet Cleaning Works. Telephone 4081 for quick service. MORTICIAN. No Chargo for OHO of Memorial Chape) Funeral Director 1421 Eighth Ave. Phone 7552. LE MUR PERMANENT STEAM WAVE, $!>, with settlnK marcel 3,'iC. Manicure U5c. Finger wave DOc. Dial 4213. REMOVAL NOTICE MKS. JEAN VAUCIMAN Beauty Snlon removed from 1411 Ilth Avo. to Suite U-lt and 312, 'Ihlrd lloor, CENTRAL TRUST ULDG. Elevator Service. Phono 2-0030. WANTED—FURNITURE, CLOTHING. PA- pers and books. Our demands nru heavy. 710 Sth Ave., Salvation Army. Phone 2-3730. SALVATION ARMY SOCIAL SERVICE— —710 8th Ave., will help you eliminate flro hazard by removing your waste piipurs, rugs, etc. Dial 2-37.'!il nml an official truck will call for your donation. PLUMBERS, STEAM FITTERS, HEATERS and apprentices—Htuily In your s|iui-u timn and earn more. It will assist, you to get registered. For details write to. International Correa. Schools, Room 41, Goltlsehmld Bldg. BULPHUR VAPOIt BATHS AND MAS- sago. Dr. Krusu system. Dial 2-7035 for appointment. Mrs. Chas. U. I'uanur. MARCEL, ROUND CURL, SHAMPOO, WA- tcr wavo, CHC|I fiO<:. Clara Met/gar, opr., 1112 SOlh AVII. Dial 8802. LOST—FOUND HTRAYED FROM 817 HISI.L AVK., BROWN Collla dog. Answers In "Brciwnlu." Reward if returned tu abovu uddroxH. BLACK BRIE1C CASE, LOST BETWEEN aulllUIn and CruHxnii, hinvard Double Seal Ring Sales, 9UI Chi'iH. Ave. Ulul 2-,'ii:ia. DOG WEAR1NO LICI3NSK NO. 3197, CAM- brla Co., found neur l.>i-;in. Ownfr can have sftino by paying for ml and kitep, at 130 Pino Avc., Altoona. BOSTON BULL, BRliiAHT ANH 2 KItONT feet are white. AIUIWITH to "rut." Reward. Dial 2-5348, LOST—IN ALTOONA OH JUNIATA, CiRKEN fountain pen, prized UH u gift. Reward. Dial 2-708-1. HELP WANTED—MALE 3 CARPENTERS FOR 11HIDC1K WORK OUT of town. Inquire L. I'.. Mutlilmi, J82I Union Avt. WANTED—RADIO SEHVICIO MAN WITH car. Write 6UU8-L, curu Mirror. CONTRACTING—REPAIRING Concrete and Cinder Call East Side Coal & Supply Co. 812 Sth St. Dial 8170. GUARANTEED CARPENTER REPAIRS done on short notice. Also garages. Reasonable rates. D. 10. Salsgiver. Dial 2-01B2. Sheet Metal Work Rooling—Spouting—Metal Ceilings H. SABATHNE &SON 708 Eighth Ave. Dial 0512. KEYSTONE Armature Works 1814-10 Union Avenue, Altoona. Phono •J-67'12. Armntura Winding. Motor Repairing, Winding Fields. Colls, Electric Magnets. Motoi-.i. Generators, ICIuvators, Machine Works. THE INSTALLATION of a Front Hank Steel Warm Air Fnrimco brings mitlnl'acUon and comfort in y.aro weather. Call and look over our line. J. W. SIIOENFELT Dial 2-I5H5. 881 17th Street PAINTING—PAPERING PAINTING AND INTEKIOR DECORATING! I paint anything that in jmlntuhlu. I hav iilHo mime antique tlowcr crocks on hand niul fi-174. J. L. Diamond, 3-UU 6tt Avo. ' A. METE Dnpamliible House l j alntlng. Wall Puper of Distinction. iifilO-M Suventh Ave. PAINTING AND PAPER HANGING— class work by experienced men. En tlmates cheerfully fiinilHhrd. J. H. White 217 E. Crawford Ave. Ulul 2-11092. MOVING—HAULING AHHKH, RUBBAOIS, PAPER AND GARB UKII hauled from r^utuurunts and stores e«|ieclally. Dlul 2-S8U7. BALEHMAN—SPECIALTY CANDY LINES to stores. Sal. Com. !>on't answer un- leas you liuvu connlileruhle experience and car. Write No M-III-L, Mlrrur oftlce. SEARS, KOEIHJCK & CO. 1425 Eleventh Avenue OFF1CF, MANAGKR With at least five years' ucruuniliiK experience. FLOOR MANAGERS With at least three years' experience In Chain or Department stores. DEPARTMENT IIKAI) For mtn'K antl women's .Shoe Ut-paiiiiifnt, j Apply at itore biH\voim D ami 11 a. ni. and ] 2 ana 4 p. in. Monday, • MOVING—LOCAL AND LONfl DISTANCE with padded vans In cl:y. Plum moving. cnitlnK furniture and storage li lln-immf I,till.linn. J. 11. McKfO. office S2& lUUl Kt. Dlul 2-liOU). AN WINDOW SHADES, ALL SIZES. WILL nacrlflce to cash buyer. Dial 2-0710. l>!i OHTIIOPHONIC VICTOR VICTROLA, 1 year old, with records. Price $40. Dial -IIOO-I. 'OR SALE—PRACTICALLY NEW B FLAT saxophone, for less than half price. Dial 1078. SPENCER CORSETS AND ABDOMINAL supports for dropped stomach, floating kld- yn, rupture, maternity and sprains. Mrs. ..uura Valentine. Dial 2-13110. COAL RANGES AND OAS STOVES, GOOD condition. Will sell reasonably. Inquire 712 7th St. <ITCHEN CABINET, IN GOOD CONDI- tlon. Will sell for ?12. Inquire John Dietrich, Greenwood. NSURANCE IN OLD-LINE, RELIABLE Htoclc companies, Louis Lclx, Union Bank Bide. DOUBLE HEATING STOVE, IN GOOD CON- dltlon. Price $12. Inquire at 602 4th Avc. SALE CHEAP—COMPLETE TIRE VUL- cunlzer and steam boiler. Good opportun- ty. No vulciinlzcr In town. Apply H. B. Holllngshead, Mount Union, Penna. SALE—FURNITURE PARCHMENT LAMP SHADES SPECIAL $1.19. W. W. BABCOCK, 1312 12th Ave. W. S. AARON, 1429 12th AVE. Used Furniture Dcpt.