Independent from Long Beach, California on March 19, 1976 · Page 46
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 46

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1976
Page 46
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C-IS-INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM IPMl Funeral Directors Personals niottell's 436-MM E. Third loog Beach AINUU. Alcaga. Services Monday, 10:00 a.m., M o r t u a r y S Spongbcrg Chapel. BAXTER, Frances L. Survived bv daughters, M r s . Mildred Chcslcv and Mrs. Alice McCrea; son, Mr. Robert W. Baxter; sister, Alice Shafor; 9 g r a n d c h i l d r e n : 16 g r e a t grandchildren. Services Saturday. 1:00 p . m . a t t h e D i l d a y Family Funeral Chapel. I n t e r m e n t M o n d a y . M o n l e c i t o M e m o r i a l P a r k . D i l d a y Family Funeral Directors, 1250 Pacific Avenue. HOU.CROFT, Arthur L. ARC 71. Passed away March M, 1976. Resident of the Harbor Area for 34 y e a r s . Retired employee of the Bern is Bag Company, Wilmington. Memorial Services on Saturday March 20, 1D76 at Wilmington Funeral Home Chapel, (oilowed by burial in Wilmington Cemetery. .WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK M O R T U A R Y - CEW.ETERY 213-J31-6577 7M-893-M LUYBEN Family Mortuary 5141 Arbtx RJ '**·** (VdkEwod VHiig*} lor9 Otach 'ersonals ABORTION-BIRTH CONTROL WORLD BOOK EMJYJLOOEOIA 'It WHITE'S FUNERAL HOME wa Ftwtf, tg-tiu BELL, Norval Dewey. Born 76 years ago in K a n s a s . Survived by w i f e , E d n a o f L o n g Beach; daughter, Betty 0. Polllnd of M i a m i . Those who wish may m a k e contributions to t h e American C a n c e r Society. Private service was conducted by Mot- lell's Mortuary. HOWARD, Levi, Sr. Age 85, passed away Sunday, M a r c h M t h . Leaves to mourn, son, lx*vi, Jr. of Long Beach; sister, H a t t i c J. M a t - thews of Long Beach; a n d brother, H a r v e y H o w a r d of O a k l e y , K a n s a s ; 4 g r a n d c h i l - dren; and a host of n i e c e s and nephews. Service Saturday, 11:00 Bap- l i s t Church. Freeman family Mortuary directing. NYLANDER, George R. Age 70, passed away Tuesday. M e m b e r of Long Beach Lodge No. 888, B.P.O.E. Survived by sister, Laila Gasho. Private services w e r e h e l d . Family suggests __ contributions to Elks ci 0 rl«K 15 Cerebral Palsy Fund. £!·£!!!! ^ Sheclar/StrieklinMortu- LONG BEACH FLORIST 50 Health Aids -Apcarc ·BlrlhCcnlrol Inslitule -Calif Abortion Council ·LflrrCOll -confide niij' ft Ho-x S*rv'c* -Bllinqujl Qw-O*lor\ ·Lori 1 i Q t n e r a k Anciirmra xw4Kt or a*'«p) r.iVornia'i FWcit (ami I* p-ar.rJrrg ricllil'ci'Un: ORANGE CO. (714)95^3600 f;i4)547-2$63 LOS ANGELES [213)233-5123 90 EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED ' _. W WOTY R«'»« enioY the FW IM World *ilh i*w Gr«r- . Wi, L ef Blvd FOR PERSONAL, INTRODUCTIONS SEr»g(«, OhfWCed, WKJew CALL CLARA LANE 134-Ott) Hrv I-ton Jill E. lP_h_ LOWEST FEE Do Vow 0«1 DIVORCE WANT a datoT SK9« d ytw "^e to di^«. OS 10 AS. C iPxi rln BELLFLOWE rw*- frkrdi _ _ Qellll. WM Eve I I'M DEBBIE jxkw rra or o»ke OR NIGHT hecks Aectolc Your horw or o» PHONE DAY M«r*rCh«rge A. C - Of 436-2M? Free Nuesanna Bath WMti I hr. rruuaaev ExMrT ma*- iev*s. OPEN 1MQ MC *ccenre). 