Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 4
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LM* I'ich, CUH., MM., MMXtl 14, 1H4 Mao Target '- · " : of Ranting by Castro ; .'MIAMI (UP!)--Cuban Premier Fidel Castro loosed a ; barrage of bitter insults at ·the Communist Chinese Sunday n i g h t , charging them .with "blackmail" for allegedly backing out of a deal to supply Cuba with critically needed rice. In a speech at Havana University monitored here, Castro singled' out Chinese Red leader Mao Tse-tung as the "cause of the trouble between the Communist nations. He ·said Mao was trying to "Impose his feeble-mindedness - 'on us." r '_- The Chinese, Castro said, ' Jiave "committed a historical - isrror which will prove very - costly to those responsible." - ; REFERRING to tha collapse ~ of t h e Chinese-rice-for-Cu-!ban-sugar deal last Decem-." bfer, Castro said: ''·'. -"We cannot remain silent ··?over what constitutes abso- ;- Jute blackmail, a real felony, .1 in .taking away almost hali Spur rice and of doing it at -I the end of the year which has . r been one of the most difficult I years of our country." . - : For' the first time, Castro I revealed that the over-all cut. · back of Chinese exports--ap · 1 parently including rice -- to ,-Cuba amounts to 40 million I Cuban pesos. -; The value of the Cuban peso In American nioney on the --'Havana black market fluctu- ^-ates but averages at present I^around five pesos to the Yan- 'Vkee dollar.) -^- "Castro charged that the cut' of his rice supply "was '·'.'solely for political reasons.' '-· Cuba's seven million peo- -,"ple count on rice as their ; - basic food staple in an econ.; omy where all food is heavily ;" rationed. ··*' In his angry verbal assaul ",-cn Red China, Castro did no -^explain why the Pekin ;;-regime was trying to "black ·-'jn^il" him and what it wa "·seeking to "pressure" him -;;into doing. HE ACCUSED the Chines · "of "taking advantage of ; [ · special situation, and of th ·\ U. S. blockade, to attack us II-to pressure our economy." N I He called it "one of th '-·jworst fe\onies ever perpe ·f ,.trated by any band of revolu Il-^tionary leaderr." HI- .-He said the Chinese wer --""idiots and stupid" if the " believe the C u b a n s ar -·["idiots and stupid." II- The Chinese Reds a r guilty, he said, of "confusin MarxisniyLeninism with abs lutism and absolute mor archies,** vast area of the nation's mid section Sunday, eating away the blizzard snow cover of a ASTRONAUTS NEIL ARMSTRONG (LEFT), DAVID SCOTT READY TO GO Armstrong is Gemini 8 Command Pilot, Scott Will Walk in Space 'Everything Fine' /or Gemini [Continued from Page A-I) om daylight into darkness nd back Into daylight again. * * * * THE.ATLAS, the nation's rst intercontinental war lissile, is scheduled for aunching at .10 a.m. EST uesday and should put the \gena into a circular orbit bout 185 miles above the arth. If this is successful, Armstrong and Scott will ride loft 101 minutes later at 1:41 a.m. atop the Titan 2 They will attempt to ren- ezvous with the Agena crafl uring their fourth ' orbit bout 5 l / 2 hours after blast ff. During the 13th orbit, a ttle over 20 hours after aunch, the astronauts will pen the hatch of the space raft and Scott will begin his valk. Tethered to the spacecraft y an "umbilical" made