—Worth While Prices. Hand washers In good condition, $9; bll heaters, $2; restaurant (,as range, $19.50; metal beds, $7.50. Don't buy a radio until you hear the new Temple. ONE BEAUTIFUL WALNUT SUITE. CON- slstlnij of full vnnlty, chest of drawers, lan;e dresser and bow-cnd-bed. This sullo was out two months. Regular price $200. Wo offer It for J13B. CLAYCOMB FURNITURE CO., 010 Chestnut Ave. ALL KINDS OF EECOND HAND FURNI- turo and stoves. Inquire S. S. Over, 3002 6th Ave. USED FURNITURE See our stock before buying. Greatest values In city. QUALITY FURNITURE CO., 905-07 8th Ave. Dial 2-8356. PIANO, ESTATE GAS RANGE, LIBRARY suite and other household goods. Inquire 20KI Union Ave. WOLF FURNITURE CO. OFFERS UN- usual good bargains In their trade-In department on credit. Steel combination coal nnd gus range, like new, $•!»; vlctrolas, $15 up; oak tables, $10; odd rockers, leather upholstery scats, $4 up. See and hear the. new Victor Radio at Wolf's. BURN PAGE COAL Get O<*ir Weigh Bill G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. I'liono Rural 21R23 ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAIN COAL, $3.75 and up. All other kinds of hauling. Dial i773. GWIN COAL CO. OFFERS GWIN SPECIAL, coal and Miller coal, attractive prices. Also Madison $4. 1011 Margaret Ave. Phone 2-0104. LAROB FRONT BEDROOM, IN PRIVATE family. $3 per week. Conveniences. Inquire at 801'/j 6th Ave. MONEY TO LOAN s**"v*~~***^s^**'*^j*^*^s****'** MONEY TO LOAN 'If9,700—on Improved property In amounts to suit borrower—$9,700. WALTER J. HENRY, Commerce Bldg. Phone 6200. ONE FURNISHED FRONT BEDROOM, ALL conveniences, In private family. Dial 2-8069. ONE FURNISHED ROOM FOR RENT. FOR business man. All conveniences. Telephone service. Inquire 1810 12th Ave. 1209 Sth AVE.—FURNISHED ROOMS FOR light housekeeping or sleeping, all conveniences. Inquire on premises. If You Need MONEY IN A'HURRY! Call—Phone—or Write! Loans up to $300 Strictly private—quick and courteous. BENEFICIAL LOAN SOCIETY Room 1, Second Floor 1300 Eleventh Ave., Cor. 13th St. Entrance on 13th St., ALTOONA, PA. Telephone Dial 2—4-9-7-0 Onen 8:30 to 5—Saturday 8:30 to t. —LICENSED BY THE STATE— 3 FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS for light housekeeping, all conveniences. Private entrance. Desirable location. Inquire 101 W. 12th Ave., Junlata. ROOMS, FURNISHED FOR SLEEPING AND light housekeeping, all conveniences. Inquire 1114 18th St. You Are Entitled To QUICK—COURTEOUS—PRIVATE] SERVICE Our'a is just that on LOANS up to $300 Come, in—phone—or write I AMERICAN LOAN CO. Room 308. Grant Building Third Floor 1412 Eleventh Avenu* ALTOONA, PA. Telephone Dial 2—6-9-6-2 Open 8:30 to 5—Saturday 8:30 to 1 —LICENSED BY THE STATE— BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY SMALL CONFECTIONERY STORE FOR rent, $20 month. 1930 12th Ave. Inquire 1927 12th Avc. MEAT MARKET FOR RENT—FIXTURES and all 507 15th St. Good location. Inquire 1027 12th Ave. FOR SALE — FAIRVIEW BAKERY bread route. Call in person. No information over phone. Fairvlow Baking Co. GUERNSEY .COW AND A GUERNSEY hull, )0 months old. Reasonable prices. Inquire 2808 Washington Avc. i Business and Office Equipment Altoona Plate Glass Co. Pool tables, cash registers, wall cases, show cases, iceless soda fountains, purchased through sheriff: sales. Bargain for q\iick; buyer. All size auto glass. 725 Green Avo. Dial 8880 or 2-7300. FOR SALE—DOGS-PETS BOSTON TERRIER PUPPIES, 7 WEEKS old. Pedigreed. Dlul 6027. 3 BEAUTIFUL BOSTON TERRIER PUPS for «ale, nicely marked, 7 wks. old. Inquire Officer Dean, Bridge St., or Grazlcr- vllle, PH. OLD FASHIONED BIG EARED FOX hound. Good on rabbits. Dial 2-4037. WIRE HAIR FOX TERRIER PUPPIES. Rcnflonurdo prices. Inquire W. L. Blllcrs, 212 Highland Avc., Lnkcmont. POULTRY—FEED BLACK QIANT PULLETS AND XIOCKER- cla. B. F. Bice, R. F. D. No. 2, Holll- duyiiburg, Phono 937-RO. SINGLE COMB WHITE LEGHORN PUL- lets, from pure bred, trupnostod stock. Cheap to quick buyer. Call Rural 17-R6. WANTED TO BUY CASH PAID FOR PLAY13R PIANO ROLLS. Keystone Plnno Exchange, 803 Chestnut Avn. Dial 3-07J1U. COAL LONG DISTANCE MOVING. PADDED van. Htoriigc, uopanile booths. Fireproof IlldK. Rlne's 1119 3rd Avc. Dlul fifilu—2-12(11. MOVING-MOTOR VAN HEHVICE TO ANY pulnt. Loral and IDDK distance. Moving by paddeci vans. trucks on contract. FlltT'H Transfer. 1808 1th Ave. Dial 2-8730. Olflee phone 7779. LOCAL AND l.ONH DISTANCE HAULING \vith lurK<'*t puHiied van. Kcuhtmublu price*. Bryan, 104 K. 3rd Ave. Dial OU-16. KILI.lNCKIt — LOOM, AND LONG DI.Stiinrt: muvliiK. Kx|ierli.