424) E 4tti SI. LB 4U4lli{Prkg In rear avail) HELP W A N T E D Employment Agencies 1M B«/«ri/ l isii! CL Si, DUNHILL PERSONNEL AGENCY inoOt«an«l«. IB OHMI Employment Preparation m H F L P W A N T E D Medical 1M. CLINICAL LAB - SUPERVISOR ' ^wTM. ·«.;,,· btt. J01 W. Wardlow Rd, l*»Ch. S9WS7* COOK, lar con/alfioetl Ap3r * f 1»« Sh*cM» G wiltiG/a*. maa-w DOWNEY SOCIAL CLUB " Lost Found 75 3001 _ _ WEEKfeNDl UNf* STRAY AMI, wmi- i HOUOAYS 1H ADOPTION ip. X. KyV.1s it, Bfc Whr, I Yr. W*. 6'i'i'Bni. I V r j " . h . sr . TRAIN NOW FOR CIVIL SERVICE EXAMS llo«*rl-r*. NohUhScnxH POSTAL CLERKS $5,63 HR, COOK MNTAL ASSISTANT Vint h«ve e«ntr. m-UH DENTAL ASSISTAji^ fa" Y ^ik C ftof*alfc a^a. KM BEIIRY. Bunnic A. Age 63 of 729 Elm. Pass- cfl aw.iy Wednesday. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Carol Hodge; sis- t e r , M r s . Lee Filch. Funeral service Friday, 1:00 p.m. B. W. Coon Funeral Home, 10th Qbispo. KESSEL. Robert A. Funeral M a s s Friday, 9;00 a.m., St. Anthony Church. Interment, All Souls Cemetery. Shcc- lariStrlcklin M o r t u a r y directing. 426-3305. tors ^aug! . M a d r e Mil -y ' Idred BOST. Dorothy R. Age M. Survived by husband. William; children, Phil Best and Linda Carpenter. Services Saturday, 11:00 a . m . Bellflower Mortuary Chapel. John A. H i e s , B e l l f l o w e r LA BELLE, Raymond l^c, age 5. Passed away March 16, 1976 at Lonj B e a c h Memorial Hosni- lal. Services Saturday at 11:00 a . m . Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Sain Is-Long Beach Fourth Ward, 3701 Elm Avenue, Long Beach. Officiating Is Bishop Vcat- cr B a r t o n . He is sur- v i v e d by his w i f e . Marsha Ann La Belle ol Long Beach; brothers 228.1. RUT G. Se m o n d mcnfs. Mortuary 'directing, 8671778. B R Y A N , P a u l . Mol- tcll's Mortuary. 136-22«4. C O U N T R Y M A N , J o a n n e M . S e r v i c e s Friday, 2:00 p.m., Slice- lar/Strtcklln Chapel with Bishop H. Broofcs Cope officiating. Interment. Rose H i l l s Memorial Park. .126-3305. DEATRIC1I. Minnie. M e m o r i a l s e r v i c e s Richard La lielle and D o u g l a s La Belle ol Long B e a c h ; s i s t e r . Lynda L a i s y nf Seal Roach; parents, Mr. and Mrs. I)onald La Belle of Long B e a c h ; grandfather, Mr. Arthur P. Wilcox nf Oregon. Directed by Allen Funeral Service, Bell Gardens. L A R S O N , A n n a C. Service Friday, 11:00 a . m . Sunnysidc P a r k C h a p e l . D i r e c t e d by Moltcll's Mortuary. L I P A R Y , . J a m e s . son. N . L . B . t h e D i f d a y F a m i l y Funeral C h a p e l . 