up f a 1,000-pound-test nylon ord plus electrical commu ication lines, Scott will floa s much as 75 feet from Jemini 8. He will spend thi :5-minute pass through the nightside of .the earth in th' .dapter section .in the rear o he spacecraft. One of the experiments h will perform outside Gemin!: vill be operation of a spe cial battery-powered tool de eloped for astronauts to .b used in connecting section of orbiting space vehicles o making emergency repairs Armstrong and Scott ar due to make their return o riday In the western Allan- While the. astronauts prac- ced Sunday, ground crew- en at Launch Complex 14 stalled explosive devices round the base of the Gemini capsule to be used in sep rating it from its adapter ection before re-entry into le earth's atmosphere at the nd of the mission. At Pad 19, the Atlas-Agena aunch complex, · a seal was eing replaced in the turbo Alieatl of Russ, Astronauts Say SIDNEY, Australia CUPI)-American Gemini astronaut Walter Schirra and Fran Borman said Sunday the were convinced the XJ. S. i way ahead" of the Sovie Union in the race to land man on the moon. But they said both nation still were in the "stone age of space flight. Borman told, newsmen in formation gained in the D cember Gemini 6-Gem!ni rendezvous gave 'the U. S. commanding lead. 400 Teachers in New Orleans Stay oh Strike NEW ORLEANS (UPI) -About 400 of the city's 4.00C lublic school teachers votec iunday night to continue in .efinitely a collective-bargain ng strike they began Friday The teachers, members o American F e d e r a t i o n o eachers Local 527, are try ng to force the Orlean 'arish (county) school boar o call an election so teacher ,an choose a single agent fr peak for them. The predominantly Negr AFT, which claims member ship of 1,400, is one of fiv eacher organizations in th city. The others oppose th strike. ump of one of the three At as engines in order to correct liquid-oxygen leak discov- red in preflight checks. Snow Melts, Floods Forecast in Midwest ·r unit* n*u hHwMtfeui .vhen authorities advised that t would only complicate the )roblem. Authorities reported five bridges out v at Sprlngvlew, Neb., and lowlands flooding along the Niobrara from Val- Spring-like skies warmed a year the water will be high- week earlier and raising flood downstream from Grand Forks police Chief Hubert Warren threats. Show fell across New England. Rain was reported\a!ong the Gulf. Coast and In the Pacific'Northwest Rain and snow fell in the Rockies Smog reduced noon-day vis I bility to one or two blocks in the Los -Angeles area. Grand Forks, N.D., began preparations for what may be the city's worst flood. Grand Forks, and adjoining East Grand Forks, Minn.; were preparing for a flood crest of 50 feet, 22 feet above flood stage . on the Red River of the North. Mayor Louis Murray of East Grand Forks said "Last year it took a total effort to save the · city. This AT MOORHEAD, Minn., said he may have to order evacuation of 32 families II the flood crest reaches 30 feet. Silt from the flooding White River at Interior, S.D. poured into the 'municipal well. -thick through the pipes," one resident said. Plans to dynamite the ice jam were abandonee "The water was so it would hardly run entlne to Spencer, Neb. lea knocked out a flood, gate at Spencer Saturday, but the