The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 1, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1920
Page 2
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•3C DAILY FREE PRESS IDE DAILY FREE PRESS ' E«tabll»hed ,,„„ .... Oally IMS Weekly 1877 Press Publishing Co. MRS. JOHN T. GALBRAITH Editor and Manager . ' Telephone - - 218 TBRMS Subscription 16 cents, a week. Advertising bills due 'weekly. •Job WOME sti-icuy casn. . i ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION *7.80. •ntered at the poscqfflce at Carbon- •••jtoje, lUlmols, as second class matter. •>O01ee in the Free Press Building, Main Street March 1, 1920. ^HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER. ' The'-ifree Press is authorized to an- i-aounce GEORGE A. FORE as a. candidate lor Highway Commissioner o£ Carbondale township, subject to the ~ Republican Primary Marchf20. The Free Press is authorized to announce JACOB BTHERTON as . a • candidate for Highway Commissioner 1 ': ot - Carbondale township, subject to '. the Republican Primary March 20. ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR. t 1 ~'The Free Press is authorized to an- Bounce WM. M. HOLiLIDAY as a candidate for reelection for Assistant Supervisor. of Carbondale township, subject . to the Republican (Primary .March 20. " x The Free Press is authorized to an'-• Bounce J. W. CRAHDELL, as a candi- - date*for'Assistant Supervisor ot, Cap- ''<•- bondale township, subje'ot to the Re•.. publican Primary, March "20. TOWN CLERK. ' T.he Free Press is authorized to an- i -Bounce WM. M. GAL/LEGLY, aa a • -candidate for Town Clerk, of Carbondale Township subject to the Republican: Primary March 20. _ RENEWS FUEL CONTROL President issues Executive Orders on Return of Roads. -Continues Government Control of Coal Distribution and Exportation— Hines Heads Board. Washington, March 1.—President "Wil's'on issued two. executive orders in •connection with return of railroads to •their private owners. The orders .will •continue government control oi coal -distribution nnd exportation. In one order Directir General Hines •and the central coal committee of the railroad administration are given, renewed power of the fnel administrator to control domestic distribution of coal. When the coal strike came last •full former Fuel Administrator Garfield, by, direction of the president, •turned this authority over to the rail- i*Ca<T adminstration. Now that the railroad administration Is dead, the president designates Mr. Htnes and his agents as a special •- board under the food ajod fuel act to continue the work of coal distribution that they have been doing since November. In another order the president ap- >polnts a board to. carry out tiie provisions of the food and fun! act suspended In February. 1019, relative to control of tidewater trans-shipment of coal .at .Hampton Roads, Baltimore, PHlladeiphia and New York to facili- tate''.transportation and to reduce Oe- tttys In the use of coal cars aiul-coal- .-ca'rrying vessels. 'T'his also given authority of t*te fuel administrator over exportation of coal! Its. members are J. W. Howe, commissioner of rli« Tldewjitor Coal exchange, ru-mbraixU Peale, F. US. Whitaker and .7. F. Fisher.' MME. CARREL 1 FRENCH TIEUP , IS RELAXING Premier Sees Improvement ,.at All Points Except Three Cities. Mine. Can-el, wile' oC the uoterl French pliyslci-.m, photographed upon her in-rival In Xew Vork on the liner Koclmmbeau. She did ' ambulance work In France during the war. AGREE TO DISAGREE Reception of Home Rule Bill'Un- favorable in Ireland. Sinn Fein Chief Is Eager to Interest Americans, According to De/ Valera's Aid." Dublin, Mj.rch 1.—The reception of the home rule bill here is generally unfavorable. The constitutionalists are not discussing" it and are awaiting Sir Horace Plunkett's announcement next Thursday regarding American opinion. Arthur Griffith, De Valera's second in command, stated the Sinn Fein view. "The bill," he said, "is merely one to repeal the measure by promises of which John Redmond was duped into advising his countrymen to fight and die for England in the Ifite war. Tell the American people that Ireland will never permit itself to be mnde, according to the present plans of English militarists, a pistol pointed at New York. "England's scheme, with its agent Carson,. to dismember Ireland, will meet a similar fate to England's former scheme, with Aaron Burr, to dismember the-United States." The Freeman's Journal refers to the new Irish home rule bill as "a proposal for the plunder and partition of Ireland," and characterizes it as "a thievish measure." CENSUS FOR THREE CITIES Population 'of Lima, O., 41,306; Paducah, Ky., 24,735; and Hazleton, Pa., 32,267. Washington, Marcb J.