-m't;d planu work. I'umraet hauling by day or hour. Dlul 2-0716. COAT MAKE. . AND Muat be meclmnlcn. need uppb'- Gfort,'" II- Ave. and 10th .St. PANTS M A K Kit. No loum v. - m Urrn Hamilton, Client nut HELP WANTED—FEMALE VACANCY FOR TWO WOMEN, OVER 28, Nov. 10, 1U2'J, for Spenci-r Cornetlere. Must furnlbh bi;.-u of refui-i-nce.s. Selective ty;je women only r.i-ed apply. Write for p'.Toonul Interview, P. O. Box 2U. Johnstown, Pa. EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER AND tteuograplic-r. Mist have reference. Apply la owu Uainlwritlhg. Write M57-L. Mirror. SOLICITORS WANTED — WONDERFUL proposition and KUOU Apply Liberal CivOlt Clothing Co., 1507 Ilth Avc. POLISH OR GERMAN (JIRL FOH GKNER- al housework. Hefcii-ncr required. In •mull family. Apply 2012 Broad Ave. OCEANS OF PAINT. QUEBEC, Ntv. 8.—AfU-r thri-e ytaru of painting, it has b,. t .|, n KU rcd uut that It took 7,81X1 gallons of paint to <;over the 210 acres of .stud .surface in the recently completed bridge acr»*s the St. Lawrence river. Thirty-live )uen with dpray guns completed the job, working ,, u girders 300 feel above the water surface. The bridge is painted greeu. PIANO TUNING .'^s^^^^^s.^^xx^^^' YOUR CHILD WILL NF.VEU l.EAHN HAlt- moiiy "m un out of tun.- pnnio. For expert work, Dlul LuuKlilln 2-I8.VJ. 20 yrs. ex. NKWKIt AND HKTTKK MKTHOOS IN pimiii tunliiK and r.-|.alr!nu All work Kuurunlecd. It. 1>. Knti-rllne. I'bone -1(1^2. PRIVATE HCIIOOL ORAL EXPRESSION. Trial II-SSOIIH (rt-e. Dlul 3-8W1. SALE— MISCELLANEOUS POOL ROOM OUTFIT, COMPLETE. WANT- ed. working men with large families lor 7- rooin bouses and lota ver> close to Junlatu shops und warm dinners. You cun own onu same aa runt. See owner, 21)18 tilh Ave. JUST PURCHASED A LOT OF FIRST eluoa reatuurunt fixtures. Will tiacrllicu to quick buyer. This includes dishca. ateam table, dish washing machine, etc. Inquire lull lull Ave. RECONDITIONED NO. 5 L'NIJERWOOIJ t typewriters, guaranteed, $40. New Hoyal Portables lu attractive colors. B. F. BARR. 1627 lllh Ave. ONE REPOSSESSED GENERAL ELECTRIC refrigerator, G-M, all steel model. f*Wy In me two months. Can be purciiused at a .-:ivlng. J. E. Speuca tlectrig Co., 1310 IZtli Ave. BLANDBURG COAL AND SUPPLY CO. Export Coal 54.25 MudlHtin Egg Prepared $-1.00 Mudlaon 4 In. Lump S-I.OU Driver collecta. Dial 2-5208. BEST GRADES OF MOUNTAIN COAL— .Special on Puu;e and Husty coal. Coal guaranteed. L. K. Grjihart. Dial S900. A. L, GAHMAN. WHOLESALE AND KK- tull dealer of Klomlyke coal. Ask your truck driver or Dial 2-0887. MOUNTAIN COAL—ALL KINDS. RUSTY Lump, 1, 2, 4 ton lota, .$3.76, $4.00, $4.25. Pul In same day. Ulul 5&8U. SEALFON COAL CO. QuaMty coul, honest weight, 2209 Union Ave. Dial 81)08 or f)210. PEOPLE'S COAL CO. 730 4th STREET. PI1ON1I) 2-7777. HARD COAL, EGG, STOVE AND NUT. SI 1.7,'v KEYSTONE MADISON SCREEN AND E(!C, PREPARED. $1.00. MlLLKlt KUSTV LUMP AND DYSART, sa.75. COLLECT ON DELIVERY. SERVICE fcUKL CO. TELEPHONliS 2-M01 OK 2-0818 ONE OH MOHE TOMS: HARD COAL, EGG, OK NUT $11.75 MADISON SCREENED LUMP S3. DO .MADISON EGG AND NUT S3.DO Mll.LEK SPECIAL, MINE HUN S3.30 D1UVEK COLLECTS IN ALL CASES. •i DAYS REQUIRED TO DELIVER. COAL! COAL! COAL! London. PaKc and McNeils. Special rusty UaUer und ])t-laney Illui-k Diamond, $3.7. r > Per ton. A. S. McGruw, 231(1 7tb Ave. Dial ' ORDERS FOH MOUNTAIN COAL GLADLY lilli-d. Bids un large ordera. W. B. j Hoover, 1301 6th Ave. Plal 2-6848. j ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAIN COAL, J3.76 and up. KliKlUni; wood and general liaul- ! ing. Dial V!-b407. K. Zach. BOARDING WANTED—2 MEN FOR ROOM AND board In private home, all conveniences. Uac of phone. Dial 0522. CENTRALLY LOCATF.D, ROOM WITH board, all conveniences Uuu of phone, Dial 2-5234. RENT—Unfurnished Rooms 888 20th ST.—3 CHEERFUL ROOMS, kitchenette and bath. Heat furnished. Rent $23. Young couple. Inquire 882 20th St, 3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT hounekceplng. Light, gas, heat furnished. Inquire 111 E. Walnut Avo. RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS ROOMS FOR LODGING AND ALSO LIGHT housekeeping. Light, heat, gas. Rent Reasonable, Free parking. Inquire 1411 8tli Ave. EAST SIDE—FURNISHED KITCHEN AND bedroom, 1 or 2 adults, all conveniences. Rent $18. Dial 2-2817. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, all conveniences. Inquire 2-100 Oth Ave. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN. DAY OR week, all conveniences. Rent $2.50 wk. up. Inq. 901 Chestnut Ave. Dial 2-4886. 1128 14th AVE.—2 NICELY FURNISHED rooms, private home, all conveneinces. Gentlemen only. Half block from Penn-Alto, FURNISHED ROOM, SUITABLE-FOR TWO, all conveniences, with or without board. Inquire 1812 13th Ave. 843 17th ST.