The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on December 19, 1976 · Page 9
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 9

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 19, 1976
Page 9
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December 19, 1976 PAGE 10 HAYS DAILY NEWS, Waiting Mother Mrs. Nina Bukovsky, mother of Sovlat dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, sat with bags packed. In her Moscow apartment Friday. Mrs. Bukovsky said a KGP policeman Informed her the Soviets were accepting a deal with Chile in which her son would be freed from prison and expelled from the Soviet Union in exchange for Chile's release of Communist leader Luis Corvalon. Bukosky was delivered to a Moscow airport Saturday where he, Mrs. Bukovsky, her daughter and grandson will leave for Geneva, Switzerland. (UPI Photo) Spanish Police Search For Kidnapped Official MADRID, Spain (UPI) — Police searched apartment blocks and arrested known leftwing sympathizers Saturday in an effort to find a kidnaped government official whose life was threatened unless the government released all political prisoners. Anonymous callers told a newspaper and a news agency that Antonio Maria Oriol y Urquijo, president of the Council of State, had been killed by his left-wing abductors who have been holding him as a hostage for one week. But a spokesman for the Oriol family said there was no indication that the threat had been carried out. In Paris, two lawyers retained by Oriol's brothers continued to seek contacts with exiled Spanish left-wing extremists who might put them in touch with the kidnapers. The "Antifascist Resistance Group October 1" threatened to kill Oriol unless the government announced a general pardon for Spain's estimated 200 political prisoners and convicted terrorists by 11 p.m. (5 p.m. EST) Friday. The government of King Juan Carlos first vainly tried to establish contact with the urban guerrilla group, then rejected the demands. As the deadline expired, Interior Minister Rodolfo Martin Villa went on national television to say that the government could not give in to "blackmail." The Interior Ministry announced that in the past two days police have arrested 36 members of the Reconstructed Communist Party. Police said that this group is the parent organization of the "Antifascist Resistance Group October 1." The 36 arrests were made in six provinces. The ministry said the operation was aimed at completely dismantling the organization. Police .spent the day following up on tips and leads and searching • apartment blocks and empty houses. Police also circulated pictures and descriptions of 11 suspects including a woman. The five'men said by police to have kidnaped Qrioj. at machine gun point from his downtown Madrid office one week ago Saturday are all in their late twenties and have records as left-wing activists. THE FRIENDLY FOLKS AT YOUR IDEAL DRUG WISH YOU A VERY Pfatrmcicie/ No. 1— FAMILY RECORD. A complete Hit of all prescription* for each member of your family li maintained at our pharmacy for your convenience. No. 2— EMERGENCY PRESCRIPTION SERVICE. 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BTL. •••••••••••••••eeeee••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• THE FRIENDLY FOLKS AT YOUR IDEAL DRUG WISH YOU A VERY Russia, Chile Officials Make Prisoner Exchange ZURICH, Switzerland (UPIr - Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky and Chilean Communist leader Luis f Corvalan were exchanged Saturday in a remote corner of Zurich airport in an unusual deal worked out between the Kremlin and teh Chilean government. Minutes later Corvalan flew to Moscow while Bukovsky was driven off to an undisclosed destination. Bukovsky, 33, arrived from Moscow with members of his family aboard a special Soviet Aeroflot flight at 12.20 a.m. Corvalan, 60, arrived 40 minutes later on a West Germaa Lufthansa jetliner 'from Santiago, Chile. Bukovsky's plane waited in a far corner of the airfield for the Luftthansa jetliner which pulled up to a normal position. After five minutes, two automobiles drove between the two aircraft, one taking Corvalan to the Soviet plane and the other bringing Bukovsky to the police office at the airport for questioning by Swiss government authorities. The Aeroflot jet took off just three minutes after Corvalan got on board. That was at 1 i 03 p.m. , Corvalan, general secretary of the Communist party of Chile, had been in prison in Chile since the military junta overthrew the Marxist Allende regime in 1973. The junta last summer offered to free Corvalan if the Soviets released Bukovsky. "Dissident Andre Sakharov, Soviet human rights activist Leonid Brezhnev Celebrates Birthday MOSCOW (UPI) — Communist leaders from around the world gathered in Moscow Saturday to wish Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev a happy 70th birthday in an outpouring of official adulation reminiscent of the "personality cult" of late dictator Josef Stalin. The Soviet news agency Tass said Todor Zhivkov of Bulgaria, Gustav Husak of Czechoslovakia, Erich Honecker of East Germany and Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania arrived in the Soviet capital Saturday. They joined other leaders from Mongolia, Cuba