—Tli<> announcement of tile population nf l.iinn. O.. 4n,:-i()fi: of Padncnh. Ky.. 2-i,T:',r.. am! of Ila/.letoi). PH., :5:>,2f)7, \vns Ilin second Issue- of :;:a::x'.;i:;= of tin; four- tci-i;'h ecus'.:;-., the oniimorntlon of whlHi ho;:nn .Tnminry 2. Wi:«;hiiiKtfi-i mid C'ini-lnnnfi wi<i-r- rhi.> first riiii-s m fnmpk-te flu- work, their pit]ni':itio!t having boon :inn!>ii!i!-prt :i \voi-l; :iu'n Of tin- elfins :muoii:iral nuxli'luu showed tilt' largest growth it: tlio thirteenth census with, nn incrr>a*p nf 7S.D per cent from IJXX) to 1910; I.ini:iV increase \vj\s 40.-1 per cent, and I'M. due-all's 17 pei- cent. In the KvHfth census-Pniltieali's increase.' was .">•_• per cent »vcr 1500. Lima's .°-".P. Hazlp- ton's, 19.0.'while in flip eleven: ti c.-en- 'siis their -Increase over 1980 was: Lima. 111.2 per cent; Hazieton, '71.2 per cent, and Pailucah, 50.2 pev cent. SPANISH CITY QUARANTINED .Dog and Cat Rabies Causes Serious ; ^Situation at Bilbao—Animals Attack Persons. Bilbao. Spain. March 1.—This city 'has -been quarantined because of the •enormous number of dogs nnd cats af- •fec'tp.d with rabies; and the frequent attacks Uieso animal? have made on the inhabitants. BARS SHOES FOR RUSSIANS Publication in Circular That Soviet Government Was Largest Bidder j Was "Mistake." I Washington, March 1.—Publication in a war department circular thnt the. inireau of the Russian'soviet government in this country was the highest bidder on a large cvmitity of army shoes recently offered for sale in- the New York supply zone wns a mistaK tt , it was snid at"the office of the director -of sales. It wns-,explained that it was not the intention to make any awards to representatives of (he soviet sovewnnent, which 'is not recognized by the United States. - Officials said fur several months the soviet commercial bureau hno submitted .bids for clothing and equipment, j but that, all of them had been re- j joe-ted. 11 was pointed out thnt nil . m-iUrles sold at unction by the rlepni-t. ' menr are ol't'eretl with tbe understand i inx ibnt They are not for export. PERILS ALL TRAN$OBTHT! Vehicles and Electric Lines May ,Stop • —Government Shows No Disposition to Yields-Plans to a Fimsh Fight. '. Paris, March 1.—The subway and ti-ainwuy and the omnibus, cab and tiixk-abjlrivers' unions adopted In principle-a proposal to x call a. sympathetic strike in favor of the railway 'men, provided they are invited to do so by' the General Federation o£ Labor, which has assumed direction of -tlio railway strike. Tlie government lias shown no'dis- position to yield, displaying instead a determination to make a finish fight. In this it seems to'be receiving encouragement. The Paris newspapers are unanimous in declaring the public absolutely out~of sympathy with the railrptid strike. While expressing the hope it soon will end, the newspapers say they consider st to be the duty of every citizen to support the government. Public Patience "Worn Out." The Journal de's Debats snys threats of revolution and dictatorship by workmen's syndicates has finally worn out the public patience. "The country does not want a con- _flict," the newspaper says, i'but if. the "folly of revolutionists conjpetsf 7 ;'the government to prove that it 1 sist, it is resolved to do-so." In addition to proposals of citizens and former soldiers to help break the strike, students of engineering and simjlar schools have offered their services to the government for transport work. The volunteers number neariy- 3.000 for Paris alone. Several provincial schools have made similar offers. Many of these students volunteered during the las.t subway strike and gained some experience in driving engines. Premier Millerand conferred with the ministeries affected by the .strike and with directors of companies. At the sajiie time steps were taken to prevent any chance for serious disorders and to conserve fuel, food auci the like. Some warrants have been issued. Cafes nnd public establishments will be closed at. 10 p. in., with the 'exception of theaters and motion picture houses, which are permitted to remain open until 11 o'clock. The subways will stop running at 11:30.p. m. Coal restrictions in effect during the war will again be put into force. • , Premier Millerand, after the meeting, told representatives of the press- that henceforth the minister of 