Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 6
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^-INDEPENDENT MM* M*x» M, IMt Inflation Probable Top Issue in November, SolonS Say By MICHAEL L, POSNER the House, where Democrats (screaming but I know they're Nine to Five ' WASHINGTON (UPI) -- In a- rare show of agreement, Republicans and Democrats in the House- are predicting that inflation could overshadow the Viet Nam war as the hottest election issue this year, a United Press International survey showed Sunday. , Both sides in the off-year campaign struggle agree that, as the situation now stands, Viet Nam looms as the No. 1 topic, according to a random sampling of opinion among several dozen congressmen. -'"But how the hell is some dne going to make it an issue for the polls?" one Republican asked. "Are you going to attack the President? Are you going to play dove or hawk? You can't win any way you play it." - Most Republicans agree tjiat -a strategy of silenci oould help the GOP pick up rjiariy chips in the Novembe Senate GOP Leade Everett M. Dirksen has pre dieted Republicans will wir 50 : seats from Democrats ii ead by 40. a margin of 292 to BECAUSE all 435 · House eats are up for grabs, it is at east mathematically possible or the.'GOP to win control if that chamber 1 for the first line''since 1954. But no Re- lublican questioned by UPI vas willing to say it would lappen. They said the mood of the country is not the same as it was in 1952, during the Korean War, when the GOP ast seized House control. House GOP Whip Leslie C. Arends said: "If the Viet Nam war will be an issue, I think the people will create it. I think it's finally getting home to them." Arends said the pocketbook issue of inflation --rightly or wrongly associ ated with the Viet Nam wai --could hurt the Democrats. Rep. William D. Hathaway D-Maine, who comes from a traditionally Republican dis trict, said his constituent were not writing many letter about the war. "They're no ftep. Laird Charges LBJ *·?.. : M. . ' - C7 Defense Fund Misuse ^WASHINGTON OP --Rep. "It is done for one reason ]jle.lyin Laird, R-Wis., asserted --so that the programs of th Stfh'dAy that the Johnson ad- Great Society can be fundec iftjnistration has deliberately in the budget." underestimated the nation's Speaking on a television defense needs in order to pro- radio program. Laird said th vide money, for Its domestic administration underestimate programs... the d e f e n s e budget, the '"'' ' '; c h a i r m a n of me comes to Congress with sup- tepublican Conference, plemerttal appropriations re said /'the administrationhas quests such as-the $13.1-bi (JeUberately misrepresented lion e m e r g e n c y measur t$j "manpower and monetary which Congress is expectec : the country. to vote on this week. hinking about it." Hathaway aid the inflation issue prob bly would'be raised by Re- ublicans. Rep. Cornelius Gallagher, 3-N.J., said Viet Nam could e an underground issue," in hat'a side issue like inflation ould become the top topic." Rep. Gale Schisier, D.-ll!., aid he did not think Viet Iam would be much of an ssue. "I'm getting some mail n it. In my district, it will be ocal issues, in particular a Democrat running against a Republican." Schisler's dis- rict is a former GOP stronghold. Rep. Robert F. Ellswirth, R- Kan., said the Viet Nam issue s "very confused. I think the back. A lot 1964.' "I Just love conversation. It gives you something to say when you're talking." Doctor Urges Tatooing to Curb Dognapiiig TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- A Princeton University physi cian thinks every dog in th nation should be tatooed wit its owner's Social Securit eople are confused. I don't number to reduce the traffi mow who's going to get the 50 seats everyone's predict- ng. We could win it but it might just be a nonna! swing- has happened REP. Richard Boiling, Mo., said "inflation will be the 1 primary concern." Rep; Dave Martin, R-Neb., said, 'If things continue, the foremost issue could be inflation. It hits people right in the pocketbook." Rep. Donald Invin, D-Conn., who comes from a swing district, said the war will create a "lot of sub problems," with inflation foremost. in lost or stolen dogs. Dr. David H. Timrud whose collie was stolen las October gave his views las week before the House sub committee on livestock an feed grains, which is Invest gating the $30-milHon-a-year dognaping business. Since February, Timrud ha written to 1,500 medical lab 91 medical schools, and pro ecutors in 48 states. So fa there have been no form responses, but Timrud saj some officials have told hi that the idea is on the roa to success. Canada Interest Hiked OTTAWA (UPI) -- The Bank of Canada's bank rate goes up one-half of one per cent today, from 4% to The act designed to slow the borrowing of money and ease inflationary pressure in Can ·da.. · Little Hope oi No-Strings Federal Aid WASHINGTON (UPI) -lie nation's governors helc ttlc hope Sunday of gaining fhite House 1 s u p p o r t for leir