Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 22
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P*9» B-8--INDEPENDENT ·*·· ·""*· ltu - *·*« *·"" *· IN APPLIANCE HUNTERSlfied Ads bring you thtse buy watch Cbulflcd for thincfUrs. Dial HE 2 5959 to Stan they need. Low cost Class! | 'our ad today. 8th ANNUAL ORANGE COUNTY Home Show APRIL 4 thru APRIL 8 at ORANGE COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS Doort Open HftL, Ihurj, Frl. I p.m.41 pjn.. Sal. It Sun. 11-11 5 BIG DAYS More Exhibits More Prizes hclumi IUrl»r lilJ. i Xraport Illid.. cfl Fair llrllt WIN · FREE · WIN WIN THIS FOUR-BEDROOM HOME If Fulifften. Dicoratcd jnd lurniihrd by Frank Orot. «f Long Ocach. SEE THE TRAVELERS THREE... Direct from Lai Vrgn and H a w a l t . Crtatrit and Uten in folk sing, in?. The lep three ef "Oij Timt." DISCOUNT TICKETS ADMISSION: ifiWoftsyauriVvw saras 1 . A^IU ... 85( . ri T ** ******* *" Ce. OHittt -- $·. Cilif. In.*;-.. CC-. . . i -- . i ci. .ticui -- picinc itiniwt. itfitti -- · l .»J LM4 .It.cti -- Ciitu.^ crtumrr mm _ Limn» .«« *1P ren . .25C A GEORGE COtOURIS PRODUCTION 5/wnuirrif liy Onntr County llullJrn' Ann. City Council Actions City C o u n c i l actions Tuesday: RMte/ited wpptft tor · LMJ Beac P*flMlMt to ffdlKt P»t K*M tl t* prelect. ·I rewivtita i N - vUUtrk Ci«*c «r tor »fc»*r * to tec M 1WI4I ttt* f*r Otor AU*4 ctty «f*l*»4irv *l ·r trMvt I* r«H*ct ».-- rt- t=ri»f *«tr«M* RHtttfd K*M»«I ·» U» Antvlft ti rrvtfwcta C*. t* twvOwtt t*it ·! Mtr ··ltd CthKllMI ·r CtnttUta StfVkt T feted It Hck tp · patient wht It tot taken U Vtterant HtwtU-, u Recttved and tiled revtrt »y O1 Arty. Gerald Desmtftd that «M CU« ay Dveamk ltdvttrtet hat bee-i n.led *"' * f ^SSn** ** "* baf ** '"^ Approved t«lt sttft toward tfhhet ·il development and aHt til eipieraiiM tor til hi R«rear*t* rarki referred to Harper. Indvttries and OJ Ctmmittei a prepetai tor til tipitratim ttntn · Momopat Airport. Received and Med letter Irtm thret tirf emtuie trtwn 4*\t*ta* frtm view* tt antther emtt¥t fr*w» ta chantn to medical and Mtaiuiuaht* MwraiKt. treferred to ctmmlttet tl wMlt Increat* bf vmftrmed traffic «artft. Adartved l'«ai rract rtiae* for w»- tfivttleai teattitatt tl )nti Street an Obnet Averwt and at tttfftweit c* ner tf Pacific Ctatt Mithwar and Itctftd Street; appreveo teniativt mat ·t tract at 0*1 Amt Btvltvard M Oerrr Avenue. Approved tn princiel* ameitdmett t ·at pvruuw cwirract witn Ltmt». Srtal-Wilmn«teft Atteclatet It t«cil late mutiiatiM of ti twid. Referred tt Ctvil }«r*kt the annual reotrt tt Civil Servrct Department. atreement witn Aiamjtu Bay Yac* Chk «nM April M, IH. Avthtrlied IranKer *l 1709.009 frtm Cat Revenue tt General Pvrptit Fvm AntfMrlie** S1.1U centract a«ard t Re.ttt Netn Ce. fer tttnt at cem- AnTMrized fJina tl aceUatteji ment frtm Tktelaitd Oil Fund tor «w. tien and nantenanct cttts tn ti» _ _. JM tf amei . efrtetete references tt J Oeoartment Set hearinf fer II » ». m* April 2 an proeeted vacat«n tl vnuted ptrlW ·t SeatWt VMievard at fttt at Re(fend* A*e.. part tf tite tl a prtpited Jittery asartment bmWmt. Approved hi principle a it 1,000 city eipenditurt tor tmprtvln^ rettauran Ijeility at Navy landin* Rtfrrred