1250 I'acitic Avenue. Lula A. assed S u r . pas 18th. VAN PELT, Of Lakewood away March vived by her sons, Harry P o n s f o r d of T u s c o n , Arizona and Wlllaim J. Ponsford of Washington: 7 grandchildren and g r e a t grandchildren- Funeral service Friday, 2 : 0 0 p . m . , Bellflower F o u r S q u a r e Church. White's Funeral Home, Bellflower. directing. uneral Directors iOU, Konerl J. services were l Thursday at 1:00 urvived oy son, Penrod of Stam- ranecticut; broth- jhn Penrod ; 3 sis- ary Ellen Meyer, y Picard and Au- Poling; mother, il Penrod father, Penrod of Santa ntermcnl Fatrha- ;emetcry. Smith Funeral Pircctor SER, M a r t h a . 1's Mortuary. 436- HERFORD, Lila r v l c c s In Rich. Calif. Shcclar) in M o r t u a r y in : of local arrange- TIIIES, Frances, o r l a l s e r v i c e s , y (today) at the re World Comy Church. Dilday y Funeral Dlrec- )MPSON, lona M. ·. Survived by hus- Rohort 0. Thompsons, George K pson ind CnnHes ompson; daughter /, Paula 1. Tnomp M e m b e r of Ibe B. M e t h o d i s t :h. Mrs. Thompson ccn a Los Angeles ,y Librarian for M in Long Beach am vood. Services Mon 2:00 p.m., Hunter uarv Chanel. IMBKKKKIS. s t o s . S e r v i c e s iy, (today) 1:00 p.m ic Greek Orlhodo rch, 16-13 Pacific mp. Dilday Family »ral Directors. 125 10 000 CASH K 1C 'mi. Tkr no 0»3P. 0 M)^ Rtf-v 0 trt l** PenpiHim Su-nvikJ« MALrto'twn 4W Chwry Ave, LB, ur;as 7 okjUln SVy T«rrac* GartJcn KJ UB -EWETERY LOT Ifl Gar**n ol ^Mwm. W«lm. Menwrl*! PV 411- ;-rfl OSEST lawn eetr«lwv hK f« «*'«· Jif nh rfan FOREST LAWN Crpi«i *!'« MCT[- Titt 7«ir^r.iTY lol* Vi church Vird. Clll JU«*-08S1 (Xt^-i view. P ol -116 tcls A t B Veryi»tonatHt QA^^JM i'r««m WUS1 SAC G»'den C^fW n JK*»I »F Falln, To«ei1 M*m, Cyarni tJllMlfl dllS. ^M^3d*ri. Cowlol htoocr. ;/jt« Q'ftr Eve. »M«;ii ^UM'iYSlDE Cc-rwjimw Ovpl a u f * ^ 0 Ir.ol tl£6 bve t^o «)!· 1 LO15 SWe By S'tie, Ow«i 01 Qiivtl, VJeilmlfllWr Merr.orl»l GREEN HHlt MemorUl P^ik, 1 Ad- Wii'ng U)H. Pvl Ply.Jl^nA-lUi VCP*r jU'r. PvT pry (31 WM "fil.'J'V-AI.SViB.fiW ' "sajasis.*??^ 1 PLOTS ROSE WLLS^uMJ«m Cremation 23 SUNNYS1DE CREMATORY The Only Crematory In Long Beach IMMEDIATE CREMATION $250 SUI^MYSIDtr.'OWTUARY Lovjfte*ch 4^1*11 L, -- · Announcements 35 Cjnnlpc Tniinlp? oiiiyico -- ^UUHICI Dance QUEEN MARY J QUEEN SALON B R A N D S OJV Evtnirg S^rvrdiv Aodli Yo-jr Homeo'O^- O'lldC Bankruptcy Vrvlrg In tB a'P-» a' 1f^ SJ-T%« LocjHailo«-ovr 3 yii Tltt DIVORCE PROJECT JIM E ro, ne«r Redonefa A« //tmber ol C»'ll,, O'.v»/c* L«tgj* FREE CIGARETTE! You don'l n#«d It unl«i you '« HYING for 4 wncko ll YQO «rl«irt- lywjrH to i*0f inviMfts, 1'V INNERWISDOM SMOKING CLINIC Through frkd A. proven nwihodi »« cjr Mtkl you In yoor tfnlr* r«i !o imo^t. uilil/irw] powe'f-i' avtriran ciyvd.'lcrUrg l«c^.-kj\.-ei, iltiwiion /rwwuerix.