— FURNISHED ROOMS FOR light housekeeping, all conveniences. Ron Honuhle rent. Dlul 2-8741. DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOM IN PRI vate family. No children. Rent reasonable. Inquire 2504 Union Ave. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, all conveniences. Call after (I. Inquire 2107 4th Ave. ATTKMITIVK FURNISHED ROOM, FINE locution. Private home. Business man preferred. Dial 2-5810. TWO NIC15LY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR Hunt housekeeping. Newly painted and papered. Inquire 1216 15th Avu. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT bousekL-epIng, all conveniences. Usu of laundry. I'ial 2-2,'i7ll. 2-1 111 Mh AVE.—LARGE FRONT ROOM, nlcrly furnished, all conveniences. Dlul 2-71138. RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS I Unfurnished Apartments 1221 14th AVB.— LARGE, PLEASANT front room, kitchenette furnished for housekeeping, all conveniences. Adults. 2 OR 3 FURNISHED ROOMS, HOT WATER heat, private entrance. Use of laundry. Inquire 408 3rd Ave. ELIZABETH APTS., 2015 BROAD AVE., 6 rooms, bath, flre, sound proof, elevator, Janitor service, well heated. Here flre Is much less hazardous than In any other apartment. Dial 2-3073. WELL FURNISHED SLEEPING ROOM, all conveniences. Best residential section, In private- home. Inquire 2001 W. Chestnut Ave. 2607 BROAD AVE.—3 NEWLY FURNISHED rooms will private bath, for light housekeeping. Light, gas and heat furnished. Dial 2-9780. 800 HOWARD AVE.—NICELY FURNISHED front bedroom, all conveniences. Use of phone. Dial 2-7290. SOB HOWARD AVE.—2 NICELY FURNISH- ed rooms for light housekeeping. Not suitable for children, all conveniences. Use of phone. Dial 2-7290. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, all conveniences, with sink In kitchen. $5.50 week. Inquire 1813 14th Ave. TWO LARGE, FURNISHED ROOMS FOR housekeeping, all conveniences. Rent $0. Inquire 3522 5th Avc. Dial 2-2748. lARGE, WELL FURNISHED FRONT room In modern home. Splendid section; refined business man Reference. Inquire 2027 Broad Ave. Dial 4772. iOMFORTABLE, NICELY FURNISHED sleeping rooms. Reasonable rent. Conveniences and use of phone. Inquire 1407 12th SI. or Dial 2-4953. THREE NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, first floor, for light housekeeping. Rent reasonable. 843^ 16th St. 1111 13th AVE.- LARGE THIRD FLOOR front room, private family, newly papered, hot und cold water In room. Use of phono. Guruge. FOR KENT—ROOMS WITH OR WITHOUT liiurd, In a private home. Home privileges. 417 6th Ave. Phono 0936. PAGE. AND ALL OTHER MOUNTAIN ; coal. Pnci-s reasonable. Phoni 2-4242. W. S. COUnjiinan. , KIISTY LUMP. ML-NELIS BLANDBURO. I Dynurt, London. S3."5 single ton: Madison It4.2. r >: Grcciisburg. S-l.OU; ',-. ton 12.25. Dial 2-7105. BURN LAUREL RUN LUMP COAlT HIGH In heat, low In aali. No clinkers. J3.75 ton ddKvrnd. Office unly at 227 oUi Ave. Flume 2-1380. ilth AVE.. 1915-2 OK 3 WELL HEATED, rooms, nil conveniences, for housekeeping. Laundry. Private entruiv.e. FRONT ROOM, FIRST FLOOJJ, FOR housekeeping. Elei-tric, eua, h.'.t, bath, all improvements. I30ii Sth Ave. Phone 7751. 3 FURNISHED ROOMS ON SECOND tloor, for light housekeeping, nil conveniences. Dlul 2-12GU. LARGE BEDROOM AND KITCHENETTE (or housekeeping, all conveniences. Private family and cntrancu. Dial 2-9015. NEWLY FURNISHED, LIGHT. AIRS rooms, ell convenience!): well neated. Price $:i up. 1502 or IMlili 13Ui St. PLEASANT FRONT BEDROOM WITH ALL convenience:), suitable for 1 or 2 uernona. Dlu.1 6381. 901 l6Ua Ave. B01 HOWARD AVE.—2 COMMUNICATING' rooms, second floor, all conveniences. Use of phone. Rent reduced. Dial 2-6171. FURNISHED ROOM, IN PRIVATE FAM- ily, all conveniences. Inquire 2227 Broad Ave. THREE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, electric appliances, heat and phone furnished. Laundry. Inquire 2402 7th Ave. ROOMS, 2 FURNISHED, LARGE SUN parlor, shades, all conveniences. Along bus line. 2108 12th Ave. FURNISHED APARTMENTS •"***v^"v*v^"s^*-^^/V^NXN^SXN^ w ^XX/VN^ySXs^V COSTS NOTHING TO LOOK AT THE clean, cheery Apt. with bath. 715 Sth Avc. May save time. Heat, light, etc., included In reasonable rent. Dial 6301. NICELY FURNISHED APARTMENT IN good residential section. Inquire Mrs. D. E. North, 2104 W. Chestnut Ave. COMPLETELY FURNISHED APTS.— 2 TO 5 rooms, private bath. Maid service dally to bachelors. Inquire 608 10th St. LARGE FURNISHED APARTMENT, 1119 13th Ave. Also garage. Wm. Hahman, P. O. Box 3, Altoona, Fa. FURNISHED APT., 4 ROOMS, BATH, heat, private entrance. Inquire 862 17th 1 St. or Dial 2-2082. MODERN FIRST FLOOR APT., 4 ROOMS, bath, newly furnished, papered and painted; also turn. 3-room house, bath. Inquire 602 21st St., Apt. 5. 