The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 23, 1978 · Page 13
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 13

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1978
Page 13
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40 Ref's count DOWN 1 Enjoy "la dolce yita" 2 Zeal 3 Chaplain 4 Quick- witted 5 Employ 6 Japanese statesman 7 Foolish fancy 9 Tremble 10 Infatuate 11 Do penance 15 Kinds by THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 39 Cloy 1 In the of luxury 4 Fashionable 8 "Is it a hit — miss?" 9 Glide, as a snake 12 Compute 13 Prima donna 14 Pardon 16 Gas-station giveaway 17 Bailiff 18 Greek township 19 Ending for spin or gun 20 One of the Ages 21 Balaklava weapon 24 "This of Mine": 1943 song 25 Caucasian language 26 "Kitty" 27 Cantrell of song 28 End 31 Decrepit 32 Pepys was one 34 Being a drudge 36 Give the -to 37 — cordiale 38 Nigerian city i JEAN ADAMS Saturday Morning, September 23. 1978 (Tlri- TEEN FORUM iifu -\ r cfus5-B Yesterday's Answer 18 Weight- 26 Fencing watcher thrust 21 Strauss 29 Waistcoat opera 30 Out of 22 King Arthur's the way abode 32 By — of 23 Some are 33 One of one-armed the ages 24 Reverence 35 Grassland 22 23 35 32 28 I ft 20 16 38 9-23 DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE - Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXR is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. 5n this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTES C D N G J C H Z V K I S N QK ; I K A V K N I H A K H C OF MJNVJ G J K U K A HARASSED: (Q.) My mother and father are separated, but he comes over our house often. He is usually drunk and ends up fighting my brother, who is trying to protect my mother. When my brother's not home, my mother ends up hurt. My father has never touched me, but I am afraid one of these days he will be so drunk that he will hurt me. My mother will not get a divorce because she's afraid something will happen. The police have come before but they can't do anything because my mother won't complain to them. What can I do? I am a girl, 12 years old. Frightened in Massachusetts (A.) Your mother can and should get help and advice from local authorities. This is her responsibility and she should face it rather than let conditions get worse and worse, as they are likely to do. Your minister, or the police, can tell her where to go. Talk to your brother about the seriousness of things. Together you and he may be able to persuade your mother that she must take action, for her good, for your brother's good, and for your good. PRAISE: (Q.) I'm oa this softball team and there is this certain minister that I dislike very much. But he likes me. Recently I was in a softball game and he was there. When the game ended he came over personally and told me I did very well. He also said, "I am glad I put you on that team." He kept on and on about my playing. Finally somebody called to him and he left. He never congratulated anyone else. That's what bugs me. Now every time I hear anybody talking about softball I think about him. I am trying to keep him off my mind, but how can I do it? I need your help desperately. - 16 in Connecticut (A.) I suspect that you have told me only part of your story. You seem to be concerned about something beyond the minister. He is just a symbol of your inner turmoil. Are you rebelling against doing something you feel you should do? If you feel you should think more of religious things and less of softball and such, you can do it without going to or through this specific man. There are other ministers and churches. If you feel the need, try some of them. (Have a problem? Write to Dr. Jean Adams, care of this newspaper, P. O. Box 2402, Houston, Texas 77001. Because so many write, Dr. Adams cannot answer you personally. But she will answer readers' questions in Teen Forum daily.) SUBSCRIBE TOD A Y! 744-3611 DAP GJK GHGDS DO- HC NG UKDAI VHS- SDLIK. — MNSSNDU RDUKI Yesterday's Cryptoqaote: FOREVER, IN A LOVE AFFAIR, IS AT LEAST OVER THE WEEKEND.