-M and rHi^a- ' C pv «W.1kfV»J k-f^-rrjlkKi e^rl 430-0812 ABORTION Surgical Procedures Daily f AU'f PMMOH -SAT. FREE PREGNANCY TEST Wl Can U*f[V FFM CW5*"n». Oval. Wed. Rewxx« UY fA D. ipo- cUrb'v Kffairhy s«tj.r* rti-w*. USPtftanUo Avt SvU« B.L D 2^ Hr Care C4-5791 5*9-5100 Health Care Counselors «?fl AUTO lr«UAHCe? Even «US « b,Kt * vlng r»cxd vufh *% WI'l. wreck m dfl*ka, *tc'-(*t^r% W r^licU. 1 «n w ? l f » TOW (·Mu-ji'K* tw » toiwr nx"l"i» jmovn' P't)%e U'l 'or ei'lmst*. ho cnhgar'nn O A R Y COOTER-COWAH Aorocy TJCJI Sjt Anlonto Rd, No. HO ior«i'k, C*'l' W0M (31 Jt W) SIS! or 4711) M 'FT? UNWANTED PREGNANCY Sjfa Lo* Coil OHk* ProcM^e HeS'stavrc'TSfER Cj -'!?v,w«r cy LIVING TOGETHER? BE MARRIED LEGALLY t*O PUrlLlClTY SW-!»» NEED MONEY? PLASMA DONORS Hfrtw. w P« donJlkMV f#ke wHy JAM JPW. MAGNOilVPLASMA CENTER 440 W. ANAHEIM 4l*-«W 1 WILL SELL YOUR CARr TRUCK, VAN OR CAMPER C^H »4?«0«. bei«r«n It j rtv 4 P m. 1 fl*y «rv*« e« n«l fix»d«li Dlr. LEGAL MARRIAGE NOW Poodle, W.ili, *lk i Ojf, 4 Vri JlHWa'iKjl Xvo ..... .. ... K-I» Wit, r\M!e. (pay vW, ^ CJtw. WOOf»OOnAvt K-N . LabtBoter^Ma'e, b«v. I 1 -) .Voi ft WN, Ma'fcNaru J Mos. irti SI i Wa'mil Av« K-3C Ub.AMIf.Blh, 1 Yr. (41?Srinfey Avj K-JO G. Sheo, MaM-, Oolden, I Yr. 11 V*« C*rn»fltw K-31 li. BNiu*rf. Ma't, Dk i. WN, 3 I W P a f i l / A v f f ,. .. -W * 1 frr *r r X, Fe, 81 k i Tan, T|Vi Mft i»E Adaiu Jl *(·*) rA.ft,GMt. J Yrv is?;.W'ixv, w « K - M »:.^*H,*)ff,yw v " 1)71 Cherry Avt K-8J pob'C, yA^W. B'K Til, } Yri BSU.C.H . ... .. 6pM Atrtl- SW, F *. k |h A fi '-"' ? ' r i ' 9* SI 4 0*1*1 Avc OejJ G Sl«v, F«. Oik «. flm,* AV'. nsvftiKWopp' - - c*^ Twr'rfi. X, Wj't, Whi 8. Gr*v. 9 13rhS« t Si touii -- t*^ A'w Ch«k CounlY Poyiwl. H25fl 5. rfcrWdT 1-411 3019, Soulh G4K. 717411) »M AjvJTMl Cor.vol, KJTI- ir^hn Qtich (?N) ^V.i'.H HM "REWARD! 111! LOST: ^ tXxp Aptrg» 1 "^O Agr. 1 B'V Pood'eSlr* i l Tarter, whl *· fcljitk brn i«ri. Left rear 'eg Impaired. SoppoVflly lt«hed »» rear cycle-* 'eiKC at int ReAxxi* AW, CQ, tn i;a LOST- 1 rtyj o-'iJ Gorman ShW*^^ M. Blacje^ Brown. Pufeb^fi. Vic of SludebiCef, Excdt'oi jnd RoW- frirr Btvd. Warjralk area. B«!s'^l lo \J. lllrnall 5j sov [ l00 ^ (or hri *"' LOST M. MlYfd poodk. Siwfl. *Nfp. dirty. Lqjf J-»2 8r Vom ilwpdng ccn'er P*ki VerdF South J ter* i.swn feewARo 6M we*. »ii LOST-2 Oog4 v-c. Parimot-M 4 CA^wm SI, LVwrt 9 r*". MlrUaiirt PShKF-cr "Ug'y" 4 mJn.jrurt w»- dje «n (W«?r F. -GlTl" «r* /HifaJdl! 4 LOST-DlKk tan F . r,«mMt Sr*oh*rd ***·(-» black nyio-i checker (Ollir. VI t. fxj-n ti A-tio nivd R«w*-d Ol-W/T. Don «l «» LOST- BLACK car, Itrrvii*. nr . lid Jun'pero Hal ihavcd »toT-aci 4 red e*e*d ctMljr. REWARD. 4W ll«4'l. 1 JO; a'L Sdl- 4 S'_n LOST CHHIUAHUA F. 1/iXH $RARl Phr-o Lol REWARD tart ffturn Ai«*y hav« he*n jbo"doo«J F'ar-o'd 4»iJ7fi LOSTi vw*lure Grey F Poodle. Vie Or-mgcrho»'P n A K r alr, BU*I*J PVk. fer**rrf. /Ll^isWs W 711 613-9UA raAdkng T'avvrt m ttro-Mn kalhc Mdef. VK Giw*n^ Way fwy »« wTrd. Ple«M UN 4«»9}ia. 43VMIA LOiT 1 KtD MALE. OOBERMAri mkECTEp. NEEDS MLOlCAl ATTEHTW'I REWAHDIIII CALL4Urj13 TOUND F. BeJB"e SPJ y^J, D'n't rol tw-n? pro' Vyr. Lo\ AIIM 4 tlh on S^i F ^ a Coll*' S77 nu fQUNDOfrrv*i Srw^hcid. vrtA'!r leather collar wllh irwj -vwd 1 , " Chowliownd 1 '. tHA* lliJ FOUND Slwrt»alr RUPO*. ,' H117 Hiv«. Ave, Ooixney W/ Mrt « L SA-S OUTCALL fWSSAGtT ?4 hr. 413-5.441 AASSEUR for Md'esa-Jr. 1?. W3 E. VENUS QUTCALL/W.SSAGE