'public works would issue sin- official state-, ment on the .situation each morning and evening. ; Road Tieup Relaxing. -"This morning on the Paris, Lyons & Mediterranean there was a general relaxation in the situation except at Lyons," the premier continued. "All through trains on the state -line started. The Northern is normal except at Amiens. The S6uthern is satisfactory except at Bordeaux. On the jtphole 24 hours after the general strike' was proclaimed there Is only partial stoppage of traffic. There is no total stoppage on any system,, not even on the Paris, Lyons & Mediterranean. In fact, a general strike does not exist."" REVOLT IN SPAIN RUMORED Spanish Royal Children .Leave Madrid Hurr|edly in .Automobiles—Cross Border Into France. Paris, March 1.—French royalists are much alarmed over the growing unre_st in Spain, and use' their fears to place a new meaning on recent movement of the Spanish king's children out of that country. Several days ago royal automobiles' left Madrid carrying the twelve-year- old prince of Asturias, heir . to the throne, and his sister and brother, Infanta Beatrice and Infanta Don Jaime, and it is /reported they crossed the border into France near San Sebastian on the way to England, to make a stay with the. British royal family. Queen Victoria Eugenie is a first cousin of King George V. P»i«illl« IllllllilillllllllSnilllilllllllllllllllll llllilllllllil[llllllllllllll!l!lllllll!i!]||||ll!i]l|l|l|ll]|[!l|Bll||]||l||i||]Ill|[||||!|l||i|||l!l!|!||]||lil|||HW, I Mother Hubbard FJour per barrell- -$1§JO \ Red Dog Ship 3^5 I Bran, good 2^40 j Mixed feed, good ; ' 2.7$ Hen feed, good „ ^QQ Ship stuif, good ,........... ~. .. Also the line of Perina feeds FARMERS SUPPLY COMPANY PANAMA STRIKE IS OVER Walkout of 15,000 Maintenance of Way Workers Ends '-for the Time Being. j Panama, March 1.—Indications arc ! that the Strike, of aproximutely 15,000 maintenance of way ' workers in the Panama canal zone was over for the limp being at leasr. The great majority of the strikers are West. Indians, largely from British possessions," Canadian Premier to Visit U. S. Halifax, "''N. S., Mai-ch 1.—Premier Sir Robert Borden, who has been temporarily relieved of his.duties because' of ill health, arrived here from Liver r pool on the steamship Carmania on' his way to Mew York, where Sie is to'' meet Lady Borden, who will accompany him on a trip south? . "'"'' •1.11^^^^ TONIGHT Grand Opening of the She, theatre Beautiful | .*."*"• ' ' - v '^ ' H The pretentious and ultra-elaborate photo, dramatization of Ri-h- I ard Harding Davis'- | SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE | A Masterpiece of American, Literature-thfs brilliant story of a mining engi- 1 neers adventures at the outposts o! civilization. ..This captivating love romance is I now offers! in a most befitting, manner, as only the magic, and" splendor oi the motion § picture can do. . ' f .. • • ' 'H I t= Preseated by a cast that was carefully chosen to fit each character | NORMAN KERRY . ' MELBOURNE McDO WELL WILFRED I UPAS 1 PAULINE STARKE . ANNA Q; NILL50N WALLACE BERRY | Orchestral Organ Musical Interpretation I By Miss Anna Jacobs I * • ' - == • ' =i MUSIC STARTS 6:45 PROSRAfl CONTINUOUS 7 toll P. fl. I Children 25c and Adults 55e I " Lord Birkenhead, the British lorel chancellor, who, with Jules Camb'on. former French ambassador to Berlin, will head the inter-allied commission which is to watch the trials of tlie German war leaders by the German supreme court in Leipzig. DRASTIC ORDERS BY MARCH Two Thousand Officers of the Army to Lose War. Rank on March 15. Washington, ^Iiiroli j.—Drastic reduction of permanent officers of the' nrmy from their tenhiiivi; ranks to regular army gnu.lcs.NjIt'ecfive March 1.0. has been ordered by General March, chief oi: sl.'ilT. Of apprcxlmala- l.v o.OOfl officers "now' holOlns temporary rank higher than their permanent appointments, about 2,000 proba- ')!y will be directed. JAIL FOR / STEALING MILK Newark Man Must Spend Three Months in Prison for .Taking One Bottle. Newark,' N. J., •March 1.—Joseph A chan, forty, will spend three months ;h Jail for stealing a-bottle, of-milk! -Ie was sentenced by Justice Brane- :nn after he had been found guilty f stealing the milk while on his way o. wofk at a' Harrison factory. Here's to teeth, appetite. The flavor lasts-and the electrically- WRIGLEY5 to you with a(( its goodness perfectly preserved. Sealed Ttebt- KePt Right! Subscribe for the Daily Free Press

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