Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1976 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1976
Page 10
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North**** ArkanMi TlMiS, W*d., TATETTEVILLE, A1KANMS : April 11, 1976 Oiiicials Lobby For Revenue Sharing By K E N N E T H - B , UALGCKI TIMES Washington Bureau WASHINGTON -- Many con- ressmen back home during'tH? raster recess arc having ttieir arms twisted by local Rovcrn- ncnl officials eager to sec reenactment of (heir favorite ederai program. The program is called vevc- lue sharing. Re venue sharing, which will lave g i v e n - slate and local (ovcrrimeiils $35 billion *ed orally raised dollars by I he .imc it expires alUhe end of .his year,,"is still a ' long way 'rom renewal District-stomping congressmen are able to report, some gotx! news -- and some bad lews -- about revenue sharing as they make Ihpir rounds this \vcck, The good news for revenue sharing advocates is that ."(he House Subcommittee on Inter- go\ eminent al Opei itions has cleared : a ' b i l l for consideration by · tli/} full House 11 Government Operations Committee. That means revenue sharing, which has = played n big roll in keeping local. tax rales - from increasing e\en faster than they ha\e m recent jears is o stoircloser to being 1 extended, The subcommitteet^bill woulc continue rc\enue shearing .for ears Lobbjtsts for state arid locil officnls w o n a m jjor victory when thp panel a greet to fuiid th!e' program for full 3-K years a n d - h o t on an annual , basis , as had been suggested in an earlier draft. Local go* eminent buttget nnXers insist they need assur ances of long term funding b _ m a k e hrst use of thpir re\pnui sharing 1 money As for the bad news, the sub Sky Lighting Lightning flashes In the sky over '.the Washington Monu- mottt a« thunderstorms moved over the capital from Virginia Tuesday night. The showers broke the unseasonably warm w e a t h e r which brought temperatures Into (he nineties for the past several days. (AP Wire- phn(o) Mini-Course On Future Set For Area Students Students at Fayelleyille High School, will be studying the fuEurs ---this month and ne.xt month, and the public is invited lo join them. As a part ot the high school's 'Encounter Tomorrow" mini- course, several community leaders will talk about-how the future may affect their respective-fields. The-, mini-course, sponsored by UhV high school's- Library anoT'Media Center, also will inclUde'films and-field trips._ All programs except field trips are op en,, to the public and will be held in-the high school library, according to the FHS librarian Joan Bulloch. She said' she . hoped senior citizens would attend the all-day program" on Wednesday,-April 28 Elizabeth Siaer will present this program on death- and dying A film about the Grej Panthers will be shown that day during the program-'in the high schtrol". OniTuesday, "April 27 and on ; Thursday April 29 the film "Eeege" will be shown all day Bt-^'the high school's library. This film focuses on the situa lion K)f senior citizens, and againv a special invitation to the program is extended to the elderly I At Uie high school today dents-viewed a film, "Cities ol the ^Future." Friday, the students'.will take a field trip to the Eleadquarters House to learn':about historical ; precer- valion efforts in Fayelleville. Priscilla Johnsey and Dr Judy ;Jones, of lhe_ Universilj of Arkansas 1 Department o Education, will speak nex Monday, April 26, on the future of education. The, one-hou pragram will begin at 8:35 a.m The* same day, at 9:40 a.m. Dr. David Gay of the UA's Economics Department will tall about" future business econo mics.^and at 1:20 p.m. Monday James" Lambeth from thi University's Architectun Department will comment on the future of solar energy. Dr.: Walter Manger at Ihi UA's .Geology Department wil also present a program tha afternoon at 2:20 p.m. "Future Climates and Res CCS," * On Friday, April 30, a t ! a.m., '.' Tom Leahhart of th University's Speech and Dram Department will discuss th future! of the theater and th arts. At 11:40 e.m. that aam morning, Bruce Parham, from the ;UA Library's Specia ollections department, wil alk about oral history At 1:20 p.m. that Friday, the 'niversity's Dean of Women lancy Smdon \\ill discuss Women. Students will participate in a r i p l o t h e "University's ^hanetarium - on -Wednesday lay a The following Monday lay 10, a mime workshop wil oe held between 6'p.m. and 9 .m'. in Uie FHS Library The last two programs wil K- held on Tuesday, May'.12 At 9:40 a.m. that day, : Diane Kincaid. of the UA's Political science department will discuss 'Aspects for the Future in Poli- [cs Mary f assen a loc il ACORN (Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now) epresentative will '. present a irogram titled, -"Involvement or the Future: Grass Root: Style. committee' voted to keep, fun- ling levels at the present $65 bituon annual level knocking ut nil suggestions for increases o at teasl take into, account tit al ion. The U.S, Conference rf May ors and National-League of Ci- ics had wanted a $500 million annual fund escalator' plus at east a 5?S year program. Other sections of the sub : committee bill would leave tjie money dislritmUon formula vir- ually uncha'nged^ mak.o ' it "larder to sue local and ;slale government by jiersons alleritig iiscriniinalory use of funds require public hearings on plans o use local revenue sharing honey, and tighten provisions, aimed al making sure the funds ar/; used without regard to race, religion, sex or handicap. When Congress reconvenes on April 23. the full Government Operations Committee .will jegin reA\ orking its snb committee bill and battles o v e r funding level, length of the program,' and calls for greater fedrral control over, how ,lhel hinds are snent will be fought all over again, Rep, Jack Brooks, D-Tcx. committee ; chairman, V is a stubborn foe of revenue shaving. lie insists (hat local officials should raise ihpir own ax revenues and nol expect, [he ederal government,'' which-lias a ' h u g e deficil-of i t s ' o w n . lo o It for them, Stops Discharge BILOM Miss f AP) - A fed oral-court order has temporar ily prohibited llic military from dischdifiiig a Keesler Air I orce Base sergeant on thi ground - of alleged hotnosex uality, U.S. District Court Jud Waller Nixon issued the orde in a suit by S. Sgt; Julius T Kobmson asking the court t halt his discharge white he pet Eioned to a military appeal court. Army Base Repairs Exceed $2 Million KOUT SMITH, Ark. (AP): -An Arms spokesman slid Tues day. the cost, of repairs to Ft. Cbaffee after .its ciRlit-rnoulh isc as a refugee resellUmenl camp may go as high as $2.5 nilLion. Col. George Cross said re pairs to buildings and streets ire about 90 per cent complete md the costs already have ex- cccrfed $2 million. , He . said a contract will be awarded for re Recipients Of Walton Foundation Announced aainting barracks Chaffce wa one of four mill ;ary bases used, as a resettle- menl center for Ihousands of South. Vielnamese refugees lasl year. More (ban 50,000 refugees vere processed through Chaffee from y early- May through December Much o f . the cost was from damage to the streets inside the camp caused by buses transporting;refuses from one place to another. Plaster Falls NEW YORK (APj -i-. While Henry Biggins v,as M o r n i n g about gelling to the church on lime, Eliza DoolIUlc'was in the hospital having stitches for a gasti on her hcid KeciniciHs or the Walton foundation Scholarship for th« academic year 197G-77- have iceii announced. Eight slmlctila lave ;bccn selected this year- our men and four women. They reside in Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee-three of the nine status in which Wal-Mart operates. They are the sons and d a u g h t e r s -of Wal-Mart associates who have been employed by the company, or one if its subsidiaries, at leasl one year, -and -.who have met all the standards set forth jn the rules of eligibility us stales by the Walton Foundation. The scholarship fund \vil provide a $4,ODD scholarship for each of the recipients, to be awarded in increments of $1,QOC each, for four academic years The scholarship program w a established hi-' 1974, by Wulton Enterprises, Inc., a corporation ounce! by the Sam M Walton f i t m l j A Scholarship Selectioi C o m m i t t e e , composed o e d u c a t o r s a n d communit leaders, was formed to setec the scholarship winners fror all eligible applicants'.'The fine selections . lire based upo. scholastic grades, college en t r a n c e .examinations a n financial need. Among the recipients 1 are t\\ f r o m Northwest Arkansa Donald Vincent West of Be tonville and.