Ho*nw 4 Ofticcs «4^« Joard Guest Homes ICO ADULT DAY CARE CENTER 8:30 AfA* 3:30 PM P A L M C R E S T GARDENS' DAY Care Program fi d«'g-«S to rrccl l^« D^vctvjsocJal «. rt^edkal r««js o' ih« eWerly tx dHaWed. win*. ixrt i-niituTtoraiUAt J rn. o'lerlnq a *W* ra-9r of retwbi'allve 4 1VP- txxMve s*rvle»t ro day car* MT- Hclpanti A. lrvlr rnmllr^t. Irltrvk^i w.m lamlll*i nox bf Ing coocuctrf tf placement. Can w wilte: Palmaest Day Care Program 3501 Cedar Ave,LB (213) 595-4S51 Good root), rv. Of.cncsli. Cjier lo specU' di*li. t»71SB oe~lleman. Real, 1114708 or m- 0?01 "m^WKSs'^wSftrsfi 1 "'""- F ??-i,c x ji l ,??i l j:uB3r FRIEMCM.V AlmOTDhore - *'nl lood Ica/HorSr. Si Bea JMMM 1 *DY lavtlv Horn" Good lood. N:C« iva tot CMsr OfVSSl Schools Instruction IK DAY NIGHT Auto Mechanics Aii to Body Paint Small Engine Repair Welding Are-Mta-TIg Elet Ironies Elettro Wech'l Drafting * Business Coi/sw i Secretarial ID Hov«kt«per. F 73 10 30. Fw Y5J--9 rrwn h *hed chair, attfnrf- Ing reiieT-. Muit be eaiV w 1 ^ L Ve in. MOO · loom. CallTxtw M~i-100m W-t363 ID Wont«n CAtwie are o- oWtr to w-xV m Gw*t1 rxxn«. Llv« In, No Ugr*1nfl.*3»-"W JABYSITTER-H»kp' l-lv* in Mo'her- Itti home. Erw ipka UO *k Prel »· JchllJren.CdllftiM4U boVrd, ton i 1 2 ;t4-*37-J3« M pm B A R V S I T T 6 R , llvt -In. 1 CttlW 0^. WHJo^*f 4 3 ichoo* a 9* Chlldrer.. 414-1 M^bel tv-i 4- 4on»- BABv^UTEiR-N^ru-e Lady low, ch^drerv, own trirnp. fftf. 4il 1S74 i MM P, 4I3-40J? MJJCaiH. NL8 COWPANLQH io eWerly lady, live-In VvJ rm. M*aU WU'Y *M-l5r6 COMP. HSKPR. MOO tv^O · Rm 4 Rrt IA^^AV^'LT' Ag f« nu c % K b E ;ri. 1 ss ifi c n r.yi?wii er - HELPER, malurt womat, inva'M Krtb5«ic??Wi i a^VPA* J/-i?" nviilanr rtlsniKl a*^t% Gi^al K»u«Kt«inlnfl 4 cooking for 11 a4uli Saiar^open, 774-1541 HOUSEKEEPER Carol Fcrd p^eau CdH 417-MI extt Father i 1? yr 80^. Pleawni beach home. '14 346 nt? HOUSE K E E P E R -LIVE IN OK. Phc-ie4»-40M» HOUSEKEEPER Live In «nl L.B. boarcf 4 care home «4 J936, «- KOUSEXt-EPER Live In. Mu^f ipedK nxn* (ngjiih Rm 4 Board H O U S E K E E P E R , no e»p«r rec. l'j,'\ Imrned 17S *V. Llve~n. 1 HOUSEKEEPERS WANTED Empor. Qoeen Mary Hvatl O!«L ArpJy **v y ?·« PfAWO" Frl. ittEKEEPEH. Qtftt HQTtri. owJcV on h»r IM! t Story h«. C*«r loca' ref. Bo^datfe. 7rMl Ws Perkl-M HSKPER-Babyiliter, live In. Hand kraof^dOk. M0-^ia: «vV56»J HSKPR-COOK HvP In v-^all a»t-d GMI! home. ReKf-uM l-me-or «li tra'n. Mirti be a »»ci cook 4 enlov imaged. Nj"wi». *»-«;/ HSKPR In Fat« U't oV early Wi hx wklow alo^e. Kry"* hcrw to *lve run unoker or drlrAtr. FiHl 4*ta t IQMV A-2MS, IPT OawHrtd Deot WAiNT MAN 4 WIFE to do maKte rvHKB 4 ct*-»rtup work. Apt 4 K' 1 wv. M'-ddle av« or okfcr ptfer r-M . Mini have refer erx«. iW-OM b«l J am 4 air i PT. rVOTHEH'S M*'cer live l-» VK wit - rri-tXMrd. 1 C h ^ W c k tli-IMO RELIABLE $ii*er ne*ai m Birt] Sc»W area lor a''er ichool care bow. aoei J 4 9. Prop M!». Pft 1 S I T T E R , Mve in l^ well henavrt bo ! m Pa-e---!^ *«v Mi-v-M. WOMAN age 40-73 live-In, Li' Houf*(.