3-ROOM APT., HEAT, LIGHT GAS, phone. Rent $35. Dlal.J-9103. SMALL FURNISHED APT., CENTRALLY located. Inquire 919 Howard Ave. Dial 2-6783. , 2 AND 3-ROOM FURNISHED APTS. FOR light housekeeping. Private bath, all conveniences. Inquire 105 E. Willow Ave. 3-ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT, WITH small private family, at 807 Lex. Ave. Reference required. Phone 2-8547 or 2-1385. Unfurnished Apartments 1211 15th ST,—GLENHURST APT., 4 rooms, bath, hardwood floors, shades, kitchen fully equipped. Inquire above address. Apt. No. 2. APARTMENT, 9 ROOMS AND BATH, AND 4 rooms and ,bath. 3957 6th Ave. Dial 2-9440. 1029 Sth AVE.—THIRD FLOOR APART- ment, five rooms, bath and pantry. Stove and blinds furnished. Dial 2-8048. COZY APARTMENT, JUNIATA, 909 4th Ave., second floor, 4 rooms, bath and porches. Heat and all conveniences. Dial 5767 or 5621. SEVERAL DUPLEXES ON 26th ST., BE- tweert Broad and W. Chestnut, at reduced rents. Also at 2501 Broad Ave. Either with or without heat. A nice 4-room lowt* duplex on corner of 26th St. and W. Chestnut, with gas range. $30 month. Inqulft Room 402, Commerce Bldg. Dial 2-0301 or 6691. DESIRABIJE APTS.. 4 ROOMS AND BATH and 5 rooms and hath. Centrally located. Janitor service. DlaiV2-7914. APARTMENT, THREE ROOMS, STEAM heat, hot water, gas range, locker, laundry. Low rent. Dial 2-7407. FIRST FLOOR, 4 ROOMS, BATH, HEAT, porch. Rent reasonable. Best location. Inquire 2111 W. Chestnut Ave. Phone 6076. IMPERIAL APT., 6 ROOMS, BATH, porch and all conveniences, $35; also 4 rooms, bath and porch, $30, newly papered. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p.'m. 2-8160. BRETH APTS., 82B 7th AVE., 3 ROOMS, heat and gas range, newly papered. Rent $20. Dial 2-5092 or 9029. 716 CHESTNUT AVE. — 4 ROOMS AND bath. Heat furnished. $20 per month. Inquire above address. 142214 13th AVE.—FIRST FLOOR, 3-ROOM Apt., blinds, gas range furnished, all conveniences. Inquire 1112 17th St. SECOND FLOOR APARTMENT, 5 ROOMS and bath. Hot water heat, front and back porches. Inquire at 1709 or 15 7th Ave, APARTMENT, 010 2nd ST., JUNIATA. 5 rooms, bath, gas, porches, yard. Rent $22. Inquire 1107 Ilth Ave. WAYNE APT. BLDG., 1106 18th ST.. 3 rooms, bath, heat, all conveniences. Dial 2-7993. SUITE OF ROOMS AT ORMOND BEACH, Flu., for the winter season, suitable fur three or four persons. Wm. Huhman, P. 0. Box 3, Altoona, Pa. 4 LARGE ROOMS, HOT WATER HEAT furnished. Lower cud of Junlata. $20 month. For Information Dlul 2-0648. 3-ROOM APT., PRIVATE BATH. EN- trance and porch. Gas heaters furnished. $13 month. 2203 Beale Ave., 2nd floor. 516 7th AVE.—5 ROOMS AND BATH, HOT water heat, porch, shadfa, range. Dial 2-0714 or 7276. HALPERN APARTMENTS, 1410-12 19th ST. One 4-room apartment with all modern conveniences, newly papered and painted. Inquire at 1811 13th Ave. After 6.30 p. m. at 1114 IBth St., second floor. 1931 12th AVE.—5-ROOM APT,. FINISHED attic, all conveniences, front porch. $22.50 month. Inquire 1927 12th Ave. 3 ROOMS, KITCHENETTE. BATH. HOT water heat. Newly papcrrd. Rent $25, Including light, gas. Inquire 408 'Jrd Ave. 2303 Sth AVE.—APARTMENTS, 4 AND 5 rooms. Bath, heat, laundry, ail modern conveniences Inquire 711 23rd St. MODERN APARTMENT CONVENIENTLY LOCATED MODERATE IN PRICE Contains large living room, dining, room and bedroom, modern, efficient kitchen with gas range and electric refrigerator, TUso linoleum on floor. Bath with built-in tub, tile floor, etc. Heat and water furnished. For further detallt call WOODS BECKMAN COMPANY, Realtors, Penn Central Bldg., Fifth Floor. Phone 6124. $65.00—2708 W. CHESTNUT AVE., 6 rooms, bath, hardwood floors, electric refrigerator. $47.00—2402 Broad Ave., S rooms, tile bath. $36.00—1211 Sth Ave., Jst floor, 6 rooms, bath, heat and shades. $33.00—2603 Sth Ave.. 5 rooms, bath, heat. $30.00—901 Sth Ave., S rooms, bath, heat and shades. $23.00—2923 Pine Ave., first floor duplex, four rooms, bath, one car garage. $20.00 807 Bell Ave., 2mi and 3rd floors. $19.00—1006 Sth Ave., 3 rooms, bath and heat. McVEY-FARIS CO.. Central Trust Bldg. Dial 7128. HEAT FURNISHED 2603 fith Ave., six rooms, bath, hot water heat. $33. i. McVEY-FAtflH CO., Central Trust Bldg. Dial 7128. • FIRST FLOOR, LINE APTS., 5 ROOMS and bath, hot water heat, gas range and shades. This Apt. is unusually nice and must be seen to be appreciated. Dial 6573 9 to 12 a.m. and after 6.30 p. m. 3-ROOM APT., BATH, PORCH, PRIVATE entrance. Heat, gas range furnished. Rent $17. Also garage. Inquire 807 7th Avc. 205 5th AVE., JUNIATA, 4 ROOMS AND bath. Hot water heat furnished. 'Reasonable rent. Dial 2-7519. RENT—HOUSES 1010 10th ST.