-SOURCE UNKNOWN ©1978 King Feitures Syndiate, lac. 3 Dickinson Pupils Merit Semif inalists Dickinson High School students Kathy Brewer, Kirk Hughes and Chris Ludlow were named semifinalists last week in the 24th merit program sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corp. The three academically talented Dickinson students represent the top half of one percent of Texas' graduating seniors and will have an opportunity to continue in the competition for 4,000 Merit Scholarships to be awarded in the spring of 1979. Miss Brewer, Hughes and Ludlow were chosen from more than one million students enrolled in 18,000 high schools entering the 1979 Merit Program. The 1977 Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test-National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT- NMSQT) was given to students of contestant schools. While in high school, Miss Brewer was active in FTA, the Spanish club and flares. Hughes is a member of ROTC, the choir and FTA. Ludlow is an honor roll member. To be considered for a $1,000 Merit Scholarship. SF Garden Club Plans Cookbook The Santa Ke Community Garden'Club is preparing a cookbook of members favorite recipes. Members are asked to submit their recipes to Ginger Henkel at Rt. 2, Box 94, Alia Loma. The club extends membership to all interested persons in the community. The next meeting will be on Oct. 9 in the Alta Loma Fire Station. Marconi cruises NEW YORK (UPI) Italian Line Cruises has announced its 900- passenger liner Marconi will sail from New York beginning Dec. 18 on the first of 36 9-and- 10-day cruises to the Caribbean. At the same time, it said the sister ship Galileo will begin operating out of Port Everglades on 7-and-14-day Caribbean cruises in October. semifinalists must advance to finalist standing by meeting further requirements. They include being recommended by their principals, presenting school records which confirm high academic standing and making high test scores on a second exam. "These three students have earned a high degree of excellence in education and are to be commended on their accomplishment," said Richard Brown, principal of DHS. /l\§) SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE FOOTBALL TONIGHT-6:40 p. Ki M > j ) 5 • a j > 1400 WYOMING vs TEXAS SPONSORED LOCALLY BY... HARRY FRANKLIN CHEVROLET U. S. NATIONAL BANK SEASIDE 2315 -45th STREET Op«n Monday • Saturday 9-6 .GalvMton't Plant Exp«rti Sine* 1949 mi DELIVERY - PlWM Wl 763-1907 ICOK.l BOUGHt YOU AGHRXlRBHERS. AN 1 A PACKET OF CRISPS -i THINK ARENT YOU GOIN'tD KISS ME? WOMEN .'THEY'RE NEVER. SATISFIED... FDR YOU FDR ONE EVEN1N V / ASK ME THE FIRST R<\RTCF THAT QUESTION A<5AIN- WHERE DO YOU STAMP IN THE WAR PCX? THEN YOU'RE FOR ME/ Winthrop PI P VOU SEE \ 5ATU KPAY Nl &H T 5AR6ESFACE/ANP EVERYgOP/'S WHEN WE 1 OUT BUT HIM/ LEFT? /\ POOR 6LJV.' LISTEN, HE'S 60TH/S CHEESE, HIS CRACKERS, HIS BEER, HIS TV, HIS PARTS, AMP HIS PO6 Beetle Bailey WHERE ARE YOU REALL.V WILL. S BE RIGHT THERE / HOMEY, YOU PROMISED YOU'D HELP BE RIGHT THERE, DEAR MAUMtE WILL OONY I KNOWMY A ONE-TOUCHPOIVN o> f JO& ? I HAVE 7W&5E CLOWNS READV TO V&6AS PREPICTIONS.' TOTAL OLBNTAHeY.' —BUT VOU CAN COUHT ON A THIRTY-POINT ^ BRAW1E.I. } I'LL PHONBFOK MUST gUY A \AFACULTy6ueSr TiCKST TO THE TICKET! I PONT 60T06A/AES- GAME-I.../£XCePT WHEN THE TEAMS I COACH CARE TO TELL ME VW? I SIT TUB WHOLE TI/W& DREADING THAT THIN6 THROWN HfT5 VE GOT^L pYOU MUST STOP WOBODYTO 1 ^ I GRIEVING. MR EVERYBODY-evcw A TRAMP-MAS SOMEPLACE THAT'S HOME... WHEREVER HE LIES POWN TO LEEP AT NIGHT, Buz Sawy SIT DOWN, Ms. VV/CHEL. PLEASE. r WHV CONTACT WE'RE ALL BUT SWORN ENE/VMES. WHV NOT ANOTHER PRESS CONFERENCE? I SEE /ANOTHER OF VOUR HAS COME TO A VIOLENT CLOSE... Dick Trac We have what you've been waiting for! Onion Buttons, yellow, white, and red! vegetable plants, tooil! BEAUTIFUL CUSHION MUM PLANTS are in ... for a big splash of color this fall. 3" & 6" pots. Petunias and other fall bedd:ng pJsr.ts arriving daily TRWEL SERVICE THE FIR5T 1$ THAT IN Frank & Ernest^ C 1971 by KEA. tt . T U Reo US Pal 0!t WORMS, CATERPILLARS, ASPS... THE INVASION IS ON ... We can stop them in their tracks, and do no harm to the birds, the bees, the ladybugs, or any other "good Guys"! Dispel with DIPEL. TIME TO FERTILIZE LAWNS, ROSES, Everything... Feed, For the Winter iscoming! Ask us about " RAIN-DRIP" There's More to See of Seaside .'f The Born Loser USTEW.1FITWOKKS,' rr. v\ 7 , «' . Peanuts ....„ MERE COMES WOOP5TOCK IN FOR A LANPIN6... I CAN SEE ALREAW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN..

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