le trdmanct committee proHial to levy charett for HeaiiH Adopted 1 rMe^MnT 1 ·''VonSWe U tHe tfeatnt tf Otftcers Van Thtma Salltbwry and Jehn M. McLendtni *· Ktcutton to County Svpenrlttr Frar O. Bonellu nrf** attrmblinf ol Saturn II rocket teeifer at Seal Beach ·gthtriim* oiecvtioit of new Itait an amendment tt emlm? leait witn Yach Swppliet, IAC^ itr addJit«al area M*rine Batiar ··lldtn«. cavt *mt readm« tp *rdm» amende permii ) . _ tietJ reromnf area tn Xknent Avenue norm ol Anaheim Street irem ·- tdutiei) to R.I irtvr-ramirv) comtrvc cemtrvctitH «»der aiieyt *nd ·atftr certa^i c*M£t.«nt. Adopted trdtftances rtnning c Milevard tect'tn from ft I ft .latitni for Airditenvm. Sladnrm am ettablnfilna rewtatitnt fer new Arena; reiOHimi tovtfi tide of Dri Amt Boulevard eatt ef Lon« Beach Bovtevard from R4 to C-J Ictmmertlai); det« *rKl»r tf tarkt rarher that OPEN SATURDAY APRIL 7th 9 A.M. TO 1 P.M. A T 0 need to shop aromid--savc wifh the leader YOU ALWAYS GET HIGHEST PREVAILING EARNINGS* AT AMERICA'S LARGEST (You iluii't hate to tetil the fine [irinl to t*tni it) AND ONLY HOME SAVINGS OFFERS YOU ALL THESE OUTSTANDING SAVINGS ADVANTAGES NtW "EXTRA DIVIDEND" PLAN Your account no* tarns from day funds are received.when they remain to end ol quarter. This gives you up to 21 days ol eitra earnings and could mean eitra dividends lor you. PERFECT 73-YEAR SAFETY RECORD No one has ever lost a penny with Home Savings since its founding in 1889. INSURED PROTECTION Accounts are doubly protected: by Home's billion dollar assets and insured to $10,000 by an agency ol the federal Government. LARGEST ASSETS Home is the first and only savings association in history to attain billion dollar assets. M A X I M U M CONVENIENCE Home has the largest number of branch offices in the nation. ACCOUNTS TO Si MILLION Nearly 20,000 of our savers maintain aecounti in five and six figures. Tbli il J5Ci higher tban )ou tan gel Irani any bank in the United Statei OH t nott-ttitritted--ti'itbdrfU'tblt-- tjujtleiljtom^ounJeduiinj-nccouHt. AMERICA'S ONLY BILLION DOLLAR SAVINGS ASSOCIATION COMPIOM 1801 llorth Lonz Deleft Blvd. NEB 8735 flC 03031 IONG DEACH Ol Cast first SL flt ln HE C 8231 LAKtWOOD ME -5-4509 HCC2-XG TORRAIICC 1511 Cravens Ave. at tl fritfa TA 8-9244 SPS3118 fEDEnAl ·CUI IOU IU( ITITIM HIVII FCDERAL mi UK i«uu«ci turciiriH StVINO IN «T THE ten CAKN KOM THE III BUMS na^g^^^Pigg^ms^^ MkKc urvkt tfttttr u Iw IMI (wtk c«MMn. AlWruM IIU IIMM* lW»M(t Iv Or. I. O. U*««u. cify k««lm ·*«*« l Utw4 lUW CMltnMt M (MlCM? C1U« M4 Btrfctlctf AMU ItM. or c,^«S. ,m»t*,M WMH.M »NM«if H M tUwtf (Hur KM U ln to HI *tlll M*r cirUM UCM» tlMCCI. , « v *Rtfam4 t. city mMJtir « rwiil H CMKIkllM AMIM I«T lit · ll.inui IMtrr Mtnl fir Cltv .1 ·UCrt U Initial on Mn««*. Aimirlii. KUTir t. ·rttntf. ·! cirr «i_ . . CMfirmci it M«vm M*r MIMHI tiaci- fto. ·Kll.rt .IK. Inn SKI. rwit il AttiMDc Imrnt CMtm M irw w. .r.itfwiT m4 Itu Stofe- M« Wlttrj Mid ftMitfil If pritnt Miiml crtiitnrn imwif. Alter CMlxnrf Mvln. utltUM4 SU.K wt^^IlMn. tiurfl prittttfd tr iwnir. Aier.