The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 18, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1957
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i. i .1 NN tu**day- -High 7:27 p.m. — Low 4:03 pm. Wednesday—High fl:41 n.m. »nd R:SO pm.—Low 12:47 n.rn. and 4:24 p.m. IS THl FINAL DAY OF "BKAZOSPORT BITTER BUYS" IN ARIA BUSINESS. HQUSES B VOL. 45 NO. 79" The Voice of an Industrial Empire-Brazoxport find Brazoria County CIS Court Ignores Insanity Plea An insanity plea was ignored by a District Court jury Monday, and Wayne Bob Melton of Alvin was sentenced to five years in the state penitentiary. Mellon was convicted of n>.=sult with intent to raoe a young Alv;n housewife April 25 whil* Ihe womr.n <•. as on her way to fl doctor. T/tp woman gave birth to a child the following day. The jury deliberated several hours before returning their verdict to District Judge. Thitr- mr.n Gunton, who wns presiding at the criminal jassinn of t h e 23rd Judicial District Cot'H. F. R. C t off of Anj?l"ton and William Orr. °f Sweeny v.-ere roirrf - appointed coi'n?«l Tor thf defence. | The housewife, her rpolhpr, i who accompanying her! to the doctor's office at n late' hour, and Melton's confession i indicated guilt in the offence But Melton's stepfather te«- lifed that the boy had been] tinder psvehintric treatment al • John Sealy Hospital In Gslvs-' tnr-, mairily to determine why h* was unable to ipeak plainly. An Ansleton physician said that h« had examined Melton In iail several week? aao to determine hi* mentWI 'ondi- tion He said that Melton knew vhat he was saying, and was aware of what he had done but fell nn emit about it. "T think he Is definitely • rhUophrenic. I dunk that he shPiild be put in an institution for the mentally inromnefenl. He was In a dream world." th" phvsician said. Irt a felony theft" charge,' Lewis Jones received a two year suspended sentence. R. C. Robinson was given Hire* .vesrs ir. th* slste peut-j ten,;n,y,on Meh^jTUe counts! I of ttltgf-y. His ternis*V,l| run concurrently, In anotner forgery ease, >h<-ila Parks received" a two' year probationary sehtence Tntitt WMtten. charged with DW'I second off on... did ,. u , appear tnr iris! arid Judge Oiroton ordered Flis bond for- feiled. Vireil Paul Shane, also •barged with DWI second of. fen.'e. had hlj charire rr.diif-d fVTl first offense b»cane<- Ipi.slrict Attornsy Sarri Le» fain jhe could no! prove i p rev j o ., e I Jail, a *Sf) fine, and suspension of hi« driver's license for a period of rix months. Hoi cheek charges asainstj The cases of R. H. Miller nni Krtieger, Johnny M. Mu'-r>hv, j and Roberl C. Webber. DWI, second offense: and W. T. Tal ' ly. conspiracy to cn.ise'i prison' I escape, were all continued. I Weather Forecast " Partly cloiidv and continued warm through Wedneday. A' few scattered shower*. Low tf>- ; night around 78 and high Wed*' nesday near 90. PRICE -LATE BULLETINS- AU3ilN — .-,raic-hers ior!ay recovered the body of }he Rev. Edg^r T. Bassptt, 30-year-old minister who drowned in Lake Austin Saturday in a water skiing accident. i Phone Studied Hike To 10 Cenfs On Pay Phone Use Asked OUT«TAHD.MG COMMUNITY SERVICE w on „.„. P ,, qu ., OKLAHOMA CITY - Police broke up the distribution of anli-Hiis.-iPii leaflets urging visitors to "snub the" v ho iisve, a booih at the Oklahoma semi-centennial .