The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 1, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1920
Page 3
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I,,./" THE DAILY FREE PRESS L»ocal INews Mrs. A. C. Butcher returned' Saturday afternoon from a. visit with relatives in Cobden. - j R. A. Douglas a Chicago coal salesman, who has been located in Carbondale for the last few months, and ill with pneumonia 'at the Holden Hospital, has recovered and returned* to Chicago. Miss Susie McGhee spent* Saturday afternoon ini Murphysboro. Misses Violet and Opal Douglas have returned to their home'im Brookport after a visit here with -Misses Gladys Winchester and Eva Moake.and als'o Mrs Ree Drury. Miss Edffia Butcher who teaches .in the Pinckneyville schools, . spent the week end ait her home here. Miss Essie Hall is visiting her grandparents,. Mr and Mrs. J. P F. Hall, in Creal Springs. . Mrs Lou Weaver returned today from Brookport, 'having spent Sunday there with Mr. Weaver. John Hiller of Pinckneyville spent , Sunday here with his mother, MTS. L. E. Hiller. Harold Looney, salesman* at the I. W. Dill Clothing Co.,'|is away from his duties because of illness'. SAY 5,000 DIE IN MASSACRE {Reports Declare TurkV.Fire U. S. Home and Burn' 85 .Girlsl ' , Mrs.-Geo. O. Smith and little daughter, Imogene, are visiting in Herrin. M'iss Hazel McCracken.teacher in the Ava schools, spent the week snd at her' home here. , Mrs. Anna Grater-Fowler was in Centralia Saturday teaching a class in vocal fa-aiming. VICTIMS PERISH IN BLIZZARD A. R.'Montague o£ Chicago was the guest yesterday of' the' Dr. H. !C. Mitchell family. Mr.and Mrs.W.M. Gallegly and sons, Morris and Lyim,have returned from St. Louis -where they visited friends over the week end. Mass Lois Carter .has resumed her duties as teacher in the Horrin schools after being confined to her home here on account of a week's illness. Mrs. A. T.'Floyd Louisville," having been called there hecause of the illness of heivdaughter, Mrs..Loren Abel. THREE SLACKERS INDICTED Mrs. Edith Hampleman and children, Elba Jean and Richard, spent Sunday in St. Louis. .\ Louis Wolff has returned • from a business .trip to Herrin and Marion. Ted McDandel of St. Louis is spending several days at his home here. Money Raising Sale. KRYSHER S East Side of the Square- Carbondale, 111. We must raise cash at once, in order to do so will sell the following merchandise at a great reduction. If you are tired of paying high prices now is the time, to lay 'in a supply. Wholesale prices are still on tHe climb and inany things in this store are worth more at the factory than our marked prices, but we can't pay bills with merchandise and must sell, - For two weeks we are going_to_work for you, and.if you are one of.the many who are hurt by the high cost of living it will pay you to make your money go farther by investigating our claims. All reduced prices will be cash, but we -will refund the purchase price on any merchandise returned in as Sfood condition as when taken out. SHOES Every $6000 worth of shoes to choose from. shoe in the house on sale #8.50 Rice & Hutchind dress shoes for men in colt, calf and vici, several shapes to choose from to close out at ............... -. ...... ........ $6.80 Compare this with what others ask and if you are any •judge of shoes you will buy enough to- last you for a year or so. $5.00 solid leather work shoes in this -sale ..... .-$4.00 These shoes will compare with many N work shoes selling for 6.00 and 8.00. 20 per cent off on Educator Shoes for children. All children's shoes at big reductions. Come in and. price them you wont" have to buy. Old Ladies Comforts in vici kid (not Caberettj to close at ........... .... .................. $3.60 A big line of New Slippers and Pumps for misses and children just in at very low prices. $5.00 rrfen's boot, first quality rubber (Old Elmn) to'close at... .. . ---- ---- .... ............ $3.50 20 per cent discount on all rubber foot wear, overshoes, rubber boots each. MISCELLANEOUS. -Wec-annot list all the good prices we have in this small ad but here are a few prices taken at random from our plain marked' prices. $ i. oo Heavy fleece lined undershirts for men [Whole-. sale 15.00 per dozen] our sale price.. 