«anJng, no owning 4j3-4?t Plnanrial A insurance 15 AbblilAINI FOH FRONT CES BUSY DENTAL CLINIC E*otilcnce noc. Sa'-ary open DENTAL ASSISTANTS Fwl -t*r*. wrnk-w. Crialr slit viper r«q-jtrM. xlnr companv KSJfirt SleSiM*. M»"M. any lie. Be-«lin 6 L.B. U» Wl DENTAL ASST Q^TC-J' Piacllce. E«*r Llceniwj. Miltnrfcd Dull«l ^djy **. D i"J«S*Jlr T ;, 1 c 9 ciif'a?i r " 1 ' DENTAL SURGERY ASSISTANT \'ml be fxcM-f lenced in oral iix S-/. Pcrtoodoni-ti 30 hew wet-V. rm Sil-tdart. E«rt'!eni ban*lilt Muii rwveo^n car. WIL v*3(V In Founraki Vaii«K i Se^cn o'ficei GJ'I Perion^** *»·*'! «'l ?3 FAA*1LV HEALTH PROGRAM Mi N. Pa'3 VB/0J-.9, An L~jua' OPWX'yniiy Errp'oyet DENTAL TECHNICIAN S efamin neecod. Foe tteUBi caJt ay* OW7« Lorg 9each DENTAL TECHNICIAN Pl««w «KV, Bite Witk maKlrvg Se ni-ji t rep*f . etc. U rlo n. X -nt rtnve beniffit. Sca-lftl ^tSM EMPLOYMENT Informa'ten call »$ ?4lP(l^ hr service) Memorial HOSPITAL COOK Eipe-:«"C*tJln D*h CenlralU] Ccwal«t«nl Fl«o II05PIT/.L MFnirii IVltUlv-nL TRANSCRIBER EiMrkrK* -«'."i hhraiv and phrtl- c*i, fcnsult, oporallve arw] dlv charge ium-narv repofti. Full lime i Part Time Immediate Openings . BAY HARBOR " HOSPITAL 325-1221 Ext 362 '- LAB TECH p CALIFORNIA LICENSE WN - FRI 8:30 T 3 S P.M. D ° Cd pR A P.ARTTIM| DOORS /iMo-^Yl! W Friday, Mar. 19th LEARN TO MEDITATE! lrxr«.i\« Yoyr Coxtnlr^Hoo H»v* Mwf E(Xr7y, DevtkipYoyt Pmhlc Atrillllts. CU^w^ ilv1l~o Nw*. h ll^Vig h»erti- M gKT^. LJ«3J- il-f^ChJpel. )*0 Gueili *lkw*6. SPAY NEUTER fHCVENTIpN li KINDER FIIA O C S T R U C T I O N iPAY A L T C R YbUft PEIS TOR L' coif \PAY OR NEUIER IN CALL rn 171* FOUND ^ ^. . . ~- .. \\vtr cc;x y . *Mle IMF On h"! FOjUrVO Wjr FT ShcpV cHUr- Vcc 4 Pd'^J V*rd* Sr-i IOMELY? BLOOD DONORS VATH. Edward. Resi- d e n t 01 Seal B e a c h , n.isscd away M a r c h 17lh. Survived by wi(e. Virginia; sons, Edwnrd ano Charles. Memorial services at Community C h u r c h of L e i s u r e W o r l d . Interment Pri- v a t e . P e c k F a m i l y Colonial Funeral Home Directors. 893-3525, 5962702. ^^^__^__ !!DON'TMISSIT!! LEATHER SHOP SALE Mt rv^pcxi, LP. * » » S Tu« (^rl, I P S . Sol. 10- N E E D iHIW ? BORED? N E E D T E W A L E COMPANIOH- MISSING SOMETHING? T R Y T H E G R E A T G E T A W A Y fcK)TI L MllllhtV TcVool. if LOSri Cat, F. r LOST fA*i.» J»*« ring 1 mc-di Winero-rt r**arj VISSERS, H e r m a n . White's Funeral Home, cllflowcr. »67-27'11. Income Tax GENEL.SPRATT PREGNANCY TESTS 1J30PINEAVESW-6S$4 V«E OUY. SELL 1 L«T " LOS1 w i bUc* c Ce«Hgl3i A O'W". Lji Ai^m , O HI» or P»-B33 R E W A R D LOST REWARD KiriVy Wix V *til'l. V'c Y«*rll-9 i, Na. · ABORTION COUNSELING V A L C 4 f-EMALE S T E R J L I Z A D O N [Jill i.* »U WARD, Victor K. Ace . S e r v i c e s w i l l be arch 20, 1976, nt the o r w a l k M o r t u a r y lapel. Buriat in West- inster Memorial Park. 10 «j S*v» fm-*-R«»lv* jfrvlc* G * r O r * * l Convcnte will. TAX C O ^ P O R A T I O K A M E R I C A ' S ri«ion d b(r' p r l c « J "lnho»"«" Irvw* U« i*rvk* A r*i ((MM * M CJM on vou 41 VJLH- convcni^^xt T*hfn ou A'al ;S A'll INCOME TAX jii EiperlfnrB-Your rxm« oi'kr IrilllMn*' THIEVE'S MARKET Th* Bool Cap-'oJ O/ tht WjrW Frv*. A-/p«. Omgo, Pin rxrtt. ttCL. m IQT^ ft«yh Bl/RrE Pyltl-^ DIVORCE OST I yr o*d Ro ,na AH 111-76. msus \ e»r le-.