-jtpoMtion. No arrests were made. ANGER'S PEAK, Nev. — Early today the AEC delonaled the fourt'i in the nuclear bomb test, series. This one wa« parti} to lest the effect.-, of the flash on the eyes. which w?r , .r .nd to C.p.. J.,. r , ih ' vr j for t n, »r..o, R|,. f . Th, .ward. w.,. presented eliminate four-party S erno«. proper-he company wmlld not do „ 'im.nedi.leh, Hlchar-i, IrT ^He said there -vere about 350 Dersons °n four-party service i ln the cit . v limits, and that i abollt I0 ° "' thrse were now w ' alllnff on straight lines Thesp would be changed .rr.11 of Co. D, »• Tnk. Bin. right. Both group, ' the AUSTIN — Go-.-. Price Daniel has a?ked Ihe help of Slai'j Depan.nent in returning Ben.Iack Cage from zil to fare embezzlement and theft charges. mad. durin, . „.„ , rf h . ld ., lh , La On Calveston Gambling. • • NEW YORK ed that r.'. n -'i!t«, beginning Morida-.- . Five major companies have announc- i;p cigarettes will cost a penny more " ' Rangers Continue Raids GALVESTO-VTe*. _ m - - Kl«en|,i.«cn smashed 2. U he G^rrfon Moveltv o -- • th« 'ee'h t st of , - District Judge Donald Marhle added auorn«y general's gambling drive with expected temporary injunctions. GALVESTO-VTe*. _ m - Texas rangers, wieidin, a One ea»e »ach nf prison PO'md sledgeliammer, wr»nked e^caiie and felony theft, and destruction tin hidbrn jam- several cases of forgery and bling equipment in Galvestnn driving >vhile intoxicated'sec- in a »erles of raid; ond offrn«e were tried in j Monday night. .Tndge T. M. Gunton's ?.1rri Jii.l Ranger Capt. Johnny Kle- dirial District Court Monday. 1 venh«<en and Ranjer Eddie All the cases were tn<>diOliver. tcco-roanicd hy Ohief without jur>-, and all -vdefen- Awlstani Attorney General Cei Rotjch »nd eifht of his «ulj. lo-,.lot m.H.ines and machines place Jinashed 21 ah four pmb:i found at another]!/ Gilvcston Novelty Co., the raider? 22 device*, most- pinbpli machine*. , While 1'ipv Jcnna, operator i over tite r,v;u Music Co. Inc.,!rP5cntsliicr. .; Erin Scrrrsi-;, pair prole-let! cor.tcn •Kler Vin-ent of the MAM sisned a destruction order. Ltwm»lt«« Ups.t At » warehouse operaiod bv were Iwo s'.ale t'.'.'. ,->n finsc.v nr.f arr;vrn. Th Klrvcniiajin'j ma'.liincs liatl (.•i:--'whei-p .iftr clnmpdou n nn IOD'KII-.S, pai-.bling. • " ,-,i per I .J • . tlmi ? t$ . undauivc-.-i. , The frreeport „._ . »-a» at tj, e Junior Optimist • Clubs where fh» :iflerffd into on * rlub * tw-n-yrtf ruinulMive sen- CommiMl**^? ' TW * ; 1 > r fence for e's*«r>e from « Texas ftoifrM •noT'J'oiice Chief O. X pri«on /arm. The sentence is Henson, hit' *«ven ' 'o bec|h aft«r he eomoletes t^e'and clubs. j one h| i* nrw serving. I The biggest^ haul Rio Grande Club, -sur-ti- rm- 'jsMrcners found an estimated! ~vi? fl!.V> slot machines and po.-tioiw' , "*. co I "f a roulett* table after '.'Hwr,I™,., "L,., kicked open th- door. Klev,n- U^!e Pavfli hafen orderod the plare pad-: Ktv/ orfin locked and «iardfd. The ma- .ji -hine. will be hauled .war tn-.reivin|t the potition of nr,-i- 1ll|i"" v ' - dent. Other officlaK will b.K Gfor^tJone?. vice presidor,! in charge of attendance: Walter iSnyder. vice president in ' of membership: Johnny John B. Arena and r-obeit L. have hich rrttvorl 7M vntod '« , of <hp ' ' " ***"">** " ^ with Urn- Tip Book« They wwe trjiiiri !o (•fh ownership r{ a . warehouse -.'-hen Anthimj titt?, a figure in 3 lorr, i .luce Ihe Fn • • . in brief Square Dane* An i time <quare dance will be held at the Wild Pe».