and neighboring Finland who made the pilgramage to Moscow during the week to honor Brezhnev, who turns 70 Sunday. Brezhnev, who has served as Communist party general secretary since the ouster of Nikita S. Khrushchev in 1964, was expected to receive his third Order of Lenin and Hero of Socialist Labor, the Soviet Union's two highest honors. The occasion Was marked by the release from prison of Luis Corvalan, leader of Chile's banned Communist party, whose freedom has been the object of a massive Soviet propaganda effort for three years. Corvalan was freed from prison in Chile in return for the release by Moscow of Vladimir Bukovsky, a human rights activist jailed for protesting restriction of freedom in the Soviet Union. Nazi Pilot Released BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (UPI) — A former Nazi pilot .and reported friend of war criminal Adolf Eichmann was released Friday because a judge ruled there was not sufficient evidence to hold him in the case of a child's murder. Henrick Jacob Muerk, 60, was arrested Dec. 10 for questioning in connection with the sex murder of Claudio Quintana, 5, whose body was found in a vacant lot Dec 2. The special recognition of Brezhnev on his birthday culminates weeks of praise which has included more than medals from dignitaries. In recent weeks a biography of Brezhnev has appeared. Recorded albums of his speeches have gone on sale. Newspapers have stressed his courage as a wartime officer. Authors and poets have turned out works praising him for everything from world peace to helping fulfill the "works, daring schemes and dreams" of the Soviet people. and Nobel prizewinner, had repeatedly called for Bukovsky's release and it was the Danish "Sakharov Committee" which suggested the deal to Chile. Details of the exchange were kept secret to the very last minute by Russia and Chile together with the Swiss government. "This was done in order not to jeopardize such possible exchanges in the future," a high' Swiss government official said. Bukovsky, a 33-year-old biologist, has spent 10 of the last 13 years in labor camps, prisons and psychiatric "clinics" because of his outspoken opposition to the Soviet government. While agreeing to expel Bukovsky in exchange for Corvalan, the Soviets also gave permission to Bukovsky's mother to leave Russia for one year with her daughter — Bukovsky's sister — and the daughter's 12- year-old son Michael, who is critically ill with cancer. Arrangements for Bukovsky's arrival in the west, after his interrogation by the Swiss authorities, were in the hands of Amnesty International. Original reports said Bukovsky, and his family were to have flown to Geneva from Moscow on a regular Aeroflot plane. In Geneva, Swiss authorities made special arrangements for press coverage at the airport. But the reports turned out to be a subterfuge to cloak the Bukovskys movements. A smart group of dissidents' and western journalists waited in vain at a Moscow airport. But friends who accompanied Bukovsky'.s mother when she left home, before dawn under KGB secret police escort said the party went to the military airfield at Stantsiya ChkaloV- skaya near the Cosmonaut base at Star City, northwest of Moscow. There they boarded the plane which flew them to Geneva. Orphans Get Lifetime Gift DALLAS (UPI) - The children whose parents were, murdered last summer .wifl receive $500 a month for thfe rest of their lives from a man they never knew and who did not know them. ':,, Elia Gervetch, a Russian immigrant, who died more than a year ago, ordered the trustees of his estate to find two orphans, preferably a brother and sister, who might need financial assistance. The trustees chose Billy Locklear, 3, and his sister, Mary Ann, 2. Trustees said the children would together receive aboiit $500 a month for the rest of their lives from the estate. Their parents were beaten and stabbed to death in a robbery which netted only $4. Billy and Mary Ann, who were in a bedroom, were found three days later, dirty and malnourished, with the corp_- ses of their parents. Colorado Ski Operators Unhappy With Aid Request STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (UPI) — With more than half of the state's ski areas open for skiing and an Indian tribe scheduled to do a snow dance Monday, Colorado ski area operators are displeased with a request for federal disaster aid. Sen. Floyd Haskell, D-Colo., Fridaynasked President Ford and the Commerce Department to designate the snow- starved ski areas for federal aid. Ski area operators have been quick with criticism. "It burns me to a crisp that he's taken this to the public," said E. Garrett Mitchell of Colorado Ski Country U.S.A. "I'm very sorry he didn't consider the negative factors of his action." Mitchell said the 15 areas .currently open offer limited skiing with conditions varying from poor to excellent. He said Haskell's request could scare off potential skiers. Although business has been slow at Colorado ski areas, which normally -open for business at Thanksgiving, Mitchell said most areas offer other recreation than downhill skiing and do not qualify as financial disasters. However, the dirth of snow has caused concern with Vail Associates planning to bring in the Cloud Clan of