*H ' t».llf ·IMtUnml fw Itmttnfit Ivtttm M rint Stritf b* " · ,,,, CIWfTT A.ftluM. Uniformed traffic guards In the city service are seeking pay : Increase . of $89 · a month. ' · In a 1't.tT to City Council. the 10 guards orv current duty asked for a salary "at least comparable to -that of harbor guard." whose monthly pay. Is $-198.. The traffic guards get $409. The uniformed guards dif fer from hourly school uuss- Ing guards In that the former are special police officers; wearing badge and sidcarms and directing vehicular as 1 uli UKilWIIMt Md MIDtrUri Mill tor wchnlnt tut mtttr vttor. lltut: tw. nrt^ll tn,rt" !«»; »»*l»* Alrrorl A«nMlllraflM M.UIJ Irictirt tint mmri. Youth Held in 2 Kidnapings VAN NUYS (CNS)--An 18 year-old youth who said he was "mad at the world" and allegedly kidnaped two worn en from a Chatsworth store was arraicned Tuesday in Van Nuys Municipal Court. Stephen Miller, a dishwash er. Northridge, was charged with two counts of kidnaping and one of assault with a deadly w e a p o n . He was ordered to return Friday for; preliminary hearing. | Traffic Guards Seek Pay liaise of .SBD.a Month' 4 Missing in lilast NORWICH, Conn. t»-An explosion and fire erupted at a leather · processing plant Tuesday. Four firemen were reported missing. well as pedestrian · traffic. Like regular police officers, they are not eligible'for So- clal Security benefits. SHIRTS! WC SPECMIIJCII FANMSTIC VALUE5I .MEN'S SUITS Natural Continental itylet, Spring fabrici and eolart. Utuolly 59.95. 1211 EAST ANAHEIM, L.B. 39 99 NIA* OIANCI AVC. Put ROM/MCI in your salads. Use Girard's Sirourt/ii ttigtaet eft (nil Ftinc/i Dtttsiny-. Gtnnft Oriitnil Fnnth Ortttinj. Crttletlfnn t lienl eld Sin Franc/sea n;!p... tritli dttlcitt t;td rintfirs, nrt hertt. ip!:n frtskry- SntittJ.. '.fititntlf bttndtJ with fttmlam Iliad oil (pllf-ur.ttlu' . nttd),/vsl * hint et frith girlie-lid nenr my tuiir niiti. Na c'.htrFitrtih Dnsstaj dan whit Ginrfi diet forsilid*. Excluiht, diitinctJrt fitter..,1ft ttit Orijhit Frtnch Dntifajt Girard's Original French Dressing CARPET CITY- CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON 95 VIRGIN WOOL SQ. YD. 15-YEAR WEAR GUARANTEE 9x 12 RAYON TWEED PILE RUGS 19" ROOM SIZE Remnants 50' OFF ALL CANDY STRIPE CARPET REDUCED 30% CUT NYLON PILE 3.95 SQ.YD. Wilton Axminster Carpet REDUCED 30% 9x 12 BRAIDED RUGS 2495 COLLECT FOK FREE ESTIMATES LOS ANGELES AX 5-5441 Slil S. WESTERN ·»r SUutu A»t. ANAHEIM ft 2.7120 70» E. CENTEX ctnnw*t«fi if LUKlta A*.. SAN DIEGO CT 7-U31 110 W. WASHINGTON MiuMa HUH ATM WEST COVINA YO 2-3 574 iU S. SUNSET W ·«. E. if OH Hul LONG BEACH HE 7-2737 1170 r. ANAHEIM OPEN DAILY »-!, SAT. !Mi, SU1V. 12-(5 There are 167 years of Beam family history behind the good taste of Beam In 1795 Jacob Beam settled in Kentucky and created the now famous Dcam Bourbon formula. Today, Beam Bourbon is still being carefully distilled and aged according to the original formula by the 5th and 6th generations of (he Beam family.That is why only Beam tastes like Beam ... only Beam tastes so good. WORTHY OF YOUR TRUST n tut» mt.« uinat (nun ixnn nan ctiui ui I.-TTUI n m uu i. nix KUK a, ainoi. tui. tanai. ini'i mint (tint htm itiin n urnt »»i teari Onitl IJlrrt. I rtn HI (» M IMxtj iirii|t tatto* I fMl). IM But ImtM ma

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