-h Community Hcuse, tonight starting al 7:30. The Bill Brown Band will supply the music. Chicken Dinners The women of the Si. Rinan- iiel BapiUt rhiirch al 418 Ea.^t Sixth in Freeport will sponsor a l>:irhecucd chicken dinner Satiirnuy from II a.m until 8 p m. The pure will be 75 cents per platp and anyone desiring ID palroni/e the project m a,<ked to call .1-3184 or 3-334S -md pl.ire their order no lalcr than i'nda.v evening. Familiar Riiiff Sr.vrON, Kngland — KTi —! Pamela Thornlnn, 20. was run- 111114 I'pr hands idly Ibrough Ih,- ,».ii»l at Ihe beach of this icMut tiui.iv when t'tt found a dtar.iond i in? It was the same nnj Mie had lost three ueekt For Early Risers ' "— "- * •' - literature next «*«. Th* cour»e key. The party fo-jr-- -ivrjsl tin Iwk;. u.-ed i.- liorse p'a.-ing. and «.i:-r.i i'««es of poker chips, but n ".amh'.ins machine.'. Al a ); ,«land h-iou i Ctnk Club, yilso owr ed b\ Vm•.^en; Jenna. tne\- fpii'td r..n: -!>ai|ered two pitib^ll ir^. •hinr«. K!"\ pnKvfpn. ur .hie t i •• '•ma.«hed . n the ijnor wo accidents were repoi Ird by the police units in Fn-enorl. Lake Jackson or Clule over Ihe past 24-hour period. fie Range Salurd.-»\: and a hiis- ine«« meptm? Sunday at 2 p m. at Biir Johnson's residence 119 W. E^hth. Al the taller meeting, nil the bo»s aie a.<kcd to brim with them ideas for fund-raisins. Annual Pet Show To Be Wednesday re.f? nf p.}] kinds nr;^ tj7.»>s will be the rrrve.r of attracfon in West Column^ Wrdnp-day ^'lernofwi a« -iip plrmrn'ai -,• vouth hold th--:r -.csr:-,- ,,'..', under the leadership of i-<- Wc't Co!ilml)i.i W'-rr-i-'im ''i i- iram. will he hcid at ti-.p 5',, ior H ; 7h Gyni. record number r-f rl.i-;.-. < ? ' "f a!! kinds, and other ;v,. or nrnninly. ' ^ Summer He. :v.iv,in Di, .-,•.. c > Ool^.in K pypci-tln^ a even urger lineiip ,,f , v .,, i,v,.,;_ nesda>- fnr t!i e P , rm T| . |( . • K.3o- will br rn hind a* i 1 ,., •J.MII to award :he winner, various prizes. T hf public iv inviieil •„•> 31- l>'iid the fuiictiiv; Record Heat Wave Blanketing Nation ; Phone Company hart j« h* council with a |-.rdmance ,vith three change, i from the present ordinance. j Cotincilmen had no q-iarrel with the first two of these | items, which called for raising ,lhe rale of , pay phones from Jive lo in cents; and the event- ii»l elimination of four-party : ° ver firft ' "'chards said and unc.. within tne cit.v limits. ' l next lhl> «"r,pan.v would pro- But th» third, which -.-/as a T10 "' '^o-parly and one-purfr request thai the city leave out l ?ervicp "mon* the four.partT ;of the ordinance all "miscel- I'-'islomers. •' jUneous charge?," met with dis I Re qn«led increases in mis- 'approval from Herb Teinert lCella "^i" charges aie an in| director of public works, and crePse °' l2 c <">'« "n key tele ifrom Cily Commissioner Dicki phone rat " : lfi cents on |Helpinst:ll. : Teinert showed the council .the three pa?es of "miscellaneous charges" for which rates j'vere set in the ordinance now '" ""ect. He said that he felt that A r rd rri third to- ciearmj skic-s. the weather bureau predicted. Scaf.prta .snower* nave been "i".« vrre -^-.! rain socf Mo«t Qt :>,e M/irids-- !•:?«, .,-* "fly 5iorrr.