—6-ROOM HOUSE, HOT AIR heat, toilet In cellar. Rent .$20. Inquire 1002 Chestnut Ave. FOR RENT 1B14 Bell Ave.—6 rooms, fln, attic, one- car garage. $22.50. 1322 1st Ave.—6 rooms, fln. attic. $22.00. 433 Crawford Ave.—6 rooms, fln. attic, all imps. $30.00. 305 15th St.—Apartment, 3 rooms and bath. $15.00. 2308 4th Ave.—Apartment, 3 and bath. $17.00. , ED. SEIDEL, Realtor, 835 17th St. 2205 5th AVE.—FIVE ROOMS, BATH. ALL conveniences. Rent $25. Inquire 505 15th. St. Dial 9658. 1418 AVE.—7-ROOM HOUSE, WALL papers like new, good furnace, all conveniences. Inquire 1422 6th Ave. DESIRABLE 6-ROOM HOUSE WITH ALL conveniences, situated 2321 16th Ave. Inquire T. Chester Parsons, 1107 12th Ave. Dial 2-5192. 1615 17th AVE.—7 ROOMS AND BATH, modern conveniences, newly papered throughout. . 5 minutes' walk from Gable's store. References required. Dial 2-6511. BRICK CASED DWELLING, IN ONE OF the best residential sections of the city, within 5 minutes' walk of business district. Also 1-car garage. T. Chester Parsons, 1107 12th Ave. Dial 2-5192. HOUSE, SEVEN ROOMS, ALL CONVEN- ienccs. Location 209 Walnut Ave. $30 per month. Dial 2-4643. Call 408 9th St. 10-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, PANTRY, LARGE halls. Desirable location. Dial 2-7914. COMPLETELY FURNISHED, 6-ROOM, brick house. ' Good location. Must be seen to be appreciated. Dial 7568. 6th AVE., JUNIATA, 6 ROOMS, ALL CON- veniences. Rent reasonable. Dial 8213. HOUSE, 1912 MARGARET AVE., 8 ROOMS, bath, porch and small yard, $25. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p. m. 2-8160, 823 7th AVE.—5-ROOM HOUSE; ALSO 1114 4th Ave., 5-room house, newly papered. Dial 2-5092 or 9029. 4-ROOM HOUSE, FINISHED THIRD floor, modern conveniences. Rent reasonable. Inquire 710 6th St. NEWLY PAINTED AND PAPERED, 6- room house, all improvements. Inquire J. H. Glarth, 1323 19th Ave. Dial 2-8637. PINE AND GESSER AVE., SOUTH LAKE- month, 3-room house. Water, gas, lights and garage. Furnished or unfurnished to suit tenant. Inquire D. B. Seisk,' 725 2nd Ave., Junlata. 620 7th AVE., REAR—5 ROOMS, $18; 2, 3 or 4-room apartments. Inquire 520 7th Ave. Dial 2-8711. 620 Sth AVE.—10-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CON- veniences, newly papered. Rent reasonable. Inquire at 1128 14th Ave. 6-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CONVENIENCES, newly papered and painted. Ready to move in. Inquire 1810 12th Ave. FOR RENT—GOOD 6-ROOM HOUSE WITH garage, at 2111 1st Ave. Dial 2-0946. 6 ROOMS, ALL CONVENIENCES. GAR- age. Located 229 E. 4th Ave. Dial 2-0075 or 2-7165. PLEASANT VALLEY Seven room brick home, at 2817 Pleasant Valley Blvd., with many conveniences, including bath, fireplace, hardwood floors, two car garage, Can be rented for $60 a month. HUBERT W, FLUKE Room. 46. Dial 9600. Altoona Trust Bldg. 228 E. 4th AVE.—6-ROOM HOUSE, JUST reflnlshed. Hat water heat and bath. Or will sell for $100 cash and balance $30 per month. This ih your opportunity to purchase a good home on easy terms. Grasp It. J. II. Glarth, 1323 18th Ave. Dial 2-8637. WESTWOOD PARK—5 ROOMS, CONVEN- lences. Ideally situated. Rent $20 per month. Inquire 1321 Ilth Ave., C. A. Auker. 508 I,LOYD ST.—7-ROOM HOUSE, HEAT, bath, gas and electric. Good condition. 115>Xi E. Sth Ave.—6-room house, newly painted. Will paper all through. Bath, gas and electric. 2331 Beale Ave.—1st floor of duplex, 6 rooms, bath, gas and electric. Separate furnace. 2331 Beale Ave.—2nd and 3rd floor of duplex, bath, fjus and electric. Separate furnace. 8St 2-llh St.—2nd floor of duplex, large porch, bath, gas and electric. Phone 2088 or 2-8076. ALL OR' PART OF MY HOME, FURNISH- ed throughout, to reliable party for the winter. Dr. Eldon. Dial 2-2B41 or 2-1802. HALF DOUBLE HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, BATH, hot water heat, electricity, yard, garage. A-l condition. Inquire 1820 7th Ave. 6 ROOMS, BATH, FURNACE, 3 SQUARES from Ilth Ave. Rent reasonable. Inquire Sample Shoe Store, 1005 Bridge St. SOUTH LAKEMONT STATION, 4-ROOM house, gas, water, light, heat, bath. Rent SIS. Curate If wanted. Dial 2-5605. 200 Logan Aye., Lakemont. 117 9th ST.— 5-ROOM HOUSE. NEW FUR- nace, cement cellar. Rent $25 Inquire 801 2nd Avu. or Dial 7405 or 2-4001. 713 Ilth ST.— 12 ROOMS, two families, all conveniences. Laundry. Rent reasonable. Inq. 711 15th St. 2311 Ilth AVE.—6-ROOM DOUBLE HOUSE goe, llBht, toilet. 518 per month. Inquire- 2314 lllh Ave. 58th ST.. ABOVE HILLSIDE AVE.