69c 5oc"black wool hose for men ......... ............ 29c men ............ - .......... 45c . 69c $2.25 Bungalo aprons for ladies', in good quality . percale', assorted colors, 'blues, stripes, checks and lights, all beautifully made, now at'. ....... --$1.85 Other aprons as N low as ............ . ............ 50c Ladies' and children's coats at half price. M n's and Boy's winter caps at HALF PRICE 500 caps 25(5- I -°° caps at §Qc- Boy's wool Mackinaws, Beauties, well made, warm, 0-oqd style, servicable new goods' to close out at HALF PRICE. $10.00 coats at $§.QOi $S,oo coats at . ......'. .^ ---- ......'. ...... - ..... $4.00 20 per cent reduction on Boy's suits, and we have a nice line of high quality suits from 8.00 to 15.00 in the better grades. and quite a lew left-over suits as low as 5.00, and some little kids suits marked ...... $3.5© Your merchant* can't buy these suits for less than I am. now offering them to you. We have a complete line of hosiery up to 50c > n price .Georgette. waists, voile waists, House dresses, suit cases, overalls, work pants, shirts, sweater coats and a thousand other things marked in plain prices. True Bills Found Against Sons sf Rich Illinois Farmer—Lived in Tunnel. Chic-sign, .March 1.—William, Michael and Bsinicy Miller, the three sons of John NV. Miller, n rich farmer near. Spring drove, HI., who were arrested last year nn charges oE evasion of the draft, wore named in indictments by the federal grand jury making the same charges. ' When the Miller boys were first sought by agents of the department of justice, it was fonntl they had constructed a tunnel from their Jiouse to the barn, each end of which was carefully concealed, and though the place was often visited by searchers, the boys were not found for more than a year. wool hose for i .00 wool hose for jnen French Pilot Sets Mark. Paris; Miu-cli 1.—Aviator Cusale set a new record when he attained a speed of 283 -kilometers (about 188 miles) an hour. British Food Ministry to Continue. London, March 1.—The ministry of food will be continued for five years more. ' HUNDREDS FREEZE TO DEATH Blizzard Leaves Great Suffering in South Russia—Coldest in Twenty- Seven Years. Novorossilsk. March 1.—Hundreds hfive been frozen to death in tlic worst storm in south Russia in 27 .years. The mercury was four decrees below zero.and for SO hours :i 00-mile gale swept the country, piling up great drifts of snow. Lack of 'Conl added .horribly to-the sufferings of Hie refugees who crowd the cities. The blizzard was felTmost by the Inhabitants and passengers on the coaches and box: cars in the railroad yards, in some instances a whole family being found dead under sparse coverings. During one day, which was bright and thawing. 175 bodies were collected in the yards by the station master. / S Many of 3,000 Fleeing Armenians Die 'in Storm in Attempt to Escape— Snow Blockades Railroads ..and Prevents Relief. ; Constantinople, March 1. —Details of the massacre" of' 5,000 Armenians, in | Marash, which are just beginning : to, filter in^ say that an Armenian girls' home, conducted by Americans, was burned. - j Eighty-five of. th6 inmates were massacred and half the city is reported destroyed. . Casualties among the French" troops defending the town are placed at SCO. Perish in" Blizzard.. Another report is that jj,000 -.1 Armenians who attempted to flee Aintab, Asia'Minor, for Ishahie, encountered a ; blizzard and that many of them per-, is'hed during the three-day trip. Reports of the besieging of Marash say that the Turks greatly outnumr bered the French farces and tost heavily when fired upon by snipers. There are a number of American relief workers in the district and every effort is being made to protect them. Storms Block Railways. < Assistant Commissioner Engert, on his way to. Aintab, Asia Minor, to Investigate the recent murder by bandits of Jaines Perry and Frank- ST^Tohnson of the American'T. M.'C. A., has been halted on his journey by snowstorms which have blockaded the railways. Mr. Engert is at Beirut, awaiting an opportunity to proceed with representatives of the Turkish government. Dr. Mabel C. Elliott of Benton Harbor, Mich., is still at Ishahie, attending the Marash refugees.. ' French Doubt Report. Paris, March 1.