Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1976 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1976
Page 11
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m#f**wr ^t ·?/**?$·/itfivry- T * / ' .* Bumpers Workers Painted Eagle Controversy has arisen follow Ing the Coast Guards 1 decision to paint (he sides of the train ing hark:Eagle with its lam- ous 'racing" stripe! arid the minis COAST GUARD on its hull. The New London based vessel has been attacked by local groups in favor 6( repainting her to her normal self again. (AP Wirepholo) FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) -Sen. Dale Dumpers. D-Ark,, aid Tuesday unemployment in 10 United Slates must bu.dc Jtli differently because Hie .S. cannot sustain itself 'ay it is going. p Bumpers toltl Ihc Kort Srnilh legislative Committee .thai Ihe tinual costs to the country are 14 billion to $18 billion for ev- ry I per cent of unemploy ment. He said that while he docsn" -rtw totally with Ihe govern nenl'.s creating public jobs, the ounlry would be better off sub idhcitiK laid-otf workers a( 52: i week and p u t t i n g ' tbcm to york, . - . : . . . . - . ' . ! '. "There arc (hose in this coun ,ry who won't work; r'rcaliz hat."- Hie , former govcrno s.nkl. "But lher« are those \vh still do favor, the dignity jlriing tlown a job." Bumpers said a man wh now piqM«?s $141 a 1 w e e k . a n d i laid o f f ' f r o m his job gets $02, week in ii'icmplovnmnl. " A f f c _ take-home pay of $120. h still is only losine 28 bucks b not working," Bumpers sati" adding that the man slill ca get food stamps. Rennets ConHirfr JACKSON; MISS; (AD -Mississippi Senate co'mixrilli has beard conflicting reports o whether a properly. tax dive sion can be used lo help finant bridges over the Tennesse Toniliigbee Waterway The Senate Finance Coi millee "arid- House: Ways an Means Committee 'held hca ings Tuesday on proposals f Euiancitrg bridges over tbe \s terway being built throu Northeast Mississippi and pa of West Alabama Senate Voles ItiiSly. Companies Probe Agent's Trfaf Set · N E W ORLGANS (AP) - U.S. DisL. Judge Jack - M . Gordon has set J u n e 21 as the trial dale for Treasury agent Denny Rcy- n a u d . accused of . plotting alnsl Tangipalma · ParisEi criff. Frank M. Edwards. Northwirt Arkansas TIMES, Wed*., April 21, 1976 · IT ErTEVIU.i;, A R K A N S A S OKLAHOMA CITY (AP)--A solution calling [or a : Senate- ousc investigation of O"' 1 ?.- ima public utility companies as CL} its way lo Ihc House to : The resolution was passed ucsday by the Senate-On the ecommcndation of a - Senule ommillce .which has been in- c.sligaling u t i l i t y firms 1 price Gtting policies. Before adopting the - rcsolu ion, by a vote ot 4 G - O . ' t h e Sen te amended it to include ulili Jos' .subsidiaries in tbe irobc. to be made in the" inter n between the end of the 107! egislative session and Ihe star [ Ihe 1Q77 legislature. Sen. Al Terrill. D-Umloi c h a i r m a n of Ihc Senate, in 'estimating,committee said Ih ntcfirn committee was nccdc o provide a full and compiet investigation. The probe was started as result ot an earlier resolutio by Sen, Jim Hamilton, I Potcau, who contends that ri. utility rales are caused i part by improper practices o Lhe pai't of utility firms. , , · ··; The House "gave tentative n j proval Tuesday lo three Seiv" rctsolulions calling for statewif Uioiib lo dint id i i' homa Constitution RIGID REQUIREMENTS Included was a proposal set rigid requirements Tor tri transfer of water from one art. of Oklahoma lo another, an ou growth of controversy over Slate Water" Resources Eos statewide, water plan, The water.transfer re.solulio Scii. Bob Funslon, D-Broken rrow. and Rep. Howard Col- r, D-Altus, was'approved in c House by a vole of 53-30 de- ille hcatccK argument ' f r o m ivcral eastern Oklahoma !aw- lakcrs who have opposed the oard's plan to transfer walcr om eastern Oklahoma to ·esleni and centra] areas of 10 .slate. Rep.. Wiley. Sparkman, D- jiovc, opposed Ihe resolution The proposed amend men vould prohibit the transfer o valcr from Us basin of origi 'unless it is first delermmec hat there will remain sufficiei aler f lo' satisfy the rcasonah! present and future bencEicia needs of tbe basin"'for at leas 00 years. '.-··"··' . , : ; Hep. Jerry Smith. K-Tulsa ai'gued - that " the propose imendment would provide cas crn ' Oklahoma.:.,for the fir ,ime,, some protection again .be transfer of water needed b cities and towns in Ihe eastcn section of t h e slate, s a y i n g ' t h a i land iii lake cou lies would be worthless if wat ·esourccs were depleted, A ri o lh e'r proposed, co stilut tonal amendment ten lively the llous bv a vote oE 3n-30, would cnab local voters to organi/c arid a prove bend issues to finar emergency medical service ! tricls. The resolution is aim principally al facilitating esta lishment of district ambulai services. On Probation rr; HATTIESBURG. Miss', (AP)[Russell - and plcadtd;;:£uilly -- B a n k e r William I. Houslon.Monday to making a Jart.