—5-ROOM fui-nlshed house, bath, electric, all conveniences, enclosed aide porch. Garage, chicken coops, 1 acre- ground. Phone 2-7062 KANE APARTMENT, 1513 13th AVE., «EC- {50.00 — LLYSWEN, 113 WORDSWORTH ond floor, 3 rooms, bath, porch, gas range. Ave. Dutch Colonial, all imps Kem_»25._J>Ial 8428. $35.00—209 20th St., 10 rooms, all imps. 4 ROOMS AND~BATHr P ol^Hrs¥c6Nb fls 8 ;^^ JIM?!' * rooms' all floor, all conveniences. Including teat. In-1 HARRIS DEMBERT 1000 5tJ( Ave., first floor, . Cornujeroe Bldg. Rla) ^ RENT—HOUSES ELDORADO, B810 '6th Ave.—6 ROOMS AND bath, finlshel third floor, cement cellar, new furnace. All the latest improvements, front and rear porches. Large lot. Rent $30. Dial 2-3171. FOR RENT In Calvert Hills, 7-room house, all modern, for $40.00 per month. No. 1108 23rd Ave. JOHN S. SEEDS. FOUR ROOM HOUSE, REAR 1324 4th AVE. Gas, electricity. $18 month. A. E. Alters, 608 12th St. Phone 2-6S29. 7-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, FURNACE, CE- mented cellar, electric and gas. Rent $20. Inquire 2211 14th Ave. 1108 17 U ST.—6-ROOM HOUSE, NEWLY papered. Rent reasonable. Inquire 1113 17th St. 2321 4th AVE.—5 ROOMS, BATH, CE- mented cellar, and all conveniences. Inquire 1909 6th Ave. $35.00—870 25th ST.—6 ROOMS, BATH, all conveniences, $30.00—1224 15th Ave., 6 rooms, bath, all conveniences. $30.00—Harrison, near 1st St.—6-room brick home, all conveniences. 2-cnr garage. $30.00—Corner 19th Ave. and 12th St., 6 rooms, bath, all conveniences. $30.00—Brick home near Gardner's Mills, 8 rooms, bath, electric light, 1-car garage. $22.00—1509 Sth Ave., 5 rooms, bath, electric light and gas. $18.00—1210 flth Ave., 6 rooms, electric light and gas. $18.00—1303 2nd Ave., 8 rooms. Many conveniences with toilet In cellar. $18.00—001 2nd Ave., Junlata, 6 rooms, light, gas. House In very good condition. $15.00—224 Sth Ave., Juniata, 5 rooms, electric light. McVEY-FARIS CO., Central Trust Bldg. Dial 7128. BEALE AVE. AND 36th ST.—5-ROOM house, all conveniences. Inquire L. R. Mathleu & Son, 1824 Union Ave. Dial 9984. 2028 13tli AVE.—6-ROOM HOUSE. IN- quire at 1816 13th Ave. ' 1515 Ilth ST.—5 ROOMS, BATH. RENT $28. H. H. Colbus, Commerce Bldg, Dial 4420. 5-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, ALL MODERN conveniences. Garage. Suitable for yard or roundhouse man. Located at 6th Ave.,' 19th St., Junlata. Dial 2-5531. FIVE ROOM COTTAGE HOUSE, 823 BELL Ave. $15 per month. .Dial 2-1435. 4-ROOM COTTAGE, NORTH PINE ST., Lakemont. Rent reasonable. For sale or rent—6-room house on Slmnd Ave., new furnace, light and water. Will rent for $16. Dial 2-5182. RENT—FARMS 50-ACRE FARM, 3 MI. FROM NEWRT, good house and barn, good water free. Rent till April 1. Dial 2-3314. GARAGE, 1929 W. CHESTNUT AVE. Light, heat and water. Rent $6.50. Inquire above address. , SALE OR RENT 1100 2nd ST., JUNIATA—FINE STONE corner property, 7 rooms, ftll conveniences, large porch, 2-car garage, nice lawn. Dial 6991 for appointment. SALE—HOUSES SXSXS^S^tXSXS.^SXV^v'SXX^S^S^V* 514 E. LOGAN AVENUE Frame bungalow in good condition, containing 4 rooms and bath. Cemented cellar, gas, electric light and furnace. Front and rear porches. Lot 37^x120 fe<>t. Price $4,000; terms. C. D. BLOOM Realtor—Insurance, 1311 12th Street. Phone 2-2383. 110 CHERRY AVE.—8-ROOM HOUSE. ST and alley paved. Lot 25x120. Price complete, $700 cash. J. A. DcRenzo Co., 623 Sth Ave., Altoona. BARGAIN 2328 14th Ave.—Frame dwelling, six rooms, hot air heat. Lot 50x120. Price $4,200. Easy terms. . ROBERT J. McCORMICK Real Estate and Insurance, Commerce Bldg. Phone 2-0541. JUNIATA GAP PROPERTY FOR SALE BY B. and L. Ass'n. at liquidation of mortgage. House has kitchen, dining, living, bedroom and bath on first floor, 2 bedrooms and storage on second floor, all finished floors, fine plumbing and, electrjc fixtures. Brick fireplace in living room, cemented cellar, hot air heat, large front porch. House built 2 years. Lot 100x135 feet, facing main road. 22x24 cottage in rear. Finest location In Gap. Cost owner $7,100. Our price $5,600. Terms. Located on right of road short distance above Parks farm. Dial 7976. A REAL BARGAIN 2005 14th Ave.—Planked, comp. roof, 3 rooms down, 4 up, elee., gas, new heat plant, enclosed rear porch, new front porch, new paper, avenue paved, nOx!20 lot and ONLY $3,900, For Inspection and terms, see ED. SEIDEL, Realtor A BARGAIN 205 E. Walnut Ave.—Six rooms, bath, hot water heat, finished uttlc, cemented cellar, and all modern Improvements. T. CHESTER PARSONS 1107 Twelfth Ave. Dial 2-5192 CALVERT HILL LOT 1221-23 Twenty-second Ave. Alley and avenue paved, taps in. 50x 120 feet. Good homes on both sides. Price is right, $3,000. SEE MORGAN-MARTIN CO. Central Trust Bldg, QUICK SALE—HOUSE, 8 ROOMS, FKUIT and coal cellars, workshop, garage, lot 50 x!20, young fruit. Easy payments, $19 per month, or rent $35 per month. Owner leaving city. Inquire Carpenter, 713 Sth Ave., Junlata. 