—The French foreign office states that it has no information of the capture of Alexandretta by the Turk and Arab forces or of the massacre of 20,000 Armenians In CiHcia, both of which are announced from British .'sources. Alexandretta and Cilieia are occupied by French troops. The foreign office says it has received" daily reports from General Gouranti, the latest being dated Friday, and he has nothing to say about such sensational developments. The French foreign office doubts the truth of the reports in their entirety. HITS AT AMERICAN TRADE FOR SALE Settings of Rhode Island Red eggs and about 3 dozen hens. "Telephone 172. •Advertisement. ' MASONS ATTENTION Special meeting'Shekinah Lodge No. 241 Monday evening, March 1, at 6:30 o'clock, for work. T. A. Weaver, W. M. H. C. Mertz, Sec. Advertisement. KING'S DAUGHTERS The King's Daughters will meet with Mrs Ellen Schumaker Tuesday night. —Advertisement. < ST. ANNE'S GUILD • TO MEET •St. Anne's Guild of St. Andrew's Episcopal church will meet Wednesday at 7:'00 with Mrs.' Art Gosa. Any ' outsiders wishing to work with the Guild for charity, are cordially invited-. —Advertisement. Italian Deputy Declares U. S. Demands are Monopolizing the In. ternational Market. Rome, March 1,—At a meeting under the direction of the socialist party, Deputy -Serrate said the entente %vas approaching Russia .:ri the hope; through her, of freeing the European states -from "the excessive demands of America, which today monopolizes the International market." Vi [ i Me theatre Beautiful Tuesday; March 2 "THE SWISS BELL RINGERS" A novel and complete Musical' Entertainment of quality and variety. The Swiss Bell Ringers., have-played here before and they have one of °the best Musical entertainments we knowof. • ^School Children's Matinee We have arranged for a School Children's Matuiee at 4: 15 for ir cents admission in order that all might have an opportunity to hear them, and we; especially urge that children attend this performance. Price'at this matinee' for adults 250. At mght this entertainment, will be shown in conjunction with the picture " .' Eugene O'Brien in "His Wife's Money" Orchestral Organ Musical Interpretation by Miss Anna Jacobs Picture starts,7:00 P. M. Swiss Bell Ringers immediately following. . ' Nights 2Oc and 4Oc plus war tax . Music starts 6:45 n THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN Cain In Advance. One month, per word It One week, per word ..............01 One insertion, per word .....T....01 Three insertions, per word .......0! WANTMD. WANTED—Energetic man to sell and distribute higli grade' make' ol tire. Attractive proposition for the right man. Clyde,C. Oldham', State Distributor, TJrbana, 111. ' WANTED—To take charge of house with roomers, while the person in charge is away, or anticipates being away during the opting and summer. Address "Q," care-Free Press.-- WANTED—To trim trees. Experienced. . William O'Neill, ' 611 North Washington. BIRTHS An 11% pound son was horn to Mr. and M-'ris. Ralph Taylor at Holden .Hospital Saturday morning. The boy has been named Kenneth William. • ' CARD OF THANKS We wish to extend our thanks to the friends and neighbors who so kindly assisted us in the illness and loss o£ our dear daughter, sister, granddaughter and niece. .Especially d'o we wish to thank the B. of ft. T. and L. A. to B. of R. T. and--others for the beautiful floral offerings. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fox ' , and Family, Mr.'and Mrs. Frank" Stanley, • ••' Mrs. Maiy Fox, . . - ..'. . Willie Fox, Bessie Fox, • Minnie Ford. . : Advertisement. .-. '. *'...'