the Southern Ute Indian tribe whose ceremonial dance in 1963 brought two feet of snctv to the almost barren slopes. Because of Vail's plight, President Ford was aware of the situation before receiving Haskell's request. Ford and his family arrive in Colorado Sunday for a two-week vacation, snow or no snow. "It's a little premature to say this is a disaster area," said Pam Conklin of Vail Associates. "Business is good in town, most of the mountain is open and it could snow any day." . Crested Butte and Steamboat Springs are due to open Dec. 20 in hopes of luring Christmas business. Steamboat Springs will be able to open because 450 volunteers spent four days lugging snow from adjacent forests onto the slopes. "It really looks like it's going to get done," said John Ahearn, marketing director for Steamboat's .ownership. "It's just a terrific effort by everyone. I don't think Consumers'Oil Costs In Hands Of Saudi Arabia DOHA, Qatar (UPI) — The conference of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has ended in a split makes it doubtful whether the 13- member organization can keep its stranglehold on world oil prices. What the consumer pays for oil next year is in the hands of one member country — Saudi Arabia — rather than OPEC as a whole. Supported by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia refused to go along with a 15 per cent increase decided by the majority, which will be applied at the rate of 10.4 per cent Jan. 1 with the rest of the increase following July 1. Saudi Arabia and the Emirates said they will hold their price increase to 5 per cent throughout 1977. Ministers strenuously denied suggestions Friday that OPEC was in danger of breaking up, but the split appeared to be the most serious within the world oil cartel since its foundation 16 years ago. "In the past the (OPEC) ministers got together to decide the price of Saudi Arabian crude and we accepted that," said Saudi Oil Minister Sheik Ahmed Zaki Yamani. "Now they want to raise the prices by an extent we think harmful to the world economy. So they decided for their crude and we decided for ours." The Saudi decision followed direct contacts with the administration of President- elect Jimmy Carter. Both Yamani and Sheik Mana Saeed Al-Otaiba of the United Arab Emirates denied they had been pressured by the West about the price hikes. But they asked for cooperation in return. Yamani said his country expected the West to strive for peace in the Middle East and make firm offers at the upcoming talks in Paris between developing and industrialized nations. Sheik Al-Otaiba said he expected the West to put pressure on Israel to give up the land it occupied in the 1967 Middle East war and recognize the rights of the Palestinian people. Oil officials had predicted that the OPEC actions would mean at least an extra cent a gallon in the retail price of gasoline in the United States. Saudi Arabia and the Emirates now account for one- third of OPEC's total production of about 30 million barrels a day. By using idle production capacity, the two countries could easily increase their output to half the OPEC total. Yamani said his country will lift a producion ceiling of 8.5 million barrels a day, which the Saudis applied to keep oil in relatively short supply and thus maintain the OPEC benchmark price for Arabian crude oil at $11.51 a barrel. anything like this has ever been done on such a massive scale before." At Crested Butte, owned by former Army Secretary Howard "Bo" Callaway, operators have set up kayaking courses in an indoor swimming pool, hot air balloon and airplane rides and "broomball" tournamfents for visitors. Lt. Gov. George Brown.has agreed the situation has not reached the disaster stage, but he has recommended a task force be set up to help individuals who are out of work because of the lack of snow and businesses which are suffering. "Operations in our ski areas generally are not yet at the major disaster stage," he said. "But it's truly a disaster for some individuals who are out of work and for some small businesses which have suffered heavy losses." Agenda For County Commissioners Full A 9 a.m. meeting with tfie Kansas White House Committee on Handicapped Individuals will open Ellis County Commissioners' regular Monday meeting. ! Ellis County Emergency Services Director Bu,d Whitefield will meet with the board at 9:30 a.m. to discuss emergency medical services communications. ] Errfest Pfeifer, Rural Route Ellis, will discuss the condition of roads in his area with the commissioners at 10 a.m. At 10:30 a.m. a,n Independent Insurance Ageijt representative will meet with the board and County Engineer to present a proposal on liability insurance coverage of Ellis County. Herb Callon, county engineer, will discuss road projects with commissioners at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. T.F. Stevenson, of Texa.8 Refrigeration Company, will display exhibit materials to the board at 2 p.m. Monthly Meeting IMP Alumni Set The Thomas More Prep Alumni Association will conduct its monthly officers' meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday. All alumni are encouraged to attend the meeting at the TMP Alumni office.

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