Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1964 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
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Monday, February 24, 1964
Page 6
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P«3» tuet, cut MIL, Fit X. m« iTougher [Rights' Bill Proposed · WASHINGTON tfl -- Sen, Thomas H, KocheS, R-Calif, ' called Sunday for strengthening tha House civil rights bin -1* measure Sen, Jacob K. Javits, R-N.Y., said the Senate will pass if P r e s i d e n t Johnson r**^t it fully. · The Senate may take up the bin late this week if the House acts quickly Tuesday on the compromise version of the Sll-S-bfflion tax cat til Senate Democratic leaders are committed to final action on the tax measure at the earliest possible m o m e n t Once it is out cf the way D e m o c r a t i c leader Mike Mansfield cf Montana expects to move to take up the civil rights biU. an action certain to touch off a lengthy south em filibuster. * . . . KUC1IEL, the a s s i s t a n t Senate Republican l e a d e r proposed in a t a p e d radio broadcast that a provision o ' the House bill aimed at guar anteeing participation by mi norities in federal elections be broadened to include stati and local voting. He complained also tha the section to end segregation in restaurants, soda fountains gasoline stations, movies,theaters, sports stadiums, hotels, motels and some l o d g l n ; houses is cot as broad as requirements already ia Cali fomia's laws. Javits said on a taped ra dio-television program tha whether the Senate breaks through the filibuster will depend greatly on the pressur President Johnson puts be hind the legislation. . . . . ; "HE MUST PUT muscle behind the civil rights bill." Javits said. "We will see whether he Is the great parliamentary genius he is advertised to be, if he is able to git the Southerners to call off a filibuster, or what Is crcn more important, if he caa rally the Democrats to break it by voting for do- tore." j : .Javits said it is his belief '"there are enough votes to ' irtvoke c l o t u r e against a Southern filibuster, provides the President puts the same kind of strength behind it a he is credited with putting behind the tax bill... ; "If he does, 1 think the minimum that must be raUiec from the Democratic side i somewhere between 42 an 45 votes. And that wQl mean almost every senator from a ASIA CALL Didn't Talk Politics, Says Lodge SAIGO.V. Viet Nam WV- U. S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge denied Sunday that Gov. Nelson Rockefeller had telephoned him to discuss the Viet Nam situation. Lodge declined to say why Rockefeller called Friday. "I am in a diplomatic post and cannot talk politics," he told a reporter. "I can say that we did cot talk about Viet Nam." Rockefeller said l a s t Thursday he felt Lodge must share some responsibility for the current "mess ia South Vietnam." Lodge said this subject did not come tp in the telephone ca!L Rockefeller said Saturday his principal purpose in making the call was to explain to Lodge that the comment about Vietnam had beea made in answer to a question and had not been volunteered. He told reporters he wanted to dispel any ill win Lodge might bold against him. Rocky Hits Viet Nam Secrecy ALBANY. N.Y. (UPIj -JOT. Nelson A. Rockefeller Sunday charged the Johnson administration with using "a irocess of news management" o keep the hard facts of the military situation in South c 0111 "*! °* government spend- Vietnara from the American fa f- . E . vea V^'^.kpsejn people. WASHINGTON MV-The congressman most responsible for the Jll-5-biHioa tax cut now nearinj Tina] approval said Sunday additional ax reductions are possible "in the not-too-distant future." But Chairman Wilbur Mills, Art, of the House Ways and Means Committee, conditioned the chances on rigid Bigger Tax Slashes Seen LOOKING AT THE nany 'the values you' find thire. m«Tin t offers ia the Classi-lTurn to Classified ads today 'led section lately? Don't miss,and every day. ca.use it provides the largest [consumers and business." The ux reduction ia our history.".further results, he said, will He »aid the bfll "meets the be more "profit*, more Jobs requirements of fiscal respoo- xsd increased attraction sibilit/* and b explicitly "The American people have a right to know the whole ruth about what Is going on," Rockefeller said in a statement' They are cot getting t from the present administration." The New York governor, a contender for the GOP presi dential nomination, charge that ever since the Democratic administration t o o k over in Washington, · "There fiave been conflicting statements about southeast Asia-statements which have raised hopes one day only to dash| thera the next-" ROCKEFELLER contended the neutralization of Laos actually was aiding the Communist military effort in Vietnam. He said the U.S. policy of withdrawing troops was not consistent with our military effort in Vietnam if the war there is going badly. The governor warned that "failure to defeat the Communist guerrilla movement ia Vietnam can lead to the extension of c o m m u n i s m -- throughout southeast Asia.' what he called the effort to limit the growth of federal expenditures" would make it aimed at achieving a balanced budget ia a growing economy, providing opportunities for employment and investment and "giving the fullest possible play to the initiative and venturesomeness of the private sector of the economy.