*' h*,» c LlwU Rr-*' UMD TWO DANE PUPS a FOUMD TWO DANE Vr AHjnliC t_ My WEDDINGS $20 A C C U R A f l Vour II, W' - icvr^f Or Vl"?. D j y 0* ^ (AX CORP 0* A.VERI- , HtJl »*'M, Jl)'! PLACEMENT AT SEA Crf-rviitsl rrm*'m by d $250.00 rrmoYil Iro-n »r«, $ I A N C h r l !lf" L-i ' Q fO «r*»M Chk»ch. UJ INCOME TAX AT HO.WE A^y Hmr EiPtr , (M)rc*d j - MAN. *9«J *1. wilh dj-jfl |J. ^1»K* 0 rn«r p*( w.lh took) tor jl«Kfte c ir-0 Rtofy P. O 0-. :i F C»1. t n- 0 1M REWARD * FEDERAL ALL S T A T E S Lkvrrvei), [Vxxl*rf 4 Rwv"jb In vowr t^mt x W 0*'k» J 4x n* 1111 or Wl 1J64 WIT ttm. YOUR te*i l*rt. F« Re^ht* DOWNEY r'vccv/r TAX SERVICE Qxnpv'fTiltd »yvf rtt WOJJi_ FREE REGISTRATION Call (113)867-1778 BELLFLOWER MORTUARY Long Beach Colonial Mortuary Service To All People 591-8708 W60 California F E D E R A L A Sf»t« Tin, Lo«8 Forn l» HoOoi ri*M7?I BE MARRIED LEGALLY HO BLOOO TEST GET WORRIED LEGALLY LAD1ES--VAN living C" n-'tK l*dr- « (hHdrfr. ' Business Services R A R S PCH. Personals 50 W^dical Records Licensed Vocational Nurse Approved For Vets Grants Available Calif Trade Tecti 1633 Long Beach Bl, L.B. PHONE 5H-5671 ACCOUNTANT hlfl »l«v«l Of kvtPtr tor wil jc tf'Mi bf e*P*r. w-kno Mae o' Aceo*,«il Payab 1 *. Acco-*n'i fiKTlv^W*. PayroJl, Ceil reoc/fi. L Gereral LMg^r. Aooly: BOX ATSn. IT'T, CUilificd Depl. 6iM Plo« Av«. LO,?06U ENROLLING FVOW FOR MEDICAL ASST MED EMERGENCY RESPIRATORY, SURGICAL TECHS DENTAL ASST DENTAL LAB TECHS APPRAISER TRAINEE CwnfrixiilOA 8. Devf : opn**nr c _ . . . 'ooXirvg for yTXWifl C-irwr Qr^nlrd m«^ (5 Warn BTO* wdm l^o b-.i%l P O Bp tW**. Lrji Awies, Ca w«jr" t PJf. To 8 P.W, OR W E E K E N D i Sal - 7 A M. Ta I'M Sun - ? A.M To 5:30 P . . VOODRUrr CABLES rtOSPITAL l « O O ; o 5:30 P.M. LES rtOSPIT RUFF AVE LVN APPRAISER DAYS t OH 2 OFF Empress Convalescent Hosp IMOTERMINO-LB LVN r ;cr. Prercirw. Enx^r« ^^JJ^ LVN For cilflle B^r* o«lce AV ^n.*r - f/orway r^^u Frtfl.iv G R A N T S AVAILABL SALESMANSHIP CUSS ALL 5.ALES T E C M N I Q J E S PlYttOtoT'Cl S«lllP3 Ah KING BRANCH MANAGER F e d e r a l ^^wlngi A\vxir-ci LVN rr.i, D * / PM t UNEMPLOYED? CLASSES FORMING NOW! r F. VK Apo-an Health Aids WELDING SCHOOL L«4'n I - Vx-rnt [ A t e . T I G , A* l 0 . Lic. Apc»a.-fd for vm P j f l * fou to f'*i TMI Pfto. A L L I E D School! *1*1 E lmn«rij LYKwSoD ·*!-»H An Enu*l Ooowro-Jtv Er-uHovr- LVN'S (All Shifts) Full Part Time RNS Part Time 3-lt R L Y V A ' i O R C O ' J V A L E S MOSP S«^ DK« F * y ir rxn Bivd S-MI Df^tn (711! , rx Jri-p* bfr w - y . *v«] JPT'Y **'·*· rwfUl J11MJ Hal BUSINESS i. S E C R E T A R I A Ltxq B^ach College of Business v W T I Bui Cof-W Vd, L 6 li«il CONTRAOORS JIM E V»1LLQrW. L 6. OPEN Houw «« Sjl. t h ' ' UTO INSURANCE TO ANYONE Dr'vtr Lte ^evcXnJ 1 SR^ rcnm_l»0 Cr«fry. L«n SUNNYSIDE | \1I\10RIAL O A R O f N S I CEWETERY-MORTUARY CREMATION-CHAPELS FLOWER SHOP ni CHEERY *vtNt. Atxirtion Safe Lew Cosl Prtxedure Free Pregnancy Test Frw Counseling by R.N. Board Certified Gynecologists 4 Professional Staff. ImrroJl afe Car«. Mo Referral Fee Long Beach. , . pflvjt P« ific. slJ^. Not PSYCHIC Cird IU ' ' ',,«V« *tf oivti P»"m. 4'l QeAdingi *i niw PiVe .,. -v l.