Nebraska Safety Patrol reported the situation vastly Improved Sunday. All roads were re^ opened except Nebraska 137. BRAND NEW! AU-AT-iAR AIDS LOW AS $44104 GOOD USED AIDS EYEGLASS TYPE BEHIND EAR LOW AS ,$11150 HOME HEARING AID SERVICE 144 LOCUST AVE; PHONE 432-5457 . Fidelity Hearing Aids WE SPECIALIZE IN THE FITTING OF TINY ALL-IN-THE-EAR HEARING AIDS AT A PRICE RETIRED PEOPLE CAN AFFORD TO PAY. FREE HEARING TEST AND DEMONSTRATION IN YOUR HOME OR OUR OFFICE. Mrs. Gandhi Doubts Peace Without Cong NEW YORK (UP.T)--Prlrr. Minister Indira Gandhi ; of ndia said Sunday she does not think the United Sttites will get North Viet Nam to the negotiating table without he Viet Cong. In an interview with the American Broadcasting Company prior to her forthcom- ng U.S. visit, Mrs. Gandhi offered no solutions to the Vietnamese war and said she would make no suggestions unless she could think of "something new." GUYS AND GALS alike find good jobs listed in the Classified Ads. Turn back now. FLORSHEIM PREDICTS SPRING WILL BE L1QHTJ .tip Shoes will beholder this Spring as Florslieim leads the way with massive detailing and the broader toe. Unmistakably masculine, yet remarkably light! Quite a slip on! The Seville. $27.95 FLORSHEIM SHOE SHOP BROADWAY at PiKE IBANKAMEft! OfEH MONDAY AND f RID AY FVfS. MONTH LONG PATRICK'S DAY SPECIAUHMMi RALPHS OWN MILD CURED (NO GARLIC) CORNED BEEF.. U.S.D.A. CHOICE STEER BEEP ONLY! FLAT CUT BRISKET 79» I U.S.D.A. GRADED CHOICE LARGE ; s WEATY, :/:.,^ SIZE { j_ ·"·? STEAKS WELL TRIMMED CLUB STEAKS BONELESS SPENCER STEAKS H 69 LB. LB. LEAN BEEF SHORT RIBS BONELESS STEWING BEEF 33*79^ CERT1-FRESH FROZEN FISH 'H CHIPS HOME STYU WHITE Ot WHEAT 49er BREAD 31 15-or. LOAF XMPHS ALMOND CIISPIES COFFEE CAKES BORDO GRAPEFRUIT 23 MUGGINS GOURMET ALL STAR DARK RED DHL MONTE "MOCHA-JAVA"COFFEE KIDNEY BEANS PRUNE JUICE BISQUICK MIX MB. CAN 75 ICDIIDV "S PILLSBURY FLOUR POST CORK FLAKES * BLUEBERRIES · LB. BAG 55 C 35 aoz. 55 .BAIPHS CREAMED, FARMER SHOE, CHIVE OR LOW FAT COTTAGE CHEESE C . RAIPHS AU MEAT Oft AU BEEF SLICED BOLOGNA PINT 25 smt Ot tOW FAT QIMM "* 12-OZ. PKG. 59 GARDEN FRESH CRISP SOLID CABBAGE SWEET RED EMFESOft ^% ^%4fel GRAPES 2 29 NEW CROP fUESH ALL GHEEN ASPARAGUS 39!. LB. FROZEN EGG-0 WAFFLES PKG. OF 3 10 \ BESH-PACT FROZEN GRADE A LIMA BEANS 5$|00 AU STAR BRIGHT STAINLESS FLATWARE ON SALE NOW 5 TML AlSO AU DECORATED ITEMS ON SALE NO COUPON NEEDED. NO PURCHASE REQUIRED. GREEN GIANT FROZEN VEGETABLES MAZOLA rlOO M-Bumx SAUCE 10-OZ. PKGS. BEANS MARGARINE $£37* TEA BAGS FORDHOOK HAIR SmiNO Gtl DIPPITY-DO ,». 39* Ki 69^ " REEF, CHICKEN OR CHEESE FROZEN VAN DE KAMP'S ENCHILADAS RED'S FROZEN' BEEF TA WALES KINOSFOSD CORN STARCH Jg; 23* BUMBLE BEE SOLID FACK WHITE 3 $100 10 $100 7V*-OZ. H ' 4-OZ. B PKGS. .5 PKGS - · PRICES EFFECTIVE MOK. THRU WF.D. MA» U, 15 t, U ADD TAX TO TAXAtLE ITEMS _ VIENNA SAUSAGE ^27* TUNA UPTON XEOULAR CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP MIX LOMA LINDA GRAVY QUIK : ALL DETERGENT LUX LIQUID DETERGENT 7-OZ. CAN OF 2 45* PKOS, 3LB., 1-OZ. PKG. 1J.OZ. 33* LOW SHELF PRICES EyiRYDAYj_PLU,S ADVERTISED SPECIALS AT 10th »ni CNirry; Un( Buck · Dtl AMI anl Pirminf, Ukiw«Ml · 15471 S. Broekhint *l XltlMn, WntMlnttir · 7331 Villty Vli* Uri., IBM* P»rk

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