Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 18
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Ptgr A-2-1NOEPENOENT . T«»n. A«r« «, 1VJ GOLDEN .YEARS Money Very Of ten the Base of,Family Feuds, Bitterness mother's house. The secondown c h i l d r e n . Since this jwiy would be for one of the.would in\-olve father's estate other four children to hire a|tbf lawyer could ask an »-; lawyer to work out a trust!counting of tlie estate both fund arrangement for. their'frora mother and Joe'* wiftf By THOMAS COLUXS (first thing mother thought ofithe matter, have figured that Here is a classic family [was getting rid of that bouse Joe and his family are cost case that points up dramatic- and taking a neat little apart- iat , mo ^ et more ally two of the major prob- ment, " parents face ia retire- But. according to the sis-j? ye " * - ' father retired four out of suitcases before they|TM°y* r TMTM « ·« tt-ith tiifatsntia! now Sppsn movin* their fur- °* " ca ^ L ( ^ ^ .:; . ' Bring Sens you* Witch repair problem*. , -AS A MATTER of fact/f"' °° "***· Bri °S « J~* vltc!l ^-(' years ago with substantial now began moving their fur savings, five married childrtn.jniture out of storage and into · hated. "About two cf my sisters and her band came upon bad times I *MY SISTER'S '« nt *»* to work « with mother that he and sis- shlre the story continues. ~Joe «]·)· CROWNS husband ready is spreading around i the idea that he ' 'STEMS _ « er" to SOme S0rt °' vlgue a S reement ^S mother* .affairs and t HANDS, er nus- . ,, their little business *W"{ a^^TM^'^'^ ^ ukin ^ of They were quite up «8*m«! newr done ,,* evcn to their'mother in her eld age." I it. and m talks between TMy\^ t o{ ^ fooi But Joe I -p^ fir$t ^^ ^it is · NO-BREAK CRYSTALS sister ana tauicr it was llt ,,^ nw V,.;H *,:--:,.u ·. /--.rr^rt *« «.« i/^» v;^i «^ TM,» ,«^! tf^ 2.00 t t s e r an ar i ihlving bui!t tmself a carport to get Joe ktcked out. and agreed that the sister and _her, £ ^ fof ^ has tie second one is the fnwU-l. husband, and their ch,!d.l increasingly as'mental matter cf the jealousy!* ' ,, ,,, ^ honie ^ i^'^ lhe other four gSdrea would move into the home. -IT WAS* to* be for six of mother. "And all the while really what bothers them. months at most, all of us comes to us other children] The first problem can be were told. Just until Good'complaining b i t t e r l y . She.handied in two ways: one by Old Joe could get on hij feetjwants Joe's family out She,having the executor of fa- ajain. .'cries they are Irving on her.ther's will step in.and tell; Tour months later, almost'money. That they are mean^verybody -- not just Joe's! to the day, father died of a'and selfish. That she wantsjwife -- that it was not fa! heart attack. And there sat'to move into an apartment ther's intention that any one sister and Joe. 'and sell the place." · - 'child get an advantage overj "Father left a will giving; "But she hasn't got the ths others. Therefore, since everything to mother. with i courage to kick Joe and sis-jJoe and his wife are getting Ian advantage, they must start ' the provision that at herter out death the children cash, in.] The four other children' paving to the estate so much When the dust settled the have had conferences about'per month, or move out of| that he and sister will get ·because they,* SLEEVES TM . Tr| . FA _ WATC " FACZ over inheritance money. That · GUARANTEED MA1XSPRIXGS* Tradition V T itch ind Jcactrj Service Center authorized scrvke center fct under Time* ruiuntec terms. SEARS Long More Value. DoHar for Dollar J OPEN DAY NIGHT /or Me icave that'll behave! Ea§tcr Tim« You'll Have That Qiiccri Feeling , f TCI go to a specialist for yo'»r «ve$. OPEN 8 A.M. to 12 MIDNIGHT · NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED! Easier Values «. tie fr^n « .,, Compt«f« ? : its V.-ONDEI KEG. 129 UAGIC . » i CUlL C« m fW. I OTHE» WAVES 10 US CO MEET EASTU WITH A NEW TOU. CcrrpM. ECONOMY WAVES ; 4 9s AND s AND $C95..;' I COMfttTI THERE'S A SHOP NEAR YOU! LONG BEACH 251 E; 5th St. ^tTs 5 ^ 4 - HE 7-9621 LAKEWOOD lilt C. Conoi to CH $nrkl S^rn HA 1-1438 BELLFLOWER 1 JIC8 Aloidra llvi. t-Antai a Alontfri S«.fl17 1 TORRANCE 2CCI W. Canal C»ne* t Crarnvxr f* M13I ?^ffi^c£3£tisa^^^ NOW! Exclusive At All... Markets! INSTRUCTIONS: ' EACH WEEK. FOR 7 WEEKS. 3 NEW PACKETS OF PICTURES WILL BE ISSUED. A valuable coupon in our we«kry advertisement win make one of these packets ABSOLUTELY FREE, and the other two will cost onry 15» each. As a special offer. Here are all the coupons ahead of time! Save them. 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Wonders of the Animal Kingdom STARTED SET $ 5 5 S S $ 9i *J This Coupon Good from Apr3 4th fo Apr3 I Oth J Packets No. 2 and No. 3 cost onfy 15c e«di « ai · FREE COUPON Large W x 13" Picture ALBUM A N D Picture PACKET NO. 1 '-'MMP^£^$: ^ '' \l^rf*l tAV : V\\s ^ ' »%no AUBUM !*i~4t**i f\mtl *i ' · T · - ·· .· E , , » * · * * · · * * r*' m » *~*' '»·'' * · *- ~* " 4 ~* r · · * · f-* ,- ^with tejct : by a fprofessional zoologist fe ^A^ivi' ^··^^*'^^'^^^^'*''^- v. t.Wwdtfj of fee Annul )Qn(Wi Worms,'enlertains and brc*f-jf ~e en the fifcresi"irf joor did iTd tte fccmafef Jorij'of / Be w owlarflL S«6o« future: PKE-HISTOnC ANIMALS -: ; IUUUALS ^ BIRDS^-, FISHES -- REPTILES ^ CRUSTACEMtS , I ~ WSECre.iraj tt'e'pisfinj'of eacfc pidv^attodSot s foosed f easflfrMderstoJ fccissioa. Creakd by 4 ouWaoit'arfjsb aW a le*ij'- zooIogBt, kert h a mi'of aottorfljr, TabaMe h jnaoy adafis as a refer-; . wee ef lekhii| aid and lob"b( fn he efcidrauy.'^»;;'^v. ;: y · · 'liiSI«li^ii] f J»TJC^i : Ki*r»^is**^Wint FREE COUPON FREE COUPON FREE COUPON FREE COUPON FREE COUPON FREE COUPON FDFFI Picfurc un x rnttiPackctNO.4 B THIS COUPON GOOD § From 3/1B/63 to 5/26/63 a P«ck.U No. 5 and 6 cost IJ^JeK o f l ^ Animol Kingdom I Take The** VALUABLE BONUS COUPONS TO Your Nearest Thrif timcirt Market. SAVE MONEY on your Wonders of the Animal Kingdom Collection FREIRSSM0.7 S THIS COUPON GOOD | From 3/18/63 to 5/26/63 5 Packets N». 8 and 9 cent ftsdnainf H only 15« t«ch fia*ra. \ Wonders of the Animal Kingdom i ^lgS^za^ST5lS : gQ3.^faBie^i»-ys':s:j

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