^'*-at r?phrr»d in Vit.;-\ and songs; average 87 ' ceri»s increase in audible signals and . I cents on visible signals- M .average in conference equipment .there are four such in he area- 59 cents for private ..... ,„«, lne «<«l'ons; on indoor some of the chanees m these °°<* h *'- »nd J3.JO on outdoor i charges thai the telephone °° ; -orrp?ny officials had indicat-i ,ed they should have were jus- Miffed hut that he definitelv would not recommend that the fir relinquish the rif-h control these rates Teinert pointed out that the DSny individual increases on miscellaneous equipment looked small, but that it could mean' » Ifrcat increase in co*t Teinerl pointed out that Freeport could not .-.jrroe on any of th» requests by if, e y; — that they could only iniil- eate to the company what the* would apnrove. Then Ihe eom- would have to net similar approval from the city coun :ils of l,,ke Jackson and Clute 'before acti-M ordinances could oe approved. but •.•r.Z ha:d ram Ten.pfratures »re also due to rfmam in the high 80s or lo •- 9n : s c \ er Bra?oria County ni-.,rh of ihis week. Mnum.m temperatures this "'•nir.E landed from a 51 at Dai,lan to RO in the Corpui 'v-'ilnj:'! area Frances Is Here Mr iMd Mr'. Roy S \tc- f.r.'i • r,f Fieepo.'t are bu-V' •-':t'O'-;:n; a ne-.v jj.i gi;t«r' :.:., siv.r |..i»ie. She is Fiances i >:•.,;; .ii'tt ,-np v\eigrjcft ^e\ en : "• :.-;.".• ,ui..! t v* o '"lllice^ w lien '.,- arri'. .-d Jt Dow li'j-pllal • •" .:,,n< IS fl.V.t ».-!-i! ^nd KJ.--I Data •- V>>r:n-'S( \\ edr.esd that DO.V would be penalized | .heavily if , ne rate , were , ' creased. • Otherwise, counrilmen \oiced | no objections to the rate n- prease requests, or eyen to the increase in soerific items of 'he rr.iscellineoiis charges Vernon Ridiards. Iocs l | Southwestern Bell manager iano spokesman for Ihe com- 1'ian.v. said that th? reason foi ,'vanling the four-oarty lines 'discontinued was that the cus-i iiomer dealing of loll calls was •m the near lutiire. and Ihe "nmpment would not work on ' lines. H» said that Brazosnort would go lo the VVCTo Have First Class Office The West Columbia Port Office will advance from a second class rating to a first .class on July ]. Mrs. Frances Renfro, post- •naster. announced the increase ,in rating after she was notified of the advance over the week; end by the regional office in Dallas. An inspection visit was made lo the office several clays prior lo action being taken in the region office. Mr«. 7-24 p.m. ay a; 5:21 i m v ;n 7:2S p m. he melropolilan . «vs'eni of dial numbers next Renfro faid »hat Ihe increased May. and that the schedule of vo ' ume of mail handled by the dialing T 1 '- 1 i!ti'i< ^pnir'-'riMy i, from c.-rlier ra j d< "-i r Peninsula. U ipii uirmt-nt found ih-.-ip e'-. «'a< duslv and oif Sencrfe fig/if Seen: Civil Rights Bill Has House Okay Br KETTY PRYOH Rm ^..A-JLA.. c a ^, n...i, ., .. .. Gone To Seed EATON li.M'IHS. Mich - 4fi '' Kail- •f •CTTY PRYOH UP Stall C«rr«»pond»«l WASHINGTON — tin — The Huuie loday ftnaly pas,*erl Ihc administration'* (oui-poim ci\- ..... 'I ritjht* bill »'l«r d«realin^ > here laH-gai'p souihai'n move to lack on the disputed jury trial has *in«dniinl. But Speaker Sam l!a>l»un, i-ori pru- Around B r a i o s p o r t HiKr'.l'l i!iT I lOY-s i l.'.'li M«II:IX in-iiib. i .1 I M id 1 K THIETSCH (or his p.ui >, , x lies lo Ihe ilub . . MAK in response lo an nuiuirv by Rep Kenneln B. Keaung, R. N.Y., JUM prior to tht i.nal \ole, empha$i/.ed ibat Ineie \^ <is nu dLspwnion on Ihe p.ut at Ih? leaoersbip li> hold uji (be mea.sure. i All :t\til was lli'i-c.