* He said the reduction wfll not perform miracles like end ing poverty or even reducing investment. But. he continued: "If we fail 'to limit growth of federal expenditures, we win be leaving the tax reduction road. Even, one-year detour may make it extremely difficult ( to get back on it." He said that a "major and extremely difficult to movejunemployment immediately, impressive beginning has been toward further tax relief.jbelow 4 percent, or ending' mai j e on bringing the expenditures of the federal government under the tight control needed to Justify this tax Mills said. ibalance-of-payments difficul- Mills. who will be asking the House to take its final action on the tax measure Tuesday, hailed the bill in a statement as "an historic piece of legislation, not merely be- ties. But he insisted it will "make possible a very sub- ·Z-20" EYEGLASS HEARIN6 AID lit i! Zenith'i nnr Slim, f ghtwtight 1-K hj tte microphone located infrante) Uw car. Sound tfAtm taxation} tuned far (ruter . better BndentancSnC- Try t ... no obf Jrtion. stantial increase in the level reduction and those we of total economic activity.. .should took forward to in the BKOWN-rOTTF.ll 508 ELM AYE., L.R. HE 7-0665 at the initiative of private future." Sen. Smith Airs Views on Her Foes WASHINGTON (UPI) Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, Questions addressed to the R-Malne. said Sunday her Johnson administration by campaign for the Republican Rockefeller included: presidential nomination has __«what American military commitment Is necessary to win the (Viet Nam) war?' --Does the United States stiH intend to withdraw all its shown her that Americans are wining to make any sacrifices necessary for their country "if they're given the facts." I guess that they would military forces from Vietnam like more straight information' j, v the end cf 1365?" f r o m Washington," Mrs. Smith said of voters in New Hampshire, where she has e e n campaigning against ien. Barry Goldwater, R- Irit, and New York Gov. kelson Rockefeller. la a television interview -Irs. Smith repeated that she s out to win the presidency, "and when you're a candidate or an office you don't settle or second place." "1 am a serious candidate.' she said. * . . . SHE SAID she felt her low- key style of campaign may be more effective in New Hampshire thaa a frce-spend Northern. Mountain Middle Western or Southwestern --"If thi war Is r.ct join; well, why were 1,000 Amen-] can troops withdrawn in December. 1963r The government also ques- .ioncd whether the United States intended to "counteract the Communist violations cf the international neutralization agreement for Laos' and to "participate in the international neutralization of Cambodia." Rockefeller also noted that Attorney General Robert Kennedy allegedly had said that Indonesian aggression in Malaysia was a problem for Asians to settle. "Does this foreshadow ad in s campaign._ even though d i t { o n , j abandonment of friends and neutralization ia state. And I think we, on thi Republican side, win have to produce 22 to 25 votes. I think it can be done -- certainly on our side -- and I think it will be very heavily up to the President on the other side. ·IF WE DOVT pass it, the penalty for the country will be that we win not have a reasonable answer for Negroes who feel that in order to get justice, they must demonstrate in the streets." i To cut off a filibuster, two' thirds of those participating "mine is an uphill battle." Mrs. Smith said she disagreed with Goldwater's argument that Marines should be sent into Cuba to restore the water supply ti the VS. naval base at Guantanamo. "I think we're better to do exactly what President Johnson seems to be on the way to doing--makin; Guantana mo self-sufficient." she said. As for Republican chances should Johnson be the Democratic nominee for the presidency. Mrs. Smith said John son "could not be defeated right now . . . (but) it's a long time between now and November." southeast Asia?" the gover-j nor asked. I tnre rule which limits further Committee reports. t. - 1 . 1 , -i · freight Dcrailrrl Ilcport Ktvral* Polish Alcoholism WARSAW. Poland WV- One Pole in 20 is an alcoholic, the National Anti-Alcoholic imittee rf] The Polish press agency 'quoted committee Secretary Wladyslaw Tomorowicz Sun 'day as saying Poles drank j BURNS, N.Y. (UPI-Thirty an average of 38 quarts of ' seven cars of aa Erie Lacka- pure alcohol in their vokda, · wanna freight train derailed, beer and wine last year and '. Sunday in this Steuben county that this nation of 30 million hamlet. No injuries were re-! persons h a s approximately · ported. |l'/i million alcoholics. KEN'S HAMBURGERS Beginning 11 a.m. Monday, Feb. 24 Ends Closing Time Thursday, Feb? 27 2 LOCATIONS ONLY 3f2i LONG I EACH · IXOADWAY BOULEVARD I AT ATLANTIC We call ourselves Western. ·rj\ ·^T-" But we fly pretty far South.-of the Border, that is. And Mexico City is closer on Western Airlines. Only 3 hours away. Because we fly 720B | Fan/Jets, and they're the fastest. Now we fly them. 11 times a week. That's the most j et nonstops. See? I Si! \\festern Airlines And the Fan/Jet round-trip costs as little as $186.00 tax-frcc. WE II.UT. WESTEHVS ELECTRONIC RESERVATION SEItVICEj (ill o» *l HAmMin 1-8271, MAdi^in 6-1212, Wrrirra Airlinr*, Brralrn llntrl; nr w« jour Trawl Apriil.

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