.,<.' CHURCHES TO AID LONELY SHEEP SHEARERS OF WEST The bleat of the sheep oh the backbone of the continent calls men to the mountains. On high nplands from the Canadian' border to Mexico, in lonely and Inaccessible places, one of the most romantic examples of the country's migrant worker — fhe sheep shearer—plies his trade. TTnheard 1 of though he Is to thousands of. his fellow workers, It was for him that the-Immigration regulations of three countries—Canada, the United States end Mexico—were modified during the war. This permitted freedom of movement to many hundreds of this .strange .craft, and the ( means of employment to thousands In ' factories and stores.. Yet, for all his importance in the ranks of the nation's great Marching Army of the Employed, what sort of -life does this man lead? The,migrant fruit packer, or w heat harvester, or farmhand, or lumberman often roams Inland through cities and the congested spots of civilization. . But the sheep shearer, by the nature of his trade. Is cut off from such influences. Through a survey of the nation's migrant labor now being made by the Interchurch World Movement, it is Buprgested that for men of this class relief'may be afforded through churches In outlying districts. For social nnd other purposes these men, with proper co-operation by church bodies, coVld tunke use of mnn.y of the facilities without wliich they 'are doomed to a of square. Barn and other out buildings in good repair. See owner. 90ft East Oak SL " LOST^Square silver wrist watch between Amuse-U and Fowler's. -Reward if returned to Mrs. George Albon^ LOST—Glasses. Leave at Frea Press. NEW WORLD'PROGRAM . DEVISED BY CHURCHES' By S. EARL TAYLOR. WANTED—To rent modern house by May 1st. Address "A," care Free I ^Press. WANTED—'Two girts of neat ap- pearaince for work in confectionery. Apply at once. Fowler's Chocolate Shop. , WANTED—To real or buy property, prefer to rent at present, buy later, between Normal and business part.of the city. A family of three. Phone 204. • FOR HINT. FOR RUNT—Two iront rooms OY« Style Shop, for office or 8le*fiBC roonu. Apply His* Bieth, Normal ud Monrot at life) at General Interest in City Building. It is interesting to note that In the past year the public, more than ever before, has participated in the financing of the nation's operations. We fire coming to a thorough realization of th<> fact that the general Investing public -should be given an "opportunity to share in these operations. . This is opening up for the benefit of the realty market a vast reservoir of capital, nnd It Is giving'the public an opportunity to participate in the fruits »f the gen-: ieral development of., our American I I sides.—Boston Herald. - -.. , ' ' FOR RENT—Storage lor housebol* goods. In the one story brick building, cement floors,* en alley back of mew Barth Theatre Apply Miss Rletb, 'FOR RENT—Two furnished.rooms. 2J.6 West Walnut. Phone 370 L. FOR RENT—Furnished room. Call 414 X. FOR RENT—Three room house with electric Jights. Call 476 L."' FOR-RENT:—2 furnished roomls for light house keeping. 402 West Pecan. FOR SALE. FOR SALE:—Five room house and large lot, close to town, $1500. Call at 305 Bast rilain St.. FOR. SALE—Poiiy... Reasonable. 703. West-Pecan. FOR SALE—6 room house, two lots, with gaciige an paved stree,close LO cshool, 3 blocks of depot. Call 506 South Washington. • FOR SALE—Young, all purpose team, •gentieVand sound. Also practically-new set double harness. Farmers' Supply .Co. FOR SALE—Fire; room cottage on East Oak streeti' one block northeast DR. S. EARL TAYLOR, 'General Secretary' Intel-church World Movement. if Christ, on the day He was born, nad 'Started on a torn? to preach ia ev-s ery village in India, He would still have 30,000 more to visit. We now believe we have found a way by which the leaders of the Protestant churches can sit around a common table and bav? the Christian'pfo- gram of the entire world laid before them. By meo.ns of tho Interchurch Worl'd Movement we can see where the Methodists are, and where the Baptists are. We cari'see the general outline of . their forces, their present status in this great world struggle, dud may also have some. Idea of the unoccupied places, and what may be done by all of us to enter these unoc-- cupied parts of the world field which- Christ sent us to occupy. . Hits Home Rule Bill. Glasgow,. March 1;—Denouncing the- riew home rule bill, T. P ; O'Connor, M. P., In a' 'speech here said, Britain by trying, to put through this measure was committing-"a breach with Ireland baser and more perfidious than w»» Germany's breach with- Belgium." j

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