-.-ai v at- i I!"' Hi* x.ilx Ha.s (ur Ihc clerk . Die bill wenl immcdialt'l. lu K> si^n tr ( e lull An asM»iam i Ihe Senate, where backus clerk was reaciy lo ranv \\t atrojs the raoiiol tu ihe Sen- l ale. i SnnaU Fight C«itain Tiic Si-nau applied vnlual- 1* teiuiii lo bring the bill ai- reili.v in trie Senalt fluoi lur approi.iii- , vver« maneuvfiinjr to speed 11041 i>n it by by-pu*i<infi Ihe nn . mi i LS A. I. .si'KHHVs {« I,IK SHERRY, rtied fiid,.-. M Bo:ilmm Vevrhil's MO.SI>I',I| Services v\ v .re Monda^ afti'i noon. . . . I.I NO A HK.AKN of Lake JaL'k^on wai an unMa 1 - c.e>iiul Ctt.idiiiate (or "li'iv- ernor" at Girls' Stal* in Austin. Sli<! represented Ihe Ma. A 1 DSKRF Seiute Jutiiciav.y Committee. House pa.stax« u cs an anli- (liniax lu ihe long and (uu!e -outhein fi^ht hw «n «mei«l mem guaianieeing a jmy tnsl m cull i-ighiv ilial "ilsjhl undsr the ne.>v l.'S.-Ution. Soutrt«|-D«i-k based i lieu- main Jighl »i«u, 3 i ihe Dill on Ihe jui-y tt?i«T i»»u«. I'.ISMI.IJC tame a(t«r ihe HOUMI iivvieii four diff«reut vi-i- ..I..M.S of liie jury ul«l ameod- iiii-ut on iion-recoid voles. MOT* Fail* The In-I uriauccesslul Soulh- •Oil'J l'lllplo.\ <u l nt J,itrn'.s (i aiiion^ tin \^i!iu..s I'osla! A Him? I.UIIS .sllU-IMIIIIIltl sivins M Ihe 1'usi Clii'u-. o. prtitiuT in e\ir.i 1:1:1 iiiiii.n - >1 (i.^tHJ.tHMl lh.iii n-isler Arlliur fcl. Summ,'; .aid he ncedi'd to niaiiitjiit iiiil M'rv u-t ! bi-g:iuiini4 Ju 11-ov.e Ihe 'i'uai wiiald mi-ail iivp,i»;n^ the .Senate Juiiifiary Cumiiin- 'ee headco bv hen Jj.iies I) EiftUixi O-Mi;,s.. j si'gie»;.. uonjsl leader. Bui the hglu on the Se'iali- floor was expected to lie *tiaio and long. Other t«ngiei,.s;oml new?Alo«u: Sen. Jonii W. B»u.> «r K-Oiurt (aid U* nil! dji,i - o keep in Cunjtreu' hands fi.nd ITU iiianemrr was a aiuve lo control over U. S. atomic ma,-end the bill back to the teri»l» lh«t wouM te gu eu with in ' ' nullii'ii. S.n) pcc-icii Suininei (uld ttoul. able lo maintain 'imiuai : lit- »ithuut Iht n-.~i of iiionty. Spuili..- IUp Kciuii-ib Keating K-N. V said he no i-rum-e ih«i Coiiii.s.s «iaiu uroies,sioiidl .spun.s lull tiniuuiui, fiom anli-iriisi laws. HiMvvvri, Keating—.seniui l!e- pabluan nn a .subcommittee in- vejiijiahn^ (no >uo.-iV-.--aid lie t'avoij Mime exemption. A EC: Seli Clinton f. Andi.-r- ;mi D-N. M. .said Prvsuii-iu Kis- eril-.uuerV no^v appotnununl^ lo the Atomic Energy Cimum.s- sion faweU lung cou.sideraiiou •in«tallation of toll dialing P°-' l .o' f 'ce was the major fac- eiitipment indicated that Bra/- Ior in the cla ." rating, osnort was on ihe list for about Thf rent al fees on post of•'!l«n. ' If granted permission to Makes Home The rental 'fees on fire boxes will automatically i be raised nn July 1 also, according to Mrs. Henfro. The boxes renting at present for 90 pent., will he raised to J1.10 for a quarter: Ihe SI.IO boxes will rein (or SI.JO a quarter; and the present $150 boxea 11:35 pm. James Kenneth is making lu.s home with Mr. and Mrs. . . Charles Walker of West C-il-. wl| l rent for $2.25 a quarter. urnl.ia. He weighed nine pounds There will be no change in and II ounces on arrival at me mail service at present be Angleion Hospital. Mav :!8. al canw or the change in rating" •vith- dispatches being made at 10.30 a.m. and 4:30 p m. daily. Monev order window hour* will continue fiom 9 a.m. to 3 p.m on