*iv fy fa t ^r. Cj;' Jl-n tVon I, Tuft IOQAND P R I X RACt T I C K E T S - Stctk* ' ASC HEALTH CA*E ABORTION FREE PREGNANCY TEST BIRTH CONTROL |n*srtrvi''0rt V-f S*ri'T«r*Ort Cosmetic Surgery EARN««SSS$ CONSTRUCTION Propecry MGWT SECRETARY LVN'S F U L I 0» P A R T T ! Atteid lire S***ie* Core, took' P 0 Sot » HS E O E S C R O W O l f - t t r nf^KJ. rifM'i- r-xxi . Aiw. £«irff« S«'y. EOE ^IM My i »-*l'V Corr«1 t71- OSM«t 1 JO 4 j » c ' "° f.VTWN.lL NIJSSE - lurjnc* A a « n ) , OPiXK . " ' f l Pru4«nti 4 l Up to IMO J *X F^ J OT 9t?t E q w a l Oe-(KKti-n!l* f!rn- **S USANCE, drier LOAN PROCESSOR Trainee «hx rrwraAp* h»*lri7 'XT* V w * f h«*t Cl»fVlrPH7 i*i' ; ( P^ai« c*"l i» J*« LVN I »0 II FULL TIME LVN II «o ' P A R T T I V E Nursing Assistant AtL SHIFT* ALAAMTOSWEST CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL m KateHa LVN MED ASST INSTRUCTOR BelHkwer area 531-1172 Beach City area 679-3396 K He. Phfri« S*fV*« ALL JHAKLEE ' FAMILY Funeral Directors SINCE m THOUiASOS N*v IVCTM1XO DlVWCE C A L i Guv T ,. .* W v y c e LCJ*J* ? Ci^l «IS NCYCLOP£OiA ftRlTAHN-CA 111 764SH W I L L F I X A N Y SEWING CHINE (10 COMPLETE 4»-ns« GRAND OPENING Masic Touch offers all you have wanted at one tocalfon. Try Our Extended Services lilt. SCftKX^ FOR YOUR R E L A X A T I O N LONG BCH Sin«'« , Whhe* to r*«i »"ff«Jer i WE REALLY REV OUR ENGINES FOR YOU!!! COME UPSTAIRS CIRCLE MASSAGE 2501E.PAC.CST.HWY, Nr. Long B**£1 Trj" C^ck 131-9191 HELP WANTED INDEX Emotovrnent Agencies 130 Domestic Financial Inswanc* ... ISC Management 155 Medical Office Professional 170 Restaurants 4 Clubs 175 Relait Stores ISO Sa'es 133 Technical I trades .. ..185 He's Wanted General . . . . 184 Trainees 187 TELLER *i jrltliD't K oif Pj atfic*. Aibvr'.«. »*4V jjl, *ikjy *octln-g »irh u . lr«d «f fV3T --*ce»- W Y CONTACT A*H B £ E O Y Commwiitv Savings A Loan Management MEDICAL ASSISTANT Bui* Gv*r»t Pr*ciK* O - R A Y E X P E » . Eiw'Tnl, G pc*Xh^vt^ i S4'»r «J MIT WEDiCAL ASSISTANT FAMILY HEALTH PROGRAM jrn s f no vwdt A« Eq^i Opwxt\,-n«v 155 ESCROW MANAGER kKum S if*** upvr'iffncf lc l * r y Opjrxtvx- t *q v»* V- ^rx *3 PO SOX 1141 Lfl f*0 ESCROW OFFICER Temporary Work !» F A C T O R Y W O R K E R S Na» flVfCEi ilO-i:'-' Mo l«--HM PROMPT TEM 1HU LJKwood S E R V I C E STATION VR AriMh*. M.B Medical HO A C E S A fl C H O S P I T A L AR HV1!VT T 4J I «/« I A ITV E X P E R I E N C E i^ SURIi'SG. VO? HAV.VOHD 4144^1 'WH' E Fowm si Lv*t B**cti MEDICAL ASST C6-KS9 HEDICALWSSEC'Y MEOICAL-RECEPT. MEDICAL SEOY-ASST EXPERIENCED

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