-'/. Thotmis Davi Grierof Bella Vista. West is the son of Rebecca West, who is employed in the company's general of Nielsen Rales CBS As Top TV Network NEW YORK (API - ABC, o. 1 In: Ihe average weekly atings - for 12 · of the past 13 ctlti dropped to third place n Ih'c A.C. Nielsen Co. ratings asl week The ratings showed BS an easy winner, NBC, Ihird-rankcd or Ihe-ncl- orks in the ratings for eight eeks barely escaped doing it gam NBC edged ABC by only ne tenth of a ratings point uhich works out lo a margin of 293.600 homes. The Nielsen audience esli males for last week made pub ]c Tucsdjj showed a repeat ol CBS's "All in the Family' as ho week's: most popular show t was viewed in an estimated J0.4 million homes. The week's" least*- walchec cuning prosiam was an ADC ^ews speujt on health care and its financing The show aired last Saturday nightr wa ,ecn in about (l\e million loines according to Nielsen figures. The premiere of ABC s firs season of cmering Mondaj night baseball games and las Sunday's Tony awards show'o ABC didn't fare well in the rat )gs either Fach came out hird m their time periods According lo Nielsen csll males for the week ending pul 18 the n a t i o n s most poplar IV shews weie ' All in tiir ^mib, 1 Rikki Tikki l a \ i " Charlie Broun Easier Spe- ial." "M-'A-S-H", and: VMaude" All CBS) 'Staisky and CDS) Baiclta (ABC), One Day al a Time" (CBS); Bioiuc Wonvm ABC, 'Mary Tjlei Moore } (CI1S) Happy Das" (ABC) ' Carol Burnett and A Boy Named Charlie Brown' (both CBS), Iiveine and Shirley' (ABC), Pelor CoUontail (CDS), ' W e l c o m e Back, Koltcr" ABC), 'Bob Neuhart" (CBS), wd Streets of San Francisco and Barney Miller' (bofb ABC). lices at Benton\ ille He w attend · the · .University Arkansas at Faelte\ille as pre-med student. Grier, the son of Mrs. Pa Gricr. u secretary " in - - th general offices, plans lo becom an orthopedic surgeon. He,plan to alletid either Ihc" Uhiversit of-;Arkansas or Oral Robert .Univeristy. Trial Hearing Set HAHNV1ILB La (AP) -Judge Ruche J Marino holds a licarmi* foda to to dctermma whether Gaiy Tler \\ill Kct i new trial m the falil shooting of 13 j car old Timothj J Weber during a racial uproar Marino was ordered lo hold the hearing by the 'Louisiana Suprcmi foul I which has tha tasc on appeal Defense h m j c r lack Peebles filed a motion for a new trnl with affidiMts from two stila witnessi-b who claimed they were cotic-ed into perjury in their testimony against. Tyler, 17. of St: Rose. Highway Vole Sel Thursday SPR1NGDALE -- The Northwest Arkansas' Regional Planning Commission will vole on whether or not 16 endorse the I Arkansas Highway' Department's Draft Environmental j [mpact Statement on the pro-1 d relocation of Hwy. 71 between McKissick Creek and Fayeltevillc Thursday night. The lull commission will! address the matter at a 7:30: p.m. public meeting in t h e ; ipringdale City Administration building. · · ' The quarterly housing report will also be distributed «t the meeting. · Other items of -business include the review ot three grant applications for -Environmental Protection Agency fundiirg, NEED HELP? For conddentia' Iflformifim or assistance on: V.D., pregnancy, drugs, ptrenls, school, vocation. runaways, etc. Call YOUTH HOT LINE . 442-26C2 San. thru Thurs., T-I1 p.m. Fri. and Sat., 7-12 p.m. 20% OFF ; ON ALL TANKS 1 AND A NEW SUPPLY H OF FISH SPECIALS I WOOD'S TROPICAL FISH Wh»f» yowll find coral, irxllt, plants, ligtih, gravel, ·v»fyfhin« for Y"" oquoHuni nwds. : 2424 North Cofl^. 447-M93 ; (1 blk. North of th* Faydftvlll* HoHlday Inn) Dillard's · Northisuset Ark. F»ta*B. · «Z1-T1T1 macrame and rope . . . by Etoile of Greece . . . Hdndwoven macrame from Greece... the season's most exciting new material to go with today's natural look in sportswear. Backless shoes. $21 · · ,, Strap shoe. $24 Women's Shoes--DILLARD'S Dillard's heavenly soft, lace-lavished and smocked delicately . . . Sweeping, full lounging caftan . . . ecru lace-trimmed ; ;af bodice and sleeves. Empire, for flattering fit and tie back at neck. 100% nylon in peach or jade. Machine wash. Sizes S,M,L. $T8 Flowing hand-smocked gown · ..Vthe ultimate in femininity. Soft and innocently sexy with · embroidered roses abloom on the bodice. ' Glamorous low back. Black, beig^', blue; white' and .-, yellow., P,S,M,L. -· : -- $15 ' ' S!e;epwear---DILLARD'S

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