bid to channel federa ax revenues back to the tales without s p e n d in g trings attached. The idea was endorsed b; 11 but one governor at thei nnual conference last year Jut President Johnson mad t clear during day-long dis ussions with 41 of the gov mors at the White Hous Saturday that he preferred t ixpand existing grant-in-ai' irograms to the states, s * * * "THE President didn't giv js too much encouragement, said Republican Gov. John A Volpe of Massachusetts. Walter' Heller, f o r . m e chairman of the Council economic Advisers in tr Kennedy and Johnson admin strations, is credited wit drafting the tax-sharing pla favored in principle by th governors. It would retur surplus federal tax receip annually to the states vi tually free of Washingto controls, to,be used as tl states see fit. Johnson told the governo that federal aid was increa ing substantially. He noti that. educational assistant alone had risen from $4.7 billion to $10.2 billion in ju two years. A-SHELTERS COULD SAVE 30 IJHLLION WASHINGTON GB--Assistant Secretary of De- : ense William P. Durkee said Sunday the government fallout shelter program could save 30 million American lives in a nuclear attack. But, Durkee said, the shelters would provide protection only from radiation and not from nuclear blasts and firestorms in a major atomic assault. He said the Civil Defense program has found shelter space for 140 million persons in buildings, basements, caves and mines-70% of it above ground but "this, will not p r o t e c t against the direct effects-not against the blast and fire." THE SUN NEVER SETS 6 Glassified's action power. F6 an ad to sell around the clock dial HE 2-59159. DuBois Club Protest at U.S. Shrine PHILADELPHIA «P--Sup- lorters of the W.E.B.'DuBois Clubs demonstrated at' a n'a ional shrine because they ay the federal government is larassing the club in order ng it to register as a Com munist front organization. "We're at the threshhold o another era of McCarthyism,' :he Rev. Arthur J. S. Jones o he M e t r o p o l i t a n ' A . M . E Church in Philadelphia toll an estimated 75 spectators a the two-hour rally at Inde peride'rice Hall Saturday. Another speaker, Dr. Willam Davidson, H a v e r f o r d College professor, urged the crowd not to join the military service and engage in "crim- nal acts and illegal activities" in Viet Nam. ears BEST BUY Behind-tK*-Ear " AID 'IF IT WER'E not for the war in Viet Nam, the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs would not now be labeled as a subversive organization," he said. An additional 75 demonstrators · picketed and applauded a, series of talks made · at the protest, spon sored by the Philadelphia chapter of DuBois clubs. There were no incidents. ·xl«l Mil Yes! I Would LHe More In' formation About Sears Hcar- 'ing Aids. Write to: · Mr. John Ol*s»ler , Srjirs Rocbvck Co. ·I BO I.Mg Bench Blvd.,'-: L»«g Beach ^ Bornt Derooislrtk* AviiliM. Anywher* L.A. «r On*t* C»/ S«*ri Carry templet. 1 AH Urti, COMPLETE FUNERALS From §120 CEMETERY LOTS Frcm §130 · MAUSOLEUM CRYPTS Frm S465 [?0tmt«0i?r ito mnrial purft Mortuary--Cemetery EvcryUfug Together In One ttailHtl fleet 14801 BEACH BLVD., WESTMINSTER GEncva-1-8577--TWinoaks S-2421--JEfferson 1-1125 BULLOCK'S LAKEWOOD mg^'the _£irl- at" f^'tjm$acific Plan your debt worries * . i ' ~ - ··' , * · » · -i . ·**,*.·"*,, BORROW $1OOO PAY ONLY $a.33 MONTHLY A single.phono call to "the girl at Pacific Plan" can put your debt worries to rest -- for good. You can borrow from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 or more. You can pay $8.33* monthly with an interest only loan for each $1,000.00 you borrow. And take 37 months to pay. Call Pacific Plan today. You'll sleep better tonight. Here are Ike low low monthly payments: Terminal payment loin Borrow P«y Monthly J1000.00 8.33 2000.00 16.66 3000.00 25.00 4000.00 33.33 5000,00 41.66 * Principal amount due at maturity. ,^/JL MS M ^-^ -·· « «« J*"^ A California Loan Brokerage Firm 2 1 S T A T E W I D E O F F I C E S 426-1346 · Long Beach: 3910 Atlantic Av«nua CALL! S47-7O94 · Santa Ana: 313 West 17th Street You are invited to see a capsule showing of today's young breakaway fashions in staged in the- seasonal area of our Collegienne Level 4 SHOWS Friday, March 18 at 8 p.m. Saturday, March 19 at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. Monday, March 21 at 8 p.m. COUNTDOWN' will brief you in all that's young, new and never before this Spring. You'll see the get-ready-Bet-go look of fashions today made with lots of ease, stamina and .drama. The message is concise, clear, young and agile -- as seen in this startling, body-gliding, A-liue dress that breaks ·away with flaring trumpet sleeves -- lined with flaming orange. Fashioned from non-crush rayon linen in purple wisteria. Sizes 5-13 36.00 CALLl S22-8387 · Buena Park: 8413 La Raima Avenue SHC? MONOA.Y AND FftlOAY. S:M TO 3:36 TlHSDAY. WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY AND SATUBOAY.«:» TO Si J

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