week and • a.m. 10 1 u.m. Saturday!. Mrf. Renfro laid that the wei?ht and »ize limitations on Antionette Debuts The debut of Anlioneve Re nee n being announced bv her parents. Mi. and Mrs W. J Wendell of Danbury. She marie her first appearance at 5:1.1 p m. May 30. at the Angleton Hospital, weighing in at seven pounds and eight ounce* narcel post will change on July i. with Ihe new specifications being explained at the windows of the post office. July 14 Date Announced For Annual Horse Show Judiciary CoimiuUtt« with in- other uilionj undei the .u unions to alUcii the conlro- for p««te" ti-ealy. Debate un . by th* lomt Cons , cr>ial gmcnanient. |tl>* tualy ijiovcd into its so,--i Atomic Energy C'onunitUte. An- Thr House tleik hid the biU.ond 4*jr. J^!»d«r* riopeu 10 ,;«•! derMin i» ih« rank tug Stnaie ready /or imrnedialc liarwmis- ,it ra|Uicd by l»ui«iil niembrr. Committee Chairman lion to Se.iaie. Thii pro-1 Bfkcro: lionali.'it Fai _ _ __ w»s till! in S'i»ui'i • '"i-••)»>.',:»,(, coutrl hi\e been (tretched Coruiioittet 'c»Uea Bak wailing for a deis^ed t'amert ,, u t hsd thei* heen toy ettorl ion «fflttali to queslioi v „., „. ...„.., l>aji (iioent. _ 'lo deity llui iitu, ; «b<>uV ^tcial lavoft £ran;«i, wlia>« Uiiu expuei June. 30. TJSte Senate K*cke;j; Carl T. Durham D-N. C. said ** t'u- he would ;liii pielcr reappuinl- mcui of Thomas E. Murray A hOUSING WELCOME wai f»u m»mb< US M»rin« Corps Rtterve. whrti it »niv«d 4-:Ilv« duty Irjining »t tht t»Uiin« Corpi Do wtkomlnj cummiim. Ray and Bonnie Cow ciuui two B;axo*port*ri. Eu«ll H«da« ol La B'own at Fr«;port, back row, left, ara among ing Junt 2fl aod d^paxi by air tbtt tama day ol Gfilvmlon's llth Sp«ciol Infantry Co.. .v! w«ek«nd in San Diego ior two w««k» • 'iwo numberi of S«n Di.go'i oliieial »t a group of the r«»rt«t which in .nckson. lowtr jow. lift, and J»m»« ••; icservej who will compl.t. thiir train- o lutura hom«. The annual colt show of l Brazoria Coumy (Juarier lioi Association will be heid al l '.'oiinlv Fairjjioi.rids Aia-u Barn on Sundn. July 14. f'ian.s call for The roll. 1 ; fillies toaled in ine \t«rs lyiiii and I9i7 lo arrive a< me Fdir- ^lOH-H s at 8 am. and be a.«- -ianed stalls. Shoeing \\ilj ije- ,m at 10 a.m . w JIM a of Five libbun.s will be a\.'?'d- t-d in eacn rLiss. and a aiand inaii'iiion and a re>.".'-ve thar;.- Miion nbbor. will be Awair>eri 'or bolh filties aud coll.* EH- trv fee tor the =how has bt-.-t, set at $» 50 each. Sho•.<. fh.-irnian W A. Ho.<. |!<iu» Jr. sa'M that a pioniincai \mert-an Ouarlei- Hors« Asso- •'alion arjproved indae. whnse 'line Is to be revealed by Hosl 'irs at a laler driie, will plare i'^e entries. ; A catered baiiieiue v ill K «M H uing ihe jiir.u . In ihe ;ifle'-rvion. t. larkpol .-.itiino conte&i. of which. Dr. F. M ^Vard is chairman, will be held in tha Fairgrounds rodeo Plans are being made for a lopinp contesl, spon.sored by :-,ndnhe Bratoria rounty Roping Club, to follow ihe culling ccn- I e* i. RESULTS COUNT . . . and us itiiulus \ou can get, loo. :f jou iit.e fast-acung, l"» IDJ.I Braiotpoit Facts Wain Ads lo help 3oa \viifcn vim want lo SELL. RENT KIND, HIRE. TRADE OR BUY. Here art three \>. jy 4 m order >our Ad: PHONE 3-3511 or J-lall. VISIT the Want Ad desk at the new BrazoipoH Building. 311 East Park. MAIL your Want Ad U Bfa? Facts, Box 10M, Fieeporl.

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