Independent from Long Beach, California on February 3, 1960 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1960
Page 4
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A-4--INDEPENDENT ··" ·««*· «·"'·· «··· '*· · "*· POLITICS Demo Session Set for 70th District By BOB HOUSER The 70th Assembly District Democratic Council will hold its nominating convention at 7 p. m. Saturday in Pan American Park Clubhouse, Centralia St. and Charlemagne Ave., Joseph Johovich, general chairman, announced. Business of the session is to endorse a candidate for the East Long Beach 70lh Assembly District scat in the State Legislature to oppose the incumbent William S. Grant, Republican. Two candidates have announced their intention to seek the Democrats' endorsement. They are Mrs. Ora Kmidson, 47, of 6102 Henrilee St., Lakewood, the 1960 president of the 18th Congressional District Democratic Council, and William H. Peake, 31, of 246 Coronado Ave., the 1960 president of the El Dorado Democratic Club. Johovich said all chartered club members in the 70th paid up as of Jan. 12. are eligible as voting delegates. There is a SI per voting delegate registration fee. Special chairman will be Hugh Manes of the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee. * * * * New GOP Club in Paramount Howard Jarvis, new president of the Los Angeles County Republican Assembly, will speak at 8 p.m. Feb. 11 in the Women's Club Bldg., Alondra Blvd. and California Ave., to Republicans interested in the formation of a Republican club in Paramount. Jarvis, engaged in the man- Wlial's Churchill Painting Worth? LONDON (ff] -- What is a Winston Churchill painting worth on the open market? A London art auction house announced Tuesday the question will be answered May 11. Sir Winston has donated one of his paintings to a charity sale that day for the benefit of world refugee year. Churchill never before has offered one of his works at a public sale. ufacturing business, is a member of the Republican State Central Committee, is director of "Nixon for President" clubs in 12 Western states, excluding California, and is a speaker with the County Republican Speakers Bureau. He has appeared as a radio and television analyst and commentator on more than 1,000 programs. A law graduate from Utah, he was a newspaper publisher and was assistant public relations director for the Republican National Committee, Jarvis is chairman of the committee to elect Republica'n candidates to the State Assembly this year. Don Anderson of Long Beach, area director of the County Central Committee, will assist in organization of the new club. * * * * Chacc Honored at Testimonial Supervisor Burton W. Chace, 4th District, will be honored at a testimonial dinner tonight in the Santa Monica Miramar Hotel. It is being sponsored by chambers of nmerce and other civic groups from Westchester to the Ventura County line, according to Edwin Blakeslee, general chairman. George Murphy, actor and movie executive, will be master of ceremonies. Entertainment includes the Lennon Sisters, Leo Carillo, Mel Blanc and- former Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz. 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(UPI)--The e d e r a 1 government--pro ceding rapidly in its price- xing case against 29 major .S. oil firms--Tuesday won IB right' to introduce documents which it says show ommunication among vari us oil companies in the 1956 7 winter price hikes. U.S. District Judge Royce '.. Savage overruled a motion or acquittal by defendan ities Service Co. after at orney Simon H. R i f k i n rgued the firms are innocen f wrongdoing even if all th overnment's charges in it re-trial brief are true. * * * * T H E G O V E R N M E N T urned in the afternoon to a ne of proof which it claim; Mil show that crude stock; :ere adequate and gasolim locks excessive in Decembe 956, and January 1957, when rices on both crude and gas line went up. The government accuse; he 29 firms of taking ad antage of the closing of thi luez Canal by Egypt to con pire to raise prices in thi U.S. The firms admit prices vent up, but deny they con ulted one another. Chief U.S. P r o s e c u t o 'oseph E. McDowell said th FAMILY CAR SOOtC Q U A L I T Y WAKH mm Any Modtl or Makt Fajtiit bcrvlcc Lowest Cosl Only fjtnulnt parts uied 2 days lervice Elitcrronlcaflv timed Oni-yoar guarantee Ted W. Brown tiwehrt Sine, IMI W. Olv» "S.iH. 1 Qr»»n Stampt HI 6-7326 418 Lone Beach Blvd. Optn Monday and Friday Evening! INDEPENDENT-- Pag. A-l ml Beach, Clllf.. W«l.. Fib. 1. I'M "Maybe I don't know what I'm missing by riding instead of walking-but what I don't know won't hurt me." government's case was going "very smoothly" and predicted the prosecution would rest its case within two weeks. Earlier, it had been expected that the government's portion of the case might drag on well into March. * * * v MCDOWELL SAID the first witness in the case, Richard Rollins, s e c r e t a r y of the Atlantic Refining Co., might he called as early as Thursday. Due to follow him are Wallace A. Avery, secretary of Texaco, Inc., and a number of FBI men and telephone company employes. , A move by the government :o introduce charts purporting' to show, crude oil and gasoline stocks levels in the affected period drew scattered objection from the oil firms. Attacking the company-prepared charts, attorney Richard B. McDermott of Shell said the government ought to rely on U.S. Bureau of M i n e s charts instead of company- prepared charts, which ha termed "second-hand information." * * * * THE GOVERNMENT won a major point earlier when Judge Savage permitted the introduction into evidence of an inter-office memorandum of the Ohio Oil Co. purporting to describe the reaction of the Humble Oil Co. to a price increase by Phillips Petroleum; Co.--two other defendants. (and every day) Now jet to Paris in only 6-M hours from New Yorlc! New d a i l y non-stop sorvirn fonlnres Air France'* Boeing707Intprrontinonl,il Jot -world'sfastest,largest, longest-range jetliner. 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