1219 25tb AVE.—NEW COLONIAL HOME, modern In every way. 0 rooms and bath. Birch woodwork. Sacrifice if sold soou. Inquire on premises. GOOD 7-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CONVEN- lences, enclosed porches, front porch heated. Hot water heat. Large lot. Price la right. Inquire 208 E. Whlttler Ave., Llyswen. 909 SIXTH AVENUE Eight rooms, all improvements, just newly remodeled. Price $5,900.00,. terms $500.00 cash, balance from owner like rent. L. WILLIAM BORLAND Onion Bank Blclg. Phone 2-7925. B-ROOM HOUSE WITH ALL MODERN conveniences, with built-in lixtures and new gas furnace. Iii one of the beat residential sections. Inquire at £94 27th St J100 CASH BUYS A GOOD 7-ROOM HOUSE 22x36, within 3 minutes of Juniata sboua Bal. of $1,500 can be paid leaa than rent or {15 per mo. i CANDLE ft HELL, . 8918 m AVA SALE—HOUSES HOUSE, 60S flth ST.—8 ROOMS, ALL CON- veniences, porches. Price reasonable. Dial 2-7993. FOR SALE—BRICK AND TILS. BUNGA- low, six rooms and bath, all Conveniences. Hot water heat. Bargain price, B, D. Clark, 512 E. 22nd St. LLYSWEN 210 Byron Avc.—Bungalow, four rooms and bath. Lot 40x120. $200 down, balance $25 per month. Inquire Howard J. Darr. Dial 2-0614. 1813 Ilth AVE.—2 HOUSES. 8-ROOM houses, all conveniences. (Rear) 5 rooms, all conveniences. Price reasonable. Reason for selling, leaving city. Inquire 1813 Ilth Ave. INVEST IN AI/TOONA . Heal Estate Hany , bargain* In homes ' a r • available now. We may' have or be able to get what you want. Let an experienced realtor help you. ' WOODS BECKMAN COMPANY , Realtors 1 Penn Central Bldg., Fifth Floor Phone 6124 November Bargain $7,500—New brick house in Fairlawn, 323 E. Wopsononock Ave., siX- rooms, paper, hardwood floors, linoleum in kitchen and bath, shower, tile walls In bath, hot water heat, linen shades on all win- j dows, large front and rear porches, beautiful shrubbery, and lawn. Open for inspection from 1 p. m, to 9 p. m. (Saturday and Sunday, ' Nov. 9-10. For terms see / * John Kilcoyne Realtor—Insurance 1118 14th St. Dial 2-3188 SALE—LOTS FOR SALE—TWO LOTS, CORNER 12ttt Ave. and 4th St., Junlata, now in city. Cost $800. Will sacrifice for $400 to quiet buyer. Owner going south. Phone 2-0527. GAL VERT HILLS Inspection' of CALVERT HILLS and its charming homes and home sites available for purchase, is in- ited, and will be arranged for upon request. OFFICE, 1115 Ilth St. Phone 2-6731. CORNER LOT 50x120, 4th AVH., 7th ST., Lakemont. Cheap if sold soon. Address D. B. Ebersole, Hollidaysburg, R. D. 3, (Geeseytown.) CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Money to loan on real estate, any amount, lowest rates, prompt service. JOHN S. GINTER COMPANY 421 Central Trust Bldg. I'hone 2-5480 No Finer Home In a Altoona for $75QO Has large living room, real fireplace, open stairway, spacious sun porch, extra roomy dining room, buffet lights, kitchen with Curtis china closet, Armstrong's Inlaid linoleum, 3 large IB- foot bedrooms, bath has double shell built-in tub, real Belgium tile walls, shower bath, pedestal lavatory, floors are sanded,' light fixtures, beautiful wall papers, tontine washable window shades, lot 50x133, street paved, side drive and garage. WEHNWOOD HOME COMPANY, Inc. JAMES A. CRAIQ, Bales Mgr. 8797 8797 What Are You Paying For Loans? NOW We'll Lend You ?140 I'or the Same Price $100 Formerly Cost By reason of our Reduced Kate < HERE IS THE! COST ON LOANS PAYABLE JN 20 EQUAL MONTHLY PAYMENTS $100 AVERAGE MONTHLY COST SI 32 $200 AVERAGE MONTHLY COST $263 $300 AVERAGE MONTHLY COST $3ilH SAME RATE O'N OTHER AMOUNTS NO ENDORSERS Household Finance Corporation 3rd Pi., Penn Central Buildln« Ilth Avenue and 12th Street PHONE; 9371 PUBLIC SALE BLUE RIDGE INDIAN CAVE We offer at Public Sale at the Homestead Property, Newton Hamilton, Pa., Saturday, November 16th, 1929, the historic Blue Ridge Indian Cave at the end of Sugar Ridge, a short distance Southeast of Newton Hamilton. This cave contains approximately 20 rooms and is close to one mile in length having a number of historic points and supposed-to- be Indian carvings, togetner with a 27 acre tract of land partly set In virgin timber, consisting of Black Walnut. Oak, etc., having a large frontage on the Juniata liver that would make a desirable cqtUge development. Also frame dwejjing bouse in the Borough of Newton Hamilton, 2 vacant lots and considerable personal property. Detailed list, 'erms of sale, etc., upon request. CHARLES H. McVEV, Central Trust Bldg., Altoona and FERN E. McVey, 719 4th Ave., Altoona, Pa., Executors.

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