-30. Court Finds Racial Bias In City Housing Projects' WASHINGTON (AP) -- ITV! segregation thvouh its inililic ner city blacks often trapped housing funding programs in ghetto areas because of their m i c u 11. ,, L IL ilccl need for cheap housing a\ail sion could l^ad to a housing able (here, mas soon Tind sim plan that would span aix toim liar low income housing in thC|Cies and an .ui-a ol ncarlj 4 0 0 prrdommantly while suburbs nb square miles The Suprem a result of a Supreme Court de Court said it considered tbe cisum ' relevant geographic aiui' 10 Ihe court in an 8 0 decision blacks seeking low cosl housing Tupsdaj said black rcsulcnls in Chicago is the Chicago of Chicago had been confined to housing nnr 1 el not the CIi public housing projects in cago city limits ' ghetto areas of thp inner city, POLI1ICAL ISSUE largely because of f"deral com The case has became l phcity in discriminatory prac- \olvod in She current preslden ticcs Dial k'cnl tow-ri-omc li,-il campaign. Uimoeratic cat housing :oul of the suburbs. didate Jimmy Carter, whose re Therefore,'· the justices s;n:i. mark about "ethnic purity" o when federal officials are found · neighborhoods was in respons guilty o'[ racial bias in the to a queston about Ihe case placement, ot low income hous Eaul tbe c o i n t s decision suit iny in a city, f.edcral courts canr - rne fine." He said it would con order them to create housing demn. deliberate exclusion for the poor in neighboring sub h «·' " 'rt 1"\^ " ' urbs. ··.· · stantal amount of flexibility t The court's decision could local communities, have widespread 'effects on; President Fordj who la r»i5lnjr'.;'"vof'.w n" -' : -. lions- W e'ek said the nation should no Ing projects in cities uherC| destro the "treasure of ctlin blacks can p r o v e tint Inn in ca |] v identifiable ncighbo come housing has been foncen hoods, had no immediate com trnted in ghoHn areas b\ go\ ment * prnmental efforts to kctp the Under the. ruling, courts c poor cmfmed milling city limits nrt j or HUD to locate low i i LOW fcR COURTS CONFIRM n come projects m the nl In the Chicago ease lower, dommantls while suburos. e\c courts had held that tne cits , ,r t n L siibifhs imoUetl hn housing authonli cicated a ] n o t b c [ . n fiuiltv of racialh dis pattern of o\cr\\bolmmgly| rrnnnato^v hnns n? nraclirn-; while occupancj of low income Athough HUD could he com units in white neighborhoods n( ,]] c d lo nl--» il" nwn nrnm" = anrl black ^"cuo · ^ ' i h'^^ 1 l n n ]e suburbs the court said sections The courts also held t he local go\ernmenls would that Ihe federal Department ofj nn i h" fnr^o'l In p"ceot Federal Housing and Urban Develop-', ,,,.i, iHi» Ei r-,. r^TM*-?.»*»· nriii- ment was similarly responsible] cc[s l n v o U i n g local housina a" for fostering segregation by ap (hnnlies with the f-dcral dgen proving and financing th n plans C y d n u n b; Chicago officials · The jusliccs said Ilial since i i K C I ~ U , HUD operates irrespcclive of - pn ^ 'UL ' r local" boundary lines, it was '- · a lower court to or ·der the federal agency "to foster projects located in while areas" ^ a s a cure for. the de- parl-mcnt's past complicity in discrimination. .The court ruled specifically that HUD 'ran'.be ofdertd to prot irfe such housing in the flakv don't .blame your razor. You're orobaMy just . not 'iibricathr! vnur' Tn remedv MIP , v bath oil or lotkm ;in the t u b ·Mid trv a '=«'*" r fn1'*"l c opn fi"" actual scrubbing To nrcvcnt future f l i k i i i p aficr ihavm" even better, after every bath massace a rich lubricant into ment has contributed lo city '·" skin NOTICE We have NOT received the following merchandise as advertised in our special sec tion of today's :NWA TIMES, but we will be happy to issue rain checks · KODACOLOR H PRINT FILM · CORNER COUCH GROUP · GRANDFATHER CLOCKS · CHINA SERVICE FOR 8 · 8 H.P. LAWN TRACTOR · MODEL 103 MOWER · MODEL 37-178 MOWER · MODEL 31-310 MOWER · MOVIE PROJECTOR · SAFE · CUSTOM FOLD DOWN AWNING · TV TRAYS . · QUARTZ DIGITAL WATCH · REDWOOD BAR-B-QUE SET · SCHOOL CLOCK · CROSSftUCK DOOR DUt TO ARKANSAS STATE LAW We ara not allowed to sell the Adv. Compressors. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE THIS MAY ' ' . HAVE CAUSED. Dillard's Dwk^edtoquahty Dewbdtoy Ark. Ritaza ' save 35.05 on 40-pc. set Oneida Heirloom Stainless orig. $160 124 95 sale Once a year savings on Oneida's fine Heirloom satinless 40 piece service for JJ includes 8 each teaspoons, knives, place forks, salad forks, place spoons, plus handsome storage tray Rembrandt and Will 'O' Wisp by special order Allow-4 weeks for delivery. ^Trademark of Ohetda Ltd, S Iver--DILLARD'S Phone Evelyn Hills Shoppine C(r, DONEIpA annual sale special purchase decorator lamps been 1975, .telephone demand ;fpjf-$25,- Dlaccd on prot/ilion with psy-|000 for his release. "^ : Dislrict Courl Judge Dan M.'sentence Dillard's Dedicaifd to qualily 'Devcted to jou. * automatic coffeemaker Lawn boy state ignition FOOLIN' 29.99 Beautiful decoraior famps to brighten your home . . . and ot Dillard's savings. Choose from six slylei in melal or cearmTc Tamps. All have 3-way lighting and pleated shades. 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